swimming is cool

anonymous asked:

Sorry if the is TMI. Im a closeted transguy. My extended family is visiting and we will be spending the day on the lake which means we will have to swim to stay cool. I started my period yesterday so I have to wear a pad. My mom suggested that I try and use a tampon instead, but when I even think about it I get really bad disphoria to the extent that I feel like throwing up. If I don't swim I will overheat and if I don't go to the lake I will look like I don't want to see them. What should I do?

Well, definitely don’t wear a pad in water, especially not a lake. A pad is designed to soak up fluid and if you go in water it’s going to do just that. Lake water is far from sterile and having that in your pad and on you the whole day is going to make it smell and also very uncomfortable for you. I suggest trying a tampon but doing so without looking. When I have to put stuff up there I make sure I’m completely distracted by listening to podcasts or thinking about something really interesting. Then just push it up as quickly as you can in a safe manner. Make sure it is small enough for you to not feel it when you walk. If it helps, pretend you’re a soldier plugging up a bullet wound, that’ll make you feel pretty tough. 

- Michael