swim one pieces

This is basically all you need to know
  • One Punch Man: Caped Baldy but with a sucker punch
  • Gintama: we have a plot now but we didn't forget the dicks.
  • Madoka Magica: uh, what the fuck
  • Mob Psycho 100: oH SHIT HE'S AT 99%
  • Haikyuu!!: oH SHIT HE CAN JUMP
  • Boruto: because Naruto. It rhymes. Fuck you.
  • One Piece: we'll find it in your next life
  • Hunter x Hunter: we'll continue in your next life
  • Attack on Titan: fuck he's a titan. fuck she's a titan
  • Owari No Seraph: we want to be gay
  • Iwatobi Swim Club: we're kind of gay
  • Yuri on Ice: we're actually gay
  • Tokyo Ghoul: I DONT WANNA BE A GHOUL, but I mean if I have to then whatever
  • Danganronpa: okay, I know that someone just died but has anyone else noticed the pink blood or...
Ten minutes
  • Some person: ya and then we made out for like 10 minutes lol
  • Me: who haS THE FRICKING TIME!?!? Do u know how long ten minutes is??? Thats HALF AN ANIME EPISODE!!1 whY WOULD U SPEND THAT TIME SUCKING FACE??? When u could be finishing an anime!?!11? What a waste
Animes in a nutshell.
  • One Piece: PIRATE KING! FOOD!
  • Bleach: BANKAI!
  • Fairy Tail: Natsu destroyed another city!
  • Kyoukai no Kanata: Fuyukai desu.
  • Diamond no Ace: Miyuki-senpai, please catch my balls!
  • Kuroko no Basket: Bunch of gay rainbows.
  • Free!: Make us free na splash kasaneta, hikari no contrast abite🎵
  • Prince of Tennis: Mada mada dane.
  • Eyeshield 21: Ya-haa!! Kill 'em!
  • Dragon Ball Z: KA-ME-HA-ME-HAAA!!
  • Junjou romantica: I'm not gay, it's just a hardcore bromance.
  • D Gray-Man: A bunch of beansprouts.
  • Yuri on Ice: Davai! Vksuno!
  • Owari no Seraph: Kill all the vampires!
  • Shingeki no Kyojin: Kill all the titans! Oh wait, I'm one.
  • Boku no hero academia: I'm gonna be the number one hero!... or get killed by Kacchan.
  • Bungou Stray Dogs: DAZAIIIII!!!!
  • Haikyuu: MO IPPON! BOKE!
  • Osomatsu-san: Multiply the idiocy by 6 cause why not?
  • Saiki kusuo no psi nan: I'm honestly tired of your bullshit. Jello coffee is what makes me live.
  • Gintama: An anime concept? Naaaah, we'II copy that on the others.
  • Full metal alchemist: DON'T CALL ME SMALL!!!
  • Deadman wonderland: Wicked, wicked wonderland, it's like crossing the Rio Grande...🎵
  • Mirai Nikki: Yukkiyukkiyukkiyukkiyukki...
  • Prince of Stride: Stop! Catch phrase's thief!
  • Death note: What's your name?
  • Lucky Star: no motivation! I wanna watch anime! Play games!
  • Durarara: IzayAAAAAAAAA!!!
  • Servamp: Don't spill potato chips Kuro!
  • Inazuma eleven: Galactic football! (Wait, isn't it an other anime's name?)
  • Soul eater: SYMMETRY!
  • Yugioh: It's time to duel!
  • Ouran High School Host Club: Kiss kiss broke the vase!

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Shrek Anime

Made by @snickercole I. Please add to it!

The Daily Lives of Highschool Shreks
Shrek Note
Hunter x Shrek
Attack on Shrek or Shrek on Titan
Cory in the Shrek
Tokyo Shrek
Shrek’s Bizarre Adventure or Jojo’s Shrek Adventure
Shrek Week
Kids on the Shrek or Shreks on the Slope or Kids Shrek the Slope
The Girl who Leaps through Shrek
My Neighbor Shrek
Free Shrek Club
Summer Shrek
Shrek Stories
Shrek Hunters
Howl’s Moving Shrek
Shrek Away or Spirited Shrek
When Shrek was There
Shrek in the Sky
Kiki’s Shrek Service
Shrek of The Fireflies or Grave of The Shrek
Shrek’s Island
Shrek on Ice or Yuri on Shrek
From Me to Shrek
Black Shrek or Shrek Butler
Shrektalia or The Beautiful Shrek
Princess Shrek
DoukyuuShrek or Shrekyuusei
Shrek no Pico
Shrek Days
Shrek Party
The Melancholy of Shrek Suzumiya
Sailor Shrek or Shrek Moon
Tokyo Shrek Shrek
Shugo Shrek or Shrek Chara
Kuroko no Shrek or Shrek no Basket
Shrek Is A Part Timer or The Devil is a Part Shrek
Shrek Lied
DRAMAtical Shrek or SHREK Murder
Full Metal Shrek or Full Shrek Alchemist
Shrek Beats or Angel Shrek
Shrek Jack
Naoki Urasawa’s Shrek
Shrek Girl
When Shrek Cry
When Shrek Rises
Sword Art on Shrek
Shrek Bebop
Neon Shrek Evangelion
Kill la Shrek
Case Shrek
Ouran Highschool Shrek Club
Is This A Shrek?
To Love Shrek
Shrekman Wonderland
Shrek Basket
Sherk Warriors
Shrek Live! or Love Shrek!
Shrek Eater
Terror in Shrek
Shrek Hikari Club
Shrek’s Sweet Home
Shrek Proxy
Blood Shrek or Shrek Lad
Shrek After Story
One Shrek Man or One Punch Shrek or Shrek Punch Man
Shrek Ultimate
Vampire Shrek or Shrek Night
One Shrek or Shrek Piece
Code Shrek
No Shrek No Life
Osomatsu-Shrek or Shrek-san
Detective Shrek
Garden of Shrek or Shrek of Words
Sayonara Shrek Sensei
Teen Shrek
Bible Shrek
Dark Shrek
Black Shrek Shooter
Darker Than Shrek or Shreker Than Black
5 Centimeters Per Shrek
Shrek Under The Bridge
Guilty Shrek
Shrek 100%
Shrek Festival
Shrek Kiss
Shrek Diary or Future Shrek
Shrek Connect
Shrek Magica
Love Shrek & Other Delusions
My Little Shrek or My Shrek Monster
Shrek Complex or Lovely Shrek
My Little Sister Can’t Be This Shrek! or My Little Shrek Can’t Be This Cute!
One Week Shrek
Plastic Shrek or Shrek Memories
Please Shrek or ShrekTeacher
Peach Shrek
Alice and The Country of Shrek
Say “Shrek”
Shrek Rumble
Special Shrek or Shrek A
Spice and Shrek
The Last: Shrek Movie
Shrek and Stocking with Garter belt
A Shrek Voice or A Silent Shrek
Shrek Children
Welcome To The Shrek or Shrek To The NHK
The Secret World of Shrek or The Secret Shrek of Arrietty
From Up On Poppy Shrek
Shrek-On!! or K-Shrek!!
Space Shrek or Shrek Dandy
Shrek Parade
Shrek Exorcist or Blue Shrek
D.Shrek-Man or D.Grey Shrek
Tiger & Shrek
Lucky Shrek or Shrek Star

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