anonymous asked:

Headcanons or scenario for the cursed cats taking a trip to the water park ?

Here’s your headcanons, friend!

-Finley would pick out the most frilly swimdress imaginable and she would rock it. She’d bring a (waterproof) camera to record the fun moments and make sure the whole staff could look back on the trip with a smile, finding it incredibly fun.

-Landry and Hayes would keep wandering off trying to explore more places of the park, like the cafe outside of the pool, the different kinds of pools that are there, Landry gets stuck inside a slide at least once and has to drag himself down.

-Reese tries to get everyone to engage in a water fight, Finley would definitely carry it on, Mason would be trying to ignore all the splashes he was giving her at this moment and get him back later with an extremely massive splash

-Or by tricking him into standing under an area where water would fall onto him.

-Graves is having such a difficult time keeping this lot together since the park is so big, he told them not to run off too far when they arrived there and he realized what a mistake that was, He doesn’t regret bringing them, he just wishes they’d have stayed close to each other.