swimming probs


K ♥ | The King of Hearts is an affectionate, caring man who helps you out in trouble and shows kindness even in the darkest times.

I’ve researched so many playing card meanings for this that I ascended to the astral plane and am now working as a full-time fortune teller there. and my gifts tell me that im gonna upload merle’s card next 💫

  • Me: running on a treadmill is so useless, you're not even going anywhere
  • Me: wait
  • Me: I swim in circles for many hours every day of my life

I finally finished both of my ita bags!!! The top one is my mystic messenger bag with no yooseven bias whatsoever what r u talking about and the bottom one is a mix of fandoms, like free!, voltron, yoi, etc. 😘💙💖