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I honestly think Free, KnB, and Prince of Stride have a lot of similarities like omggg
Haruka, Kuroko, and Takeru are so alike (except Takeru has glasses lolololol).

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Hello! You and your blog are perfect in every way <3 I was wondering if you could do Kagami, Aomine, Nijimura, Rin, Sousuke and Rei reacting to watching their S/O who had a severe injury from their sport, making them unable to play for a long time, and the S/O is in just so much pain from physio and they seem so done with life

pff. me. perfect?? what is this nonsense honestly i can barely run a blog          (*ノ∀`*)


Rei had blanched when he had heard of your injury. He never thought that someone as careful as you would injure yourself in that way - not that sports injuries were uncommon, he knew that much, but you… Rei was just as heartbroken as you; he realised immediately the implications of your injury, and knew the healing process would be long and painful. He may have overdone it a little, researching different ways to ease your pain, but all of his efforts were merely an attempt to make you feel better - seeing you giving up wasn’t a pleasant experience for Rei, and really, he just wanted the injury to leave as quickly as possible so that he could get the old you back. 

Rin could only imagine what it would be like to endure such an injury. He felt more useless than he ever had before when he saw you so hopeless - he wanted to say something, to do anything, that might make it better, but in the end, there was really nothing that could be done. Sustaining an injury so severe meant the healing process would take… A while, to say the least, and although it hurt him, Rin buckled down, ready and prepared to do anything for you during that period of time. He figured that if he could be there for you, that might help quiet his heart, and ease your pain.

Sousuke knew exactly what you were going through; knew how helpless you must feel, and how much it hurt not only physically, but mentally, to endure an injury that prevented you from doing what you love. Unfortunately, this also meant that he was left in a position where he knew there was nothing much he could do - of course, he did what he could, taking care of you when the pain got too much and ensuring that you could be at least vaguely comfortable, but knowing that he was utterly helpless to prevent the inevitable anguish that overcame you during this period of time was painful, to say the least.   

Kuroko no Basuke

Aomine honestly didn’t take into account the idea that an injury could halt - or put a more permanent stop - to his career. That is, until he heard about your injury. Knowing he couldn’t do anything about it was, perhaps, the worst part. Having to sit by and watch you in agony, struggling with yourself to even find a reason to keep on fighting to be able to play your sport again… Aomine felt afraid. For you, for your future - imagining a life without basketball tore a hole in his heart, and even though he hadn’t experienced what you were going through, he damn well knew that he’d be there to support you should the worst happen. You weren’t going to give up, not on his watch.

Kagami took every opportunity to take care of you and be by your side… Almost overwhelmingly so. As far as he was concerned, if you did fewer physically demanding activities, then you’d get better. So, of course, if he took good care of you, you’d get better faster, right? That, and, honestly, he was looking for a way to distract himself. Seeing you in such a hopeless state was horrific, especially when you were so enthusiastic about your sport, your life, normally. Watching the fight drain both mentally and physically from you just made him more determined: He wasn’t going to let this injury get the better of you - even if he had to sacrifice his own time to help you recover, he’d find a way, and would see that you get back to playing. After all, what would his life be without basketball? 

Nijimura had always expected the best from you, and you always gave your best. It was one of the reasons he was so proud to call himself your boyfriend, and he knew just how much you loved proving to everyone that you were damn good at what you did. He was, therefore, determined that you wouldn’t give up on your sport just because of the injury, and took all the necessary steps to ensure that you didn’t lose your fighting spirit. He spent all his time with you; basketball became an afterthought when it came to being by your side, and he was certain that, no matter what, you would continue to make him proud when you recovered from this injury.

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Hi, I was wondering what headcanons you have if GM + Kagami met the Iwatobi swim team. What would cause them to meet up? Who would become fast friends? Or would they just think the other weird? Thoughts?

GoM + Kagami x Iwatobi Swim team + Rin Matsuoka meet up headcanons -

Gomene, I decided to add Rin to the group cuz really I need some fighting spirit here!

Where and how do they meet up? : At the beach! GoM + Kagami Taiga a.k.a Team Vorpal Swords is in the midst of a training camp at the beach and so is the Iwatobi Swim Team + Rin Matsuoka a.k.a Style Five when a 1 on 1 between Aomine and Kagami goes wrong, only to hit Nagisa Hazuki right on the face. (My poor baby..)

Who would become fast friends? : Kise Ryouta and Kuroko Tetsuya with Makoto Tachibana. Makoto naturally doesn’t mind Kise’s hyperness, since Kise reminds him of Nagisa. He also likes Kuroko cuz Kuroko reminds him of Haru. Kise likes Makoto because of how easy going he is from the very beginning. Kuroko at first only gets dragged along with Kise but later doesn’t mind Makoto’s company, since he is impressed by the latter’s hospitality.

Who would think the latter is weird? : This category only fits two people. Midorima Shintarou and Rei Ryugazaki! Rei is weirded out by the heavy object (lucky item) Midorima is carrying around and always keeps close even while practicing. It’s not the fact that the item is heavy which bothers Rei but the fact that (internal screaming) “IT’S NOT BEAUTIFUL!!” is what bothers him the most. Whereas, Midorima finds Rei’s obsession with theories and calculations to be plain creepy. (”Are you really one to talk Shin-chan??” - A random comment from Takao at a distance)

Who would become instant frenemies? : Rin Matsuoka with Aomine Daiki. They start off with a good vibe around them but in the process of showing each other who is more athletic, sparks are seen to be flying between them soon enough. Both of them are having a lot of fun though.

Other Headcanons : 

  • Kagami Taiga is stuck with Nagisa Hazuki the whole time. In the process of apologizing to Nagisa for hitting his face, Kagami somehow ends up being Nagisa’s favorite. The short blonde is super excited about how huge Kagami is and is reminded of a ferocious tiger who is actually really nice and cute on the inside everytime he looks at Bakagami. As for the latter, he would be searching around for Kuroko to help him out the whole time while Kuroko is busy with his new friend. (Poor Kagami X3)
  • Gou Matsuoka is practically head over heels for Murasakibara Atsushi’s muscles. She follows him around for a glimpse of his gracious limbs. Murasakibara doesn’t bother asking her to leave him alone either. As long as he could sit at one place and eat away his snacks, he doesn’t mind a stalker after all.
  • Momoi is busy checking out Iwatobi guys’ practice regimen (which Gou didn’t mind showing her) since their stamina level really impressed her.
  • The only normal group among the bunch has to be that of Akashi Seijuurou and Haruka Nanase. They don’t talk much but when they do it’s all about either swimming or basketball. Haru is secretly impressed by Akashi’s skills and vice versa. They become really good friends by the end of the day.

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I may or may not have become a little too invested in this au