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cute botanical asks!!

baby’s breath: 5 things you associate yourself with:
bleeding heart: what makes you heart go mushy?
bell flower: what’s the title of the song that makes you want to jump around out of joy?
evening primrose: what’s your sleeping playlist (give me 5 songs)?
forget-me-not: who is your favorite blog who isn’t following you?
daffodil: what is one plant that you want to have but can never get?
calla lily: are you more of a sunny day or a rainy evening?
foxglove: what is your favorite color and in what shade?
lavender: what is something that you’ve always wanted to be/have/get but can never have?
love in a mist: what is the latest dream that you remember?
daisy: what is your favorite flavor of cotton candy, ice cream, and juice?
painter’s palette: are you more of a singer, dancer, painter, or instrumentalist?
tulip: what is your most favorite make-up product? do you like it more natural, dark, or etc?
waxflower: are you a bee or a butterfly person? a dog or a cat person?
sugarbush: do you have sweet tooth? if yes, what’s your favorite sweets? if no, why?
sunflower: would you like to be a fairy or a mermaid?
sweet pea: what would you like to call your significant other?
sea lavender: can you swim? which strokes can you do?
windflower: list 5 of your favorite blogs and explain why i like them
golden rod: are you more of a baker or a cook?
bloom: what is something that you would like to tell your children?
peony: what is something that you wish your parents could’ve told you?
prairie gentian: do you have a significant other?
september flower: are you more of a sunshine or sunset person?
bird of paradise: do you wake up early? do you sleep early?
marigold: what’s your favorite tea?
peruvian lily: what are the names of your pets?
hyacinth: do you name your plants?
lilac: would you rather sleep and be cozy or hang out with your friends?
poppy: do you like to dip your fries or do you like it as is?
dandelion: any special talent that you have?


a july playlist: listen

i: watch - billie eilish / ii: saturn - sleeping at last / iii: you don’t know - katelyn tarver / iv: i of the storm - of monsters and men / v: trainwreck - banks / vi: faufile - charlotte cardin / vii: do you - spoon / viii: i wanna get lost with you - stereophonics / ix: escape - KONGOS / x: varðeldur - sigur rós +more

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Why Every Stroke is Actually the Worst

Written by a swimmer

Butterfly: Honestly I shouldn’t even need to explain this but…it’s exhausting, your arms feel like noodles after 50m, you’re constantly hitting the lane line and/or other teammates with your arms, and if you want to take more breaths you have to take more strokes.

Backstroke: First of all, you always get water up your nose. How, you ask? This is the stroke where your face isn’t even underwater, so that’s impossible! Wrong! All the water splashing around you ends up in your face and it’s terrible. Also you can’t see in front of you so it’s easy to plow right into the lane line/the pool side/your teammates.

Breaststroke: Even though you’re swimming at a normal pace it feels like you’re going soooo slow. If you’re out of practice the motions also feel really unnatural sometimes. And circular leg strokes = kicking your teammates.

Freestyle: Pressure to be fast because it’s the easiest stroke. Plus, you get to breathe the least of all four because you can’t (well you can but you’re not supposed to because it’s slow) breathe each stroke.

what if?

(11 and 3 from the Super Sappy Prompts list: “I thought you didn’t want me” and “It’s always been you.”)

It’s not water, it’s ice. It’s a thousand needles of ice pricking at Dex’s skin. Soon they’ll pierce him, puncture his bursting lungs and turn him breathless, lifeless. Still, he swims on.

The current is fighting him. His own lungs are fighting him. His eyes fight, too, stinging, but he keeps them open, gleaning what light he can in the dark water. Later, he will think back and see only seconds of being alone in that darkness. Now, it’s minutes. An endless slow trudge of time as he turns and searches.

He remembers pulling off his flannel, stripping out of his jeans in the freezing night. He remembers kicking off his shoes. And then the plunge, the fevered dive into the water, the rush of his blood keeping him warm. And then, crashing down and through into this frozen limbo, one thought in mind. Where’s Nurse?

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Bucky the Jerk, part 3.0

hey peeps


lke seriously how what why, i wanna scream. 

I bring you the first part of chapter 3, my sweet lilypads

here it is

Bucky x Reader

Summary: Bucky is being a dick to you, and you can’t understand why is he the only one from Avengers who doesn’t like you.

Chapter summary and warnings: A bit more of Bucky being a dick. and also *le gasp* some plot!

A week passed, and you hardly even saw him, which filled your heart with joy and something like anticipation - every moment you expected him to come into the room and sneer at you.

You almost felt disappointed every time it wasn’t him, and you told yourself that it was your fear of being ridiculed again.

You had a couple of missions, nothing too serious, and you were brilliant in them - your powers grew, you were learning to use them. You didn’t have an opportunity to test out the few simple moves you mastered so far from Steve’s straining, but that was rather a good thing.

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Speak Now, Part 10 (Jughead x Reader)

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9

Imagine: It’s the day before Jughead and Betty’s wedding and you’re determined to make the best of it.

A/N: @jasmineladjevardi beta-read on this yet again! She is awesome!

You awoke to a lovingly annoying Jughead jumping on you like a little boy on Christmas morning.

“Wake up,” he whined.

You groaned, grabbing the nearest pillow and smacking him in the face. “Where’s the snooze button….”

Jughead flopped down next to you. “There’s no time for a snooze button, (Y/N)! It’s my last day as a free man.” He paused. “I say that jokingly of course, in total recognition of the concept’s misogyny.”

You sat up. “Crap. You’re right.”

Jughead raised an eyebrow. “Something wrong?”

You laughed off your nervousness and dread. “…you’re right, Jughead. We have to make this the best day ever!” You said halfheartedly. You jumped out of bed, Jughead following eagerly after you. “…after I get ready.” You slammed the bathroom door in his face with a smug grin.

After shutting the door, you slowly slid to the floor, hiding your face in your hands.

“Crap. He’s right.”

It was officially one day until Jughead Jones III and Elizabeth Cooper would be legally married until death do them part.

And you still hadn’t told him you were in love with him.

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Shit, I’m excited to write this. Based on a prompt from this post.

Jeremy hates patrolling during winter. Because he’s more sensitive to the cold, he has to exert more energy tapping into the heat from his fire abilities to keep himself from freezing to death. He finds himself yearning to trade places with Goranski, who thrives during the winter season thanks to his ice abilities. But, when summer rolls back around and Rich is hiding in doors glued to an AC unit, Jeremy forgets his difficulties in winter as he runs through the streets with the heat dancing around him.

A sharp breeze whips past, brushing his hair to the side, and Jeremy shivers hard and wraps his arms around his trembling frame. “Damn,” he breathes out, scanning the streets for any sign of trouble. He’s not even sure why he’s out today. Things are typically quiet in New Jersey during the winter season because no one wants to leave the warmth of their houses.

Jeremy’s just mid-thought on how he wishes he were curled up under multiple blankets in front of a fire when his comm chirps in his ear and Rich’s loud voice bleeds through.

“Heere! Get your ass down to the river! We’ve got trouble!”

Jeremy’s already pushing into a sprint toward the river, eyes scanning wildly for trouble. “What’s up?” He asks, voice slightly breathless as his arms pump hard at his sides.

“Wind bastard from the city over. He’s got someone from our school. Can’t think of the dude’s name. Michael…. Tell? Bell?”

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Prepared To Wait (Alex x Reader)

Requested by @xzoelliex (thank you!):  Hi love! I’ve had an imagine in my head for a long time! It’s Alex (Dunkirk, Obvs!) and the reader, but the reader was on holiday in Dunkirk with her family (maybe they stayed behind) and she runs out to the beach to be saved, and Alex offers to take care of her, and he basically falls in love with her, and they have their first kiss on the beach after the first boat (in the movie) goes down? Thank you so much

AN: I incorporated the OTP thing where, instead of one being a salty bastard and the other being a cinnamon roll, the pair is salty together 24/7 because Alex is saltier than the English Channel and has no chill. Thank you for your support and patience during my (brief) hiatus. Side note for the future, I will be posting a lot less frequently but I will try as often as possible.

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Close to him

Teddy has a slight mishap trying to get to the shrieking shack

Teddy Lupin x reader

Master list

Originally posted by dariapersonage

You hurried through the maze of corridors, panic rushing through your veins like poison. Pushing the ornate oak doors to the hospital wing, and rushing your way to your friends side.

“Edward Remus Lupin, what in Merlin’s name?’ you began before you realised that he was still fast asleep. Taking a calming breath, you took a seat by his bedside.

You had never seen teddy in such a deep sleep, just when he had the occasional cat nap through history of magic. His hair was a mess of lovely sandy blonde curls , his lips a little fuller and a sprinkling of freckles lay splattered across his nose and checks.

This must be teddy as he looked without his metamorphosis, and you couldn’t deny he was rather handsome, as his button nose scrunched slightly in his sleep. You resisted the overwhelming urge to run your finger along the curve of his rosy cheek, deciding instead to smile fondly at your dearest friend, as your worry melted away now that you that he was safe, before pulling your book from your bag and settling in for a long morning, listening to teddy’s snoring.


“y/n, what are you doing?’ teddy asked his voice still thick with sleep, as he rubbed at his eyes which held an usual but no less beautiful golden tone.

“how are you ted?’ you asked a worried smile at your lips. “a bit achy, have you been watching me sleep?’ an air of mischief about him that you loved, your worries easing, you allowed your cheeks to flush crimson at his question.

“don’t flatter yourself Lupin, my book is far more interesting than your drooling face.’ You managed to quip back, he feigned a hurt expression, clutching at his heart.

“are you going to tell me what you were doing, trying to get past the whomping willow?’ you asked gently, he dropped the hand at his chest to his lap, an apologetic almost guilty expression, on his now more usual face. Freckles having melted into his skin and his lips slightly thinner.

“I just wanted to feel close to him, his birthdays coming up soon.’ His usually cheery voice was barely above a whisper, his now chocolate brown eyes swimming with tears.

You stroked your thumb over his scabbed knuckles, hoping that it would offer him some comfort, ‘ if you like we could down to the kitchens for your dads birthday, and gorge ourselves on tea, chocolate, and slightly undercooked steak?’ you offered, he chuckled in response, squeezing your hand, ‘that’d be nice, I think he’d like that.’ His rich chocolate brown eyes flashed with a warm gold, as he propped himself up on his elbow, your noses inches away from each other. His eyes drifting from your bright eyes to your lips, you poked your tongue out to wet your lips slightly, before teddy ever so slowly closed the small gap between you.


Have a great day and be safe

At a slumber party
  • Girl: OMG! so guys who are your crushes
  • Me: well....
  • Close friends: uh oh
  • Me: so i have four.
  • Girl: oh really!
  • Me: number 1, really intelligent guy, he's British, he has a flat mate. He solves crimes for a living.
  • Girl: what..?
  • Close friends: oh god
  • Me: number two, he's a frost giant, comes from Jotunheim. He has dad issues and wants to become ruler of this place called Asgard. He's good really good hair.
  • Girl: ....
  • Close friends: this is not good
  • Me: three and four are Japanese guys. Ones this really rich dude, his dad owns hospitals. He's kind of an asshole, but he cares about people. Oh and number four, he's smart. But he can't swim any other stroke then Butterfly. But still, he is really smart.
  • Girl: .................
  • Close friends: *face palms*
Snowbaz Swimming AU

i know its been literal months but i got a few requests to continue so ive decided to revive this fic

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12


Simon chapter again! (i think im going to alternate): simon’s first swim lesson with baz

Words: 1.1k 

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