swimming hole


This place is amazing! It’s like a private oasis. Huge mossy boulders surround it, topped with Rhododendron trees, which make a perfect shaded canopy. A sandy beach leads into a lovely swimming hole. Talk about gorgeous. I fell in love. It’s well worth the long hike, and I plan on spending some time here this summer. <3

Rock Springs

the water is clear and cold
those who know this place say
you must dive in all at once
take the plunge
find yourself invigorated
beyond all reckoning
you will
emerge breathless
emerge smiling
emerge to dappled sunlight
as the water springs
from its stony, womblike cave
emerge reborn
to this church called Nature
new to yourself yet again
emerge knowing
that joy is built into the
very bones of this place
into your bones too
you will remember this
when you dive deep
you will feel your joy emerge

Azuki Lynn