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Ten things about me...for my new (and old) followers!

I’ve had a lot of new followers lately (don’t really know why) and I need to to test out my new phone, so I thought I’d write something about me for everyone. It’ll be random, but it should give everyone an idea of who I am. 

  1. I love/believe in Jesus. So yes, I’m a Christian. A Bible-believing, pro-life, Christian. That’ll describe a lot about me, including my blog. It’ll stay clean. No matter what. So if your mom wants to see something and starts scrolling on there, don’t panic. It’s all good. 
  2. I’m a swimmer, and in any rant/long post, I’ll reference it. Swimming is a part of my life big time. 
  3. I have a lot of weird things about me. For example: when 5x17 airs tomorrow, I will be very excited to watch the torture. Please don’t ask me why. I just like weird stuff. 
  4. I have five younger siblings, and they will be referenced a lot. Three of them watch Arrow with me, and my little brother just started watching the flash. He’ll be ready to binge Arrow soon. After we all give him a big lecture about trying the stunts. 
  5. Barry Allen gets on my nerves. 
  6. Basically everyone in the flash gets on my nerves. 
  7. I’m homeschooled, and even though I’m three months from being done, I still love it. 
  8. I am very interested in every one of my follower’s lives. Come talk to me; I love talking. Probably too much. 
  9. I am a very sarcastic person, and it might be bad enough you won’t be able to tell if I’m joking or not. If you can’t, sorry. Just ask me, or just roll your eyes and continue on. 
  10. I will never, never, never EVER ship Stemily. I find that ship disgusting, and demeaning to Stephen Amell, Cassandra, their daughter, and to Emily. If things like that show up on my dashboard, expect to be unfollowed because it literally makes me want to vomit. 

So there’s ten random things. I stand very firmly on all those points, and if anyone ever wants to discuss any of them, send me an ask. :)

breaststroke is literally magical like think about it: you’re accelerating with a sharp pull and a snap and close of your legs and then you glide for recovery and maximize speed with near-perfect timing. and when you come up to breathe you gotta move your shoulders in that exact way that allows you to shoot your arms out most efficiently. and don’t forget that your pull and kick can’t be too wide or too narrow and you have to be consistent with that timing, glide, and breathing even when everything burns and you can’t actually feel any of your limbs, just this weird feeling of pain taking place of them. breaststroke is hard.