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1. Favourite stroke?


2. Missy Franklin or Katie Ledecky?


3. 50 free time?

32 flat

4. Long course or short course?


5. what other sports do you like?

Surf life saving, water polo, pool rescue. I like watching soccer but im too unco to play

6. Siblings?


7. Fav movie?

idk im more into TV series’ rather than movies: bones, skins and big bang theory, how i met your mother, the simpsons, etc.

8. Fav artist?

Musicians: Regina Spektor, Soley, Daughter, Lily Allen, The xx, Lorde, Angus and Julia Stone, Florence + The Machine

9. Blood type?

Chlorine idk

10. Nike or Speedo?

Speedo :) 

11. Iphone or iTouch?

iPhone 4s

My Questions are:

1)Racing suit brand?

2) Kick or pull?

3) Distance or sprint?

4) Worst set youve ever done?

5)Squats or pushups?

6) Favourite training suit? (link)

7) Favourite tv shows?

8) Favourite music?

9) dogs or cats?

10) Other sports?

11) Describe your favourite person.

Im tagging teenswimmer, swimmer-girlproblems, swimthefly, swimmershair-dontcare, swimmersonly, girlswimmer,

anonymous asked:

Hey I was trying to find active swimmer blogs. I do high school swimming and just can't wait for swimming to start again where I live. Your blog looks cool. Do you have any recommendations for other similar blogs?

Hello!!! Sorry for the delay anon!
So Sandy and I are talking about this ask right now to compile a list, and I’m going to reach out and ask our followers to help us out here too.
Here is what we have:
(link isn’t working for some reason)

glostick23 (a fellow swimmer, posts things other than swimming though, I don’t know if you’re looking for swimming only blogs)


(these guys are new on my radar but seem good)
Hope these help you out! Have an awesome season!
Anyone have any other good blogs? Send via submissions or an ask and we will add it here or make a new post!