swimbaits inc


Broke in the Jackall Gantarel. This swimbait is the real deal. The action on it is unbelievable. I’d have a hard time laying off it if I were a fish. I’m throwing it on a  equally as awesome setup. iRod Fishing Jr. Swimbait rod, with a Daiwa Lexa 300 series reel, spooled with 50lb Power Pro braid. I’m glad I had the braid on but i think in the clear water conditions when there is no wind I’ll have to use a heavy fluorocarbon leader. The pike really like this bait. 

The pike in the photo pounded the bait after I gently shook it out of some weeds it was hung up on. This tid bite of info can go a long way in helping you catch fish with any lure. I use to try and rip the lure out of the weeds when I was hung up. However, once I was fishing, I gently shook out a crank bait(most float to the top when freed) and a bass slammed it. Ever since then I’ve tried to very carefully free a bait before just ripping out have the weed bed. This seemed key in getting the strike today as I saw 1 other giant pike or musky, and 1 bigger looking largemouth bass follow the bait on a slow steady retrieve.