Can you imagine if we were lost at sea
And we had to rely on your sense of direction
Because the only light that is to be
Has blown out and lost connection

There are no stars out tonight
But we couldn’t look up at them anyway
Because the only thing that’s in sight
Is nothing but water to sweep us away

But despite this we still swim
As far as our arms will take us
Painstakingly exercising limbs
Bleeding and opening cuts

But despite this we swim more
Paddling through crashing waves
Hoping to find some kind of shore
Or maybe a rocky cave

We swim on one path and don’t look back
Fighting off sharks that will attack
The sky is now the darkest shade of black
Warmth is now a thing our bodies lack

I’m freezing cold but won’t complain
Because I can see you’re doing well
Not even breaking a single strain
Must be nice to live in denial, I can tell

But finally my arms are numb
And I’m giving up swimming any more
Your wonderful directions have become
The reason I’m sinking to the ocean floor

Daily Bible Verse; May 17, 2017

Lord, our Lord,
how majestic is Your name in all the earth!
You have set your glory
in the heavens.
Through the praise of children and infants
You have established a stronghold against Your enemies,
to silence the foe and the avenger.
When I consider your heavens,
the work of Your fingers,
the moon and the stars,
which you have set in place,
what is mankind that you are mindful of them,
human beings that you care for them?
You have made them a little lower than the angels
and crowned them with glory and honor.
You made them rulers over the works of Your hands;
You put everything under their feet:
all flocks and herds,
and the animals of the wild,
the birds in the sky,
and the fish in the sea,
all that swim the paths of the seas.
Lord, our Lord,
how majestic is Your name in all the earth!

(Psalm 8:1-9)

[camp au]

words: 1.8k (kinda long for a drabble but whatev)

genre: fluffy mcfluff

prompt: so awhile ago i wrote this scenario about you and hoshi spending a week together at camp. that will basically correspond with this drabble but its ur decision if u wanna read it or not. i’m just dealing with some salty writers block and i didn’t wanna leave yall without anything, so yeah, enjoy<3

“That’s such a bad idea.”

“What, no it isn’t.”

You sat next to Hoshi in the dining hall, your brows furrowed in concentration as you tried to slip pieces of pasta onto the prongs of your fork. He had been mindlessly chattering into your ear for the past 5 minutes or so, his squishy cheek shoved against his fist. There were many times you went along with Hoshi’s not too thoroughly planned ideas and you couldn’t complain. You had fun. But being at camp, under the strict surveillance of staff who were just waiting for some kid to screw up, was diminishing his persuasive ability.

“C'mon Y/N!” He whined while wrapping his fingers around your arm, his cinnamon eyes beginning to glimmer, “No one has to know!”

You avoided his stare, knowing that one look into his pleading eyes would have your guard tumbling down. Instead you concentrated on your cheesy pasta, shoving a forkful into your mouth while Hoshi continued to rattle your sleeve. When you didn’t utter a word, he let his forehead fall onto your arm, a displeased sigh leaving his lips.

“I’m sorry Hoshi,” you said with slight sympathy, “it’s just that I don’t know what they’ll do if they catch us, the place is crawling with staff.” The boy lifted up his head, silky clumps of blonde hair tousled adorably.

“By staff you mean Joshua.” A giggle escaped your lips as you tried to swallow another helping of pasta.

“Yes, by staff I mean Joshua.”

Lunch ended rather quickly and in minutes you were back underneath the golden rays of the sun, a breeze carrying the sweet scent of nectar between the tree leaves. Hoshi shoved his hands into the pockets of his gym shorts while you continued towards your next activity, which was photography.

“It sure is hot.” He said while clenching his teeth, shoes kicking pebbles along the pathway to the photography lesson. You chose to say nothing and stared straight ahead, though you could feel his gaze burning the side of your face.

“It will be pretty sticky tonight. Yuck, I would hate to be stuck inside a cabin.” You knew he was trying to persuade you to say yes to his earlier proposal, and as much as you wanted to deny the heat, you couldn’t. Your skin was already feeling flushed and bothered under the harsh sunlight, and passing by the deep blue lake wasn’t helping you feel any more refreshed.

Hoshi knew you were close, especially when you thickly swallowed back a snappy reply. One more push and you would be putty in his hands.

“I kinda wish we didn’t have photography right now. I just wanna dive into the really cool and soothing water of the lake, you know, cause it’s just so freaking ho-’”

“Alright!” You hissed while fastening your fingers around the collar of his shirt, your boiling eyes looking right into Hoshi’s twinkling ones. “I’ll go swimming with you tonight, just, shut up about it.”

He twirled away in sleek satisfaction that he’d finally gotten you to crack, his hands clasped to his chest while he pranced around like a little sugarplum fairy. A harsh smack to his shoulder had him straightening up, though you could do nothing to wipe the smirk off his face.

“If we get caught I’m blaming it on you.” You took a fistful of his shirt and yanked him close to you, his ear next to your lips as you whispered your plan. Hoshi just grinned like a child who’d gotten the toy they always wanted, his arm sneaking around your waist to squeeze you into his side, “and if we don’t get caught, you’re buying me ice cream.”

A lot of rules were enforced at the camp to make sure everyone had the best experience possible, (as the staff so graciously worded it), and one of those rules were staying inside your cabin at night. On your first day, Joshua explained it to you plain and simple, and though his smile said, c'mon guys, let’s all listen to the rules, his eyes were saying, I dare one of you to even try it and see where you end up.

A girl in your cabin who was clearly used to having everything handed to her on a silver platter already snuck out before and hadn’t been caught, and while you all felt more at ease knowing the staff didn’t watch you that closely, it was still nerve wracking to do it yourself.

"Meet me by the canoe shed.” Hoshi told you during photography while almost dropping his camera into the lake. “Bring everything you need.”

Then it had seemed like a cup of tea, but now you were a faulty pile of nerves sitting on one of the top bunkbeds. Your legs swayed back and forth over the edge while everyone got ready to sleep, putting on their eye creams or hand lotion or whatever it was they did before bed.

“You’re not getting ready, Y/N?” One of the girls asked you while shoving a bag of oreo’s under her pillow.

“I’m suppose to meet Hoshi for swimming, but I’m nervous about sneaking out. What if I get caught?”

“You won’t,” another replied. She peeled another makeup wipe from the packet sitting on her lap and you remembered she was the one who last snuck out. “There’s this path behind our cabin that loops you at an entrance towards the beach. Trust me not even binoculars Joshua can catch you.”

“Alright then,” you sighed while grabbing your towel, “I’m going for a swim.”

‘The path’ behind your cabin ended up being quite scary, especially as the sky grew darker and bugs buzzed between the leafy thickets. You had to cup a hand over your mouth when some weird insect leaped from one of the tree branches onto the dirt, your heart pulsing with the urge to sprint your way to the beach. Eventually, (after much suffering and awkward hopping) you found the exit, the soothing sound of the water lapping at the shoreline calming the fizzy nerves in your stomach.

Even better, Hoshi was already waiting for you, his pearly smile shining through the darkness that was slowly settling around you. “Y/N!” He beamed while skipping towards you, his arms wrapping your body in a brief hug.

“I thought you were gonna chicken out.” He mumbled teasingly, earning him a light flick to the forehead. “Well you were right about it being all hot and sticky, let’s get in the water.”

You set your towel down on the picnic table and began peeling off your clothing, a satisfied sigh heaving from your chest at finally getting away from the tacky fabric. Hoshi sat down next to you and quickly shucked off his pyjama bottoms, his shirt soon following after until all your clothing was messily strewn across the wooden table.

“Tie this for me?” You asked while holding the strings to your bathing suit, Hoshi carding his fingers through his fluffy hair with a smirk. “I’d rather not.” He replied in a teasing manor though he was already obeying your request, a rosy blush rippling across your cheeks when his fingers brushed against your bare skin.

It didn’t take long for the both of you to be fully submerged in the lake, the coolness of the water feeling like a soothing balm to your heated skin. Your toes brushed against the sandy floor before you dove under the shallow waves, your legs kicking out behind you while your arms glided back and forth. You had to hand it to Hoshi, his mischievous little plans always worked out in the end, and you were feeling more and more guilty about how you’d been snappy with him earlier.

When he finally resurfaced a few feet away from you, your eyes followed the silver streams of water that glided down his milky skin, butterflies beating their feathery wings against the inside of your stomach when he pushed back his hair. Though Hoshi and you had always been best friends, there were times when your flirty sides got the better of you.

Pushing through the water, you snuck up behind him, a playful shimmer reflecting in your eyes just before you launched yourself onto his back, arms clinging around his neck while your legs clicked at his waist. A bubble of laughter fell from your lips as Hoshi almost lost his footing in the sand, dusky clouds swirling at his feet.

“That was uncalled for.” He chuckled while instinctively tucking his arms under your legs, his head titling back so you could catch the cheeky smile on his petal pink lips.

“You’re uncalled for.”

“That’s your comeback?”

“Don’t push it.” You quipped with false anger, your chin settling on top of his head to watch the crisp rays of moonlight reflect their glittery sheen over the water. Hoshi didn’t bother replying, instead he stepped farther into the lake, letting the shallow waves lap softly at your skin.

“Sorry for being snappy with you earlier.” You mumbled as your guilt resurfaced. “Being out here with you is much better than being trapped inside a sticky cabin.” Hoshi just hummed, his thumbs stroking smoothly along your thighs.

“I should trust you more and I’m actually having fun so-,” before you could finish, your face was coming into contact with the water, your body plunging into the cooling abyss as Hoshi swiftly disappeared from underneath you. When you broke the surface for a breath of air, you heard his little chipmunk giggles from behind you.

“What the hell was that for! I was apologizing!” You hissed while flicking the water away from your eyes, Hoshi bobbing around you in amusement.

“I know, but I was still feeling a bit hurt from when you told me this was a bad idea.”

“Maybe if you had of let me finish-,”

“No,” Hoshi hummed while gliding towards you, his hand cupping over your mouth, “just shh, just shh.” You tried to pry his hand away, “but!-”


You gave up and decided to let the little fluff win, his chin resting on top of your head as his arms held your sides. You huffed into the crook of Hoshi’s neck while he was probably celebrating in his head, it was rare you let him win your arguments. In the end, you didn’t have the heart to bicker with him, not when he began softly singing some song you’d never heard while swaying you back and forth in the water, occasionally pecking the side of your head.

No, he was just too precious.

while i deal with this hoe writers block ill probably bust out some drabbles from my other scenarios. maybe ill make a request thingy. anywho hope u enjoyed<3


For Minecraft Pocket Edition, “creed” is a nice seed. You spawn on a small island with caves and trees. There is another island within swimming distance. If you like survival island type worlds, this one should work.

When you spawn, survive on the island for a while. Then, go out to the end of the peninsula and swim straight from there. It will take forever. Make sure you stay straight. You will see land to your left, but don’t veer away from you path. Keep swimming or flying. You will soon come to a rocky tower and a cove. Keep going straight. Soon you will come to a large lake/river system with an island in the middle. Go right and cross the lake at a narrow point, then follow the lake until you get to this weird ice tower colony thing. I haven’t explored much farther than that. Enjoy!

The pool scene at the end of episode 12 was literally the most important scene of the episode. Rin presented Haru with two paths,

the path away from competitive swimming

and the path towards it

and is the first person to ask Haru was is it he wants to do

and Haru is the one that takes the step forward to swim beside the National Team, the first time he’s taken a step forward(figuratively and literally) towards his future.

“Lord, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth! You have set your glory in the heavens. Through the praise of children and infants you have established a stronghold against your enemies, to silence the foe and the avenger. When I consider your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars, which you have set in place, what is mankind that you are mindful of them, human beings that you care for them? You have made them a little lower than the angels and crowned them with glory and honor. You made them rulers over the works of your hands; you put everything under their feet: all flocks and herds, and the animals of the wild, the birds in the sky, and the fish in the sea, all that swim the paths of the seas. Lord, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth!” Psalm 8:1-9

There are many guidelines for going outside. There are doors and road maps to guide us. But for going within, there is no map and there is no guide.
Just as the Upanishads say: „The bird has no path; where the bird flies is the path. The fish has no path in water; wherever it swims is the path.‟
Similarly, you have to dive within and find your path. None of the
scriptures can help you; none of the theoretical knowledge that you have will help you. You can achieve it by having complete faith in yourself.
How beautifully the bird flies! Does it worry about the path? Does the fish hesitate? Then why do we hesitate? Plunge within! My master Ramana always said: „Dive within, plunge within and go inwards.‟ Dive within with full faith in Bhagavan and you are sure to find the inner guru waiting for you with open arms.
—  Prof. G. V. Subbaramayya

Do you remember when Sousuke literally had to lie about his plans for the future, when he saw how scared Rin was just facing the possibility that Sousuke might not continue swimming? When he told him he got scouted and let Rin live in that dream, because he didn’t want him to cry?

Sousuke didn’t want him to cry, but didn’t want to be left by Rin either. Sousuke actually thought that Rin would leave him if he wasn’t able to swim with him, at his side. He couldn’t see himself as good enough to be Rin’s friend, he only could see himself as his “rival”, and was as his rival that he thought he needed swimming to keep Rin to his side. To be included in Rin’s path. Without swimming, he wouldn’t have Rin. That’s how things worked for him.

But Rin knows now. Rin knows everything now. He’s facing Sousuke one more time, knowing everything this time, facing only Sousuke, not the top-ten-ranked butterfly swimmer. And what did he tell him?

“I’ll be waiting for you. I’ll be waiting for you, to come back”.

Rin doesn’t plan to leave you behind, Sousuke. He wants you to be with him, even without swimming, even without anything. For Sousuke, what Rin said must have been Rin’s “I want you with me anyway, I want you with me without swimming or rankings, I want you with me as Sousuke, not as the top-ten-ranked butterfly swimmer”Sousuke expected to be left, and he ended receiving… Love. Rin’s love, Rin’s passion to keep him by his side, no matter if he doesn’t have swimming anymore.

Because Sousuke is no more just Rin’s “rival”. Actually he never was, that was only what he thought. What Rin let him to think.


… I’m so happy for you, Sousuke, so happy. So happy. SO HAPPY.

I’m happy to see someone addressing so many confused RH fans’ perception that this ending indicates that Rin and Haruka are not close until they race. This season spent a huge amount of time emphasizing what Rin’s friends (and Haruka) mean to his drive. The idea that Rin would not stay in constant contact with them is unfathomable. This is not like the first time Rin went to Australia. Rin wants to share things with his friends now. Like I told Kanae, I have no doubt he’s constantly riding Haruka about his progress and vice-versa. And like you said, Haruka is going to want to keep a close eye on Rin too, just in case.

I don’t see why we *need* to see this friendship when WE HAVE EPISODE 12. That doesn’t just go away because we have one episode without Rin. Sure, I’d have wanted more RH, but it doesn’t change the fact that Episode 12 exists to MAKE THE FRIENDSHIP EXPLICITLY CLEAR IN EVERY POSSIBLE WAY. That some RH fans are still saying that Rin and Haruka are just rivals literally BLOWS MY MIND.

Rin is and will always be perpetually enamored with Haruka. He doesn’t need to be constantly around him for that to exist. Hell, the loser probably STILL tells his entire Australian team about Haruka and any other friends he makes while studying there. YOU KNOW HE DOES. So that when Rin and Haruka are working their way toward internationals, Rin’s friends tease him mercilessly about how he might end up facing “Haru~.” I challenge anyone to say this doesn’t happen.

But yesh, I get that no Rin is distressing it is, but when the show pretty much suggests these two are chasing the same dream forever… I don’t know what more people need. Utsumi said they’ll be separated at times. It’s their fate. But she also said THEY WILL ALWAYS FIND A WAY BACK TO EACH OTHER. Because Rin and Haruka’s relationship is about more than just being around each other, it’s about how much they think about each other when they’re apart and how much they move each other forward. And how much they FRIGGIN’ ROCK EACH OTHER’S WORLD whenever they are together. As they will be. This ship is beautiful and everyone who wants to be like “but Haruka and Makoto went to Tokyo together so that means it’s their ending”… I’m really not sure they’re quite *getting* why and how Rin and Haruka work.

Ugh, sorry for so much rambling, but it’s SUPER IMPORTANT TO ME that people understand that Rin and Haruka are *forever linked by fate* even when they’re no in physical proximity of each other. And NOTHING will ever change that. Again, thank you for your positive messages about all this. <3


I totally agree. Haruka and Rin are destined to always find a way back to each other, no matter how far apart they go. It sucks for the time they spend apart, but I think it makes their reunions even more electric. Even when they’re apart (SEE: SEASON 1), they’re thinking about each other, especially when they swim (which they will be doing quite a bit of now that they are going down the pro-swimming path).

I think it would be amazing for the Australian nationals to all know Haruka on a first name basis thanks to Rin’s bragging XD IT ALREADY SEEMS LIKE ALL THE OTHER AUSTRALIANS RIN HAS EVER MET KNOW WHO HARUKA IS.

Makoto and Haruka ending up in Tokyo does not mean they are endgame. Tokyo is a HUGE place (I know, I’ve been there on multiple occasions, and I have friends that live in Tokyo) and it’s clear from the end that Makoto and Haruka don’t even live in the same wards. It’s nice that they can get together to have dinner once in a while, and I’m glad that Haruka has a friend that knows him well enough to keep him from losing sight of the path he’s set himself on.

Makoto has in the past seen Haruka searching for Rin in a crowded natatorium, and calmed him by saying, “I’m sure Rin will show up soon.” With the path Haruka is set on, he will be looking forward to facing Rin in many countries, and on many world stages. He will be thinking about his races against Rin every day when he swims. He will be looking forward to the next race against Rin. I think that’s pretty fucking romantic.

Rainmaker guide and tips!

So the Splatoon dev team just released a new ranked battle mode, Rainmaker, which is super fun. Understandably, a lot of people are still very much getting used to it. So after playing quite a few rainmaker matches myself, here’s my explanations and tips for the Rainmaker mode.

Rainmaker rules

Rainmaker is very similar to Tower Control. Each battle starts off with the rainmaker in the middle of the stage, and the objective is to carry it to a pedestal near the other team’s base. The pedestal is the cone in this screenshot:

And here’s the GUI that shows you how the battle’s going:

Like I said, very similar to tower control. The teams who’s in the lead is the one who’s managed to get the Rainmaker closest to their pedestal so far. If the battle times out, this team wins. If a team manages to get the Rainmaker on top of the pedestal, they win with a knockout.

The Rainmaker’s Shield

At the start of each match and whenever the inkling holding the Rainmaker gets splatted, the Rainmaker has a shield around it. It looks like this:

If you’ve played any of the Octo Valley levels, you might think it looks familiar. If you didn’t guess it, it’s the same shield that the zapfishes have! Well, not exactly the same though. Here’s how it works:

  • Hitting the shield with your ink will gradually cover it with your ink and make it expand
  • If one team has made the shield expand, the other team’s ink will make it shrink (until it’s back to its default size, then it will expand again when ink hits it)
  • Once the shield has expanded to about four times it’s original radius, it will burst
  • When it bursts, it also blasts out all the ink it absorbed from the team that burst it
  • That’s A LOT of ink! Its blast radius is wider than even the inkstrike and you will be splatted if it touches you at all, provided the other team burst the shield
  • The Rainmaker’s Shield will also damage you and knock you back if you touch it- I’ve been pushed into water a few times because of this…
  • Unlike the zapfishes’ shields, this one doesn’t reappear after a few seconds. It stays gone until someone takes the Rainmaker and then gets splatted

The Rainmaker

Pretty cool, huh? The Rainmaker is essentially a charged inkzooka. Here’s how it works:

  • Once the Rainmaker’s shield has been burst, the first inkling to touch it will automatically pick it up and be able to fire it.
  • Like any charged weapon, you don’t have to charge it fully in order to fire it- but it’s very weak and short ranged when not fully charged
  • The Rainmaker doesn’t have any GUI element to show you when it’s charged, so you have to rely on the sounds it makes to know that
  • Its range is shorter than an inkzooka, and the path it inks looks roughly like this:
  • There are a few things you can’t do when you have the Rainmaker:
    - Use your sub weapon
    - Use your special ability
    - Receive a bubbler from your teammates
    - Superjump
    - Let go of the Rainmaker
  • The good news is, the Rainmaker has unlimited ink!
  • The bad new is that the moment you take the Rainmaker’s you become the other team’s Public Enemy #1
  • And it doesn’t help that the rainmaker glows and always shows up on the map, so they can always see exactly where you are (even when you’re swimming through your own ink)
  • You can only hold the Rainmaker for 60 seconds. After that, it’ll burst and splat you

General Tips

  • Recon each stage before you play any matches in it. Out of all the ranked battle modes, Rainmaker has the most layout changes to the stage. This means that there’s lots and lots more ways for your team to advance- and for the other team too ;) Therefore, knowing these routes as best you can is essential
  • Unlike Tower Control and Splat Zones, camping in one spot in Rainmaker mode won’t get you into that much trouble if the other team finds you there, since they’re mainly focused on the Rainmaker
  • Stealth is important in this mode. Hide in your ink and behind obstacles until inklings from the other team come past you, then jump out and splat them
  • Don’t face the Rainmaker head on. You will get splatted if you do this. Instead, flank them!
  • When the other team is getting close to their pedestal, the pedestal can be either the best or worst position to take. The judgement is up to you
  • If you have the lead towards the end of a battle, it can be pretty effective to stop trying to advance and instead just keep the other team away from the rainmaker; preventing overtime

Shield Tips

  • If it’s looking like the other team will burst the shield, take cover as fast as you can
  • It’s not always the best idea to splat the shield right away- ink it a little bit, then wait for the other team to get near and burst it on them!
  • Bursting the shield will not guarantee your team the Rainmaker. Once the shield is gone, anyone can take it
  • Throwing bombs onto the shield is generally ineffective, as it consumes them immediately
  • However, throwing bombs over the shield can push the other team away from it, so that you can have a good go at it!
  • Often in order to burst the shield, you need to splat an inkling or two first. The danger of this though, is that they might burst the shield while you’re trying to splat them (and then you’re the one who gets splatted)

Rainmaker Tips

  • Before taking the Rainmaker, consider if you’re a good candidate for it
    - If your special is charged or nearly charged, will it be good for supporting someone else’s advance?
    - How soon will you be splatted if you take the Rainmaker right now?
    - Does your team have your back?
    - Should you use your sub or special first?
  • Despite its resemblance to an inkzooka, the Rainmaker is actually not all that great at inking a path to swim through
  • But it’s still just as good at splatting people (perhaps better!)
  • One charged shot from the Rainmaker is enough to ink any wall for climbing
  • Don’t shoot the Rainmaker when you’ve got a ledge behind you- it has knockback on it
  • Don’t retreat when you have the Rainmaker! Even the game tells you this if you try it. Why? Here’s why:
    - The moment you pick up the Rainmaker, you’re pretty much dooming yourself to get splatted within 60 seconds
    - So you really may as well make some progress before then
    - Bringing the rainmaker closer to your base actually makes things easier for the other team
    - And it’ll speed up the timer that makes it explode!
    - The only way to not get splatted when you have the Rainmaker is to get a knockout. I’ve been in so many Rainmaker battles and only seen three of those
    - The only way you’re gonna get a knockout is if you just go for it
    - Seriously; just push forward as much as you can, no matter the cost
  • If the other team has a really good vantage point, consider a diversion. Make them think you’re going towards their vantage point, then turn and take a different route

Supporting the Rainmaker

Being so vulnerable, the inkling carrying the Rainmaker needs all the support they can get from their team. Here’s what you can do for them:

  • Ink a path for them. As we know, the Rainmaker isn’t the best at this
  • Go on ahead of them and splat any threats you find
  • Die Get splatted for them. Whoever holds the Rainmaker is by far the most valuable member of your team
  • Along with your team, try to protect them from all angles. If you’re only making sure the way in front is safe, someone’s going to splat your entire team from either the side or the back

Splatting the Rainmaker

This is absolutely the highest priority when the other team has the Rainmaker, so you should have some solid strategies for it.

  • Most of the time, the Rainmaker will be shooting forward. Go around the side or back of them and then splat them
  • Unless you have a charger, then you might be able to get them from in front simply due to range
  • Although high ground always has its advantages, the Rainmaker will most likely be able to splat you in most vantage points
  • Splat bombs, suction bombs and inkmines are excellent for putting in the way of someone who has the Rainmaker, especially if they don’t see you putting them there
  • Splatting whoever has the Rainmaker is actually pretty easy if you can avoid getting splatted in the process, since they’ll always have the Rainmaker’s glow on it

Tips Per Weapon Type


  • Use these in about the same way you’d use them in tower control mode
  • You’ll mainly be trying to splat the other team as per usual
  • Hide behind obstacles and wait for the other team’s inklings to turn their back to you, then splat them


  • Blasters are good for bursting the shield, as you can ink the shield and splat the other team if you aim your shots right
  • Get up in peoples’ faces I guess? I’m not good with blasters tbh


  • New stage layouts means new sniping points
  • Due to their range, chargers are particularly good at cutting through the other teams’ turf- meaning they have to un-squid to ink it again (and you can splat ‘em!)


  • Hiding in your ink and waiting for the other team to run past you is a surprisingly good tactic for rollers in this mode
  • Rollers are also good for paving a path for your Rainmaker, but note that you’ll be vulnerable while you do this


  • Brushes are the best at getting to the Rainmaker before anyone else at the start of a battle
  • Use your brush to run around obstacles and splat the other team from behind
  • Avoid being splatted by chargers by running/inking in a zig-zag


  • Sloshers are a good defensive weapon when the other team is trying to climb a wall
  • Conversely, sloshers are also very good at inking walls. Use this to climb shit and slosh the other team from above


  • Splatlings are generally good for controlling a specific area of the map. Use your splatling to pressure them out of their favourite route
  • Try to position yourself to the side or back of people with your splatling, since its lack of mobility while shooting could easily get you splatted (especially by the Rainmaker!)

Tips Per Sub Weapon

Splat bombs:

  • Use these to drive the other team out of their vantage points
  • Generally, no-one notices if you throw a splat bomb underneath you straight after superjumping. Doing this can usually ensure that if you’re gonna get splatted for super jumping, you’re at least gonna take someone with you
  • With bomb rush, these can be good for laying down an area of ink to get through a place the other team controls well

Suction bombs:

  • Try to guess which route the enemy is taking, and throw a suction bomb in there to cut them off
  • See point 2 for splat bombs
  • With bomb rush, you can use your suction bombs to set up a Death Zone for the other team

Burst bombs:

  • Since people get around fast in this mode, burst bombs aren’t so good when you’re on the offensive. Instead, use them to get the jump on someone who’s trying to splat you
  • A single burst bomb can quickly obstruct a path that the other team might swim through
  • With bomb rush, you can definitely use burst bombs to splat people in this mode


  • Wait for the other team to burst the shield, then send your seekers towards the Rainmaker. They’ll run straight into them!
  • Inklings carrying the Rainmaker are usually pretty vulnerable to seekers, but don’t count on it

Ink mines:

  • Try to put this in the way of the other team’s route to their pedestal, but also slightly out of sight
  • Ink mines work surprisingly well near the rainmaker’s shield! If the shield bursts and the other team tries to go for the Rainmaker, they’re going to run straight into your ink mine. Otherwise, it’ll help your team burst the shield
  • Put ink mines at the top of walls the other team is trying to climb. By the time they see it, it’ll be too late

Splash walls:

  • A splash wall is an effective way to block off the other team’s intended route
  • You can also use your splash walls to momentarily protect one of your team members form being splatted while they have the Rainmaker
  • Shoot through your splash walls to safely ink a path for your team\

Squid Beakons:

  • You should put your beakons in vantage points- places above where the other team is likely to pass
  • Although people don’t bother to destroy beakons much in this mode, don’t get carried away with them - or the other team will slip the Rainmaker right past you


  • You should definitely throw your disruptors onto whoever has the Rainmaker if they’re from the other team. Remember, they’re Public Enemy #1
  • If there’s a particularly pesky inkling who’s stopping your advance, throw a disruptor on them to hinder their plans

Point Sensors:

  • Point sensors honestly aren’t incredibly useful in this mode, since whoever’s holding the Rainmaker will be visible at all times anyway
  • But you could use them to scope out enemy turf, I guess

Tips Per Special Ability

Killer wail:

  • The killer wail is good for splatting whoever has the Rainmaker, or at least cutting off their route
  • I’ve seen people use the killer wail at close range a lot in this mode. I guess it’s a lot harder to miss a cluster of inklings that way


  • The inkstrike is good for pushing the other team out of their vantage point, once your Rainmaker is in trouble
  • It’s also good for putting their Rainmaker in trouble! Using an inkstrike can and will often block off more than one route at once, and may even splat whoever’s holding the Rainmaker

Bomb rush:

See the sub weapon tips


  • Like the point sensor, this isn’t incredibly helpful for splatting the Rainmaker, which is the priority
  • But it can be useful when advancing with the Rainmaker, as you can tell where the other team and either splat or avoid them
  • Also useful for picking off members of the other team who are particularly elusive


  • Although the bubbler can’t be given to a teammate who has the Rainmaker, it’s still very useful for advancing without splatting!
  • The short period of invincibility lets your team splat those who stand in your way, and you can even act as a human (or rather, inkling) shield for the inkling carrying the Rainmaker


  • As always, the Kraken is excellent for splatting people when the time calls for it (all the time)
  • Use the Kraken to assist your advance- the other team will focus on avoiding you instead of splatting the Rainmaker
  • You can also use the Kraken to stop the other team’s advance but get beside or behind them first as the Rainmaker can knock the Kraken back a lot

Aaaand that’s all for now, I hope this was helpful! :D Feel free to comment or edit in any additional tips you have!

I want to climb the highest mountains, hike all the sun-lit paths, swim in the mossiest rivers, bathe in the most radiant sun, dive with the dolphins, ride the powerful waves, run through the brightest forest, roast mushrooms over a campfire, skip through the knee-high grass, let my toes wiggle in the rocky sand, camp in the dreamiest woods, trip at the best, cheeriest festivals, taste the tastiest treats from around the world, and meet breathtaking beings with the uttermost divine souls.

Splatoon Hints and Tips

I’ve reached the 20 hour mark with Splatoon now (help me), and I’ve been wanting to share some tips and tricks to help out other squids.

  • Use the gyroscope controls. You know how PC gamers are said to have more accuracy when aiming because of the mouse? Same deal here, the gyroscope is much more accurate than the analogue sticks could ever hope to be. Learn the gyroscopic controls and you’ll be able to stay on target way easier. Remember you can still use the right stick to rapidly turn the camera left and right.
  • Never stop inking. If you’re not in transport mode (aka a squid), you should be spraying. Your points rise and your special weapon charges as you ink, especially if you’re covering your opponents ink as you go.
  • Aim up. Ink is affected by gravity, aim higher to get further coverage.
  • Get the high ground. Directly related to the above, it’s hard to shoot up, but really not hard to shoot down. The high ground gets you inking range, and puts you out of the range of others.
  • Learn each weapon. Each of the three weapon types has a unique playstyle, and the subtypes below that all handle slightly differently. It’s recommended to at least try one shooter, charger and roller. Shooters are close range brawlers. Chargers are long range snipers. Rollers are for ink coverage, but dominate in ambushes.
  • Turn your win streaks in with Judd. The flag indicators you see during lobbies is your win streak. You get 1 point per win, and lose 0.5 points per loss. If you talk to Judd, he’ll give you bonus gold based on how high your win streak is! There’s no cap, but it resets when the maps do, every four hours.
  • Leave the fashion hunting until level 20. At level 20 you gain access to a method of upgrading and rerolling your gear. If you have fancy gear you like the look of, but it has bad perks, you can reset them and try again. The reset method is expensive though, so be prepared.
  • Complete the single player! It’s excellent training.
  • Check your shops before ordering gear from Spyke. Your shops might be carrying the gear you’re about to order, and it’s much cheaper to get it from there than from Spyke.
  • Pay attention to vertical movement. A lot of stages have mesh platforms hanging off the walls. Ink up the wall and swim up to them for a quick getaway, attack, or shortcut.
  • Use the ink to reposition. When you’re fighting in your own ink, dive into it and swim behind them. Pop up again and bam, easy kill.
  • Do not approach a Gal or an Aerospray if they can see you coming. The Gal is slow shooting but high damage and will one or two hit you. The Aerospray is a inky flamethrower of death. Ambush or snipe these weapons.
  • The echolocator can win a game. Pay attention to allied and enemy echolocators. If allied, you will get lines drawn to each enemy alive when the locator is activated. If enemy, you will have grey arrows surrounding your inkling. You cannot hide from the enemy if you are echolocated!
  • Don’t stack perks. They give diminishing returns! Having a set of gear with 5 “Defense Up” perks is not useful!
  • Spray and Swim. With the fast-firing shooters, half a second of inking is enough to give you a path to swim along. With the charger, a single blast creates a massive line of ink. Use these for maximum mobility!
  • Stay Fresh!

anonymous asked:

so is the haru-going-pro bullshit confirmed now? haru with his lackadaisical, undisciplined "whatever" attitude that in real life would send him screaming in the other direction from anything as structured and demanding and limiting as sports training? i stg this show just keeps getting more horrifyingly awful with every passing week.

It’s still conjecture at this point, but the way things are going it seems pretty inevitable.

The points for it, as I see it:

  1. That bullshit opening for the season hinting that plain swimming “isn’t enough” for Haru anymore (ugh you’re in a bathtub Haru OF COURSE IT’S NOT ENOUGH compared to a pool where did this bullshit motivation come from Utsumi has no clue who you are a person)
  2. Ama-sensei discussing pro swimming with him at the career interview, and Makoto also subtly trying to get him to consider it.
  3. Haru himself refusing to consider his future and basically ignoring and/or running away from it (his statement of he’ll ignore any scouts, for example) hints that the reveal at the end of the series will be Haru finally “facing” his future and accepting pro swimming as his career path, which is terrible and awful because nowhere has Haru had any actual passion for the sport itself (fuck he was willing to wuit SWIMMING for basketball in HS 2 just because Makoto wasn’t with him, if he has no other friends in pro swimming why the fuck would he do it!?  It’s not like they’re given him realistic-enough character development to overcome that!) and overall it would feel like he was pushed into it as a rash decision because he ran out of time to consider his future and it’s what everyone else seems to want him to do, that horrible thing where people push talented people into doing that thing “because they should” as if talented people have some fucking duty to do the thing they’re talented at instead of what would actually make them happy as a person, so Haru would end up a pro swimmer alone, confined, and unhappy.

Just…awful writing all around for this.