swimmer safety

Mediterranean Sea. Off the Libyan coast. 2016. Mediterranean Migration. Two men panic and struggle in the water during their rescue. Their rubber boat was in distress and deflating quickly on one side, tipping many migrants in the water. They were quickly reached by rescue swimmers and brought to safety. 

The central Mediterranean migration route, between the coasts of Libya and Italy, remains busy. According to reports by the UNHCR, 5,000 people died while attempting to cross the Mediterranean in 2016. NGOs and charities such as Migrant Offshore Aid Station (MOAS) continue their efforts to patrol the patch of sea north of the Libyan coast, in the hope of rescuing refugees before the potential of drowning. The rescue team on board the MOAS’ Responder are there to mitigate loss of life at sea. Operating like a sea-born ambulance, they rush to assist and rescue refugee vessels in distress, provide medical assistance, and bring the refugees safely to Italy.

Spot News, Third Prize, Stories at the World Press Photo Contest.

Photograph: Mathieu Willcocks

DAY 2691

Jalsa, Mumbai               Aug 22/23,  2015                 Sat/Sun  2:06 am

Reasons at times distance themselves from the self .. they disobey and frustrate the being .. they challenge one to find and give alternative and design, to what causes could be examined when it fails …

Defiance creeps in more frequently than it did earlier .. the fear of its consequences earlier were to be considered .. with age and time that degree falters and diminishes .. now it comes without the asking .. if troubled by one, the adjective takes over .. perhaps the fruitlessness of it all now and at this stage is really of no interest to another .. particularly one that shoulders closeness ..

I can witness a drowning before me and rush to extend help in its saving .. those that know the tact, swim out to the victim, shout out instructions never to hold them, to leave themselves at the dextrous care of the swimmer .. the holding of the hair from behind, or the neck with one arm from behind and pulling the unfortunate non swimmer towards safety ..

If however, and this is mostly the case, the person drowning panics and is desperate to hold on to anything that comes by him or her, they grab the rescuer and this mostly ends up in both the swimmer and non swimmer drowning ..

Equated to life, I can offer immediate succour to one in adverse condition, provided the sufferer is calmed by the instructions of guidance in the rescue .. left to such there is hope of bringing the victim ashore to safety and a breathing life .. the urge to seek immediate repair in the state, shall end both lives .. submission to the care is worth the rescue … not doing so may end in tragedy for both ..

But more .. having come ashore in living condition .. in rescued state, in an opportunity and in chance, is laudable .. but .. if you were to jump into the river again without learning, then another attempt at rescue would be thought over .. not necessarily accepted or acted upon ..

I shall endeavour as is my wont .. you must observe and repair as is wont .. if its sincerity is doubted or in question .. best then to abandon the act of the river altogether and seek some other life .. do not waste mine and your own time and pointless effort .. for the will to learn comes from ‘your will’ … not mine ..

“ He is in great danger, who being sick thinks himself well.”

Amitabh Bachchan