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cute botanical asks!!

baby’s breath: 5 things you associate yourself with:
bleeding heart: what makes you heart go mushy?
bell flower: what’s the title of the song that makes you want to jump around out of joy?
evening primrose: what’s your sleeping playlist (give me 5 songs)?
forget-me-not: who is your favorite blog who isn’t following you?
daffodil: what is one plant that you want to have but can never get?
calla lily: are you more of a sunny day or a rainy evening?
foxglove: what is your favorite color and in what shade?
lavender: what is something that you’ve always wanted to be/have/get but can never have?
love in a mist: what is the latest dream that you remember?
daisy: what is your favorite flavor of cotton candy, ice cream, and juice?
painter’s palette: are you more of a singer, dancer, painter, or instrumentalist?
tulip: what is your most favorite make-up product? do you like it more natural, dark, or etc?
waxflower: are you a bee or a butterfly person? a dog or a cat person?
sugarbush: do you have sweet tooth? if yes, what’s your favorite sweets? if no, why?
sunflower: would you like to be a fairy or a mermaid?
sweet pea: what would you like to call your significant other?
sea lavender: can you swim? which strokes can you do?
windflower: list 5 of your favorite blogs and explain why i like them
golden rod: are you more of a baker or a cook?
bloom: what is something that you would like to tell your children?
peony: what is something that you wish your parents could’ve told you?
prairie gentian: do you have a significant other?
september flower: are you more of a sunshine or sunset person?
bird of paradise: do you wake up early? do you sleep early?
marigold: what’s your favorite tea?
peruvian lily: what are the names of your pets?
hyacinth: do you name your plants?
lilac: would you rather sleep and be cozy or hang out with your friends?
poppy: do you like to dip your fries or do you like it as is?
dandelion: any special talent that you have?

what if?

(11 and 3 from the Super Sappy Prompts list: “I thought you didn’t want me” and “It’s always been you.”)

It’s not water, it’s ice. It’s a thousand needles of ice pricking at Dex’s skin. Soon they’ll pierce him, puncture his bursting lungs and turn him breathless, lifeless. Still, he swims on.

The current is fighting him. His own lungs are fighting him. His eyes fight, too, stinging, but he keeps them open, gleaning what light he can in the dark water. Later, he will think back and see only seconds of being alone in that darkness. Now, it’s minutes. An endless slow trudge of time as he turns and searches.

He remembers pulling off his flannel, stripping out of his jeans in the freezing night. He remembers kicking off his shoes. And then the plunge, the fevered dive into the water, the rush of his blood keeping him warm. And then, crashing down and through into this frozen limbo, one thought in mind. Where’s Nurse?

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Why Every Stroke is Actually the Worst

Written by a swimmer

Butterfly: Honestly I shouldn’t even need to explain this but…it’s exhausting, your arms feel like noodles after 50m, you’re constantly hitting the lane line and/or other teammates with your arms, and if you want to take more breaths you have to take more strokes.

Backstroke: First of all, you always get water up your nose. How, you ask? This is the stroke where your face isn’t even underwater, so that’s impossible! Wrong! All the water splashing around you ends up in your face and it’s terrible. Also you can’t see in front of you so it’s easy to plow right into the lane line/the pool side/your teammates.

Breaststroke: Even though you’re swimming at a normal pace it feels like you’re going soooo slow. If you’re out of practice the motions also feel really unnatural sometimes. And circular leg strokes = kicking your teammates.

Freestyle: Pressure to be fast because it’s the easiest stroke. Plus, you get to breathe the least of all four because you can’t (well you can but you’re not supposed to because it’s slow) breathe each stroke.

Sports/Exercise Headcanon [Susan Pevensie]
  • Susan is on the swim team
  • Her best stroke is backstroke
  • She loves it because she can look up at the sky when she swims in the outdoor pool
  • Susan is a really good long distance swimmer
  • She enters lots of competitions and wins lots of awards
  • She does relays too
  • Peter, Edmund, and Lucy always go to her meets to cheer her on
  • Peter and Edmund threaten any guy they see looking at Susan in her swimsuit
  • “What are you looking at? Hm?”
  • “Stay away from her. She’s too good for you.”
  • Lucy joins in, “She’s royalty.”
  • Susan is really fit because of swimming
  • She has muscles and abs and makes some guys a little jealous
  • After the first visit to Narnia, Susan started doing archery
  • Her parents were so shocked that she was so good
  • Won lots of archery competitions
  • Susan quit archery after Prince Caspian
  • It reminded her too much of Narnia
  • She spent lots of time on swimming to take her mind off her heartache
  • She never touched a bow or an arrow after Prince Caspian
  • But when her siblings died in the train wreck, she started archery again
  • It reminded her that she had fought wars
  • Through archery, Susan started to believe in Narnia again
Snowbaz Swimming AU

i know its been literal months but i got a few requests to continue so ive decided to revive this fic

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9


Simon chapter again! (i think im going to alternate): simon’s first swim lesson with baz

Words: 1.1k 

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At a slumber party
  • Girl: OMG! so guys who are your crushes
  • Me: well....
  • Close friends: uh oh
  • Me: so i have four.
  • Girl: oh really!
  • Me: number 1, really intelligent guy, he's British, he has a flat mate. He solves crimes for a living.
  • Girl: what..?
  • Close friends: oh god
  • Me: number two, he's a frost giant, comes from Jotunheim. He has dad issues and wants to become ruler of this place called Asgard. He's good really good hair.
  • Girl: ....
  • Close friends: this is not good
  • Me: three and four are Japanese guys. Ones this really rich dude, his dad owns hospitals. He's kind of an asshole, but he cares about people. Oh and number four, he's smart. But he can't swim any other stroke then Butterfly. But still, he is really smart.
  • Girl: .................
  • Close friends: *face palms*

 Min Yoongi x Reader

 Genre: Fluff, Magic!AU

Your name: submit What is this?

Yoongi was lowkey panicking, Namjoon would definitely kill that cursing machine.

“Jesus Christ, Y/N, stop swimming around and stay put!” Yoongi yelled at the pool. It was quarter before nine, and you hadn’t arrived at the dorms yet. Since you were a part in the swimming team, he assumed that you were still training for your event in a few weeks. When he arrived while memorizing some spells for his magic test in two days, he accidentally placed a spell on you and apparently, you’re now a mermaid. Yes, a fucking mermaid thanks to that little shit.

It wasn’t that bad, actually. As a swimmer, the butterfly stroke was the hardest swimming stroke. You almost sprained your shoulder due to excessive training, your friends gave you an earful for being a water-maniac and all you cared was “winning first place in the nationals”.

“Y/N, I swear! Get your stupid self here before Namjoon kills me!” Yoongi yelled again, hoping that no one hears him because he yells loud like an ambulance.

At the middle of the fifty-meter-long pool, you lifted your upper body and shook your head. “THIS IS SO AMAZING, YOONGI! I can win first place in my event!” You exclaimed.

“That’s not how it works, you can’t jump from the diving board because your legs are fins, for fuck’s sake!” He cursed. “Ugh, I’m cursing too much now. You’re stressing me!”

“Hey, hey, don’t tell my brother, okay?” You grinned. “Now let’s see what this baby can do.”

“Y/N-” Before he could finish, you went back under the water and enjoyed swimming with your new fins. “I swear to god, I’m done.”

Yoongi wanted to give up, but his little crush on you wouldn’t let him. Basketball and swimming had a huge difference, just like land and water. He sighed and sat on a bench, watching you enjoy the time of your life.

There were special people in this world—those who had magic powers, and Yoongi was one of them. Who knew that this famous sports university had special classes for people with powers? He met Seokjin, Jimin and Jungkook who had powers like him too; and Hoseok, Taehyung, Namjoon and you who didn’t. Once, Yoongi joined Namjoon to watch a swimming competition and the elder boy met you. Damn, he was amazed with your swimming skills, he thought you were a mermaid in human form. And that was one reason why he accidentally transformed you to a mermaid. He regretted it, but half of him didn’t.

The clock was ticking, Namjoon would arrive at the dorms soon and might find out that both of them weren’t back yet. Yoongi started to get more nervous.

“Y/N, time’s up, I’m changing you back because—shit—your brother will literally strangle me to death if he finds out.” He said.

The loudness of his voice started to decrease as he watched you beautifully swim. He could see how your hair swayed slowly under the water, the way your body moved propelling yourself forward. You looked so perfect and he was completely mesmerized.

“Y/N, I’m changing you back.” He declared, telling you to come closer.

You lifted your upper body from the water, obeying his command. “But hey, can you promise me something?”

“Yes, I’ll change you back to a mermaid when exams are over, now stay still.”

Yoongi muttered the spell and casted it on you, transforming your fins back to legs. As the light disappeared, you suddenly felt like drowing so you hold onto the gutter.

“Fins and legs have huge differences.” You said out of the blue.

“I can tell.” He lent you a hand. “Fix yourself, we’re going back to the dorms.”

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who is in dex's family like who do u hc being in there

okay well i started writing a response to a prompt asking for nurseydex+families!! but my computer crashed so it’s back to the drawing board for that one. anyway i came up with some family headcanons and stuff for both, here’s dex’s !!

dex’s family is quite big. this is a pretty common hc in the fandom but i agree

his mom is called florence. she is the most ginger ginger to ever ginger and she’s incredibly lively. she’s brilliant with mechanics and, like dex, very good at fixing things. she can’t cook though, like at all, but she is, however, amazing at advice. she’s very short

dex’s dad is called albert and he is a wonderful cook. he’s a maths teacher. he doesn’t really talk much and he’s pretty stoic most of the time, but he’s very good at video games, and spends lots of Quality Bonding Time™ playing with his kids. once dex brings nursey home he loves to hear nursey’s opinions on world issues

dex has three sisters and two brothers and nursey is pretty sure they form some weird secret society

the oldest is aubrey. aubrey is married and has a baby girl, and she’s always the one dex goes to for advice if it’s too awkward to ask his mom. dex came out to her first, because of this aubrey always kept a look out for her siblings at school and at home. she’s a kindergarten teacher and is incredible at playing violin

next is lucas, two years older than dex. lucas is studying medicine and is the ‘genius’ of the family. he’s very loud and says “i will fight you” a lot even though he’s quite short. he’s also brunette which is a confusion to everyone. he likes to buy people presents to see their reactions and is basically a big softie

then there’s dex, and after him is matilda. she’s fifteen and can speak very good french, she loves talking to nursey when nobody else understands. she’s already taller than lucas which she loves and shows a lot of promise in swimming (her stroke is butterfly). she has the most freckles

catherine follows after, and she’s twelve. she also plays hockey, only not on the ice. she’s got long red hair down to her butt which aubrey always plaits. she shouts a lot and is the most stubborn person you will ever meet. she can hold her breath for ages

last but not least is rory, the youngest, who is eight. he gave ice hockey a go but really he shines in figure skating. he calls himself a “babe magnet” and has two girlfriends and two boyfriends and doesn’t understand why this makes everyone laugh. matilda paints his nails before competitions. he’s also very interested in biology, lucas likes to teach him things

let’s not forget bertram the family dog. he’s a border collie and he’s a Terror, but he’s very good at tricks

this got away from me i have so many thoughts about this just tAke ThEM


When last I left all of you I was dropping off my car at the shop for the Service Brake System Warning issue and then also to have them address the fact that I was pretty sure the brakes themselves were giving the sqeak signal they were in need of being replaced.

The rear brakes were replaced.  The code for the brake system showed a problem with sensors at the bearing hub (front of vehicle but it does not say which side).  So since it was in I had them replace both sides.  And they also noticed that the tie rod on the driver side was problematic so I had them take care of that and do an alignment.

Wow that tie rod/alignment thing was not something I had realized was off but since it has been resolved I noticed a huge difference when driving. 

Unfortunately, shortly after leaving the shop the Service Brake System lights all came back on so I drove back and they ran the code reader again and now it’s giving an error that could be a short in a wire or a problem with the computer.  Which I had already been reading about online as one of the common causes of all this.  Figuring out a wire short will take some time so they are having me bring it back in on Monday.

In the meantime, I had a crack in my windshield that appeared after a rock hit it on the expressway a few months back.  It was small at first and on the passengers side but it continued to grow and was spreading rapidly lately.  So I had the windshield replaced and it feels good knowing that some of these odd repairs are being taken care of.  I do notice a few difference to the little dot pattern along the top of the windshield still - but I guess seeing as I have been driving this car for many years, it will take a ride or two to get used to something small but different.  My car is a 2004 with 157k on it.  But I know it can easily get to 250k and since I have not made payments on it in years - I should be happy that a repair now and then is still a lot less than monthly car payments right? 

At least that is what I am telling myself to ease the pain

Today’s swim practice was Stroke.  I did not get there early today, so I stayed on after to get myself to the yards I wanted to hit for this week. 

Today’s swim pushed my total for the year so far to 126,100 (which is more than my original 124k goal from last year - which I later doubled.)  Kind of cool though to have knocked out that goal so early in this year!

I also owe a few folks some hydration nudge photos.  So I will get my water filled up and make those happen today!

50 swim/kick/pull

10x25 on :40  favorite stroke

  •  odd - drill 
  • even - distance per stroke

Main set - just make the free, work the stroke

6 rounds

  • 100 free on   2:00/2:10
  • 75 stroke on2:00/2:10

4x100 kick, rest :20 

  • 15 fast kicks off each wall  (if fly or breast, do 8 fast kicks)

1450 pulling on my own after practice.



@sittaeuropaea bedroom aesthetic

inmyownfiction  asked:

Lauren~ if yo ever have time and you want, could you give us (me) more Jean headcanons? (modern ones, because I love the high school things lol) *hugs*

Oh my goodness, of course I can give you (and you in particular) more Jean headcanons! Modern au is my favorite too, so here we go!

  • Jean is an only child, and really dislikes it. When he was younger, his mom’s sister lived nearby, so he always had his cousins around to play with, but they moved away when Jean was five. And then he was alone. The Kirschteins lived in a neighborhood that was primarily older couples whose children were in high school or older, so Jean didn’t have many other kids to play with until he started school. 
  • Jean had a lot of imaginary friends as a kid, to compensate for his loneliness. His mom would watch him run around the house, on an imaginary adventure with his imaginary friends, and would marvel at her son’s creativity. 
  • It was also during his childhood that Jean was drawn to art. He would doodle pictures all over EVERYTHING as a child. So his father decided to channel his son’s apparent natural talent by teaching him how to sketch and draw. That was how Jean first made friends in school, with his drawing abilities. 
  • Jean is a very neat, organized person. He would always stay within the lines of coloring books, not wanting to upset the order. His room’s always decently clean, even in high school and beyond. He just likes things to look ‘nice.’ He’s not a complete neat freak, but disorganization irritates him.

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We were out swimming in Cornwall where she was visiting me in college. The water was cold and we hadn’t planned to swim but she said ok and embraced the sea with an energy typical of her with high shouts and whoops ‘hoo! hoo!’ she jumped around in the water and then went under, swimming breast stroke up and down with the waves as they rippled the length of the long beach. My parents tell me that when I was born I immediately opened my eyes and looked around. I was her third home birth, and this time the midwife was delayed and didn’t show up in time for the birth so it was just the three of us. She told me that day that the contractions were like big waves coming toward her. She saw them coming, took a breath and dove underneath before they could drag her under. It went quickly and I was born there in the bed in a tangle of white sheets. The past few years I am afraid of swimming with waves. I see them coming and retreat back to the shallow water. On a holiday recently Pierce goes into the water and lets the waves crash into him. He swims beyond them and calls to me but I can’t go out there. I am eighteen and on a holiday in Barcelona after finishing secondary school. We wade into the water only up to our waists but somehow a wave grabs me and drags me under along the tiny stones of the waterbed. I proudly walk the beach in my bikini to find a lifeguard, blood running down the length of my right leg. I am not afraid of waves after that. In Cornwall I run into the sea choppy with waves that are taller than any I have seen. I’m in my underwear with my friends. Our heads bob up with the swell of them. Afterwards we learn how to crochet in a pub. We often drive up the coast and stop wherever we see a good beach. We go in to swim no matter how high the waves are. I run towards them. In Dingle we swim at Wine Strand where the waves come in at an angle. It is usually a sheltered cove - the waves don’t know what to do in here, they slosh into all of the corners and the slope into the sea is too steep. I can see a wave coming towards us, it seems to be endlessly building momentum, dragging the water away from my legs towards itself and growing higher. It pulls me under and I tumble with the seaweed. I can’t get out. It doesn’t feel like a normal wave - it is dragging the water back into the sea and is taking me with it. My mouth and ears fill with sand. I cough it out as I claw my way back to the beach. Three people have set up chairs on one side by the rocks and watch us as we make our way back to the car. I wave at them and smile to let them know I’m ok but I’m not so sure. They don’t seem concerned. My hair is matted with sand and I can feel it lodged at the back of my throat and nose. I hope that someday I will just click back into being ok with waves again. I want to use the method - seeing them and taking a breath, confidently diving underneath and emerging on the other side to breathe in again. Increasingly I feel close to panic about things that have never felt bad or difficult. I think about being inside an elevator and lean against the door with panic in my hands and a tight chest. Recently I was changing in a bathroom cubicle before yoga and was unable to unlock the door. I started panicking and hyperventilating. I banged on the door and shouted for someone to come. Finally I calmed enough to try the door again and opened it, my whole body covered in sweat and shaking. A yoga session had been going on just next door and I’m sure they had heard the banging. Someone would probably have come eventually. I don’t think I’ve ever been in danger in an enclosed space or in the sea. I’m not sure what it is about these things specifically that make me panic. Maybe there is something unstoppable coming towards me. Maybe I am somewhere that I might not be able to get out of. I am afraid of dying - it is inevitable and makes me claustrophobic. Someday I will be enclosed and unable to get out. Someday a wave will drag me under and I will not come up on the other side. One day I was born and I opened my eyes immediately and looked.