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So, I just got some super frustrating news. I've been working on getting my body fat % down to at or below 24%, and having taped myself, I thought I was at 27%, so I've been excited. I go in to my recruiter's office to get taped and now I'm 7.5% off my goal. I'm trying to maintain my moto, but damn this is frustrating. I do 2 miles on the treadmill after work every night, at an incline of 10-14 at 3-3.5mph, my diet is good, could be a little better I suppose. BLARG.

This is actually a common occurrence for people. if you feel like you are getting in a rut with your workouts switch up the cardio. 

Try biking, swimming, jump rope, elliptical,

You see the body is ONE ADAPTIVE MUHFUGGA so if you do the same thing over and over without increasing the intensity or length of exercises then that is just 

The Law of Diminishing Returns

Heres an Example not many know this but theres a misconception that training with high reps only works muscular endurance. 

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You see when training with high reps with an exercise you can very well put on strength and size but the problem is as you become stronger and doing more repetitions, the noticeable gains in muscle mass and strength go down. 

So while thinking the more reps you add, the stronger you get they are actually making the increases in strength and size smaller.  

So while reps in the range of 20- 40 where muscle failure is hit and you can do no more with good form, That can actually build an impressive amount of strength and muscle. 

But the higher above this you go the smaller the increases in strength and muscle mass. 

the level of profits or benefits gained is less than the amount of energy invested.

As you keep adding to the number of reps you can do, strength is less affected and endurance is more affected. until you are doing so many pushups that changes in strength are no longer measurable.  That happens somewhere around 130-150 reps, according to the various researches.

SO I could do say 1000 Squats but Honestly while it be great my muscular endurance if im looking for Strength and Size it probably be better just to add more weight and do less reps. 

But there are folks like Herschel Walker who does 1000s of Pushups and Situps everyday and get INSANE BENEFITS but he is an anamoly

But anyways to get back to what you were saying.

Stop doing the Same old Same Old and switch it up. It keeps your workouts more fun and also helps you keep getting results.

BUT REMEMBER IF YOU ARE NOT SLEEPING A MINIMUM OF 8-9 HOURS WHILE WORKING OUT AND EATING HEALTHY NUTRITIOUS FOODS FOR THE MAJORITY OF YOUR CALORIES then you are honestly wasting Time because only when they all work together do you get the best results

From the 3 Legged Stool of Fitness Patented Jaxblade ;)

So Don’t give up. Stay consistent and keep at it

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For someone who has never been to the gym, what workouts do you recommend I start with? I would mostly like to lose some weight and then later gain a little bit of muscle.

That really depends! But for a beginner I would recommend cardio, if you’re trying to lose weight that’s always where you should start. So run, bike, walk, do the elliptical, stairs, swim, play sports, whatever you prefer! Try to get in at least a mile a day, then you can build from there.

As for workouts, for a beginner I would divide your days up, aim to go to the gym 4 times a week because that’s pretty manageable. And I would split up your muscle groups, for example: arms, legs/abs, back/shoulders, chest/abs.

Basic arm workouts- bicep curl, hammer curl, triceps press down, dips, overhead triceps press, tricep kickback, reverse barbell curls, push-ups

Basic Leg/abs- squat, leg press machine, lunges, calf raises, leg extension machine, leg curl machine, weighted side bends, back extensions, planks, hanging leg raises

Back/shoulders- lat pull down, seated row, standing row, bent over row, pullups (assisted if necessary), rear delt flies, military press, shrugs, lateral raises, front raises

Basic Chest/abs- bench press, incline dumbbell press, cable flies, push-ups, Russian twists, toe touches, crunches, side planks

Start out with light weight and higher reps, light weight is important because you need to focus on your form. Correct form is necessary so you don’t hurt yourself and so you target your muscles correctly. I recommend the bodybuilding.com bodyspace app or the jefit app to walk you through exercise form, also they will have some great beginner workouts you can follow!

Keep in mind that a lot of fitness is actually accomplished in the kitchen, so eating healthy is really important. Another key factor to seeing results is consistency!

Additionally– I’m not a trainer so these are just exercises to look up and start from, if you need additionally information I would consult a trainer at your gym for instructional advice. Be careful and go kick ass!


I’m not saying I’m a model buuut… Post chocolate chip pancakes and a chocolate bunny. It was cheat day, obvi 🙈🙊 Someday I’ll have abs like thefitally, at least that’s the ultimate goal 


Happy Saturday, friends!

I’ve been really busy with schoolwork and trying to get my life together this past week and haven’t really had time to post much. Things are finally starting to settle down and brighten up though!!

  • As you all know, I’ve been in a boot and not running for the past few weeks now because I might’ve had potential stress fractures in my 3rd and 4th metatarsals. I got an MRI on Monday for my foot and had a follow-up appointment on Thursday to see the results and………..I DON’T HAVE A STRESS FRACTURE!!! It turns out I have a stress reaction in my 2nd metatarsal that’s so so sooo close to being a fracture. I’m so relieved that I caught it early on before it could’ve gotten much worse. If I had done one more workout, it probably would have been much more severe. My roommate constantly says I’m the luckiest person she knows, and I’m starting to think that it’s true. I’m just so glad that I’m so aware of my own body..it’s always better to be safe than sorry!
    • Now that we know what it is, I’m starting a slow rehab process to get back into running starting with cycling and swimming, then elliptical, then transitioning to running a few miles at a time. I’m soo excited to finally run again, and thrilled that I will be able to have an outdoor season!

Hehe that’s all. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!