SWIMSUIT: Wolf & Whistle 

Sorry for the HUGE photoset, but I even liked the outtakes here hehe.
When this one piece 1st came out it was for “extended cup sizes”, so I grabbed a 32DD and it fit amazingly!! Like the whole boob was in this thing! Normally I take a 34D. I never buy swimsuits because S/M/L just don’t cut it for my body. I also didn’t learn to swim until last year :x Anyway, it also comes in the typical run of sizes so everyone can get a piece of this. It’s so retro-feeling & I really love it. I definitely recommend. It has “tummy control” too so if you’re self conscious like me you can start getting used to feeling comfy in your swimmies. 👙👙

And as you can see I did a mean chop to my hair. It wasn’t all at once though! It’s still crazy damaged & won’t hold a curl, but I dyed it black & so far it’s been a great decision. I’ll try out clipins and other hair things in the mean time too. 


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One time after church, I texted this girl “You looked great today” and she didn’t reply. And then I felt horribly stupid, like just beat-myself-up stupid. You know, that swimmy sick-to-your-stomach anxiety when you want to jump out the window with a desk tied to your leg. I mean who even says that out loud to another person? I kept repeating it in my head over and over in the most nasal voice possible – You looked great today! – and doing the corny Yeah-You-Betcha wink. I lost sleep. I had that late-night regret twitch where I wanted to punch myself to never do it again.  The cool thing is that now I’m going to marry her in December.

Humans Are Weird; Swimmy-Danger-Frens

OKAY BUT aliens reading literature, human literature, and just being so confused by our constant references to a “Light” and “dark” side.
Like, these aliens find damp, cool, dark places preferable (they have night-vision and the light actually bothers their eyes a bit) and when we refer to “murky depths” and “the darkness creeping up on us” they get so confused and puzzled. Because to them, the dark is a cool, relaxing place to sit and hang around in and hides them from many predators; the waters are their homes and the murky depths spell out adventure and places to hide so that they may hunt.
And maybe them being confused by how often we compare things to other things, even when giving information (when teaching math, we draw parallels between real life applications and the way it will be used in class; chemistry is all like “you see soda? It is THIS TYPE OF SOLUTION; etc.) because everything is much more literal in their minds.Humans use so many metaphors, analogies, parallelisms, symbolisms, etc., do the aliens fo that as well; do some aliens favor the human style of writing or take more literal approaches in literature, Do the aliens find our stories fascinating and inspiring, or overdone and unnecessary? Also, aquatic alien literature?? At first it’s all accounts of hunting and hardships, but then those aliens begin to take to the land and discover, and suddenly there are stories of wild adventures and thrilling discoveries.
Aquatic-based aliens who aspire to one day traverse through Earth’s oceans, the equivalent of sky diving, climbing all the way to the top of Mount Everest, and finding buried treasure(when putting it in human terms).
I’m writing this down so that I may, hopefully, make a short story on it later, but if you have any ideas for this feel free to pick it up and *sprint* with this (running is for n00bs- fast, faster, or dead, my friends.)

Fake ah headcannon

Gavin with impulse control who covers himself in stickers or band aids even if he’s perfectly fine. Gavin who has to have his closets organized and refused to let anyone do his laundry. Gavin who impulse busy things in bulk like toilet paper and bandaids. Gavin who wakes up at the same time every morning no mater how late he fell asleep the night before. Gavin who has to wear gloves when handling a gun. Gavin who wipes his lips after kissing someone. Gavin with autism.

Jack who helps Gavin take the stickers and band aids off when he looses control. Jack who helps him wax so they don’t stick to his hair. Jack who gladly packs away all the bulk items. Jack who wakes up with him. Jack who will kiss Gavin and not get upset at Gavin wiping the kisses away. Jack who buys new stickers every week for gavin always different in some way to shake it up a bit. Jack who helps Gavin calm down when he has panic attacks. Jack who always carries gloves on her person at all times no mater what.

Geoff who pays for everything. Band aids? He’s got you. Stickers? Here jack. Bulk items? No problem. Clothes? Here. Gloves? Have this wad of cash. Geoff who only kisses Gavin on the cheek cause he gives wet kisses. Geoff who will cuddle Gavin when he is putting stickers or band aids on. Geoff who will shoot anyone who judges his baby. Geoff who donates a shit tone of money to autism foundations that actually work towards helping. Geoff who tears down foundations who false advertise their “help”. Geoff who eventually starts his own charity.

Michael who let’s Gavin put band aids and stickers all over him when ever he wants. Michael who literally punched someone so hard he nearly killed them because they called Gavin retarded. Michael who treats Gavin like he’s a normal human being. Michael who spends once a mouth helping special needs kids with physical therapy. Michael who blew up someone’s house after seeing them try and bully Gavin. Michael who is always up before jack an Gavin because he’s a morning person. RIOT PUNCH AND SWIMMIES WITH GAVVY~

Ryan who also treats Gavin like a normal human adult. Ryan who doesn’t put up with anyone’s shit not even Gavin’s. Ryan who is always willing to help even if he grumbles the whole way about it. Ryan who has ocd. Ryan who organizes their game stash at least once a week and doesn’t look at it at any other time. Ryan who once stopped mid heist to fix some pamphlets on a display rack and the others just provided cover fire for him. Ryan who likes to say he has a handle on his ocd. Ryan who also has to turn the safety off and on, on his gun twice before he can use it.

Jeremy who, when he first met Gavin giggled at his band aids and nearly got decked by Michael before he chimed that he likes the little ducks and he wanted to know if he had anymore. Jeremy who will sit with Gavin putting band aids on just because he can. Jeremy who whines when it comes to taking them off cause he refuses to wax. Jeremy who sometimes walks away in the middle of conversations with no explanation what so ever. Jeremy who spaces out a lot also with no explanation. Jeremy who once fell asleep in the middle of a meeting. Jeremy who does a lot of random things with no explanation. Jeremy who once choked someone out after they had looked at Gavin wrong. Jeremy who is the most protective of gavin.

That upcoming beach event has me once again thinking of a very important AU…where Dragon Age Heroes is more like Fire Emblem Heroes.

So here’s my pitch for participating characters:

Bathing Beauty Vivienne. Big sunhat, big sunglasses, with a parasol that shoots ice spells. Perfect pretext for various puns and play-on words. (“Darling, you’re burning up! Let’s put some ice on that,”, “Is it chilly out here, or is it just you?”)  

Safety First Cole. In flippers, swimmies, goggles with snorkel, and a big inflatable tusket-shaped tube. He throws seashells and dried up star fish and sand dollars from his bucket.

Leader of Bull’s Cookout. The Iron Bull in dad sandals and a “Kiss the Cook” apron. Attacks with a giant sizzling spatula. Meat puns probably not safe for a phone game.

CassWatch. Cassandra in a red one piece, with a whistle and ample sunscreen. She wields a rescue tube and her muscles, ready to restore order to the beach. 


Y’all know that Overwatch varsity sweater in the Blizz store? Well, a friend got me one. And while the large is a nice, swimmy fit for my skinny 6′1″ ass (I like a good swimmy fit), I can’t help but imagine my tiny GF in it thwapping people with the sleeves. Thus, this doodle happened.

Gabe would probably do this after noticing that Genji came to his office in Jesse’s borrowed clothing (and Jesse had to requisition or buy new bits of whatever got taken) a few too many times. Like “THERE, now he doesn’t have to buy two of something just because you fucking stole the first one. Damn brat.”

I know im gonna lose followers and get blocked by people for saying this but honestly I’m fucking sick of how out of character GTA Gavin has gotten.

Like do you really think that Gavin David Free has the time of day to put on all that gold makeup and jewelery? Do you really think he’s the Fashion Icon you all insist he is?

Because let me tell you, Gavin is lazy more than anything else. He wouldn’t do that sort of shit, he would have better things to do, like trying to get Jeremy to eat things or doing swimmies and bevs with Michael.

“But he’s materialistic!” I hear you cry out in the replies. “He bought an expensive garbage can that takes D batteries!”

Yes, but he bought the garbage can because he was so fucking lazy, he didn’t want to lift up the fucking lid.

He spends his money on shit to make his life easier, not more difficult, and let me tell you, the Golden Boy getup is very fucking difficult.

Also what the fuck guys he wore the tron suit. He wouldn’t know fashion if it hired someone to mug him.

What is his job, middle man? He talks to people for Geoff? Why? No one can understand half the shit he says, yet his job is talking to people?

And he’s just written like such an arrogant asshole, like have you ever met Gavin? Gavin, the man who literally begs people to like him? That Gavin?

God fucking damn, it’s not even the actual fucking person anymore.

Tea Party For 9

Pairing: The Men of The Avengers x Steve Rogers Daughter Sarah Rogers

Warning: This is ridiculous and well I think I’m funny sorry if you don’t. Haha

When Sarah wants a tea party, she manages to get her way with Uncle Tony’s help. She doesn’t hear the word no when it comes to her uncles, not a single one is willing to tell her no, even if that means being forced into Dress Up attire and using their manners. As long as it stays between the nine of them only.

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“Are you sure about this?” You sigh leaning against the wall as you watch your daughter run from her uncle Clint who was chasing her down for of course stealing one of his French fries, her little legs going as quick as they could.

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NurseyDex Swim AU

-Okay so Nursey and Dex are placed together in the 200 Medley relay along with Cowder and Bitty.

-But their exchanges are slow because they don’t trust each other  to keep their paces the same coming into the wall, so they wait until after they touch to dive.

-And it’s gotten to the point where they’re adding seconds to their relay time, so Ransom and Holster call for an intervention.

-So they lock Nursey and Dex in the pool, and they actually have a healthy conversation about what their mental blocks are, and how they can improve their trust with each other.

-One thing leads to another and they start talking about their pasts, and growing up, and how different their childhoods were.

-They actually start to become friends !! And then somehow, they both end up in the pool fully clothed laughing really hard at nothing in particular (Nursey prolly fell and dragged Dex in with him or something).

*Okay fast forward bc I’m lazy*

-So swim practices are pretty tough and can go on for five hours somedays, and it’s really starting to take a toll on Dex.

-He starts to notice his shoulder hurting more than normal, and he’s getting this sharp shooting pains all around his ribs and all around his arm.

-Dex can’t really afford to go to the doctor and get it checked out, so he ices it and deals.

-Nursey starts to notice how much Dex is having trouble, and offers to try and work out the knots and trigger points in his shoulders.

-So it becomes a thing where Nursey will massage Dex’s shoulders, and lower back; and during one of these sessions Dex kind of realizes how much he likes Nursey and how much he relies on him to make it through the day.

-Cue “Big Gay Crisis”

-So he starts to avoid Nursey, and tells Nursey to stop coming to his dorm to rub his shoulders.

-But wow, his shoulder is suffering bc of his stupidity.

-So one day after practice, Dex goes into the showers, and puts the water as hot as possible to loosen up his shoulder but nothings working, and he gets so frustrated that he starts crying.

-Nursey hears him from where he was changing, and goes into the showers to see what’s up.

-So he sees Dex laying on the tile clutching his shoulder, and his heart melts.

-And thats when he has his “wow I love him and never want to see him get hurt” moment.

-So he sits next to Dex, and calms him down (people who swim generally wear their swim suits while they shower).

-Soft fluff ensues

*Fast forward*

-It’s their last meet of the season and Dex is about to swim the 100m Free

-Nursey gives him a pep talk and a hug, and slaps his butt

-So Dex does the swimmy thing, and wow he breaks the record!!! (that Jack set before he graduated)

-So Dex climbs out of the pool and runs to Nursey smiling and crying, and Nursey is so overwhelmed with pride that he just kisses Dex right there in the middle of the meet.

-(Ransom, Holster and Lardo have to sort out their bet money)


And that’s how they get together?? If you want to add anything feel free to reblog and add, or leave me a message and we can cry together.

anonymous asked:

So I saw your video Recs (which I'm going happily be enjoying forever, and I'm quietly screaming over the couch video because I never noticed Michael's arm in that video), but I was wondering if you had any mavin fic Recs? If not that's okay!! I hope you ave a lovely day ❤️

sure! i’m gonna straight up copy over my ao3 bookmarks with the caveats that 1) some will probably have background ra/wood if that bothers you, but it’s tagged on the fic so you can make a personal decision on whether to pass it over or read. 2) some of these bookmarks are pretty fucking old, like, i read them once 5 years ago as a 14 year old and then never again so like, take my very specific taste/recs with a grain of salt.

coming down - 2.6k, gta au.

immortal ethanol - 3k, monster au.

haunted houses, empty air - 8.3k, gta ghost au. not angsty!

skate it till you make it - 3k, first date

a strength in his weak spot - 8k, x-ray and vav au (where mogar is a vigilante instead of a dude who’s never encountered society ever)

shake shake shake (and shut your mouth) 44k, sentinel/guide au. the premise is that sentinel and guides have complimentary powers and are able to use them to the best effect when they’re part of a bonded sentinel/guide pair. not exactly a secret agent au, but it definitely has elements.

and when you talk in code - 3.7k. they work at ah, but gavin’s mute. banter heavy.

something better left unknown - 2.1k. swimmy bevs

electric idiot - 4.1k. michael doesn’t know he has a crush.

mostly unironically - 2.7k banter heavy.

run, like it’s time that’s chasing us - 2.2k. zombie au

your time will come if you wait for it - 2.3k. the cutest fucking oneshot i’ve ever read

five things that didn’t happen (and 1 that did) - 2k. college au.

if you give it a name - 18.8k. fake dating

taste like the fourth of july - 5.5k. jolach honest to god has all rights to my soul.

higher than a motherfucker - 3.3k. star trek au

the hitchhiker’s guide to an au - 15.9k. hitchhikers guide au. super neat concept.

we found our roads - 3.3k. i can read about michael realizing he likes gavin a thousand times and love it every time

things michael does well - 20.2k. remember how i said i can read about michael realizing he likes gavin a thousand times

millstone - 46k. bodyguard au. incredible showstopping amazing

click - 2k. aus.

it’s not soylent green (but it may as well have been) - 1.3k. i love gavin trying his best and his best being… not great