Never Ending List Of Swimmer Babies: Yulia Efimova (I’m going with the writing of her name as on the Arena website)

This Russian swimmer is the same age as me and is a Breaststroke Queen.

In 2007 she won the 50, 100 and 200m breaststroke at the short course european championships at the age of 15. 

She competed in the 2008 Olympics in Beijing where she had very good results, only no medal to prove it. She changed that in London, where she earned a bronze medal in the 200m Breaststroke.

In the world championships this summer she broke the world record in the 50m Breaststroke (only to have it broken by Ruta Meiluyte a little while later). In those same championships she won the 50 and 200m Breaststroke and earned silver in the 100m.

Then she went to the world cups where she and Atkinson constantly battled over the medals. To prove a point, maybe, she broke the 50m breaststroke short course world record.

And right now I’m watching the European Championships and apparently she broke the short course world record in the 200m Breaststroke.

I love that she always swims with earrings on like “I’m gonna win and I’m gonna look fabulous doing so”. And she does. Damn her hair is so beautiful it makes me want to cry.

External image

Stop being so gorgeous Yulia, please.

& She often swims with a pink cap, how awesome is that!

External image

Never ending list of Swimmer Babies: Nathan Adrian

I blame Nathan Adrian for my high expectations of men, THERE I SAID IT.

Won everyone’s heart when he won the 100m Free in London Olympics, beating James Magnussen by 0.01s. Don’t you dare say that’s just “luck”, watch the video and educate yourself :) Nathan has been faster than Magnussen mutiple times, there’s no such thing as luck, only getting to the wall first, that’s what counts.

He also won silver in the 4x100m Free Relay and gold in the 4x100m Medley relay, where he swam as an anchor in Michael Phelps very last race *crying forever*. If you haven’t seen the video of this relay, search it on youtube NOW, it is beautiful.

When Nathan won the 100m Free, his reaction was priceless. My heart warmed and I just thought: that’s it, that’s exactly what it should look like if you win Olympic Gold. I tweeted then “Nathan Adrian, next in line as my favourite swimmer”. I didn’t realize how true that was :)

Then in Michael’s very last race, Nathan was flying through the pool, it was so perfect. When they used the under water camera, all they got was him, the others were way behind, I still get goosebumps when I think of it.

Now, a year later, Nathan is still on fire. Some people might disagree because he didn’t win a gold medal at the world championships, but let me remind you - just as Nathan did - that he never won an individual medal at a world championship before. And with all the pressure from being an Olympian and having to face Magnussen again, I say he did pretty damn good :) Silver in the 4x100m Free (fastest first leg, beating James Magnussen, thank you very much), bronze in the 100m Free, 4th in the 50m Free (now let me remind you he didn’t even compete in the olympics in this race, so 4th in the world is still pretty good) and then… okay, it’s still hard to talk about this DQ in the 4x100m Medley relay BUT Nathan had the fastest split in a textile suit EVER. 46.69 DEAR GOD HOW AWESOME IS THAT? The disqualification hurt, and still hurts, but everyone knows that’s the only way other countries could ever win. Nathan had 1.5s on the next guy. That’s FOREVER in swimming. So it’s kind of bittersweet, but there’s no doubt in my mind that next time, they’ll win, and Nathan will pull one hell of split again :)

(also, never let Nathan lead off again, like in the 4x100m Free. He did his job - keep Magnussen from getting a major lead on everyone - but he’s such a good anchor, keep him there ;))

And not only is this guy an amazing swimmer, he’s an even more amazing person. I’m not going to get into that because this post is way too long already, but just a short list of random stuff that matters to me:

- He’s happy with who he is but he still tries to be better and get faster: confidence and ambition

- He likes to read books, and read books before seeing the movie based on it *_*

- He’s a kid at heart

- He’s very funny

- He likes Harry Potter


Never Ending List of SwimmerBabies: Michael Phelps


External image

Also, why wouldn’t he be? He’s the king of swimming, he’s done it ALL. 

I’m not gonna list all the medals he won because you all already know the man won the most medals ever

And besides that, he’s a true inspiration. All the people who told him he couldn’t do it, he couldn’t win it all, he couldn’t be anything: oh how wrong you were. 

Let me put two of my favourite quotes by him here:

You can’t put a limit on anything. The more you dream, the farther you get.

I wouldn’t say anything is impossible. I think that everything is possible as long as you put your mind to it and put the work and time into it.

So I know this swimmerbaby is done with swimming (I know we all hope he goes back on his decision, but who are we kidding, he’s happy and he’s not swimming…), but that doesn’t mean he can’t make this list. Because Michael Phelps isn’t just the greatest Olympian of all the time, he’s the greatest swimmerbaby of all time.

External image

But Michael why did you leave Barcelona on tuesday when I was arriving thursday it hurts IT HURTS 

so close YET SO FAR


External image

Never Ending List Of Swimmer Babies: Tom Shields

Tom Shields, another Cal Bear in this list (seriously, do they have special food there or something that makes awesome people even more awesome?)!

I like Tom because he’s funny and kind and I really enjoyed watching him race in the world cups against Chad Le Clos. HE EVEN BEAT HIM. Yes, let that sink in for a bit. I can’t find a video I can watch because youtube is being racist.

Unfortunately Tom didn’t make the Team for world championships, but he went to the world cups afterwards, like I just said, and he did really well there.

And Tom is just getting better and better as he goes along. And getting better in long course too (pretty important ;-)) I can’t wait to see him race this summer and the next and then hopefully in Rio!

Never Ending List Of Swimmer Babies: Matt Grevers

This Big Friendly Giant is one of my favourite swimmerbabies just because he’s awesome. He always comes across super sweet in interviews and he had such a great proposal to his girlfriend Annie Chandler (now his wife and they’re perfect together okay). (x)

+ His parents are from the Netherlands so HE’S BASICALLY MY NEIGHBOUR OKAY!

Also, I generally have a thing for backstrokers because backstroke is my favourite stroke because it’s so chill but then they start to race and it’s so intense and it’s awesome.

And he’s a very honest and admirable swimmer, because after the DQ in Barcelona, Matt told everyone it was his fault, because he was the guy coming in. (In truth, I think it’s nobody’s fault, things just happen sometimes and 0.01 is not something you can just see, so, there’s that).

And of course, the thing we like most about Matt: the ultimate bromance between him and Nathan <3

External image

External image

Never Ending List Of Swimmer Babies: Jessica Hardy

I felt like I needed to make this post fast because she said she’s gonna take it slow after Rio and we all need these two years to admire this awesome lady


And she doesn’t just swim breast, no, whether it’s the 4x100m Freestyle or the 4x100m Medley Relay, this lady is there to help Team USA! 

Jessica Hardy has 27 medals from major international competition. 27. 27

She has been World Record holder in the 100m Breast LC and in the 50m Breast LC & SC,  but they were all broken last year. 2013 was an amazing year for the women’s breaststroke with Yuliya, Ruta, Rikke & Jessica.

I just love Jessica’s take on things, she’s here to have fun and race. She doesn’t take things to seriously, and in the end, it pays off. 

She captioned the next photo as: 

I won’t always remember the gold medals, but I’ll always remember the good times with my friends.

And this is exactly what it’s about. Of course the races matter and winning is awesome, but that’s all nothing if you’re not having fun, if you’re not enjoying yourself. 

I certainly enjoy watching Jessica and I will cherish every moment I can still see her race.

Never Ending List Of Swimmer Babies: Adam Peaty

EUROPEAN SWIMMER BABIES ARE ROCKING THIS YEAR! & I am here to educate you on them, so when this guy wins loads of breaststroke medals in Kazan, you will be able to say: I know this guy, 50freefly told me about this guy. Instead having to say: I have no idea who this cute european ginger is.

So yes, yes, Pan Pacs was hella fun, but meanwhile in Europe, there was something pretty amazing going on too: European Swimming Championships!

I’ll admit, this championship could’ve been more exciting, with better performances from e.g. Yannick Agnel or Vladimir Morozov, BUT some cool things happened.

And one of those cool things was the world record in the 50m Breaststroke by this guy, Adam Peaty.




you can literally see him mouthing wtf at the end

And this guy only just got on the international level??!!! Like can this be any more amazing?

& He’s just 19 years old!

I don’t even need to tell you to watch out for this, media will blast you with him, I can guarantee you!

Never ending list of Swimmer Babies: James Guy

Everyone who follows my twitter know I highkey love James Guy for lots of reasons but mostly because of this *OMI’s cheerleader plays softly in the background*

(he was cheering for Hannah Miley)

The second most important reason why I love James is because he kicked Sun Yang’s butt in the 200m free in Kazan. THANK YOU JAMES, YOU DA REAL MVP. AND HE TOTALLY WON THE 4x200 RELAY FOR GREAT BRITAIN! HE WAS SO AMAZING.

I also love him because his snapchat is A++ (at least when he remembers to post, it’s been so long James, why aren’t you #leathered anymore??) - add him: jimbobgoon.

ALSO he’s very kind and sweet and ready to reply or favorite you tweets, which is always a nice bonus because he really didn’t have to retweet the same video I send him on three different occasions :’) (we’re basically best friends now, he just needs to realize this, but I am ready to convince him whenever I meet him)


Never Ending List Of Swimmer Babies: Natalie Coughlin

I love love love Natalie. This gorgeous lady with about a room full of medals to gaze at deserves a high place on everyone’s swimmer babies - list.

After all these years, she’s still here. Still swimming and still being at that world class level.(‘Cause why would you stop if you’re having fun, right? :)) If that’s not something to admire, I don’t know what is. Also, she’s a great team player. Multiple times she’s been team captain and she’s obviously pretty good at it, because Team USA kicks everyone’s butt all the time. (When I found out there was a “Best Team” award at the world championships in Barcelona, I just knew Team USA was going to win it. Really, which other country even stands a chance?) 

She’s also a very kind person, as I personally experienced when she thanked me for wishing her a happy birthday on twitter. And she thanked everyone. Who does that? Who takes that much time on her birthday to thank people for wishing her a happy birthday? Class act! There’s a reason Eve and Candace call her Queen Natalie, you know, and it’s not just because she’s an awesome swimmer.

Never Ending List Of Swimmer Babies: Conor Dwyer

This is way overdue but CONOR DWYER ladies and gentlemen!

I liked Conor since I saw him on the relay team in London (don’t tell me I should’ve known him before that, I am well aware, I live in Belgium and Belgium don’t care ‘bout swimming that much).

I like him even better now 'cause say hello to the winner of the Grand Prix Series! And that with scratching all these events Conor! (Listen to Chase spilling the beans about Conor -> x)

And that brings me to another favourite thing about Conor: BROMANCE! I already had a good feeling about a bromance between Conor and Chase and these news pictures from Australia are just perfect. 

Look at them, two dywers and a Kalisz. It’s literally bro-mance, Chase is like the third brother.

There’s also a really funny post about Conor’s tweets that I wanted to show you but I can’t find it, I’m like in the dungeons of the Conor tag and it’s still not here okay. UPDATE I FOUND IT: (x) I think this is my favourite;

Basically, I love Conor Dwyer, just never ever grow that “stache” again. Keep it clean.

Never Ending List Of Swimmer Babies: Yannick Agnel

Allez les Bleus!

Normally I’m not into the french. Maybe because I used to have a half french guy in my class who read the newspaper in maths. (Like can you be any more disrepectful?) and he was really arrogant.

But I love la douce France and yes yes baguettes and all that. And I love Yannick Agnel, because he’s so much fun! I’m not used to french people being funny!!

+ Yannick Agnel is going places. Even Bob Bowman is impressed! And what was up with the random 1500 at the Grand Prix? Freestyle King,I’m telling you

Also Caturday is just awesome okay.

External image

Never Ending List Of Swimmer Babies: Anthony Ervin

Swimmerbabies who come back from retirement are the best swimmerbabies, that’s all I’m saying LOOKING AT YOU MICHAEL.

Anthony Ervin is awesome. There’s no way around it. His tattooed sleeves give him his rock glamour edge but all in all Athony is one of the sweetest guys ever.

External image

And coming back from retirement, the dude starts swimming personal bests SAY WHAT. In 2012 his improved his personal best in the 50 free to a 21.60 and this summer in Barcelona at the World Championships, he managed to chip a bit of that time in the semi-finals, to a 21.42. And just a reminder, he won his gold medal at the 2000 Olympics in the 50 free with a time of 21.98. I don’t need calculate the difference to know that this guy is just getting better and better with age like a fine wine, excuse me, I watch too many Eve and Candace videos.

And the last but not least reason why I love Anthony: NANTHONY!

External image

External image

External image

External image

sorry NOT sorry for the Nanthony spam.

Never Ending List Of Swimmerbabies: Vladimir Morozov

To quote australianswimmer: let’s discuss Vladimir Morozov!

First of all: how russian can a name get, seriously? :’)

Second: stop smiling like that, it should be illegal.

Third: he’s an amazing swimmer, but that part you could’ve guessed, ‘cause how else could he have made this list, tbh.

I found out about this gorgeous boy during the World Championships last summer in Barcelona. I had tickets for the last four days of the event, except the second to last day (the 50free finale). And I was very angry with myself that I didn’t get tickets 'cause I really wanted to see Nathan Adrian swim. So I convinced my mom to go to the water village in front of the venue, so I could watch the races on one of the screens there. And then I saw Nathan got fourth, and I was sad. And then I saw Cesar Cielo’s terrifying goggles. And then he cried on the medal stand and I was like: okay, if you cry like that because of a medal, you deserved to win. AND THEN THE CAMERA TURNED TO THE GUYS NEXT TO HIM AND I SAW THIS GUY. 

So ever since then I’ve been following him and he did great at the world cups and now at the european short course championships and I’m becoming obsessed. 

+ He lives in the USA now, but he sometimes trains in Russia too, so he got the *sing this with me okay* BEEEEEEEEEEEEEST OF BOTH WOOOOOOOOORLDS!

And did I mention he’s really cute? I probably did, but he’s so cute I needed to say it again.

Never Ending List Of Swimmer Babies: Chase Kalisz

Okay, I admit it, I have a little crush on Chase but I mean, LOOK AT THAT FACE HOW CAN YOU NOT? 

This guy won a silver medal in the 400IM last year in Barcelona, being just 19 years old, and he felt like he let the country down. 

Dude, no.

He also is the American Recold Holder in the 400IM (x)

Besides that, he swims the 200IM, the 200 Breast and the 200 Fly. Yeah, no big deal, other people would die, but not you.

My obsession crush focus on Chase has gotten to the point where, when my friend Natália needed a name for her fantasy swim team, I came up with Chasing Kalisz. 

Needless to say that I’m very excited to see what this guy can do at Pan Pacs in just a couple of days and in all the years to come.

I'm chasing watching you, Kalisz!

Never Ending List Of Swimmer Babies: Mireia Belmonte Garcia

I have a really soft spot for Mireia. Probably because it was just awesome that, every time she swum in the world championships in Barcelona last summer, the entire crowd just started chanting: Mireia Mireia Mireia! 

And Mireia was always really humbled about the response, so I kind of immediately added her to my list of swimmers I’d be watching. And she did great! I love how she’s so good at both butterfly and freestyle and that she can combine those in a great medley. Not many people can do the same (except of course Queen Katinka Hosszu, who can do basically anything).

Also, she’s so adorable. idk if I can even say that of a person older than me but there’s no one here to stop me 

External image

And even if I can’t read a single tweet of her (no habla espanol), I will continue to follow her. 

Never Ending List Of Swimmer Babies: Ranomi Kromowidjojo

Meet Ranomi, the swimmer with the best name ever. You should like her, just based on her name, tbh.

But if that’s not enough, you can like her because she’s an awesome freestyler (3 Olympic Medals, 50free, 100free and 4x100 freestyle relay and a lot of world championship titles.)

External image

Or you like her because she’s dutch, and dutch people are very kind and very funny and also a bit weird. Because this is what dutch people do on trainingcamp in Thailand, apparently:

External image
External image

External image

Or you can like her because she dared Aliaksandra Herasimenia to stick out her tongue, on the medal stand at the olympics, because she ate candy that coloured her tongue blue. And Aliaksandra complied, because who can say no to Ranomi?

External image

External image

Never Ending List Of Swimmer Babies: César Cielo


Look at this picture. Look at it!

Still not in your list? Let me tell you why he should be :)

1) EMOTION. No one does emotions like Cesar, sorry not even you Chad. 

External image

External image
Vlad is like are you kidding me, again? but yes, vlad, again.

External image

But not just crying. Cesar is also scary and intimidating. The banging on his chest before a race and the cries of victory before the crying starts.

External image

Nathan’s like what is happening over there

External image

Never ever have I made a post with this many pictures but this needed to be done

and don’t think I’m saying it sarcastically that I love it when he cries. I love a man who shows emotion.

External image

and it’s okay to be beyond happy when you win :)

2) he’s is still the world record holder in the 50 & 100m free. 20.91 and 46.91 that’s pretty freakin’ impressive. I don’t even know when they’re going to break these records, but even James Magnussen isn’t there yet. And Cesar isn’t going down without a fight. Definitely not in the 50m free, where he’s still the top swimmer, with a 21.39 already this year.

3) he’s brazilian and Rio 2016 + Cesar = <3

4) he’s adorable

5) if you’re not convinced yet idk how to convince you, there is not fifth point, the four above are reason enough to love Cesar.

Never Ending List Of Swimmer Babies: Michael Phelps Part 2


The first time I added Michael to this list, he was “retired” and I thought, well, he’s having fun golfing, so he’s not coming back I think. AND THEN he started working out again. And swimming. And showing up at grand prix meets. And there was this tiny spark of hope in my chest and I was afraid to let it out and then our dreams came true and he came back and 

External image

And he’s having *say this with me* FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN and that’s seriously the best part of this all. You see a happy Michael. He hates to lose and still he’s smiling in post race interviews and he wants to put in more work and swim more and swim better and change the sport even more and MICHAEL PHELPS. Dude. I can’t even form coherent thoughts anymore because my hands just type away my feelings.

And he swam a best time in the world at nationals, how amazing is that?

External image

I knew he wouldn’t come back for real if he didn’t think he could win, I mean there’s just no way. Mike wasn’t going to swim at meets and be happy with 5th place. That’s just not who he is. 

Michael is back and happy and I appreciate every moment I can see him talk and swim and laugh and race.

External image

Never Ending List Of Swimmer Babies: Anthony Ervin Part 2

Anthony needed a part two because Anthony is just that awesome. Also, his career got a part two and swimmer babies who come out of retirement are the best swimmer babies! Michael came back, now it’s your turn Ricky!

People started the tag #TonysTime during Pan Pacs because they thought Tony deserved more love and I couldn’t agree more. 

  • If someone ever says shit about people with tattoos, don’t gently point them in Anthony’s direction. SHOVE them in his direction, spam them with interviews and make a beautiful powerpoint presentation on why they are wrong. 
  •  You know what one of the best things about Anthony is? He’s not gonna stop swimming until he absolutely physically can’t anymore. And who knows how long that will take?? Please take forever cause retirements suck.
  • I’ll just leave this here. Anthony’s curls > Reezy’s, in my opinion. 

  • Look what a beautiful role model for the “little” Cal Bears!! 

  • Anthony’s “shaving for a meet” picture is the best, everybody else, go home.

  • Watch this (x), from the queens of this fandom, Eve & Candace 
  • Last but not least, Anthony is the only person allowed to beat Nathan, bye. 

     (gif by Nathanodair)