Never Ending List Of Swimmer Babies: Tom Shields

Tom Shields, another Cal Bear in this list (seriously, do they have special food there or something that makes awesome people even more awesome?)!

I like Tom because he’s funny and kind and I really enjoyed watching him race in the world cups against Chad Le Clos. HE EVEN BEAT HIM. Yes, let that sink in for a bit. I can’t find a video I can watch because youtube is being racist.

Unfortunately Tom didn’t make the Team for world championships, but he went to the world cups afterwards, like I just said, and he did really well there.

And Tom is just getting better and better as he goes along. And getting better in long course too (pretty important ;-)) I can’t wait to see him race this summer and the next and then hopefully in Rio!

Never Ending List Of Swimmerbabies: Vladimir Morozov

To quote australianswimmer: let’s discuss Vladimir Morozov!

First of all: how russian can a name get, seriously? :’)

Second: stop smiling like that, it should be illegal.

Third: he’s an amazing swimmer, but that part you could’ve guessed, ‘cause how else could he have made this list, tbh.

I found out about this gorgeous boy during the World Championships last summer in Barcelona. I had tickets for the last four days of the event, except the second to last day (the 50free finale). And I was very angry with myself that I didn’t get tickets 'cause I really wanted to see Nathan Adrian swim. So I convinced my mom to go to the water village in front of the venue, so I could watch the races on one of the screens there. And then I saw Nathan got fourth, and I was sad. And then I saw Cesar Cielo’s terrifying goggles. And then he cried on the medal stand and I was like: okay, if you cry like that because of a medal, you deserved to win. AND THEN THE CAMERA TURNED TO THE GUYS NEXT TO HIM AND I SAW THIS GUY. 

So ever since then I’ve been following him and he did great at the world cups and now at the european short course championships and I’m becoming obsessed. 

+ He lives in the USA now, but he sometimes trains in Russia too, so he got the *sing this with me okay* BEEEEEEEEEEEEEST OF BOTH WOOOOOOOOORLDS!

And did I mention he’s really cute? I probably did, but he’s so cute I needed to say it again.

Never Ending List Of Swimmer Babies: Ricky Berens

It’s the last day of 2013, and therefore also the last day of the year Ricky Berens retired. I can’t even begin to say how grateful I am to have seen him swim in Barcelona this summer. I still think he deserved to swim the 4x100free finale.

Ricky Berens is pretty awesome.

Although he didn’t win many solo-events, he has been a MAJOR contribution to the relays, both 4x100 and 4x200 Free. Also, to even swim the 200free, he’d have had to beat Michael and/or Ryan, so thank you Michael for not swimming the 200free at the London Olympics, so Ricky got his chance :)

Dear Ricky, I loved you , I love you and I’ll miss seeing you swim.

Never Ending List Of Swimmer Babies: Jimmy Feigen

I have to admit: my love for Jimmy Feigen only came recently. But I have a reason for that. At the World Championship Trials Jimmy beat Anthony, so he could race the 100m Free and I love Anthony so much, I didn’t like it. But that’s the problem with having all these swimmer babies from the USA: only two can go! (I’m saying this because in my country we barely have 2 people even competing at that high a level, to qualify.)

But at the championships in Barcelona, I kind of felt sorry for Jimmy, because people were saying he shouldn’t have raced the 4x100m Free relay. And although, like I’ve said before, I would’ve liked it better if Ricky raced (because he swam really good in the prelims and later it turned out he was retiring after the meet, bye bye ricky we miss you), there’s no way of saying they would’ve won if Ricky had swum. That relay was just freakin insane, the first three basically arrived at the same time, IT WAS SO INTENSE TAKE ME BACK! why do I enjoy this torture

But in the 100m Free race, Jimmy surprised us all and beat Nathan to second place and HE WAS SO HAPPY AND IT WAS SO CUTE! So I started to like Jimmy.

And then Eve and Candace came with their golden goggles videos and now I love him. He’s so nice and funny and JIMMY BE MY FRIEND OKAY?

“I’ve gotten really good at getting second in my carreer” JIMMY LET ME HUG YOU! I kind of want you to win something now. but I also want nathan and anthony don’t make me choose this is too hard, may the best man win