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Fatkini-ing in Vegas. From swimsuitsforall

And I hate having to say this shit, but I feel like I should lately: **DO NOT REBLOG THIS TO PORN OR FETISH SITES.** I am really not down with that.

Suprise!|| Hayes Grier Smut


Ever since Hayes moved to LA we’ve been hanging out more. We met back when he was younger. We hung out maybe once or twice but he had stayed in North Carolina for a little while longer then a few years later moved out to LA were I was. When he moved out here he reached out to me and we started hanging out more.

I drove over to hayes’ place that he shares with a bunch of friends. I walked into the backyard and saw him in the pool with zan. He looks over and sees me.

“Hey Y/N” he smiles. I smile and wave.

“Come swim!” he says. I nod. I take off my shorts and shirt and I’m left in my bikini. I walk over and zan jumps out of the pool and greets me. I pet his wet head and bend down and he gives me kisses. I look up and see Hayes staring at me biting his lip. I shake it off. I sit on the edge of the pool.

“Get in” Hayes says swimming over. I shake my head. He gives a pouty look.

“Please” he says His hands going on my thighs traveling up them. I shake my head. His hands continue to travel and the reach the band of my bikini bottoms. His fingers lace under them and he holds my hips. I could feel my body ache a little. He picked me up…he was suprisngly strong. He lowered me into the water kissing at my stomach and then my chest.When I was fully in the water he leaned in and was kissing on my jawline and my neck nipping at my neck every few seconds.

“Hayes” I say letting out the breath I didn’t know I was holding in.

“Mhmm?” he hums against my skin. He starts sucking on my sweetspot on my neck. I let out a small moan. I feel him smirk against my skin. His hands grip my hips and he pushes me against him. My arms wrap around his neck. His lips find mine and he starts kissing me. I ignore his tounge swiping at my lip asking for entrance. He pushes against me again and I open my mouth a little and he slips his tounge in. His tounge works wonders in my mouth. I pull my lips apart from his. “Hayes…” I say breathless. “Yes baby girl” he says. My heart skips a beat. Me and Hayes were close but not dating. I did like him but right now that does not matter. I bite my lip. His hands moved up and down my sides. I feel his hard on my heat. I gasp and move closer to him. “I need you” I breathe out into hayes’ ear. He. Pulls us apart and he grabs my hand and swims to the pool stairs and we quickly move. Once we are out of the pool He stops, turns around and grabs my waist and then pushes me lightly against the wall. He puts his lips onto mine. He pushes into me making me want him so bad. I pull away. “Hayes stop playing” i whine. He laughs. He grabs my hand and he walks us to his room. One we are in his room I close the door and he pushes me against the door and slams our lips together. His hands snake around my waist then make their way to my butt and he grabs and squeezed my butt. He pulls our lips apart. “We don’t have much time the guys should be back soon” he says breathless. I nod. He kisses me again and moves closer to me. He bends down a little and taps my thigh signaling me to jump and I obey. He moves us over to his bed and puts me in the bed…one arm on one side of me and the other on my right hip. His hands moved quickly roaming my body and then removing both mine and his swim suits. Hayes moves his lips all over my body starting at my neck and moving down to my heat. I needed him now. His tounge kicked line straight up to my heat. He kissed in my clit and slowly started sucking it. My heart skipped. My hands moved down to his wet hair. I laced my hands in his hair pulling at every suck he gave. He removed his lips and blew on my sensitive clit. He looked up at me and I have him a pouty face. He moves up to my lips and kisses me. Without warning he slams his dick into me. It took a few seconds to adjust. He clearly was bigger. His started slow. I bucked my hips up with every thrust. His hand grabs ok n my hip and holds it down. He grinded out body close, out chests hitting each other. I felt the knot in my stomach forming. I let out little moans and Hayes did the same. I then hear a door slam. Hayes looks at me. “Your gonna have to be quiet” Hayes breaths in to my skin. I nod. He continues his thrusts. He bites down on my neck and starts sucking on my sweetspot again. “Hayes” I moan scratching at his back. He removed his lips and looks at me. “Quiet baby"he says out of breath. I nod and bite my lip. He thrusts soon start to become sloppy. The knot in my stomach starts to untie itself and my scratch harder at Hayes. I wrap my legs around him and we both reach our highs at the same time. I try so hard not to let out my moan but it still somehow escapes my mouth. I slap my hand against my mouth. Hayes look at me and laughs a little…he let’s out his moan again my skin. We ride out our highs. Hayes pulls out and lays next to me. I was breathless. "Wow” I say breathless. “I know” he says. His hand searches for mine and intertwines with mine. We lay there for a second until we hear footsteps coming closer to the door. We both look at each other.

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    RFA + V + Unknown with an MC worried about their stretch marks

    (AN: Hey there! I wanted to do something to do with body positivity and I personally have stretch marks, especially on my hips, so I thought I would write something about that!

    I personally don’t really mind my stretch marks? But I know some people do and I want to say this: be proud of your body. Be proud of yourself. Everyone is beautiful in their own ways, and stretch marks don’t change that. In fact, I believe they add to it! And if hearing it from me doesn’t help, you’re about to hear it from all the boys and Jaehee, because they agree with me!

    The MC in some of these wears a dress, so if you don’t like wearing a dress you might not be able to relate so well, my apologies ;;

    In total, this is about 3200-3300 words ;u;)

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    This is like my third submit. I feel kinda bad ahhhhh but I got a new swim suit that shows more then all my other ones have ever done . So I’m so self conscious about it and worried that it doesn’t look good. And I’m just ahhh. QcQ

    Feeling bad? What are you talking about? We missed you! Thanks for sharing your wonderful self with us again! <3

    - Mod Guillermo

    Hellsing Headcanon Time!!!: Water park
    • Who doesn't love a water park? A lot of people actually. That's exactly why our pals at Hellsing, millennium and Iscariot are there!
    • Alucard: he took on his female form and is working it! Sadly he got a headache and went home.
    • Integra: if you suggest that she get into a swim suit you will be shot. Repeatedly.
    • Seras: all the rides. All the men are staring.
    • Walter: lazy river. Bless this fucking place.
    • Pip: he is among the perverts looking at Seras. They go on rides together.
    • Anderson: "have you people no shame?"
    • Maxwell: read the above.
    • Heinkel and Yumie: making the tallest ride in the park their bitch.
    • The major: snack bar
    • Schrödinger: lounging in the sun.
    • Captain: with the cat boy.
    Springs in the Summer (Alexander Hamilton x Reader)

    Hey guys! This is actually a combination of requests. Since two of them were so similar, I just decided to combine them instead of writing two incredibly similar stories. This one-shot includes the requests of “I Can’t Swim!” (with Ham my man) and “Hamilton and the other revolutionaries seeing you in a swimming costume for the first time.” Also, I figured knocking two birds with one stone would be great, considering I didn’t post yesterday; since I graduated from high school! I won awards for high honors, and got my ropes for music honors society, latin honors society and the international thespian society. Thank you for all your kind words and encouragements during my finals, you guys really mean the world to me. But without any further ado, lets get FLUFFING.

    The creek gurgled and bubbled cool water beneath your feet as you felt the unforgiving rays of the sun inflict themselves upon your complexion. You were going to miss this place. 

    Today was the armies last day working in the area, with the battle already won, there was nothing left to do but pack up and move to the next location for another battle. Although, being a revolutionary war nurse, you often moved from place to place, but for some strange reason, you felt this particular area resonate with you more so than any other had. The camp was surrounded by an oasis of fresh, green grass littered with colorful summer flowers and tall oak trees. However, your favorite feature was always the large creek, an astonishing seven feet deep, that cool,crisp water calmly flowed in. You stood there for a few minutes, watching the occasional fish dart by, or leaf from a nearby tree flutter through the air, then gently land on top of the current, to be swept away and deposited into the nearby pond. 

    You wondered how this sanctum and the revolutionary war could possibly exist in the same world, at the same time. 

    “Hey.” a voice suddenly said behind you, making you jump at the sudden disruption.

    You spun around, startled. Sure enough, it was the major general’s right hand man himself. He always seemed to be running into you.

    “Alexander!” you gasped, hand clutched firmly to the front of your uniform, as if to prevent your heart leaping out of your chest.

    “My God, you almost scared the life out of me.”

    “Sorry,” he replied, “I couldn’t help but stop and notice the impeccable beauty.”

    You nodded your head in agreement. “This place truly is a work of God above.”

    He huffed, his flirtation sailing right over your head.

    “Say,” he began again, “the other revolutionaries as well as myself are all going in for a dip in about ah hour, would you like to come?” His brown, shoulder-length hair fluttered a bit in the gentle breeze.

    You were taken back a bit by his request. Typically the nurses didn’t take part in any of the revolutionaries’ celebrations or parties. The men, they said, always were too loud and too drunk. And not to mention, wearing a swim suit around the men would be an adventure all on its own. Most of these men had not seen a woman dressed in anything less revealing than a typical nurse uniform for months. Still, you were quite fond of Hamilton, and wanted to spend your last few hours in the heavenly place with him.

    “Yes,” you replied. “I would like that very much.”

    He grinned his trademark sly grin, “Very well.”

    He grabbed your hand and kissed your knuckles softly. 

    “I will see you back here in an hour’s time.”

    He turned and walked away, the tail of his coat gently flapping behind his as he returned to his tent, probably to write. You turned back to the creek and inhaled a deep breath of fresh air, watching the water gently tumble over the smooth stones that bordered it.

    This should be fun.


    You could already hear a group of men splashing and laughing in the creek as you made your way towards it. It was nice to see them like this, having fun and enjoying themselves. More often than not, they were on the battlefield, risking their lives for what they believed in, while seeing their comrades massacred. It was nice to see the humanity they still had in them. You couldn’t help but smile to yourself as they began a splash fight, looking like little kids. You kept you hand firmly clasped on the bed sheet you had wrapped around your body that doubled as both a cover-up and towel to be used eventually. Not that you had any intentions of swimming, but just to lay on the ground and sit on while you read your book and watched the commotion. You saw Hamilton and his friends, Lafayette, Laurens and Mulligan all in the creek, appearing to be partaking in a game of chicken. Laurens sat on Lafayette’s shoulders while Hamilton perched on Mulligan’s, and the top half wrestled as the bottom tier tried to keep their balance, impaired by the fighting men on top of them.

    Finally approaching a spot under the shade of a large tree, you set the book down on the ground, and began to unwrap the bed sheet that covered you. As you slowly removed it, you felt several pairs of eyes fall onto your body. You were wearing a dark-blue two piece bathing suit (one pieces were hard to come by these days due to fabric conservation) the bottom half started at your mid-waist and stopped at the bottom of your hip bone, while the top piece was a halter, wrapping around your neck for support, your breasts slightly spilling out of it. The crowd grew quieter as you stood in the open with such a revealing outfit on, bending down to smooth out your blanket. When you sat down and looked back out on the crowd, you saw that just about everyone’s head was fixed in your direction, and the chicken game that had been going on completely stopped, all four men remaining in position, but gawking at you. You blushed and cracked your book open, trying to take some attention off yourself. The noise eventually resumed, the men going back to their games or conversation, but you felt their occasional glances. Alexander and his gang still stared, when Laurens said something you couldn’t hear. Whatever it was, it caused all the men to laugh, and Alexander blushed as he completely shoved John off of Lafayette’s shoulders, sending him crashing into the water. 

    You sat with your book, enjoying it and passing the time. It was good to feel some rays of sun on your skin. Most of the time you were cooped up in the hospital tent, and your complexion suffered because of that. 

    Suddenly, drops of water began hitting the paper pages of your novel. It couldn’t be raining, could it? But you found the source as soon as you looked up, a drenched Alexander smiling down at you, beads of water dripping off of his hair and onto your precious book.

    “Coming in?” he asked, eager to get back into the water, his crew anxiously waiting for you.

    “No thanks, Alex. I’m not entirely fond of swimming,” you responded, dodging your secret.

    “Aw, come on… the water’s great,” he pouted, still hanging above you.

    “I’ll take your word for it,” you said while smiling, returning to your book and wordlessly dismissing him.

    “Fine, have it your way.” he replied, turning around and walking back to the creek. You saw him turn to his friends, and say something while gesturing his head towards you. They smiled, and all clamored out of the water together.

    You shot Hamilton a confused look as his friends walked away from the pool. He replied with a large, toothy smile. You shrugged and continued reading your book, ignoring the odd exchange.

    Suddenly, an arm reached out from behind you and your book was snatched from your hands. You spun around to meet nose-to-nose with a very mischievous looking Laurens, beaming at you.

    You raised your eyebrows at him, then two hands wrapped around your wrists, while another two seized your ankles. You realized it was Lafayette with the tight grip on your ankles, while Mulligan held your wrists. Before you could realize what was happening, they had lifted you up in the air and were quickly carrying you towards the spring.

    “Wait, let go!” you screeched, trying to tug your hands out of their grasp, to no avail.

    “Calm down, amour eux,” Lafayette grinned as they took position by the side of the water. “It’ll make this easier.”

    “ONE!” all four men called out, as they swung your body towards the water.

    You fought their hold and shrieked as they swung you away from the water, building up momentum for the next swing.

    “TWO!” they yelled again, you began to panic as they swung you towards the water again, realizing you were running out of time.

    As they guided your body away from the water, building up power for one last swing.

    “Wait! I can’t…I can’t…” you cried out frantically.


    You felt their grips loosen and release as you flew through the air.

    “I can’t swim!” you screamed out as your body crashed deep into the water.

    The cool, crisp water enveloped your body and you heard the laughs of fellow soldiers, watching the display from land. 

    Your animal instincts quickly kicked in, as you began clawing at the water around you, trying to find the surface. The current began gently guiding you downstream. 

    You desperately writhed in the water and tried to manage your remaining oxygen supply. However, as time crept on and you continued to thrash, you felt your lungs burning in need of air. You continued to try and paddle your war up to the surface, to no avail. You felt yourself being carried even further down the spring.

    As much as you tried to resist it, your natural instincts took over as you opened your mouth, and sucked in a large mass of water to try and appease your lungs. You suddenly felt very tired, and seemed at peace with yourself, stopped fighting and let the water caress your skin. Alexander was right. The water was great. Black dots began appearing, growing larger and larger as they ate at your vision. 

    Suddenly the world was black. Peaceful. Silent. 

    You sensed large crash behind you, as your body decided it was content with the water in your lungs, and began to shut down. 

    You weren’t even startled by the hands that hooked under your arms, and began dragging you upwards. Your limp body followed their tug. You began feeling a solid, rough surface underneath you as you were dragged to the shore, and an ear pressed to your chest. Then you a different pair of hands support your head, as a pair of lips connected with yours, and their deep exhale filled your mouth. Then, hands pushed firmly down at the area where your sternum ended.

    One, two, three.

    The pair of lips returned to yours, filling you with air, then returning to push down on your sternum.

    One, two, three. 

    The pattern continued on, before you began coughing, sputtering up mouthfuls of water as the man propping your head up turned it, so you didn’t choke. Water splashed onto the ground as it left your lungs, and you were able to open your eyes, vision slowly returning along with control over your body as you desperately filled your burning lungs with air. You looked up, and saw Laurens holding your head, and Alexander hovering above you, pausing the CPR, with terrified eyes. Several other soldiers stood around, worried expressions on their faces and trying to help, but with really no way to.

    You slowly steadied your breathing from frantic breaths into slow, calmer ones. Everyone had their eyes locked on you, waiting for some kind of declaration that you were okay.

    “Sorry…about…that…” you breathed, as everyone breathed out a collective sigh.

    Hamilton gathered you into a hug and you hung limply, your muscles still a bit week from the sudden loss of control.

    “Oh God, don’t ever scare me like that again (Y/N)…” 

    You managed to place your hand on his back, trying to comfort him.

    “It’s okay, I’m fine.” you cooed.

    The crowd slowly began to disperse as they realized you were fine, leaving only Laurens, Mulligan, Lafayette, Hamilton and you. 

    “So…ah, we’re…uh…really-” Hercules began.

    Pardon,” Lafayette finished.

    “It’s okay,” you quickly responded, not trying to press guilt on any of the men. “You didn’t know, you were just trying to involve me in the fun. No need for an apology.” you smiled, before feeling an immense pressure in your lungs and sputtering up more water, Laurens hand gently guiding your head, making sure you wouldn’t choke.

    Once you were finished, you looked back at him and smiled.

    “Thank you.”

    He returned the grin.

    “So…I take it you would like to go back to your tent?” Hamilton offered, trying to get out of the area where you almost lost your life.

    “Yes, please.” you responded.

    You struggled to get to your feet, and Lafayette quickly rushed to your side and supported you, while Hamilton took the other side. Hercules gently laid your blanket over your shoulders, covering you, and handed your book to Alexander. You felt blood rush to your legs and awaken them as you attempted to walk. Lafayette and Hamilton practically supported all of your weight during the first few steps, where you practically mimicked a baby deer with your wobbly legs. Eventually, you could walk quite comfortably, and Lafayette kissed the side of your head before parting off in the direction of his tent.

    “Feel better, petit cerf,” he said before walking towards his tent. 

    Hamilton remained by your side and continued to walk you back to your tent as the other men wished you a healthy recovery and made their way back to their tents. you wobbled along with Hamilton, before completely gaining back the strength in your legs, and only having to slightly lean into Hamilton’s shoulder for support. You approached the tent, and you both stood in front of the opening, as you both knew you did not want to go inside just yet.

    “Thank you.” you said, breaking the silence.

    He looked taken aback.

    “Me? For what? I basically told my friends to drown you.”

    You chuckled slightly.

    “As I said before, there’s no reason to feel guilty. You didn’t intend for that to happen. And I should thank you for jumping in after me, by the way.”

    He smiled and hung his head down.

    “Ah, it’s the least I could do.”

    Silence. You both looked at each other longingly. 

    “You know,” he suddenly started, “I was hoping our first kiss would be under less life-threatening circumstances.”

    “Ah,” you agreed. “At least we have an ample amount of time to make up for it.”

    He smiled. You both slowly moved towards each other, he having to dip his head down slightly as your lips connected into a soft, passionate kiss.

    You kissed again, not breaking the contact, feeling his silky, warm lips.

    You parted, and then softly buried your head into his shoulder. His head leaned down onto yours, pressing you into him.

    “That was really scary.”

    “I know.” he responded, kissing the side of your head.

    You slowly drew off of him, taking his hands into yours.

    “I really should start packing the supplies, we leave pretty early tomorrow.” you started.

    “You’re sure you can manage?” he asked, still willing to help you.

    “I think I’m fine thank you,” you smiled up at his reassuringly. 

    “Well then, I’d better get going, Washington probably needs me by now.”

    “I’ll see you tomorrow.” you said, half statement and half question.

    He nodded.

    “Definitely,” he said as he pressed a kiss to your cheeks. “I’ll see you in the morning, my love.”

    “I look forward to it.”

    He smiled at you, then began to walk back to his tent. You watched as he became smaller and smaller, then disappeared behind the flaps of the tent. You could see his figure as he pumped his fists in the hair, jumped up and down and let out a victory cry.

    You smiled.

    What a dork.

    The breeze flowed softly, and you directed your attention back down to the babbling creek, small but still visible in the distance. The leaves on the branches shoot, and you heard the chirping of birds and soft whispering of the long, wild grass as it gave way to the wind.

    How crazy is it. You thought.

    That little paradises such as this live in the same world and timeframe as a horrendous war.

    And how crazy is it, that in the middle of it all, were people as incredible as Hamilton.

    'Samurai Jack' Scores Big Win As Toonami Anime Holds Even

    ‘Samurai Jack’ Scores Big Win As Toonami Anime Holds Even

    The final episode of Samurai Jack landed this past weekend and the show had a good gain of about 100,000 viewers over last week to make it the top show on Adult Swim for the night. On the Toonami side of things, Dragon Ball Z is still tops but it dropped by about 75,000 over last week w…

    Read the full article by Chris Beveridge on The Fandom Post!


    etsyfindoftheday 1 | 5.25.17

    theme thursday: swimwear, baby!

    swimwear by kooj

    this theme thursday is ALL about swim!! oh man i am so ready for summer, and etsy is a great place to discover unique and specialty swim styles that no one else at the beach is gonna have … unless they have the etsy insight like you do ;) kooj’s bikinis and one-pieces are varied from modern to retro so you can find a style that’s perfect for you!

    Don't Cover up, Love - Fred Weasley Imagine (Requested)

    Tensions grew surface high at The Burrow and the hot summer had only started. These “tensions” weren’t at all bad. In fact, they were loving tensions but secret. Which, in all honestly doesn’t make any sense. You see Fred Weasley had invited George’s and his best friend, (y/n) to spend the whole entire break with their family. (y/n) had said yes, jumping at the idea of a whole almost four months with her friends, especially Fred whom seemed to be the only thought on her mind lately. There was no doubt in her mind that she fancied the red head. As, there was not a single drop of uncertainty in his head that he had a massive crush on the cute (h/c) headed girl as well. Both madly in love, yet neither knew. Fred kept a close eye watching in adoration in everything move she made. (y/n) wasn’t any better, she liked to watch him talk see his eyes light up at the sound of a subject he liked, or his voice become roar over his twins when they argued with each other.  

    “Kids hurry up before the water gets too cold!” Molly shooed the lazy children up the rickety old stairs to their rooms to change. In (y/n)’s case, Fred and George’s.

    Molly had somehow, bribed the group into going out to the lake for a dip in the water instead of lying in the living room, complaining about the sauna like heat. Her side of the deal that she full heartedly planned on going through with was that she’d take them all out for ice-cream later. After they were completely dried off from the wetness, that is.

    “I call the room first!” (y/n) shouted, stomping up the staircase with George close on her tail. He sighed in defeat, slumping up another flight to the shared bathroom in hopes it wasn’t occupied. (y/n) giggled slamming the door shut behind her before quickly stripping into her undergarments. Prancing around the room, (y/n) searched high and low for her bikini top. She was fast to find the striped bottoms, now all she needed was the multi colored, tie dyed top. Her swim suit was completely mix matched, not that she cared at all.

    Standing back straight up, (y/n) made her way over to Fred’s bed glancing under it wondering if it had floated over there. Luckily she found it; reaching back she unclipped her bra throwing it on her unzipped bag. Out of nowhere, the bedroom door swung open and an absent minded Fred walked in not aware of the scene he interrupted.

    (y/n) yelped in shock, scrambled back covering her predominantly exposed chest backing into a shelf that created a loud bang causing the furniture wobbling sideways. That’s when Fred’s drew his attention over to the flustered girl, awkwardly positioned on the floor. Fred’s cheeks matched the shade of (y/n)’s as he managed to divert his gaze from the half-naked girl in front of him, making a dash for the door. His footsteps didn’t go far though and soon he was back in the room leaving (y/n) barley anytime to change.

    Waltzing over to the embarrassed girl, he squatted down eye level and placed a delicate peck to her cheek. (y/n)’s body still paralyzed, all she could do was smile lightly. Fred took that as a good sign, grabbing her hand and kissing her fully on the lips. After a second or so (y/n) register what was happening and kissed back. Fred pulled away leaning his forehead against hers.

    “What’d you say about going on a date with me later?” (y/n) nodded excitedly catching her breath still smiling like a manic. Fred grinned like a fool helping her up to both feet, while she kept her hands clutched around her upper half. Fred turned on his heel decided to leave her alone to change. Almost out the door he stooped in his tracks. Looking over his shoulders he smirked,

    “There’s no need to cover up, love. They’re very beautiful, perfectly sized to and don’t even get me started on your bum.” With that he closed the door laughing as (y/n) threw a pillow in the spot he once stood.

     ~ Daizy

    Request open keep in mind I have a lot at the moment so it’s gonna take me a while to write them all. xx

    Impossible & Possible - A Maxerica One-Shot

    A/N: So here’s that little sexy beach honeymoon piece I talked about yesterday. This is my contribution to Maxon week, even though it is late for the correct day (Maxon and America). 

    Hope it was worth the wait!

    It should be impossible to be this sore and this comfortable at the same time. Really, it should be outlawed. A sleepy grin formed. I could outlaw it now, if I really wanted to.

    I was Maxon’s wife. The King of Illea was my husband.

    The grin grew wider. I rolled over on the bed, the soft, relaxing sound of waves crashing against the shore carried in the breeze. The afternoon sun was bright but thankfully blocked by the cabana I currently dozed in. Practically all morning, Maxon and I played on the beach, talking and laughing, actually acting our age. If anyone had seen us, they never would have thought that we were the reigning King and Queen of Illea. The concept still seemed foreign to me. I had Maxon, and that was more than enough. Having a crown and title? That seemed more like a burden than a perk.

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    The Cubist Garden of Villa Noailles in Hyères, France by Gabriel Guévrékian [1926]. The architect was an ethic Armenian from Constantinople [now Istanbul] who was raised in Tehran and studied in Vienna. This combination of east and west had a profound impact on his architectural style. Here he clashed what he learned in Vienna and Paris, cubism and bauhaus, with the architecture he saw growing up, the paradisiacal concept of the Persian garden. The word paradise itself comes from the Old Persian term for a walled enclosure or garden. 

    The villa Noailles features as one of the very first modernist style buildings constructed in France. Designed in December 1923, the original villa was built for Charles and Marie-Laure de Noailles by the architect Rob Mallet-Stevens and exhibits the founding tenets of the rationalist movement: practicality, a purification of decorative features, roofs, terraces, light, hygiene… The extensions, which continued right up until 1933, along with the exceptional development of the surrounding property (courtyard and gardens), turned a modest holiday home into a true 1800m2, immobile ocean liner: fifteen master bedrooms all with en-suite bathrooms, a swimming pool, a squash court, a hairdressing salon, a resident gym instructor, etc.

    Features such as the clocks, which are all controlled by a central system, the retracting bay-windows and the mirrored windows, all contribute to the modernity of the site. A heliotropic house, overlooking the bay of Hyères, the villa Noailles celebrated a new lifestyle which favoured body and nature. The interior decoration called upon an impressive list of prominent figures: Louis Barillet for the stain glass windows, Pierre Chareau, Eileen Gray, Djo-Bourgeois, and Francis Jourdain for the furniture, Gabriel Guévrékian for the cubist garden, and Mondrian, Henri Laurens, Jacques Lipchitz, Constantin Brancusi, and Alberto Giacometti for the art works.

    Peaks and Pits

    Made some returns, yay credits
    Bought a cute floral swim suit at Banana Republic
    Got a big work project almost all the way done
    Mani pedi with a friend

    Scale is up even though I saw the lowest # on Tuesday and food has not changed. Hoping it’s just water weight.
    Feeling so bridezilla-y lately although I know I’m actually 100% not. Just stuff I’m thinking internally.
    Gel manicure machine burnt my hand - had to get a regular mani and tipped the lady like crazy because she made me feel sooo guilty for not finishing it.
    Wishing I didn’t second guess everything all the time.

    isnotaband-isanidea  asked:

    That family au ask made me cry TToTT , so to make this happy and fluffy again i'll like to ask when teen!kids have their first kiss.who was the fisrt?tell shiro & Keith & talk about their own? Is shiro quiet cuz there's something keith doesnt know?

    Oh my god ;A; Is it that one where Shiro accused Keith of cheating?! OTL If so, I’m sorry but thanks for the fluffy prompt!!! <3

    [The Voltron Family] It happened while they were on a holiday, there were just at the pool at their backyard. Shiro and Keith were trying to make some bbq while Lance and Hunk were playing in the pool. Pidge was just sitting reading a book. She wasn’t much into swimming but this was family time so they were all wearing swim suits. Shiro called his children to gather in the table for lunch.

    Lance: *sits beside Pidge* You guys wouldn’t believe what Hunk just told me!
    Pidge: Whatever it is, I’m pretty sure it’s dumb. *rolls eyes*
    Lance: *playfully slaps Pidge* *mocks* Whatever it is, I’m pretty sure it’s dumb. 
    Pidge: Hey! Watch it! You’re wet!
    Lance: *chuckles* *attacks* Oh cmon Pidge! Join us in the pool! *cuddles*
    Pidge: *frowns* Get off me. You’ll do nothing but splash water at me.
    Lance: That’s the whole point! *straightens himself as Hunk joins them*
    Hunk: *sits beside Lance* 
    Lance: So, would you mind telling them about the thing? *raises eyebrows up and down* *nudges Hunk*
    Keith: *places down food on the table* *squints* What thing?
    Hunk: *looks at Keith* *blushes* Uh.. Um… *stammers*
    Keith: *raises an eyebrow* *crosses arms* What is it?
    Lance: *shouts* Hunk just had his first kiss!!! 
    Keith and Shiro: *eyes widens* YOU WHAT?
    Hunk: *blushes and hides his face in his hands* I know! I know!
    Pidge: *smirks* *suddenly interested* *puts down books* *grabs bbq* Who was it? Was it your girlfriend Shay?
    Hunk: *nods* *still blushing*
    Lance: *hugs Hunk* Get this. He gave her a peck on the lips! 
    Keith: If that’s what you call a first kiss then doesn’t that make me Hunk’s first kiss? *defensive*
    Shiro: Uh, no, sweetheart. *turns to Keith* I believe it was me who was Hunk’s first kiss. Not you. Sorry honey.
    Keith: *turns to Shiro* Excuse you, but I am most certainly the first one—
    Lance: Oh c’mon!! Parents don’t count! 
    Pidge: We’ve all pecked both of you in the lips. *rolls eyes* That kinda destroys the whole first kiss magic if you count that, Daddy Keith.
    Keith: *scoffs* How dare you, Pidge. Give me back those kisses! 
    Shiro: *shakes his head in amusement* *drags Keith to calm down and sit* Why don’t you tell us about it, Hunk? Lance seems so delighted about it. What more you? *winks*
    Hunk: Oh my god. *blushes even more* It was after our 6th date—
    Keith: *turns to Shiro* I can’t believe we’re sitting here, talking about our child’s first kiss. Also Hunk, that’s too fast! You have to be a gentleman and wait til—
    Pidge: Oh c’mooonnn, Daddy Keith! Why don’t you tell us who and when was your first kiss.
    Shiro: That’s right, Keith. Tell us, who and WHEN. *smug*
    Keith: *glares at Shiro* I can’t believe you.
    Hunk: *eager* Well, who was it? 
    Keith: *nudges Shiro* It was your Daddy Shiro.
    Shiro: *all cocky* And when was that, Keith?
    Keith: *grumbles* The day you confessed to me.
    Lance: *hysterically laughs* You’re one to talk!! HAHAHAHA You kissed him on the first day! HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH
    Keith: Excuse you, Lance. *defensive* It wasn’t me. It was him! *points at Shiro*
    Shiro: *hands in surrender* What can I say? I’ve always dreamed about kissing your lips for months back then and I just had to take the opportunity.
    Pidge and Lance: Ewwww, grosssssss. Spare us the details!
    Hunk: *coos* That’s so romantic! But who was your first kiss, Daddy Shiro?
    Shiro: *laughs and stops at Hunk’s question* What? Come again?
    Lance: Who was your first kiss? Was Daddy Keith your first kiss, too?
    Keith: *slowly and quietly* I wasn’t his first. *eyes at Shiro* 
    Pidge: Well, who was it then?
    Shiro: *sweats nervously* Um… *glances at Keith* *looks at the table* Aren’t you all hungry? Why don’t we just eat, yeah? *laughs nervously*
    Keith: *rolls his eyes* *grabs food*

    When the three were at the pool–they finally managed to convince Pidge to swim–Shiro and Keith were left in the table drinking iced tea.

    Keith: *nudges Shiro’s leg under the table* You know I’m not gonna get jealous.
    Shiro: *blinks in confusion* What?
    Keith: *sighs* I’m not gonna get jealous. I know I wasn’t your first kiss. I know as much. But I was your first boyfriend and first and only husband so… *shrugs* We’re married, Takashi. We have three *looks at Lance, Pidge and Hunk* *scrunches his nose* kids. *turns back to Shiro* Nothing like a first kiss would ruin that. So out with it.
    Shiro: It was a childhood friend back in Japan.
    Keith: Was it a girl or a boy?
    Shiro: *glances at Keith* It was a girl.
    Keith: *nods* Okay, then. Was it special?
    Shiro: *gulps* It was, yeah. She was my first crush and first girlfriend.
    Keith: *nods* Understandable. *glances at Shiro who seems to be worried* What? You look like you’ve committed murder and you felt so guilty. 
    Shiro: Keith, it’s just that I want you to know that you’re—
    Keith: *stops Shiro* *shows him his ring finger* I’m the one wearing a ring and not her. I’m the one here with this house and with three kids, not her. I’m the one here sitting beside you eating leftover bbq, not her. *smiles*
    Shiro: Since when did you become so cocky? *laughs*
    Keith: *lifts Shiro’s chin* Ever since I became a Shirogane, I guess. *winks*

    Cream My Back and I’ll Cream Yours (Joe Sugg Fluff)

    Summary ~ He doesn’t want me to burn and i don’t want him to hurt

    Words ~ 1383

    Requested ~ No

    I stood in front of the mirror and smiled nodding. Not for vanities sake, I was the last person that would be checking themselves out. I had come on holidays with three of my best friends Joe, Oli and Caspar. They had first planned on going on a lads holiday, but they decided to invite me along. I was spectacle at first not wanting to intrude but I could not resist the chance after watch there LA vlogs. So I packed and hopped on a plane. I had arrive the day after them because I had to finish up some work things, but when I were arrived they were all asleep, so that made me feel like I hadn’t missed anything. The next day when they did wake up I was greeted by hugs and cheek kisses. They decided that they would spend the day by the pool and go out later tonight. So I stood in front of the mirror making sure that I looked okay in my swim suit. I grabbed my towel and went down to the pool, to see the boys lying on loungers already. I smiled and thought of something fun to do. I carefully placed my towel on the chair and slowly grabbed Joe’s camera. I positioned it on the table facing all three boys, then I went to the bar asking for a jug of iced water. I walked back jug in hand. I stood in front of the boys before shouting.
    “Wake up” They all sat up fast as I threw the water at them. Oli shouted as the cool water hit him. Caspar rubbed his hands over his face groaning but also laughing, but Joe hopped up and ran towards me. He tackled me and we both fell into the pool screaming. We both resurfaced laughing, he hopped out and pulled me out. I dried off and reached into my bag to get my sun cream. I did all my body expect my back. I looked at Joe and sighed.
    “Em…. Joe” I said.
    “Yeah” He said not opening his eyes.
    “Would you mind em…. putting some sun cream on my back?” I asked awkwardly.
    “Yeah sure” He said not bothered. He sat up and I gave him the bottle, before turning and lying down. I felt his cold hands begin in the middle of my back. He ran them up and down getting every inch of my back. I started to relax as he almost massaged my back.I was very much enjoying his touch, until he moved his hands away.
    “All done” He said sitting back down.
    “Thank you” I said in a sigh.
    We spent the rest of the day sun bathing, swimming, and drinking. We remembered funny things that had happened in the past and ordered the weirdest sounding cocktails. As the sun began to set we decided to go back to our room and get dressed for tonight. I went into my room and got dressed, making sure I looked good. I then went to the boys room. Oli opened the door looking very good and I was relieved that I hadn’t wore anything too fancy.
    “You look very handsome” I complimented.
    “So do you” He said as I walked past him. “Caspar is just finishing editing his video”
    “Were is Joe?” I asked.
    “He is having some trouble in the bathroom” Oli laughed.
    “Oh….. Does he need some tummy tablets? Cause I have some back in my room” I said.
    “No not that kind of problem” Oli chuckled. Before I could reply I heard Joe shout my name from the bathroom. I walked towards the door knocking and asking if he was okay. He opened the door in just a jeans pouting. I had to control myself so I wouldn’t stare at his body. It was hard enough having him beside me all day in his swim suit.
    “What’s wrong?” I asked.
    “Look!” He said turning his back to me. I gasped seeing all the spots, wait? Not spots, bites. Loads and loads of bites all over his back.
    “Oh my god them have eaten you alive” I exclaimed.
    “Yeah I know, I am so itchy” He said trying to reach his back.
    “Stop you will make it worse” I said swatting away his hand.
    “Yeah well, I got this cream to stop the itching” He said holding up a tube. “But I can’t reach and those dick heads won’t help me” He said throwing the cream on the counter annoyed.
    “I will” I nearly whispered.
    “What” He said turning around.
    “I’ll put it on your back, I mean I guess I owe you, because you put cream on mine” I said looking at the floor.
    “Seriously?” He asked and I just nodded. “Omg thank you so much” He said giving me the cream and turning his back to me. I put some in my hand and took a deep breath. I started to rub in the cream. I ran my hands up and down his back. I felt his strong muscles as I rubbed it in. He kept sighing and groaning.
    “Ugh I feel so much better” He said turning around.
    “Good” I said looking at all the cream left over on my hands.
    “Is that extra” He asked.
    “Yeah, I thought you needed more then you did” I laughed.
    “Please rub it here” He said pointing at his collar bone and biceps.
    “Oh okay” I said placing my hand on his arm. I rubbed my arm up my muscles maybe lingering slightly. I moved on to the top of his chest as I went over his collar bone. I looked up to see him staring at me. I looked back down quickly, but I felt his hand under my chin. He tilted my head up and leaned down placing his lips on mine. I leaned into the kiss feeling my longing be filled. I have wanted this for so long and it is everything I thought it would be but better. He turned me around and pressed me into the counter, before he grabbed my hips and pushed me to sit on it. He stood in-between my legs as hands went under my shirt and mine ran up his chest. We heard a banging on the door and we pulled away quickly.
    “Are you done? I need to use the toilet” I heard Caspar’s voice. I looked at Joe but he was looking at the floor. I walked out of the bathroom and smiled at Caspar.
    “All finished” I walked over to Oli, waiting for Joe to get ready. He didn’t even look at me as he went around the room pulling on a shirt and looking for his shoes. I sighed nodding on the inside.
    “Ugh guys I don’t feel to well” I fake groaned.
    “Aw what’s wrong?” Caspar said wrapping an arm around me.
    “Cramps” I lied.
    “Do you still want to go out?” Oli asked.
    “Not tonight” I said shaking my head. “I will just stay in tonight, but I promise that I will go out tomorrow” I smiled.
    “Okay, but I’ll miss you” Caspar said wrapping his other arm around me, and squeezing me tight. I left walking towards my room as I started to walk through the door someone shoved me in. I screamed as I was pinned against the door. I looked up to see Joe.
    “What do you want Joe?” I said sad.
    “I love you. I have ever since Caspar made you try and kiss me. I liked you then, and I like you now. When you helped my pull the alarm clock prank on Caspar, I realized I loved you, and I still love you now” He said placing his lips on mine, the kiss deepened and he started pushing us towards the bed.
    “Wait” He said breathlessly. “Tell me you like me too”
    “I love you Joe, ever since I had to pretend to be Caspar girlfriend and try to kiss you” I smiled thinking of how we first met.
    “I think I will stay in tonight as well” He smiled as we lay down.


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