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by lordy there are so many “tall grouchy glasses boy falls in love with smol precious cinnamon roll” ships in the anime world. take a look: midorima shintarou and takao kazunari. tsukishima kei and yamaguchi tadashi. kimizuki shihou and yoichi saotome. rei ryugazaki and nagisa hazuki. berwald oxenstierna and tino vainamoinen. what is this world coming to.

things that make me happy:
gay swimmers
gay basketball players


anime boys doing the glasses thing♡ i love all these characters so much and it drives me crazy when they do the glasses thing idk

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Could I please have Midorima, Makoto, Murasakibara, and Haru feeling their s/o's baby kick for the first time and after that wanting to constantly feel her tummy?

as i wrote this, i slowly remembered why i connect with murasakibara on a deep level: food


That day, Haruka felt drawn to your stomach. It was like an alien. A very, very, very strange alien. That… He had helped to create. He created an alien. Or at least, that was what the bulging in your already swollen stomach would suggest. The feeling of magnetic attraction got the better of him, and he reached out to feel the smooth skin of your stomach. When he felt the movement beneath it, the pressure of his baby kicking at you, he was stunned. Literally. He didn’t move for quite some time, remaining utterly stationary until you removed his hand from your stomach, laughing at his strange behaviour.

Since that day, Haruka had taken every possible opportunity he got to stroke your stomach. It had suddenly hit him that it wasn’t just some alien creature inside you - it was his child. And it was very much alive. He became enraptured with the way your stomach grew over the months, the anticipation building within him quite unlike anything else he’d felt before, and, day by day, he realised that he truly couldn’t wait for that child to be born. Then he could actually feel it, skin to skin. For now, he’d have to just keep a close eye on your stomach…

Makoto was more cautious around you than ever during your pregnancy, especially now the bulge was getting to the stage where it was getting harder to do mundane tasks. When he heard you complaining about ‘stomach pains’, he panicked; thankfully you managed to explain to him that it was likely just the baby moving about before he called an ambulance. When he actually looked at your stomach, he gasped. Frantically checking that you were definitely ok, Makoto realised he could afford himself some curiosity, and hesitantly placed a large hand over your stomach. When the baby kicked from beneath the skin, he almost cheered with glee - feeling it so healthy and well was amazingly satisfying.

Observing you grow larger was a process he’d never forget; but the baby didn’t stop moving. As the pregnancy continued, it just kept on kicking, shuffling, moving about in the womb. He knew it was normal, but it still concerned him a little. At least, that’s what he told you. All Makoto really wanted was to keep on feeling his baby’s kicks - those little movements filled him with a warm elation quite unlike anything else.


Midorima had prepared in every way he could think of. He knew what to look out for, what you should and shouldn’t be eating, and what activities you should be taking part in. He’d already researched some of the initial costs of having a child. He just… Wasn’t prepared for this. Midorima wasn’t entirely aware of why it looked so foreign - after all, it was a human baby, in a human body, doing something that was typical of humans. Yet the occasional protrusion in your stomach looked so… Weird. Not that he was disgusted; quite the contrary. Despite his better nature, he found himself reaching out, pressing his hand against the taut skin. The rush of emotions hit him hard as he realised how real the situation was, and he hastily withdrew, claiming he had work to do.

Although he was a little afraid of the same emotions rushing him once more, Midorima just kept on coming back to your stomach. Feeling a little movement here and there made his heart race - you were carrying his child… Was there anything more incredibly remarkable than knowing that? The movements inside you just proved that the baby was most definitely there; and most definitely alive.

Murasakibara wasn’t happy. Regardless of whether or not the child growing in his stomach was his doing, it was the cause of his problems, and it hadn’t even been born, yet. After all, it was the reason that you kept on eating his food. Now, as if that wasn’t enough, it had the audacity to kick you! The distension of the smooth skin of your stomach would look ghastly, had Murasakibara been unaware of what was causing it. Maybe, if he put his hand over your stomach… It’d stop. When he did so, the baby just kicked once more. Then again. It kept on kicking - kicking at his hand. Pushing aside the feelings of offence, Murasakibara couldn’t help but become obscenely fascinated with your growing belly.

He wasn’t stupid - he knew that babies grew fast, but he was still taken aback at the rate that you grew over the course of a few months. He just kept on coming back to your stomach - touching it, resting his head on it… It had been around the five month mark the first time he felt the baby kick, and now, at eight, it seemed to be kicking stronger than ever. In a way, he was oddly proud. At least the baby was putting all of that extra food you were eating to good use…

So true tho LOL
I honestly think Free, KnB, and Prince of Stride have a lot of similarities like omggg
Haruka, Kuroko, and Takeru are so alike (except Takeru has glasses lolololol).


I’ve been reading @incorrectknb all day

it’s funny because I’m shorter than both of them … not in their junior high days tho

The signs first kiss


(Boy) Yato - Noragami

(Girl) Aisaka Taiga - Toradora


(Boy) Snake - Kuroshitsuji

(Girl) Kirishima Touka - Tokyo Ghoul


(Boy)  Eren Jaeger - Attack on Titan

(Girl)  Momoi Satsuki - Kuroko no Basuke


(Boy)  Tachibana Makoto - Free! Iwatobi Swim Club

(Girl)  Sasaki Chiho -  Hataraku Maou-sama!


(Boy)  Jinguuji Ren - Uta no Prince-sama

(Girl) Yazawa Nico - Love-Live!


(Boy) Midorima Shintarou - Kuroko no Basuke

(Girl)   Shimizu Kiyoko - Haikyuu!!


(Boy)   Fushimi Saruhiko - K project

(Girl)  Minami Kotori - Love-Live!


(Boy) Mephisto Pheles - Ao no Exorcist

(Girl)  Kuroki Tomoko - Watamote!


(Boy)  Nishinoya Yū - Haikyuu!!

(Girl) Kuroneko - Oreimo


(Boy) Yukine - Noragami

(Girl) Matsuoka Gou - Free! Iwatobi Swim Club


(Boy) Kaneki Ken - Tokyo Ghoul

(Girl) Neko - K Project


(Boy)  Urushihara Hanzo - Hataraku Maou-Sama!

(Girl)  Historia Reiss - Attack on Titan

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Hi, I was wondering what headcanons you have if GM + Kagami met the Iwatobi swim team. What would cause them to meet up? Who would become fast friends? Or would they just think the other weird? Thoughts?

GoM + Kagami x Iwatobi Swim team + Rin Matsuoka meet up headcanons -

Gomene, I decided to add Rin to the group cuz really I need some fighting spirit here!

Where and how do they meet up? : At the beach! GoM + Kagami Taiga a.k.a Team Vorpal Swords is in the midst of a training camp at the beach and so is the Iwatobi Swim Team + Rin Matsuoka a.k.a Style Five when a 1 on 1 between Aomine and Kagami goes wrong, only to hit Nagisa Hazuki right on the face. (My poor baby..)

Who would become fast friends? : Kise Ryouta and Kuroko Tetsuya with Makoto Tachibana. Makoto naturally doesn’t mind Kise’s hyperness, since Kise reminds him of Nagisa. He also likes Kuroko cuz Kuroko reminds him of Haru. Kise likes Makoto because of how easy going he is from the very beginning. Kuroko at first only gets dragged along with Kise but later doesn’t mind Makoto’s company, since he is impressed by the latter’s hospitality.

Who would think the latter is weird? : This category only fits two people. Midorima Shintarou and Rei Ryugazaki! Rei is weirded out by the heavy object (lucky item) Midorima is carrying around and always keeps close even while practicing. It’s not the fact that the item is heavy which bothers Rei but the fact that (internal screaming) “IT’S NOT BEAUTIFUL!!” is what bothers him the most. Whereas, Midorima finds Rei’s obsession with theories and calculations to be plain creepy. (”Are you really one to talk Shin-chan??” - A random comment from Takao at a distance)

Who would become instant frenemies? : Rin Matsuoka with Aomine Daiki. They start off with a good vibe around them but in the process of showing each other who is more athletic, sparks are seen to be flying between them soon enough. Both of them are having a lot of fun though.

Other Headcanons : 

  • Kagami Taiga is stuck with Nagisa Hazuki the whole time. In the process of apologizing to Nagisa for hitting his face, Kagami somehow ends up being Nagisa’s favorite. The short blonde is super excited about how huge Kagami is and is reminded of a ferocious tiger who is actually really nice and cute on the inside everytime he looks at Bakagami. As for the latter, he would be searching around for Kuroko to help him out the whole time while Kuroko is busy with his new friend. (Poor Kagami X3)
  • Gou Matsuoka is practically head over heels for Murasakibara Atsushi’s muscles. She follows him around for a glimpse of his gracious limbs. Murasakibara doesn’t bother asking her to leave him alone either. As long as he could sit at one place and eat away his snacks, he doesn’t mind a stalker after all.
  • Momoi is busy checking out Iwatobi guys’ practice regimen (which Gou didn’t mind showing her) since their stamina level really impressed her.
  • The only normal group among the bunch has to be that of Akashi Seijuurou and Haruka Nanase. They don’t talk much but when they do it’s all about either swimming or basketball. Haru is secretly impressed by Akashi’s skills and vice versa. They become really good friends by the end of the day.

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A scenario wherein the GOM spends the summer at a resort and they discover a terrifying Hanamiya working as a lifeguard there. Please and thank you! :D

Hanamiya is probably one of those kids who wants to spend the summer doing absolutely nothing but is forced to take a job by his mother (like me, cough cough). He’d probably let someone drown though. -Admin Fyre

Kagami once watched a movie when he was back in America, something called High School Musical 2 or something and it was about a bunch of friends going to a country club and having fun while working. It was a pretty cheerful movie, and he was not ashamed to admit that he, Himuro and Alex probably spent more nights than socially acceptable singing all the songs.

That was what he’d thought this trip to the summer resort would be like.

Aaaaaaand as usual, he would be proven wrong.

It all started with Aomine screaming, “What the hell do you mean you can’t swim?!”

Midorima flinched away from Aomine, looking affronted. “I did not say that. I simply said that I was going to bring this—” At that, Midorima gestured to the brightly-coloured striped floatie he was carrying under his arm. “—with me, because it was my lucky item. That does not mean I cannot swim.”

“Y’know, Midorimacchi, it’s fine if you can’t swim,” Kise said kindly, patting Midorima reassuringly on the head, and making a vein pop on the shooting guard’s forehead. “You can just tell us. We won’t laugh at you.”

I said I can swim!”

“Ne, Kuro-chin, can I have some more candy?”

“I don’t have any more, Murasakibara-kun. Please control yourself.” Kuroko lied easily and without blinking an eye, stowing away said snacks in his zipped up backpack.

Akashi gave Kuroko a stern look. “You shouldn’t lie, Kuroko.”

“I’m not.” Kuroko said innocently. “I really don’t have any more candy. These are chips and chocolate, not candy.”

“I can’t believe I’m hanging out with all of you,” Kagami grumbled, hoisting several massive backpacks on his shoulders. “Why did I even agree to come?”

“Because each of them agreed to have a practice match with Seirin if you came and helped us carry our bags,” Kuroko reminded him. “Also, Aomine-kun and Kise-kun have both requested to play one-on-one with you while we’re here at this resort.”

“Now?!” Kagami yelped.

“Of course not, you idiot,” Aomine drawled. “We’re going to swim first. This heat is killing me.”

“…Says the guy carrying nothing and barely even sweating…”

So yes, basically this whole trip was already a mess. Not to mention that Murasakibara had lost his train ticket on the way here, Akashi had insisted on seeking justice with the ticket office instead of simply buying a new one, Kise had forgotten his sun lotion, and Midorima had brought lucky items for everyone on this trip. Aomine was being slightly more bearable, but only because Kuroko had readied a stock of magazines to keep him occupied. And then, of course, Kagami was carrying everything for everyone.

Seriously, the only way this could get worse was if he had to deal with another pain in the ass.

“…How come there are so little people in the pool?” Kise squinted through the glass windows as the seven of them walked together, a band of rainbow-haired boys, towards the outdoor swimming pool. “It’s so hot today and it’s the summer season, I would’ve expected more people?”

“Maybe the resort is holding an event elsewhere?” Akashi suggested, ever the voice of reason.

“No, surely it is because of our luck,” Midorima interjected.

“Who cares?” Aomine grumbled. “Yo, Kagami, I’ll race ya. Bet I’ll get to the other end before you get your dumb ass in the water.”

“Wait, I can’t find my swimming goggles!” Kise whined, grabbing Kuroko by the shoulders and shaking him back and forth. “Kurokocchi, I’ll go blind in the water!”

“For fuck’s sake, you’re all like a bunch of kids,” Kagami snapped, as they all went out to the poolside, flip-flops loud against the sun-baked tiles. “We’re just swimming. Literally NOTHING can go wrong.”

Then a snide voice: “Oh, really?”

You know that feeling that you get in your stomach when you know you’re in deep shit, like when you were a kid and you were playing video games or eating snacks or watching television, and your parents suddenly came home and scared the living bejeezus out of you?

It was that feeling that Kagami got, except he wasn’t doing anything wrong, and the one scaring the crap out of him wasn’t his parents, and still he got the feeling that something probably wasn’t going his way.

That was further proven when they all turned to see a familiar-looking face glaring down at them from the top of the lifeguard stand, narrowed eyes practically hooded beneath greasy dark hair.

“Hanamiya Makoto?” Midorima spluttered at last, speaking first out of all of them. “What the hell are you doing here?”

Akashi was already taking out his phone. “Utterly unacceptable. I am calling management immediately. This is a safety hazard, surely.”

“Surely you jest,” Hanamiya sneered back, mimicking Akashi’s voice. “I’m working here, and you idiots can’t do anything about it. I can’t say anything about your chances of me saving you if you can’t swim.”

“Midorimacchi’s screwed,” Kise whispered.


Kagami was shifting uneasily. “Uh, y’know what, I don’t really feel like swimming after all.”

Kuroko was glaring at Hanamiya with menace in his eyes - and Kagami didn’t really blame him, considering what they had gone through just a couple of months ago, the last time they had seen each other on the court.

But the rest didn’t seem as fazed.

“Management has confirmed Hanamiya’s employment here,” Akashi reported, looking dissatisfied as he snapped his phone shut. “So I suppose we’re stuck with him. There’s no helping it. Murasakibara, what are you looking at?”

Murasakibara, too, was glaring up at Hanamiya too, but he looked more annoyed than angry. “He’s taller than me,” Murasakibara grumbled. “I don’t like having to look up to people. I want to crush his chair.”

Kise sighed. “I’m not even surprised about that, really.” He stretched, looking bored. “Well, Aominecchi? You gonna race me or you want to forfeit?”

“Hell no, I’ll beat your slow ass. Come on.”

Midorima looked at Hanamiya pointedly. “I’m quite grateful that my sign is ranked first today and yours last. Good day.”

Hanamiya waved them all off, the miracles that he had once hated, and turned his attention to Kuroko and Kagami. “Well? Not going to follow them?” he sneered. “Or maybe you guys don’t know how to swim?”

“I’m gonna drown him,” Kagami gritted his teeth. “I don’t care what the others say.”

“Kagami-kun, no.” Kuroko didn’t avert his gaze. “You have to make it look like an accident.”

“Ooh, I’m so scared,” Hanamiya laughed, that ugly hyena laugh of his that made all the hairs at the back of Kagami’s neck stand up. “Go away and play in your kiddie pool, numb nuts. I’ll be sitting up here earning easy money.”

  • Me: *watches anime*
  • Sports freak: lol u should watch sports instead of that trash
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