swimming losers

alright alright alright. so. back in october when me and @lazyshark caused havoc in japan and australia, one of the things we came up with in kyoto was a terrible sourin konbini AU based on the Daily Yamazaki konbini chain. basically, the idea is that ssk works part time at one, but little does rin know that the guy who always looks at him weird when he’s shopping for late night noodles and coke is actually the heir to the company AND SUPER LOADED. always funny.

now, little did I know that @lazyshark went and FREAKING COMMISSIONED THIS FOR ME FROM @plaemon as a surprise Christmas gift that I received on New Year’s eve. given that i LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE @plaemon’s art, i kinda lost my shit because it’s such a fun memory we shared on our trip and now, well, it exists. and i have no words what is what fshdfskj bfdskdsjfdsdfsk

SO OF COURSE I WANTED TO SHARE after i got permission from @plaemon to post it. and promptly advise all of you to go check out their commission page. because i love this so much aaa aaaa aaaa aaa aaaa  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥

She’s My Girl

Request: “Your imagines are great. Keep up the fantastic work. Can you make a stan uris or richie tozier imagine where he and the reader are dating and it’s the scene where they are jumping off the cliff and he gets all protective. And the guys know this so they make it their mission to make him jealous. -Anonymous”


“Richie or Stan imagine where they’re swimming with the losers and they all start complementing the reader about her body they’re like ‘why date a loser like them when you can”

Pairing: Stan Uris x Reader

Warnings: None

You and your amazing boyfriend Stan Uris started dating a month after Freshman year started. Even though you knew each other a couple of years before that you decided to wait and see if things worked out by themselves. Luckily they did and it was so obvious that you and Stan were just meant to be. Your friends Bill, Richie and Eddie were the first ones to see it and point it out to the both of you. 

You were at home celebrating that you were now on summer break which meant no more school. Why celebrate that in your house locked up in your room? You were planning to just watch TV, read books and anything that involved staying indoors unless someone invited you to go outside with them then that would be the only exception. 

It’s like someone read your mind because your mom came and knocked on your door.

“Y/N Stan is downstairs with the rest of your friends waiting for you to go swimming with them in the lake.” Your mom smiled as she popped her head into your room.

“Tell them I’m going to get changed and I’ll be right down in 5 minutes.” You said enthusiastically. 

First you put on your swimsuit and then over it you put on your regular clothes. Once you were done you slipped on your sneakers and went downstairs.

“Bye mom I’ll see you later.” You said kissing her cheek.

“Okay have fun honey!” She said kissing you as well.

You went through the back into your porch to grab your bike. Once you had it you walked through the side of your house, finally making it to the front where all the boys were standing.

“Y/N!” Eddie exclaimed.

“Hello boys.” You smiled as you walked over to Stan and placed a kiss on his cheek causing him to blush and give you one too.

“Gross.” Richie said jokingly. 

“Oh be quiet you’re just jealous.” Stan said.

“Yeah and don’t disrespect them they’re my parents.” Eddie stated.

“They’re not your parents.” 

“They are my fake parents if I was their real child hell I would be lucky to have them as parents.” Eddie defended.

“Same.” Ben continued.

“Agreed.” Bill finished off.

“Yeah you’re right.” Richie admitted.

“Thank you guys.” You smiled as all the boys just nodded.

“Someday?” Stan asked referring to if someday you and him could have kids of your own if you were still together. “Someday.” You smiled.

“Alright alright let’s go.” Richie said.

You all hopped onto your bicycles and sped off towards the lake.

Once you got there all the boys were standing at the edge of the large cliff/rock looking at the water below them.

“So who’s first?” Richie asked.

“You guys are seriously too scared to jump off?” You asked unimpressed.

“If it doesn’t look scary to you why don’t you do it?” Richie asked.

“Is that a challenge Tozier?” You asked.

“Hell yeah it is.” He replied.

“No Y/N you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to.” Stan defended.

“Actually don’t worry about it Stan. I got this babe.” You stated.

You stepped back and took off your shoes along with your shirt and finally your shorts. The boys didn’t get to say anything because you ran and then jumped off the cliff diving into the water perfectly.

“Your turn Losers!” You shouted as you smirked once you reached the surface.

“Holy shit.” Eddie spoke up.

“That was hot! Her body is WOW.” Richie exclaimed.

“Amazing.” Bill complimented.

“Hey that’s my woman get your own.” Stan said as he nudged Richie.

“Come get her if you can before I get to her.” Richie smirked as he jumped off the cliff.

Immediately Stan followed after him then Eddie, Bill and finally Ben. All of the boys were now in the lake as well as Beverly who the boys had invited after you all met each other when Henry Bowers cut Ben’s stomach.

You were about to swim over to Stan when Richie wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you away from him.

“Stan!” You exclaimed as you giggled.

“Why date a loser like Stan when you can date me?” Richie asked as he continued to pull you away from Stan.

The next thing you know Stan swam over to you so damn quick it was unbelievable. He went in between you and Richie causing him to let go. Stan dunked Richie underwater only for a couple of seconds.

Then he cupped your face with his hands and kissed you passionately. You melted into the kiss as you heard the boys and Beverly cheering and saying many things.



“Get it Stan!”



When you and Stan broke out of the kiss you covered your face as you blushed madly. 

“That looked like a fairytale kiss.” Beverly chuckled as she noticed your starstruck face.

“It was.” You giggled.

“Definitely.” Stan said as he kissed you again.

“Okay okay calm down we don’t need you both having babies at just 14 years of age wait 10 more years I promise you can do it.” Richie said causing you all to burst out in laughter. 

Only the future could tell that. But you knew for a fact that you and Stan’s love would last forever, you didn’t doubt it.


get to know me: anime edition

(1/5) pairings → Rei Ryugazaki and Nagisa Hazuki

“He was the one who completely changed my world. Even though he is pushy at times, he has an aura that I am attracted to and……I guess you can say that thanks to that, he has me completely wrapped around his finger.”

It’s you who cares about that (or, of pride and insecurity)

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything of this sort (or anything, really!) but there’s a thought that came to me a few days back that kept growing in my head, so. I’m not sure if it’s much more than personal rambling at this point, but I might as well write it down – because even as the years pass, I find myself more and more able to relate to certain aspects of this stupid dynamic called Harurin, and it makes me appreciate it that much more.

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It was on that day you understood how easy it would be to destroy him: the dysfunctional side of Rin and Haruka's friendship

I acknowledge how hypocritical it is for me to cry about not having time to write stuff while I simultaneously crank out meta, but contrary to popular belief these actually don’t take that long – and even if they did, I operate on inspiration. I had been planning this one for a while now (read: first during the drafting of Kaiyukan, and then again when I prepared notes for my lecture), because Haruka and Rin’s dysfunctional relationship IS at the core of Free! in many ways.

I have written about Haruka and Makoto, after all; theirs is a relationship that shifts back and forth between a nurturing symbiosis and stifling dependence, but at the end of the day they care about one another enough to avoid the worst of such pitfalls. The same is, of course, no less true with Haruka and Rin; as I said before, no dynamic goes without a shadow, but these shadows can be worked on and overcome when two people genuinely care about one another. The strength of that conviction is what makes Free! such a fascinating show to me to begin with.

In the end, the conflict that fuels the entire first season is simple, and also the basis for this post:

Rin and Haruka repeatedly misunderstand each other’s actions and motives because they come from two very different places of emotional cognition. Moreover, their ways of reacting to said emotional stimulus are likewise almost polar opposites, which naturally complicates matters. And if that wasn’t enough, these opposites often hit the exact most sensitive spots for both characters, as their instinctive modes of self-preservation also have the tendency of striking the other person where it hurts the most – be it on purpose or by accident.

Haruka and Rin could easily destroy one another. What’s crucial to the narrative is that they don’t.

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harurin doujin rec v. 2.0

I noticed that the ask I got a long while ago about my favourite harurin doujin started going around again, which reminded me of how outdated it was. While visiting saerigraphie a couple weeks back, we talked about the reasons for getting attached to certain doujinshi, and how our tastes gradually evolve – in other words, what we look for in doujin can and does change over time. However, while I might hold onto some of the doujin from this era just for nostalgia’s sake, there’s not much informational value in recommending such work. This is why I figured I should put together a more updated version of my harurin doujin tastes, which focuses more on specific artists who I feel offer a broad range of themes and stories in the fandom.

I decided to feature everyone who’s managed to accumulate a lot of works in my collection, and what kind of an audience I would recommend them to. Because save for a few exceptions, I wouldn’t necessarily rec each artist without reserve – as I mentioned, we all have different reasons for reading doujin, so finding a doujinka who matches your tastes is always the key. I hope my experiences might offer some idea of their individual “charm points”.

Disclaimer: I’m not a super expert doujin connoisseur who can visit every event for every new title, but rather someone who’s killed their knees way too many times shuffling through the shelves of Mandarake and Kbooks for back catalogues. This is also not a critical list, out of respect for the following doujinka as creators of fanwork – in the end they are still normal fans just like you and me, so whether they’d ever actually stumble across this post, I’d rather make a rec list that celebrates their strengths instead of complaining about what I personally might not like as much.

AMBITIOUS, ATMOSPHERIC, ARTISTIC: zatta, solafana, prinz yori

Each of the following three doujinka display a certain ambitious attitude towards their work that I really admire. Their payoff is not always in R18 but the emotional content of the works, plus the overall style (art, panels, pacing) is often right on par with published work.

zatta: probably the most well-known doujinka in the harurin fandom, and not without reason. I’m currently trying to get my hands on the first issue of her harurinpics trilogy, because that whole work basically summarizes zatta to a T: putting in the effort of creating a ridiculously long, slow-burn story with amazing attention to detail. Most of her doujin features R18 content which is a definite A++ because it’s usually in the context of a story, not just pwp. However, while I love works like Snow Globe and the aforementioned trilogy, I also really like Meet Mermaid because it is pure crack and shows her more playful side (you can read more about it here).

solafana: possibly my personal favourite, because I really love her art style. I’m still missing a couple of her doujin, but the way these subtle stories are constructed reminds me of some of my favourite BL mangaka, which says a lot; there’s a real down-to-earth feel to her stories, which makes them feel strangely rewarding even when there’s no R18 (Sonna karera no kankei-sei being one of the few exceptions, which is why it’s probably my favourite haha). I’m really sad that they apparently don’t really do doujin anymore, because you can feel the love for the characters through these everyday stories. 

prinz yori: arguably the most ~artistic of the bunch. yori deals a lot with themes of childhood and growing up, which combined with their style gives each story a kind of timeless atmosphere. They’re not stories for instant gratification (or R18), but exploration of character dynamics, since introspection is really the key here. Because I have a soft spot for travelling, 好敵手と逃亡 might be my favourite, but only until I have time to unearth all nuance from the rest – Yori is basically the reason I want to improve my reading comprehension, haha.

QUIRKY, FUNNY, LOTS OF R18: croceca, masumiwataru, hemu

The next is a group of artists who I enjoy for reasons far simpler to the previous three: they’re guilty pleasures without the guilt, because I have no qualms about saying I enjoy their brand of humour and inventive R18, which clearly comes from a place of love towards the subject material. So what’s not to appreciate?

croceca: I guess in a way you could say croceca is the most “normal” of these three, but this doesn’t make them at all boring. Even the stories that don’t feature sex have something unexpected and funny (like Present For You! which sounds like a R18 maid scenario but features maid Rin uppercutting Haru in the solar plexus), and you can tell croceca’s probably gone to Iwami because of the backgrounds (though realistically speaking nobody would walk all the way to that Famima just to buy uhm… well, you’ll see). I’m always excited to find one of their doujinshi, because they’re often a definite Adventure.

masumiwataru: that being said, the queen of Adventure is probably masumiwataru. It actually wasn’t until saerigraphie requested I pick up their latest Comiket release that I realized masumiwataru was also to blame for the funniest doujin in the world, i.e. Rin-sensei to Make Love Eikaiwa. No, honestly. If you only read one R18 Harurin doujin in your life, it has to be that one. Basically, masumiwataru’s speciality is sex doujin that are also hilarious. It’s not all they do, but they’re certainly capable of making you enjoy even the weirdest of themes (like that one Future Fish AU sarah showed me orz) because it’s just so funny.

hemu: Fun fact, hemu’s circle Karhu means bear in finnish. Maybe this is why it took me a while to warm up to them (there are some… interesting kinks in the older stuff lmao), but I ended up pledging loyalty when I realized just how funny a sense of humour hemu also has. There’s a lot of visual jokes and almost slapstick-like scenes in their later work, plus the style is quirky enough to always catch my eye. Plus I will never stop laughing at Haru’s snow globe phone charm in aquatic animal, sorry. Comedy gold

Of course, this is not the be-all and end-all of harurin doujin. If you’re looking for something with an edge, try out Oshinobee; if you’d rather steer clear from R18 and like soft linework with subtle introspection, I would suggest MGN. For a wide range of stories, maybe hit up Skyjack. Ah man, it’s really hard to end a list when you start one, which is why I think I’ll end here before it gets out of hand, because there’s tons of great harurin artists out there, and I’ve left out many whom others probably really enjoy. But the above six are some that I’ve currently enjoyed a lot, and will make a conscious effort of keeping up with the future, so in that regard they’re a good representation of my harurin doujin rec list v. 2.0. Maybe it’ll change again in the future when my interests shift, and there’s obviously individual gems I haven’t listed too, but these are more or less the artists I really enjoy right now the most.

All I Ask

Here are some Stenbrough Hc’s based on All I Ask by Adele! Requested by @stantheman-uris <3


“If this is my last night with you

Hold me like I’m more than just a friend

Give me a memory I can use

Take me by the hand while we do

What lovers do”


-Stan has had a crush on Bill since middle school but has always been scared to admit it

-He came out in highschool but was afraid telling Bill the truth would ruin they’re friendship and that was the last thing Stan wanted. He wouldn’t be able to live with himself if that happened.

-So he went through highschool without telling a single soul, not even any of the other losers, in fear that someone would tell Bill by accident

-On the night of their highschool graduation all the losers went to a big party but it was super depressing so they all dipped and went to the quarry

-Everyone was pretty drunk and most of the losers went swimming, except for Bill

-Bill and Stan were sitting at the top of the cliff, drinking and listening to music

-Stan had come to realize that he gets bolder when he drinks so when he got the idea to tell Bill how he felt there was nothing that could stop him

-He moved closer to Bill and started playing with his fingers, something he did when he was nervous or thinking really hard

-He took a deep breath and just said everything. Literally everything. After words he was super out of breath and his cheeks were all red, partly because of the alcohol but mainly because of Bill

-Bill just took his hand, looked him in the eyes and kissed him really quickly and softly

-Stan softened so much

-They lay under the stars and talked about life and the future before crawling into the same sleeping bag and falling asleep in each other’s arms


I got a little carried away but I just love my babies so much! Thank u for this request<3

anonymous asked:



But like eventually Katsuki notices that Izuku is constantly drowning and he’s like ‘What the fuck?’ 

so he saves him one last time and when Izuku wakes up he’s all ‘Oh! you saved me again what can I do to repay you?’

And instead of just brushing it off like normal Katsuki is like. ‘Get some fucking swim lessons you drowning loser’ 

Izuku is completely taken off guard by that comment. Because he never imagined the sexy life guard that had been saving him up until now to be snarky like that. And with that he starts to mumble a bunch of gibberish that Katsuki can’t understand. 
Katsuki then just rolls his eyes, and smirks and says. ‘If you’re gonna purposely drown, at least fuckin do it right so I can at least give you mouth to mouth’. And with that Izuku’s entire face heats up bright red and he throws his hands over his face, partially embarrassed because the sexy life guard actually caught onto his stupid plan, and that he actually wants to give him mouth to mouth?? Does he need to be drowning to receive that treatment or can Katsuki just open mouth kiss him right then and there???

What Izuku didn’t realize is that he mumbled those thoughts out loud. and Katsuki had a devilish grin on his face and with out a moment of hesitation crashed their lips together. His hot tongue jutting into Izuku’s mouth with out a second thought. Though Izuku was paralyzed with shock, Katsuki let his tongue explore the other and he pulled away. He then said. ‘Oh yeah, my names Katsuki. Let’s go on a date some time, you fucking nerd.’

And this is just the beginning of this interesting love story ok.