A Brisk Swim

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Title: A Brisk Swim

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,316

Warnings: FLUFF

A/N: @lizbeth-loves-bobear wanted some romantic dean fluff. I hope this fills that need! I am always willing to write some cute Dean fluff so I hope you all enjoy this! I love you all so much!

The last few days had been incredibly stressful for you and the Winchesters.  Granted, the three of you had been through worse, but it was still a hellish week for everyone.  You retreated to your room, hoping for some time alone.  Even if you wanted time alone, you wouldn’t have minded Dean’s company.

You were laying in the middle of your bed, listening to music.  You didn’t even notice Dean poke his head into your room.  He came inside, quietly shutting your door behind him.  He slowly walked up to your bed, laying down beside you.  That’s when your eyes shot open and you looked to the side.  You were relieved to see that it was only Dean.

You removed your headphones, tossing them onto your pillow.  “Did you need something,” you wondered, laying back down on your side.  You folded your arm under your head.

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