:P I just had the worst swim meet of my life. I added at least several seconds on all of my races. I had been doing great at practices (going 1:01′s on my 100 free) and my coach was expecting me to break a minute, but I went a 1:05! Even at warm up I felt like crap and my whole body ached. I was getting really winded after a 100 strong (i.e. 1:15). I don’t know what’s going on. Help! Has this happened to anyone else?

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Surfer Saves Two Struggling Teen Swimmers From Lake Michigan Rip Currents

A surfer by the name of Zebulon Boeskool helped rescue struggling teen swimmers. They were two teenage girls.

Catapult to Safety With This CO2-Fueled Pool Parachute

The floatee gets a makeover, thanks to Kingii.

If you abide by the mantra of safety first, consider the Kingii, a gadget that will rocket a struggling swimmer above water, courtesy of a CO2-filled balloon.

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