swim the seas like fish

We have learned to fly the air like birds and swim the sea like fish, but we have not learned the simple art of living together as brothers.
—  Martin Luther King, Jr.,Strength to Love, 1963
Titanic Jamie-Claire AU

Originally a post by @bonnie-wee-swordsman HERE , this one-shot:

It’s gone… it’s really gone… My teeth chattered as I bobbed in the water, feet pedalling as I desperately tried to keep my head above the lapping waves. The life belt cinched my waist, my arms afloat, but I was still treading water. The darkness was almost complete, save for the glimmer of faint arctic stars.

My hand was suddenly caught in a vise-like grip, and I turned to find myself facing Jamie, cutting through the frigid sea like a fish.

“Swim, Claire, I need ye to swim!” His voice, hoarse from the cold, was urgent in its appeal and shook me out of my stupor. His hands were on my back and I began to kick, arms pushing, not knowing where we were going, but certain that I’d be with Jamie.

Once we started moving, I began to notice all the other survivors. Bodies were everywhere, many attempting to stay afloat, others very still in the freezing waters. I focused on swimming, grateful for the lessons Uncle Lamb had insisted on. Grateful that he wanted me to have an education. Grateful that upon his passing, the inheritance I received from him enabled me to buy a ticket on a ship. Grateful that the ship had been the Titanic. Grateful that it had brought me to Jamie.

“Sassenach!” I turned and saw him clambering on a piece of wood paneling, adrift in the water. It was a large chunk from the wall of the dining room, I realized, having seen it every day for meals aboard the ship. I paddled towards it, and felt Jamie’s strong grip on my arms as I pulled myself onto the wood.

We collapsed next to each other, holding on for warmth and comfort. My teeth continued to rattle like dice in a cup and I shook all over. Jamie was much the same, his blue eyes dark in the night.

“J-J-Jamie,” I stammered, “the lifeboats. They have to come back!” The voices of the people in the water were frightful, calling for help, loved ones, salvation. The din was eerie in the North Atlantic dark.

“I’m not sure they will, Sassenach.” His tone was grim. “They pulled awa’ from the suction, but they may be too afraid tae come back. They’d be afeard of being swamped by the rest.” His hands chafed at my arms, trying futilely to warm them.

“Who will come, then?”

“I do not know, but until someone does, I’m here with you, Claire. You must believe that.” Jamie’s cold lips brushed mine.

“You jump, I jump, remember?” I smiled at the memory. Taking advantage of the ship’s speed, I had stepped onto the railing and loosened my hair, the curly mass blowing behind me. It had felt like flying, until the red-headed Scot had seen me and erroneously assumed I was trying to jump off the ship.

“Nae, miss! Don’t do it!” He had grabbed me by the waist and yanked back, both of us collapsing onto the deck.

“What are you doing, you great oaf!” I had yelled, slapping his hands away. They withdrew as though burned, and I was suddenly eye to eye with the most beautiful man I had ever seen.

“Nothing’s so bad that can’t be fixed, miss, I swear to ye. Life’s too great a gift to throw away.” His face was earnest, concerned.

“I agree,” I replied huffily, rising and brushing off the salt spray from my skirt. “I wasn’t going to jump, I was enjoying a moment!” I turned to walk away, but not before he clasped my hand and I whirled around. He raised it to his lips and kissed it gently - bright red curls brushed against my skin.

“You jump, I jump.” He had attempted a wink but both eyes closed, making him look like an owl. “I’m Jamie, by the way.”

“Claire Beauchamp.” I smiled, and fell for him all at once.

Ley Line Guardian (Witch Archetype)

Before Occult Adventures, Ley Lines were mostly a focus of flavor in a setting, with only the menhir savant druid archetype making mention of them at all. However, now they represent a minor way in which a spellcaster might draw upon for a little extra power concerning a specific type of spell, or all spells in general.

In light of this, it makes sense that classes and archetypes that make use of such supernatural features of the landscape at a faster rate would simply be predisposed to take on those energies much faster and more freely than the general use subsystem.

Enter the Ley Line Guardian, a witch who uses the ley lines themselves as the conduit between themselves and their patron.

Unlike your average witch, these spellcasters channel raw power like a live wire in a manner similar to sorcerers, and therefore only learn a certain selection of spells, including those granted by their patron, throughout their careers.

That power comes with benefits, however, and these mystics can open themselves to the raw power of a nearby ley line to potentially increase the power of the next spell. However, doing so overwhelms them for a few moments, leaving them slow to act afterwards.

Thinking about playing a spontaneous caster witch? Want a bit more arcane power in a pinch? This archetype can certainly achieve that. This works best, of course, with a build specializing in spells that have added benefit upon being cast at higher caster levels, which can vary between damage dice, duration, or other effects. Debuffing, buffing and healing, or perhaps control and damage can all benefit, but keep in mind how the archetype interacts with said spells. Keep in mind you do not gain a familiar with this archetype, so builds focused on those are right out unless you gain one from another sort

One can only imagine the sort of patrons that provide these powers. They might be simply like any other mystical being, or they may be especially primal entities that only answer those able to handle their power, and may therefore be especially volatile in nature.


In many places, the touch of civilization has made even the local druids lose sight of some of the oldest ways. However, in the wild jungles where Orang-Pendek thrive, they stick to the old ways, calling upon ancient beings that swim in the ley lines like fish in the sea. Gaining their attention is dangerous, however, like any beast in the deep.

The wisdom spirit Ekkuhlim has been teaching mortals the secrets of witchcraft and enlightenment for generations, whispering through the echoes of the ley lines. What few realize, however, is that this being is actually an annunaki who has learned to part the veil between their out-of-phase world and the material even when the two are unaligned.

The witches known as ley line guardians are not named so idly, for there are forces in the world that would seek to eliminate magic by destroying ley lines, even though doing so usually means mastering enough magic to be able to sever the lines. Lesser threats, however, seek to control choice ley lines for themselves, subtly or overtly gathering forces to overtake entire regions, the conflict often resulting in domains of evil and the dread lords, which is how the night-blanketed realm known as the Twilight Coast was created, though it no longer reeks of that corruption.

Okay but the greek gods as high school stereotypes

Zeus is the homecoming king, date-rapey, wears crowns to school half the week, football star, wears a lot of red clothes, daddy issues, dating Hera but mad cause she won’t put out, cheats, has fathered 3 kids but payed the moms off, unliked by fathers, doesn’t read, “No you’re stupid” “I know you are but what am I?”

Hera is the super protective, top of the class, teaches home ec to underclassman, willingly takes the robot babies for fun, vintage sundresses, homecoming queen, loves reading, abstinence advocator, 

Athena is tiptop of the class, v v smart but will fuck you up, wears blazers, vegan, will not hesitate to tell you she is vegan, started chess club, is president of chess club, is the only one in chess club, Quiz bowl, 

Apollo is designated gay guy, throws the best parties, always lit, super tan, spends summers in Tahiti, really likes hummus, shitty poetry slams at the local bars, “come to my poetry slam Tuesday night!” Drums on everything, takes more time on his hair than his homework

Artemis, super gay, wears a lot of jewelry, blogs all night, skips school for first day of hunting season, wears white camo, eats meninists for breakfast, loves the bell jar, dog person

Dionysus wears Hawaiian shirts 24/7, drinks before school, does everything but heroin because that is too far, water bottles filled with vodka, dabs ironically, puts Monster in his coffee and drinks it, spends all his money on booze, eats two bags of Doritos a day

Poseidon– captain of the swim team, ironically doesn’t like fish, has sea food allergy, has a shark stuffed animal, wears board shorts to school, talks about surfing but can’t surf, talks with Californian accent but is from Ohio, “radical”, bucket hats, orange spray tan, cried watching finding nemo

Hades, oldest but his family hates him, wears nothing but black, still in the scene phase, secretly likes Justin Bieber, girlfriend goes to a different school, “you wouldn’t know her”, spikes hair every day but always brushes it out because “it doesn’t look good”. every day. “welcome to my twisted mind” blog title, guyliner, joined theatre as a joke, is really good at it, under appreciated, watches one tree hill in his free time

Persephone– flower child gone goth, irrational fear of pomegranates, dog person, “It’s complicated” relationship status. only drinks long island ice teas, flower crown and punk edits, wears crop tops and ripped jeans, in love with my chemical romance, cosplay youtuber

Aphrodite– settler in the relationship, cheating on her boyfriend, tells people she is in an open relationship, has had so many abortions her next one is free, wears pink ever Wednesday, spends all her money at Victoria’s secret, Instagram famous, personal relationship with Kylie Jenner, wants to be a model, wears crop tops and skater skirts, makeup youtuber, “I was the sidechick”

Hermes– meme trash, works in school office, wears cardigans, on the track team, studied abroad, afraid of heights, wears nike sandals with socks, wants to be a doctor, tweets for a living, Dabs unironically, trolls everyone

Hephaestus– Girlfriend is cheating on him, reacher in relationship, loves star trek, relates to Spock, makes model airplanes, mommy issues, kind heart, hard worker, pure cinnamon roll. wears a lot of flannels, and work boots 24/7, hates his brother Ares, only reason there is a handy cap entrance, 

Hestia–Possible arsonist, dad is an asshole, cozy fire aesthetic, slut-shamer, obsessed with disney movies, always has tea, wears cardigans, “too hot for you” mug, still sleeps with a stuffed animal at 18, best tipper

Demeter – mom friendTM, seasonal wardrobes, texts you to make sure you ate, loves a good nude lip but is always down for a plum, goes by Demi,, hates when people rhyme her name with things, has a life style blog, minimalist.

Hypnose– Deadass, sleeps all day, failing all classes because he doesn’t do his homework, anxiety, loves camomile tea, loves catcher in the rye, binge watches a new tv show every week

Ares– only drinks fireball, head of the wrestling team, tried to fight teacher, will fight you, will fight his dog, will fight your dog, claims to have wrestled a bear, motorcycle, also wears guy liner, has a designated detention seat, calls the principle by first name, really good with little kids, makes a child army, WOW, rage quitter, texts Hephaestus that he stole his girl 24/7

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Ugh, this was the worst, pacing around getting all nervous and sweaty, claws tapping together as she waited, her tail squirming.

Thinking she had dressed up nice, Alphys waited in silence for Undyne to come to her house to pick her up for hopefully either a date…. or another training session. She hoped a date. She wasn’t sure if she could do a training session in these clothes without ripping them.

Please no training session…. OOp! The doorbell! She quickly scrambled almost tripping as she made her way to the door, opening it up.

he can’t always understand his friend’s dreaminess,

the way her mind swims through thoughts like fish in a sea,

she’s so kind, she’s so dreamy, she’s so three dimensional;



his dimensions are pragmatic,

logical vertices and careful angles,

the interpretation of things is as natural to him as her daydreams are to her,

and she daydreams about him,

the lines of him,

the angles.

he spends hours dissecting her,

her beauty,


fearless emotions.

the gears that turn his mind fascinate her,

he thinks her mind must look like a lava lamp.

the first kiss he can feel the carbonation in her tongue.

she doesn’t understand him either,

not the way he answers unspoken questions,

not the scary sincerity in his voice when he explains himself to her,

she doesn’t understand his virgo contempt for fairytales,

the way he thinks her head is always in the clouds.

she doesn’t understand why he can’t see they have their own bright, fairytale palace in the clouds.

—  palace in the clouds: a story of “more than friends” ; g.e.m.
HannibaLibre Headcanons:

Hannibal swimming in the sea at like 5:30 am

Will going to fish to calm down, either on the rocks or on a small boat

Dr. Lecter’s tan 

Will buying some street food but giving all of it to a stray dog

Blood and seawater aesthetic

Hannibal buying typical spices at a market

Sweaty Will

Will meeting the stray dog again and saying hi to it  while walking with Hannibal

Hannibal consequently giving him his wtf look

Lots of scenes filmed at dawn or dusk by the seaside

White linen clothes and straw hats

Hannibal buying the finest cigars

yes i’m full of text posts tonight! come at me! 

anyway, i was hanging out with a baby for the past few days (she is quite frankly the most delightful baby i’ve met) and i really got to exercise my love of making up ridiculous songs. one day i was singing a song that i made up with a basic verse followed by a different sound…it went something like

all the fish in the sea/swimming so free/sing ba-baba-ba-ba-BA (only the ba sound was…motormouth?)
the birds in the air/fly without a care/singing ba-baba-ba-ba-BA (whistles)

and anyway. this perfect little kiddo started repeating the song and trying to make the noises i was making. and my heart melted because even if she doesn’t remember that i really felt like i was giving her my own weird song gift. 

also i made a trumpet noise and held my hand to my mouth like i was blowing a trumpet, and the next day she held her hand to her mouth and wiggled her fingers and tried very hard to make a trumpet sound. 

i am literally crying about this baby right now. because pals i really don’t like babies in general. but i wanted so badly to be buddies with this one and it worked out beautifully. 

We’ve learned to fly the air like birds, we’ve learned to swim the seas like fish and yet we haven’t learned to walk the earth like brothers and sisters.
—  Martin Luther King Jr.

Pairing: Prince!Haru + Bodyguard!SSK
Rating: PG-13
Collection: (x)

Haru receives Sousuke as a birthday present when he is sixteen. ’A prized fighter from a distant land,’ the court minister praises, but Haru can only see the loneliness in Sousuke’s eyes. His eyes remind him of the sea. But what would Sousuke know of the sea? Haru listens as the minister describes where Sousuke came from, where desert stretches into the sky. The sight is so even from the tallest tower, where the people can see all. ‘This young buck is a gift, my Prince. He will be added to the squadron of bodyguards for your consideration when you are older.’

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Hold back the river in your eyes,
There are too many on you,
Echoes of your heartbeats fade,
Amidst the too many others here,
Hold them back, my dear,
The sun is up, and no shadows for you,
The stars are swimming away,
Soon they will be here,
I promise you, they’ll be your shadows,
And your shoulders,
Hold back the rivers in your eyes,
My dear, I’m swimming with the stars,
Holding back a waterfall.

Hold back the fire in your heart,
You’re swimming in a sea of nothing,
There are too many here,
Like fishes in a pond,
The moonlight is fading, and shadows hide you,
You’re shining like stars, don’t yet,
Set fire to this sea,
I promise you, I’m sailing,
And I’m bringing you shoulders,
Just don’t yet, let go,
With the sun, you can burn again.
Hold back the fire in your heart,
My dear, I’m burning with the stars,
Carrying the sun for you.

—  iamsaadist