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I’m a huge fan of Greek Mythology !
I can forget to eat during a day or more if I’m drawing or taking with friends from another timezone ^^’
I had the chance to swim with dolphins few years ago… and after I learnt there were sharks too *shivers*

My favorite animorphs headcanon is that they all end up happily ever after with married with kids and whatnot and just abuse their morph powers to entertain their children. Like the kids are wanting to play pretend that they’re in a jungle and hey look an actual tiger that they can run from and if they get caught they get mercilessly licked. Why bother adopting a dog when the parents can just be the dog. We don’t need to go to SeaWorld to swim with the dolphins just get me to the nearest body of water


Dog & Dolphin, Bahamas


Drone view of dolphin pod above coral reefs, off Laguna Beach, California

We were on a ship that had been caught in a storm. All of us had lifelines tied around us. Also of note, our satyr fighter has a habit of doing things that seemed almost suicidal. A great wave had just crashed over the ship, knocking me (tiefling bard) and the satyr overboard.

DM: Roll dexterity.

Me: 16.

DM: You manage to catch the rail of the ship and start pulling yourself up. *Satyr’s player* what did you role?

Satyr: Can I cut the rope?

DM: What?

Satyr: I want to cut the rope.

Monk: This is it. This is how he finally dies.

Satyr: I have a hunch.

DM: …Fine, you cut the rope. *Tiefling bard* and those who came to help watch as the satyr cuts his lifeline with his sword and goes plummeting into the vicious waves, immediately vanishing from sight.

The storm continues for a while and then we see a huge face under the water and hear a vague voice. The next moment, the storm completely clears.

DM: As the water settles, you look up and see that the clouds have dissipated and the sun has come out. You look out over the sea, and there is a dolphin swimming towards the boat with the satyr on his back.

Players: What?!

Satyr: *Grinning like an idiot* I had a hunch.

We still don’t know what happened. We’re determined to find out.


More Voltron bbys with them favourite/ spirit animals!!!

Inspiration taken from the Voltron test to see which Paladin you are: