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So I’m a lifeguard at a local pool, and at this pool we have various services we offer. Aquatic fitness programs, swimming lessons, stuff like that. Because of this, we have a very strict schedule so that the pool can function for everyone who uses it.

However, there are still a surprising amount of people who cannot accept the fact that other people get to use the pool now. Just the other day I had to tell a swimmer that lane swim time was over and that it was time for swimming lessons for the little kids:

Me: Excuse me ma'am, but lane swim is over now, we need to take this lane out now.

Swimmer: You can’t take out the lane, where will I swim?

Me: Well, lane swim is actually over now, everyone needs to leave so that we can teach lessons.

Swimmer: But I’m not done! Can’t I just stay in while you teach them?

Me: No ma'am, if there’s someone swimming there needs to be a guard on duty, and all the guards will be teaching.

Swimmer: Can’t you just teach and guard at the same time?

Me: No ma'am, teaching while guarding impairs my ability to guard, which is not only a safety hazard but also illegal.

Swimmer: Unbelievable! This is terrible service! I pay for my membership and I deserve good treatment!

She kept ranting at me as she left, but I was busy trying to corral six rowdy kids. The kicker was that while she obviously really wanted to keep swimming, she had shown up with only 15 minutes left in the slot. We also have several big schedules posted around the pool.

Swim-Dive Au (Long Version)

Swim and dive AU

- okay so Nursey is on the swim team and he’s really good, so he swims in the last lane right by the diving board

- Dex is on the dive team so he stretches and does some dryland right by the lane Nursey swims in

- So during swim warm ups Nursey’ll be kicking and his neck will hurt from looking forward, so he’ll lay his head on his board and watch Dex warm up on the board

- And HOLY buckets, Dex is flexible,  and is like practically folding in half in the air

- So Nursey had to look away for ~reasons~

- So Dex is in a butterfly stretch, with his legs almost flat against the pool deck, and his head touching his feet, and Nursey is just staring at him in awe

- Dex looks at him, and his ears start to turn a little red, and a frown is on his face and he turns away, because he’s #smitten

- Anyway practice goes on as normal, but the pink flush never leaves Dex’s ears

- Later on the swim team is practicing their starts, and Nursey’s dives are kind of sloppy

- So Dex, in between his dives, decides he’s going to help Nursey

- Dex is standing beside Nursey, and is moving him forward and back, and moving his legs (and butt) forward and back

- And Nursey is not chill at all, so instead of diving, he and his cute clumsy butt falls off the starting block, hits his head on the backstroke bars, and backflops into the water

- Dex panics and dives in after him, and brings Nursey back to the surface

- Luckily Nursey’s okay and is just laughing at the whole situation and Dex is still really freaked out so he just stares at Nursey, and keeps touching his face and chest to make sure he’s a) real, and b) still breathing

- Nursey’s still laughing, and puts his hands on Dex’s hips and just kept saying “I’m fine, it’s chill.”

- Dex frowns, and leaves for the locker room and they didn’t talk for the rest of the week

- Nursey is sad because he is also highkey #smitten, so right before Dex’s next dive meet he gives Dex a rose and gives a hug and whispers “good luck”

- And Dex just blushes, and gets a perfect ten from all of the judges for the first time in his life at that meet

- Nursey’s so proud and gives him the biggest hug ever

- Later when their alone Dex gives him a peck on the cheek and apologizes for shutting him out

- He also explains that he’s from a small homophobic town in Maine so he isn’t ready to date Nursey yet until he’s more comfortable with himself and his sexuality

- Nursey’s really chill and is just like “dude it’s chill, I’m cool with just being friends for now.”

- Dex is really grateful that Nursey isn’t pushing him, and is being so understanding he lowkey starts crying because he has never come out before or even said “I’m gay” out loud to himself before

- Nursey just holds him and they go get ice cream after he calms down


- Awhile later they’re at practice and they’re chatting while doing their starts and dives, and one of the other guys on the swim team (let’s call him Chad) starts making homophobic comments, and Dex’s face falls. He just kind of shuts down, and starts messing up his dives pretty bad

- Nursey starts screaming at Chad and Chad starts pushing Nursey around and throws a punch, and Nursey slipped on a wet patch on the pool deck, hits his head on the sharp edge on the starting block, and falls into the pool

- The coaches saw it happen, but couldn’t get down there fast enough to stop it

- Chad is kicked off the team, and Dex has jumps in after Nursey, again, but this time there’s blood everywhere

- Dex can barely breath because he’s freaking out, and Nursey could die if he can’t get to him in time, and this point his brain kind of shuts down and he goes on auto pilot. Dex pulls Nursey back up to the surface and the coaches get a towel and try to stop the bleeding while someone (Bitty prolly) calls 911 and explains what just happened

- The ambulance gets there, and Nursey gets a bunch of stitches but he’s okay

- Dex checks on Nursey while he’s still sleepy and groggy and stitched up, and sits beside him rubbing slow circles into Nursey’s hand

- Dex just mumbles “you idiot you didn’t have to do that for me. I can’t believe you. You could have died.”

- “I would do it again.” Nursey responds his voice low and filled with sleep

- Dex presses a kiss to Nursey’s forehead, and then to his lips, and salty tears fell down his face

- Nursey just laughed a little

- “Are you sure you’re ready for this, Dex?” Nursey doesn’t want to out Dex, and doesn’t want to make him uncomfortable

- Dex just nods, and gives Nursey another kiss, and let’s Nursey rest for the night

Snowbaz Swimming AU

i know its been literal months but i got a few requests to continue so ive decided to revive this fic

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12


Simon chapter again! (i think im going to alternate): simon’s first swim lesson with baz

Words: 1.1k 

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Since getting back from Iceland 1 month ago I’ve quit caffeine ☕️ Started eating completely plant based 🌱🍌🍋 and drinking 3 litres of water a day 💦 So proud of myself b*tch like words cannot describe how incredible I feel my brain is so big energetic and juicy. Even tho I’ve been like fake heartbroken and rejected 24/7 I have so much more energy to deal w it so I’m blessed. I’ve been turning to writing more often than I’ve been turning to depwession naps. Love! For this next month I want to read 3 books, start jogging or lane swimming regularly and save ¾ of all of my earnings 🌟😳 I also want to get a journal where I can write down and explore in extreme detail what I want out of my life bc I’m not. Sure. But I need to ask these questions bc I can’t keep myself in the dark. When ur in the dark without ever thinking about a window your only option is to stay in the dark. I’m digging tunnels! Or doors or something 🕳

Cheating/Revenge (Part 2) - Peter Hale (*Smut)

Inspiration: ♪♫

My haunted lungs, ghost in the sheets. I know if I’m haunting you, you must be haunting me.
My wicked tongue, where will it be? I know if I’m onto you, you must be onto me.

*I do not own the gifs, credits to the glorious maker/owner (◡‿◡✿)*

Sorry this might be quite long but I think I could write a whole fic about Peter Hale, so bear with me with this one please, I got too enthusiast haha! x 

Link to part 1 :  X

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