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Sales post!

Small sales post of a few things I’ve been saving for a rainy day.

First is a MakoHaru pin (with an extra Makoto pin thrown in for free!). I got these from the Free! Cafe in Japan in December 2015. I actually haven’t seen the MakoHaru one sold anywhere since then so I imagine it’s pretty rare.

That’s why I’m not gonna set an asking price for this. Make me an offer and I’ll pick the best one.

Charms made by me: $10, one available of each/will not be sold again

Group charm: $15, one available/will not be sold again

Eternal Summer Clearfile: $5, one available

Pack of two clearfiles (comes with one Rin and one RH): $5, two packs available

send me an ask or a message if interested!

paypal only

shipping will be calculated separately


CLEARANCE SALE - Run Turquoise Macrame Hemp Bracelet, Hand Knotted Athletic Jewelry, Unisex Fitness Gift
*** CLEARANCE SALE *** Only one left of this beautiful turquoise RUN bracelet. Made with high quality hemp cord, this one is 7 inches in length and ready to ship once payment is received. Makes a perfect gift for race day, or a great little reminder for yourself of what your goals are.

Hi! Iโ€™m trying to clear out some of my old cosplay stuff. Please signal boost if you can!

Shipping will vary on what is being bought. I will give estimations before purchase. If youโ€™re an international buyer, the shipping will be immensely higher so keep that in mind.

Payments will need to be done through Paypal. You must be comfortable with giving me your name and address.

See pricing below, thanks!

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CLEARANCE SALE - 7 inch Swim Bracelet for Fitness Motivation, Swim Team Coach Gift, Ready to Ship
CLEARANCE SALE! 7 inch SWIM bracelet, made with high quality red hemp cord. This one is ready to ship as soon as payment is received - over 60% off its original price! Perfect gift for that person you cant get out of the water, or for swim coaches. * 100% handmade * Eco-friendly material * Packaged in a small gift bag

At the beach this week, so this seemed appropriate! 

- $15 via PayPal 
- Traditional (prismacolor markers and colored pencils)
- Will be roughly 3 by 6 inches
- Any MLP pony, cannon or oc
- Clothing and accessories can be added 
- Can be mailed to you OR you can pick it up at Bronycon 2017
- For some extra $ can be laminated for a badge and/or an iridescent layer added to the top of image 
-If bought by Thursday, will be finished within a week!

Message me to purchase! Thank you!


So I’m selling some plushies and bags to help save a bit of money because I’m going to Disney world in August! So if you’re interested in anything, feel free to send me a message!

(I have the prices I’d like best listed, but feel free to make a counter-offer on anything, especially if you’re buying more than one thing!)

  • Line Friends Brown pillow - w/o tags - 40$ 
  • Mokomoko Ribbon Alpacasso 16cm - White male with red bow tie, with paper tags - 20$
  • Madoka Magica Kyube Plush - with paper tags - 20$
  • Oreimo Kuroneko mini figure with base - 20$
  • Hello Kitty plush backpack - no tags, and I used this once but it’s still in very good condition - 15$
  • Line Friends Sally keychain plush - no tags - 15$
  • Bleach Renji Plush - with paper tags - 20$ 
  • Line Friends Cony Cross Body Bag - no tags - 25$
  • Free! Iwatobi Swim Club Makoto tote bag - with paper tags - 25$

Everything is new unless otherwise stated. Shipping IS included in the above prices FOR US ORDERS ONLY! If you’re international I’ll still sell to you, but you’ll have to pay for the shipping, unfortunately.

If you want to make an offer on anything, want more pictures, or have any questions just let me know! <3


So I realized I had a lot of keychains just sort of laying around not doing anything, and I decided they needed good homes.

They are all brand new, never removed from their bag.

The Attack on Titan keychains are the only ones that don’t come with head phone dust covers. And the Free! Desert Oasis set will come with the boxes they came in originally.

Shipping is included in the price.

I will probably only be able to ship them out on Saturdays, but I promise I will send them out as soon as I can.

Go ahead and send me an ask if you’re interested. I will not answer if you send me inquiries on anon though.

And feel free to reblog!


Next set is Free! Iwatobi Swim Club Pieces, since the hype for season 2 high as well as the Movie that has been rumored / confirmed, I’m not exactly sure with that one. But now we have some random Free! items, I did have Rin pieces but they all sold, will make more eventually.

Free! Iwatobi Swim Club / Young Haruka Nanase: $ 7.99

Free! Iwatobi Swim Club / Haruka Nanase: $5.99

Free! Iwatobi Swim Club / Rei Ryugazaki: $ 5.99

Free! Iwatobi Swim Club / Seijuro Mikoshiba: $5.99

Free! Iwatobi Swim Club / Nagisa Hazuki: $5.99

Free! Iwatobi Swim Club / Makoto Tachibana: $5.99

Free! Iwatobi Swim Club / Aiichiro Nitori: $5.99

Free! Iwatobi Swim Club / Aiichiro Nitori: $5.99