swimming problems

I wanted to take a moment to call out this tumblr user.

“Swimming is gay.”

1. The most decorated Olympian of all time in the history of ever is a swimmer and a fucking great athlete while at it.

2. Rugby hasn’t been at the Olympics since 1924.

3. I swim 6,000 meters A DAY. A FUCKING DAY.That’s four miles of swimming. Which is like running sixteen miles. So nigga please.

4. The group above me does 8,000 meters a day. College does 10,000, and Michael Phelps does 20,000 meters a day.

5. My dryland, (FUCKING WARMUP) is three miles of running with abs in between each lap.

6. The most decorated Olympian of all time is a swimmer.

7. Gay? A sport makes you gay? What makes you gay is liking dick. I guess the fucking whole fucking Olympic team is gay now because they won thirty one medals and sixteen gold.

8. The US medal count at the Olympics this year was 104. Swimming accounted for thirty one of those. Without swimming we would have lost to China. FUCK COMMUNISM.

9. I’m gay for wearing a speedo every day of my life? I’m gay. I’M SORRY I’M TOO FUCKING HOT FOR CLOTHING AND A SPEEDO FITS ME WELL.

10. I don’t know a group of people who work as hard in both their sport, school, and everything they do in life. Oh and never complain.

So no, swimming isn’t gay. I IMPLORE you to join me at a practice this summer. You’ll die. Now maybe this was a joke, and I am not calling this person out specifically, but I literally see this everywhere. If you think that, there’s a little unfollow button at the top of my page.

Goodnight and fuck all of you who think that swimming is neither hard, or makes you a homosexual. Every sport is hard in its own right.