swimming dolphin


“ what are you doing all wet? ”
“ why are you soaking wet? ”
“ you are drenched, you must be cold. ”
“ what am i going to do with all this water? ”
“ water is the best thing to drink. ”
“ you cannot live without water. ”
“ i really need to go soak in the hot water. ”
“ why is the water so cold? ”
“ tell me you didn’t drown anyone today. ”
“ i can’t swim. ”
“ you can’t swim? seriously? ”
“ have you ever tasted salt water? ”
“ how about a nice warm bath? ”
“ let’s go swimming! i love swimming! ”
“ i can swim like a dolphin. ”
“ the ocean is my home. ”
“ the ocean is where i belong. ”
“ i almost drowned! not that you care! ”
“ water will solve any problem! ”
“ i love to go lay out by the ocean all day. ”
“ do you believe in mermaids? ”
“ nothing better than a day at the beach. ”
“ this water is ice cold, how are you even swimming in it? ”
“ i will jump right into cold water for you. ”
“ i would swim through cold water for you. ”
“ this water is so cold, i’m surprised it hasn’t froze. ”
“ do you want to help me fill up the pool with water? ”
“ it’s like a flood in here! ”
“ wow, you really flooded the bathroom. ”
“ my basement is flooding again. ”
“ if it doesn’t stop raining already! ”
“ i am so sick of all this wet, rainy weather! ”
“ i love it when it rains. ”
“ my water is turned off, great. just what i needed. ”
“ please don’t walk in on me when i’m in the shower. ”
“ let’s go diving! i always wanted to! ”
“ i drown in you, in all of you. ”
“ i’m drowning in this love. ”
“ our ship is sinking, any last words before we drown? ”
“ why are you always wet whenever we meet? ”
“ so, i see you have a thing for the water. ”
“ you love the water that much? you’d be willing to drown? ”
“ i have a surfboard, if you want to go surfing? ”
“ i’m on the smallest island, surronded by water. ”
“ i will play with water anyday! it’s all i’ve ever known! ”
“ i am soaking wet, do i look like i am okay? ”
“ i’m drowning in my own sweat! ”
“ i need water, lots and lots and lots of water. ” we are going to get flooded! “
” so, does that mean we are going to have a flood? “
” don’t forget to water my plants, please. “
” you didn’t even water the plants like i asked. “
” i’ll just take some water, if you don’t mind. “
” water doesn’t have a smell to it? “
” water doesn’t have a taste to it? “
” please, i need some water or something. “
” would you like a glass of water maybe? “
” it is pouring down rain outside? “
” i just walked all the way here in the pouring rain. “
” you can’t deprive me of water. “
” the water is like one with me. “
” i’m like one with water, like a water bender. “
” i love water falls, don’t you? “
” you fell down into a well once? “
” there’s water at the end of a well? “
” i love the water more than fish could. “
” i’m obsessed with becoming a mermaid. “
“ you almost drowned? ”
“ let me show you how to not drown. ”
“ wow, did you just see how huge that wave was? ”
“ i love the waves of the ocean! ”
Horror in the Cove

I know the cove doesn’t get a mention much here anymore, but everyone needs to know what is going on right now. 

On the 20th of January a superpod of around 200 bottlenose dolphins were driven into the cove. 

They were surrounded by nets and left overnight before the captive selection process began. So far 82 dolphins have been taken for the captivity industry, most of them calves taken from their frantic mothers. 

Each day, for around 7 hours, the dolphin have faced the trauma of being manhandled by hunters and trainers. The people responsible are as usual driving their boats straight through the pod without any shred of decency. Dolphins have been repeatedly tangled in the nets attempting to reunited with their pod members. They are starving, dehydrated and exhausted, and at least 2 dolphins have died, either from stress or injury sustained during their harrowing ordeal. 

This horrendous torture will continue tomorrow, it is likely that even more dolphins will be taken for the captivity industry. It is not yet known if any individuals will be slaughtered. 

This is not tradition. 

This is barbarism. This is greed

*Update 1. The estimated pod size has now been increased to 300 animals. The captures are ongoing, 2 more dolphins have died*

*Update 2. 100 Bottlenose Dolphins were captured and transferred to the sea pens for a life of confinement. Of those that survive the first months of confinement, half will be dead in under 7 years. The 2/3 of the pod that were driven back out to sea are exhausted, injured, dehydrated and traumatized. Its is highly likely there will be more fatalities among the survivors, especially among the very young calves. 


More Voltron bbys with them favourite/ spirit animals!!!

Inspiration taken from the Voltron test to see which Paladin you are: