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I should be getting the NS soon along with BotW! Also, since it’s the huge ass holiday for me I might make use of my adventure time swimsuit, might even post an image of myself in it on here (minus my face tho).

Also adding on to the NS stuff I’m getting the LoZ pack which is the NS, BotW and the BotW tee-shirt, defo gonna post an image of that on here, it’s gonna be here tomorrow hopefully!!! -hype-

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ouran-after-high  asked:

You made a post with if their s/o was insecure about having very large breasts, how would they comfort their s/o if she's very insecure about having very small breasts or none at all?

I could have sworn I did one like this several months ago but I couldn’t find it. Maybe my mind is just playing tricks on me. Anywho, here it is

Denmark: Den thinks that girls with flat chests are really flippin cute. So he would tell her how gorgeous he thinks she already is but would be willing to help her go shopping for push up bras and help her find flattering blouses/swim suit tops if she felt like those things were important.

Norway: Okay so here’s the thing about Norway: he’s not interested in boobs. Like, at all. Just neutral, does not care one way or the other. So if his s/o has a flat chest, he’s totally cool with it. He goes out and physically purchases dresses, blouses with flattering necklines/ swim suits with ruffles to make her bust look a little fuller and showers her with them. 

Iceland: Ice just likes boobs, no matter what size they are. And he tells her that. Several times. And kisses down her chest. Several times. Basically, he’s not great with words, especially mushy gushy stuff, so he wants to show her through actions that he’s crazy about the way she looks.

Finland: TBH, Fin is a boob guy. He likes them tit-tays. But! He would never try to make his s/o feel bad about her being flat chested and boobs,or lack thereof, have no bearing on whether or not he loves a girl. He just tells her about all the other things that he loves about her appearance and her personality and tells her not to worry about not having a large chest, that’s she’s a fox the way she is.

Sweden: Like Norway, Sweden also does not care about breasticles. His solution would be to buy her some pretty necklaces with pendants that fall close to her chest because, regardless of bust size, this is such a beautiful thing on women that he absolutely loves. 

Mod Amanda (Girls with flat chests are 👌👌👌💯💯💯 Girls with large chests are  👌👌👌💯💯💯 Girls in general are  👌👌👌💯💯💯)


Calvin klein bralette and panties $48 x 6

shorts $38
other shorts $34
Calvin klein white pants $70
So jeans $36

Daisy suit $40
Daisy swim top $30

Adam Levine tee $20 x 3
New directions red shirt $36
New directions shrug $48
calvin klein shirt $40
sweater $40
new directions elephant shirt $36

Jessica Simson jacket $120

Emerald sundae black lace dress $60
Emerald sundae gliter tuape dress $60
Trixxi white and beige dress $60
Spense multi colored dress $88

white heeled sandles $30
white sandles $20
brown sandles $20

Cubic zirconia braclet $100
jessica simson bangles $28  x 2
jessica simson bangles $38 x 2
elephant earrings $12
Anne Klein watch $60
Rings $230 altogether
ship wheel earrings $14
turtle earrings $14
jessica simson earrings $16 x 4

eos lipbalm $3
hair ties $2
sunglasses $30
make up sponge $3
scissors $3
Pliers $4 x 2 one not pictured
Encare birth control $10 not pictured
ritz $2

Total $$1090

This is haul #25 coming in at $1909 And making my grand total since 1/16/2016 $11,614. :-))

Bought a new bralette and swim suit top and I can’t wait for it to get here I want to wear it NOW

In other news Aerie is having a hella sale buy it up

Tagging game!

Thanks for tagging me @imaginestarkquill I love these games!!

Rules: answer the questions in a new post and tag 20 blogs you would like to know better!

a - age: 26
b - birthplace: Canada
c - current time: 9:30 pm
d - drink you last had: Grapefruit Raddler, it’s a definite sign of summer!
e - easiest person to talk to: My husband :)
f - favorite song: The Chain by Fleetwood Mac
g - grossest memory: Falling into a sinkhole one summer many many moons ago and ending up with a giant water beetle in my swim suit top…not fun…
h - horror yes or horror no: horror yes! When the mood arises :)
i - in love?: Yes indeedy!
j - jealous of people?: I mean a little bit, we have tons of friends that are taking steps to buy their first homes and are having babies so I feel a little behind sometimes.  
k - killed someone?: Nope!
l - love at first sight or should I walk by again: Nah, I don’t think love at first sight is a thing. A deep love takes time to develop and is always growing between you and your partner. 
m - middle name: Anne 
n - number of siblings: one brother
o - one wish: Health and happiness :)
p - person you called last: my mother.
q - question you’re always asked: “So when are you planning on having kids?” (I hate this question because we aren’t planning on having them at all. And even though I feel as though we aren’t progressing in our adult life at the same rate as some of our friends I still don’t want to have children.)
r - reason to smile: My family, My friends, My writing :)
s - song you sang last: These Eyes by The Guess Who
u - underwear color: Peach! 
v - vacation: Ireland!
x - x-rays: 2, I broke a toe when I was eight and needed spinal X-rays to measure the curve of my spine when I was twelve -I had developed a bit of scoliosis that eventually corrected itself.
y - your favourite food: Eggs. Love me some eggs man!
z- zodiac sign: Leo :) 

I tag: @superhusbands4ever @tony-stark-is-bae @realitybanana @rainarahl @captainlovelyleniece @sabrecmc @nonbinarytonystark @thealextheshipper @reioka @ketlingr @3490nat  @tonystarktogo @captainalston @brokenbarriers-7 @vanillabeanlattes @t-starkasm @bigeyes-redmouth @not-close-to-straight @ambitiouswitch17 @greymantledlady @asamandra 

Sebastian Stan x Hemsworth sis Part 3

hi sweetie! can you please write an imagine where the reader is chris hemsworth’s sister and she’s married to sebastian stan (but they don’t have kids yet) and they take care of his kids for a day ?

Part 1

Part 2

*Married for 14 Months*

“You have your bathing suit right,” you double checked with Sebastian before you two headed out the door.

“Yes dear. And, I have the towel you forgot on the bed.” He opened the beach bag and flashed you a glimpse of your towel that you had left upstairs.

“I knew there was a reason I married you,” you smirked. You two hopped in the car and started the drive to your brother Chris’ and sister-in-law’s home. “Ready to deal with the three minions,” you referenced your niece and nephews.

“Can’t wait. I love spending time with those kids.” You two spent the drive singing, talking over new movies, and coming up with ways to keep the kids entertained all day. Your brother and his wife Elsa were going to a premier and after party and wouldn’t be back until late that night. You pulled up to the beautiful home and, as soon as you stepped out of the car, heard the pitter patter of little feet running down the porch. “Aunt Y/N!!!!” You knelt down and opened your arms letting the three little bodies run into you.

“Hi my loves! How are you. Oh, I miss you so much,” you crushed them against you and placed a kiss on each one of their heads. “Uncle Stan,” they turned their attention to their uncle who was simply called ‘Stan’ since them trying to say Sebastian failed and they only picked up the tail end, “Stian” or as they said “Stan. But it worked out. You gave the big white dog that appeared by your arm a pat on the head before you stood up. As Sebastian hugged the kids you smiled at your big brother walking towards you and wrapped you in a hug, “Hello baby sister.”

“I can’t breath,” you swatted his arms that crushed you.

“Thank you for watching them tonight,” Elsa said as she hugged you.

“My pleasure. I love spending time with these little boogers.” You all walked into the house together.

“They haven’t had lunch yet,” Elsa told you. “Their swim suits are on top of the washer if you need those. And since we won’t be back until very late the guest room is all made up for you two.”

“I can handle lunch and everything. Don’t worry. You two go get your bags and get outta’ here. You don’t want to be late to the premiere,” you shooed them.

“Thanks again sis, Sebastian. Love you and see you later,” Chris gave you a kiss on the cheek.

Once the car pulled out of the driveway you turned to the three little Hemsworths. “You kids hungry?” You were almost blown away by the yells of ‘Yes’ towards you. “Aunt Y/N’s famous grilled cheese,” you asked and, yet again, received nothing but a loud yes.

“Uncle Stan will take two also,” your husband pleaded.

“Ok, you guys go play with Uncle Stan and I’ll make lunch.” The kids cheered and you began cooking.

The plates were filled with grilled cheese and you walked them all to the table and set up drinks for everyone. Following the loud giggles and shouts you entered the toy room and saw Sebastian playing Barbie/ G.I Joe with the kids. You looked at him playing with the kids and couldn’t help but smile. “Ok, kiddos, time for lunch.”

Lunch was halfway through when Sebastian asked the kids, “After lunch you kids want to head down to the beach?”

“Uncle Stan,” India asked with messed up words, “can we swim?”

“Of course, Indy!” Lunch wraped up and Sebastian looked to you. “I’ll clean up if you want to get the kids dressed. I’ll meet you after to see if you still need help.”

“Sounds perfect.” You stood up and kissed Sebastian before taking the kids, who gave you and Sebastian an ‘Eww’ when they saw you kiss.

You took the kids to their parents bathroom and got them all in their cute little bathing suits quicker than you expected. Sebastian commented the kids on their suits and went to get your bag from the car. Taking turns you two changed and loaded up the beach bags with toys, towels, and drinks. You had Sasha on your hip and a beach bag on your shoulder while Sebastian was carrying the other bag and Tristan in one arm and holding onto India’s hand.

You were sitting in the sand making a castle with Tristan watching Sebastian playing with Sasha and India in the water. He listed and dunked them under the water making them laugh endlessly. Hours passed under the sun and you all finally headed back to the house. The kids ate some chicken nuggets and settled on the couch trying not to pass out as they watched TV. You sat on the couch with your husband’s arm draped over your shoulder and with three kids laying on the two of you.

“Why don’t we get ready for bed kiddos,” you hinted. Sebastian reached down and picked up the boys while you grabbed Indy. You two took them to their rooms and got them in their pj’s and ready for bed. You two tucked them in together and the passed out almost right away. You and Sebastian walked back to the couch and plopped down.

You picked up the remote and looked through netflix for a movie. You settled for one and layed back into Sebastian’s side. “They’re pretty cute, huh?”

“The cutest,” you replied. “They’ll have to come to our house this summer and spend a week.”

“You know…today had me thinking,” he said.

“Oh, yeah? About?”

“Us having kids.” You looked up to him, “Really?” He nodded his head.

“Is it weird that I was thinking about that today too?”

“Is that a yes?” His eyes sparkled with excitement.

“Yes,” you smiled and gave him a peck. “But we aren’t starting here,” you joked with him and snuggled more into his side as the movie started.

perrie & y/n {requested} {dirty imagine}

Iam at a sleepover with some girls from school and one of them happens to be perrie edwards. now everyone knows shes bi and everyone knows how many girls she fucked… but for some reason iam just so damn attracted to her. so when I found out she was coming I nearly fell out of the chair. I walk to the back room where selena the “host” of this sleepover room is. which is where all of us will sleep. selena has a huge pool in the back of the house with a little waterfall near the back of it. we are all in our swim suits in the water having a good time. perrie sinks under the crystal water for a few moments it seems like iam the only one who noticed. seconds later she surfaces right next to me. “shit perrie are you trying to scare the hell out of me?” I say. “sorry.” she smiles looking over my swim suit. “perrie come here.” one of the other girls says. I focus on perries swim suit a small light blue bikini top that barely covers her breasts and tiny shorts that matches. we spend all day in the pool its around 8 when all the girls return inside I stay in the pool a bit longer. I swim under the waterfall finding a beautiful little spot behind the flowing water. I hear footsteps coming closer to the pool and someone get in. I poke my head around the water to see nothing just the huge house ….no one. I turn around to see perrie smiling at me. “perrie!” i shriek. “hi” she laughs leaning back against the wall. “what are you doing here?” I say looking back towards the house. ” I could ask you the same thing.” she says putting her hands on her hips. “I asked you first.” I reply moving back behind the water. ” I umm wanted to see where you were.” she admits. “why?”I ask a bit shocked. I glance down to her breast, god I just wanna kiss and suck at them. I would make her feel so good…. “cause umm..”she starts looking at the water. I move my hand around the water waiting for a answer but instead I get her lips against mine. my arms shoot around her neck instantly. she smiles lifting me up pinning me against the wall I wrap my legs around her waist. “i didnt you know went this way y/n” she smiles reaching to the back of my swim suit top. i smile nibbling down her neck. she moans as i reach her breast that ive been dying to touch. i slip her small top down coming to see her perky breast i wrap my lips around her nipple causing her to moan a little loud. i smile looking up to her. as i work at her breasts i feel her hand slip aside my bottoms and trace my pussy lips softly. i moan tugging at her nipples. she smiles pinning me harder against the cold wall. “y/n” she whispers. before i could reply i hear selenas voice from her house calling me. perrie sighs looking at me. “later.” she promised kissing me roughly then sliding under the falling water. i take a moment to take in what happened. i smile watching her walk into the house. i wait a few minutes then follow inside. “there you are we are about to watch a movie.” selena smiles going towards the huge couch piled with blankets, pillows, and junk food. perrie is no where were i can see her, “let me go change.” i say walking towards the back if iam lucky she might be in selenas room. the girls nod focusing back on the huge screen. “good excuse.” i hear perries voice say from inside the room once i get through the door. i smirk looking at her as she slowly closes the door behind me. she slips her bottoms off and lets her tiny top fall to the floor. I watch her as she makes her way towards me. “your turn.” she whispers smiling grabbing my waist. I smile letting my bottoms fall to the floor. ” I cant wait to taste this pussy.” she whispers grabbing my waist tightly. i moan softly as she pushes me against her. she pulls the string to my bikini top off. “fuck your gorgeous.” she whispers kissing me roughly i smile leaning back against the door. she rubs my pussy lips softly with her right hand as she lets her left roams my body. “fuck.” i moan quietly. “mmmm give me this pussy.” she whispers, i could hear the movie starting in the front of the house. “perrie their gunna hear us.” i tell her as i fall to the ground in front of her. “well try not to scream yeah?” she smirks grabbing my waist and pulling my pussy to her face. i bite down hard on my lip as she pushes into me. it feels amazing. she hums shaking her head between my legs. “oh damn perrie.” i moan a little loud as she pins my legs down. “thats right bitch moan my name.” she smiles slapping my pussy hard. i gasp taking in the pain. theres a knock at the door. “uh y/n is everything okay?” selena says from behind the door. “ummm yeah everythings fine!” i assure her sitting up looking at perrie. “okay well the movie started.” selena says. perrie leans down licking me. “u-ugh o-okay ill be t-t-there.” i struggle to say trying to push perrie away. perrie smiles kissing my neck. “are you sure your okay?” selena asks. “yeah selena iam f-fine.” i say grabbing perries waist hard. she smiles “thats right baby get rough.” she whispers in my ear. i roll my eyes smirking. we hear selena walk away after a moment. “we have to go.” i tell her. she pouts a little. “fine.” she mumbles getting up. she walks to her bag and pulls out her pjs. which is barely nothing at all. mini shorts that clearly shows her ass and silk tank top. “like what you see?” she teases grabbing her breasts. i smirk getting up walking to her. “do you?” i reply grabbing her hands and putting them on my body. she bites her lip holding onto me squeezing a bit. “i love what i see.” she whispers kissing me lightly. i smile running my hands to her ass smacking her ass nice and hard. she gasps into my mouth. after i get changed we go back into the living room with the other girls and sit on the couch next to each other. “ugh selena can you be a dear and hand me that blanket please?” perrie smiles pointing to the huge cover by her legs. she hands her the blanket and perrie throws it over both of us. the room is dark and the movie is loud. perfect.  perrie is watching the movie like everyone else when her hand slides to my thigh. i take a deep breath watching her with the smirk plastered on her face. i push her hand towards my pussy wanting her. “someones horny.” perrie whispers in my ear. i smile. she moves her hands away. i sigh then slide my hand into her shorts touching her dripping pussy lips. she gasps but the movie is too loud for the other girls to hear. i nibble on her earlobe as i push two fingers into her. her legs spread and she pushes my hand deeper into her. “mmm you like it deep.” i whisper in her ear. she smiles letting her head hang back. perrie mouths curse words as i hit her g-spot. i smile making a “come here” motion in her pussy slowly. i move my fingers alot faster as she grabs her breasts in both hands closing her eyes. then i suddenly stop when i know shes gunna cum. “what the fuck?” she says loudly as the movie has a short silent moment. i turn away trying to keep in my laugh as the girls turn around and stare at perrie.  ”ummmm uhh….. sorry.” perrie says awkwardly.  when they turn around and the movie goes on, perrie whispers,” oh your gunna get it.” into my ear. i smile licking my fingers clean of her juices. she smiles watching me. after another movie goes by the girls start getting sleepy and we all decide to head off to bed. selena sleeps in her bed with me and perrie and the others on the floor with sleeping bags. perrie is on the other side of the room. she doesnt look anywhere near me as we all settle down. the clock is on her dresser right next to me its 11:40 pm when i close my eyes. when i open them again its 1:24am i yawn turning around to see everyone sleeping including perrie well at least i think she is. i turn on my back and close my eyes again.  moments later i feel hands pushing up my shirt and lips kissing up my stomach. i let a breath go getting lost in her touch. she straddles my waist kissing me. “you think you can just do that and get away with it?” she says slipping her hand in my shorts and rubbing my clit. i gasp looking at the others girls hoping they dont wake up. “dont scream remember” perrie whispers kissing me again. selena moves turning on her side. “follow me.” she whispers getting up and moving to the door. i wait a minute then i follow her quickly going outside to the pool. when i reach the side of the pool perrie is in the water looking at me smiling and her clothes are on the side of the pool. i strip and let my legs hang in the water. perrie swims over to me spreading my legs apart. “such a good angle.” perrie mutters eyeing my pussy. i laugh. “get in so you can get your punishment.” she says pulling me a bit. “what are you gunna do to me ms.edwards?” i tease grabbing my breasts.  "such bad things baby.“ she says sinking into the water. i smile slipping into the cool water. i sink down under in front of perrie. she smiles pulling me close to her. she kisses me under the water. we kiss for a moment before we both need air and push up to the surface. she pins me against the wall, i wrap my legs around her waist. she smiles moving her hips against my pussy. i moan kissing her. "your such a whore.” she mutters. “oh am i?” i smile pushing my hand in between us to rub her clit. she gasps a bit kissing me harder. “you…know…what…this..pool..has?” she says in between kisses. “what?” i mumble against the kiss. “water jets.” she says turning me towards the wall and moving me to the right, where the water shooting out hits me right on my clit.  "oh shit!“ i moan as she spreads my legs. she kisses down my neck grabbing my ass and pushing it against her pussy. "fuck perrie.” i moan out leaning back against her. “thats right whore.” she mutters biting my neck, rubbing my pussy lips. “fuck me please perrie fuck me.” i beg trying to push her fingers inside me. “what?” she whispers. “fuck me perrie please i need it.” i beg once more she slowly inserts her middle finger into me. i take a breath feeling her explore me. i gasp as she pushes another into me. “uhhh that feels so fucking good oh fuckk perrie.” i moan out grabbing her ass. she smiles against my skin sucking on my neck hard. “scream my name.” she whispers in my ear. i do really loud as she finds my favorite spot. she makes me cum a moment later and i scream her name loud. “thats right whore tell everyone whos making you feel so good.” she says rubbing my clit slowly. i turn around kissing her sliding my tongue inside her mouth. she wraps her arms around my neck. my hand slides down her stomach rubbing her clit in small circles. she moans in my mouth. i smirk pinning her against the wall. “want me to fuck you?” i ask kissing her breast. she nods. “what?” i smile looking up to her. she gives me a look. “fuck me y/n fuck me nice and hard.” she says pulling my face to hers and kisses me. i shove my two fingers into her pussy making her scream my name. “like that?” i smile  moving my fingers faster. “oh fuck yeah baby right there.” she whispers grabbing the wall for support. i smile following her movement. “shit!” she moans. she mouths some curse words as i add another finger. “iam gunna….. OH FUCK yes baby oh shitttt.” she screams out, i move my fingers slowly inside her as she comes down from her high. shes out of breath. i pull her into a kiss. "yup whore.“ she says breathless pulling away from the kiss. "how many girls have you fucked?” she smirks. “i should be asking you this.” i mumble looking at her blue eyes that shine in the moonlight. she laughs looking down. “i havent really "fucked” as many girls as the rurmors say i have.“ she confesses. "i only fucked two girls.” she says smirking. “out of those two girls your one of them.” she whispers leaning in closer to me. i smile

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥  hope you liked it ! tell me what you think & sorry if there is any errors cause i didnt bother to reread it!! 

Let Me Try: Prologue/Chapter 1

Summary: While travelling the world as a backup dancer, Lauren (G!P) finds out her parents have died in news breaking train wreck. In act of desperation to feel a part of some form of family, she reaches out to reconnect with the only person she thinks can fill that void, her ex and baby mama, Camila. Only thing is, reconnecting may not be as simple as she hoped it to be.

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