swimable tail


DIY Mermaid Tail (That you can swim in!)

New tutorial is up! I am really excited about this, it is really fun to be a mermaid!! 

So, swimmable mermaid tails are a thing, and there’s a big following of people who wear them and swim with them to become “real-life mermaids”. There are a bunch of dedicated craftspeople who sell these tails and a bunch of tutorials on how to make them. I am surprised however, that there seems to be next to no swimmable selkie tails ( Selkies are mystical creatures that are seal-like in water, but shed their skin to appear human on land. they must protect their seal skins from being lost or stolen while they are on land or else be permanently in human form). Which is strange, because a selkie tail makes complete sense, probably more than a mermaid one. soime points on this:

When you wear a mermaid tail, you have to (obviously) put it on at first and then take it off later. as a mermaid, this kind of ruins the illusoin. BUT as a selkie, all you’ve done is shed your “seal skin”! This is perfectly common behavior for a selkie and so you’re still a selkie even as you’re putting on/taking off the tail. heck, get a fancy chest to lock up and hide your seal skin in and voila you can pretend to be a selkie 24/7, regardless of whether you’re in the water or not!

Mermaid tails require expensive or difficult-to-make monofins in order to resemble the tails of fish, but seals have two seperate hind flippers, just like humans have two feet, meaning it’s a lot cheaper easier to emulate seal flippers with regular swim fins. check out these pictures of seal flippers compared to a picture of the swim fins I happen to have.

That’s a reeeally similar shape. Cover that in some grey  swimsuit material and you’re good to go.

Seals are mammals that breathe air, so you don’t have to hold your breath for ridiculous amounts of time to be convincing. They also have skin instead of scales, which is easier to replicate the look of with swimsuit material.

Also, seals are adorable chubby bubs, and by extention, selkies are too. 

In conclusion: there should totally be a following of real-life selkies