swimming dolphin


Whales and dolphins swimming together off Hawaii


Dog & Dolphin, Bahamas


Drone view of dolphin pod above coral reefs, off Laguna Beach, California

I just. I want a list of random insane facts about Taliesin Jaffe and people have to pick out which are lies and which are true.
But all turn out to be true.
Cause his life is just that ridiculously amazing.

Literally, OFF the top of my head, I can remember the following:

- has been the Vampire Prince of LA and had a coup against him where people strapped him into a coffin, covered in TNT, but forgot to leave the room and were instead impaled by the shrapnel while Taliesin was unharmed. (EDIT: THIS HAPPENED IN A LARP, OK, NOT REAL LIFE, PEOPLE ARE FREAKING OUT. I’M SORRY.)

- had to take breaks from seeing a tutor (instead of regular school) to go swim with dolphins, weekly, for filming a movie as a teen

- quit his child-acting career after having to read for a Baywatch episode that was so ridiculous he as a thirteen year old boy said ‘this is bullshit’

- played Vampire LARP behind a Mormon church organised by a local couple (also from the Mormon Church possibly? I don’t remember) literally just an adult couple inviting teens to pretend to be vampires

- his middle name is Axelrod cause clearly ‘Taliesin Jaffe’ was not strange enough yet for his parents

and this is just from what I’ve remembered from youtube videos I watched in the past two days. I sort of remember many, many more Tales of Taliesin from CR or other interviews…


Wildlife almost dancing in the oceans and the largest black-brown albatross colony in the world: Falkland Islands

MBTI Aesthetics

ISTJ: finishing homework right away, instruction manuals, calm before the storm, hugs when you most need them

ISTP: a crisp autumn day, fixing an old car, scent of gasoline, tequila, drunken nights

ISFJ: warm hugs from your mother, sundresses, being in bed early, Sun after a thunderstorm, comfort food

ISFP: curling up with a book by a fireplace, cozy blankets, charcoal drawings, maxi skirts and sandals, hot chocolate

INTJ: perfectionists, math formula sheets, valedictorian, using a new pen for the first time, watching Jeopardy

INTP: wearing shorts in the winter, Disney villains, conspiracy theories, khaki pants, new glasses

INFJ: plants, meditation, long walks on the beach, “I love yous” at 3 am, babysitting, Disney princess movies

INFP: rainy days, old typewriters, creaky attic stairs, the scent of a new book, unicorns, fresh snow, three hour phone calls

ESTJ: going to the gym at 6 am, ironed and pressed suits and ties, president of the United States, red carpets

ESTP: skiing in the winter, frat parties, the smell of pipes or tobacco, the Anchorman movies

ESFJ: tea parties, kisses on the cheek, pastels, sleeping in the same bed, homemade brownies, sorority rush

ESFP: last minute ragers, disco balls, perfume, soft hugs, singing in the car with the windows down

ENTJ: whiskey, long debates, sarcasm, “Most Likely to Succeed”, navy blue

ENTP: bowties in every color of the rainbow, car rides at midnight, icy days, grand romantic gestures

ENFJ: the leaves as they change colors, comforting words in the middle of the night, swimming with dolphins, self compassion

ENFP: neon colors, crying from laughter, strawberry lemonade, sleeping with all your stuffed animals, performing onstage


Sonic OCs? Sonic OCs.

Couldn’t decide which colors I liked more for the Dolphin sooooo here’s both versions.