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So baby pull me closer in the backseat of your Rover
That I know you can’t afford
Bite that tattoo on your shoulder
Pull the sheets right off the corner
Of the mattress that you stole
From your roommate back in Boulder
We ain’t ever getting older

(might tweak with it a bit more later… but I have work in the morning and should have been in bed an hour ago RIP)

summer hinoka and takumi doodle~

imagine your ship prompt #2
  • <p> <b>Person A:</b> I want a cat.<p/><b>Person B:</b> You're allergic to cats<p/><b>Person A:</b> Your point is?<p/><b>Person B:</b> <p/><b>Person B:</b> Never mind.<p/></p>
Free! Theme Songs

Haruka Nanase

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Free Now: Sleeping With Sirens | Bird Set Free: Sia | New Divide: Linkin Park

Makoto Tachibana 

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Count On Me: Bruno Mars | Just The Way You Are: (Nightcore) Bruno Mars | Treat You Better: Shawn Mendez 

Rei Ryügazaki 

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Fergalicious: Fergie | The Greatest: (Nightcore) Sia | Mermaid: Train 

Nagisa Harzuki 

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Young Volcanoes: (Nightcore) Fall Out Boy | Here’s To Never Growing Up: Avril Lavigne | Smile: Avril Lavigne

Rin Matsuoka 

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Breakaway: (Nightcore) Kelly Clarkson | Hall of Fame: The Script | Don’t Forget Where You Belong: One Direction

Gou Matsuoka 

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Teenage Dream: (Nightcore) Katy Perry | Hide Away: Daya | Boys Will Be Boys: (Nightcore) Paulina Rubio 

Aiichiro Nitori 

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My Happy Ending: Avril Lavigne | Firework: Katy Perry | Say Something: A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera

Seijuro Mikoshiba 

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Headstrong: (Nightcore) Trapt | Let Me Love You: (Nightcore) Justin Bieber & DJ Snake | Girls: The 1975 

Miho Amakata

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Roses: The Chainsmokers ft. Roses | Kidz; Take That | Born This Way: (Nightcore) Lady Gaga 

Sousuke Yamazaki

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It’s My Life: Bon Jovi | Sick Of It: (Nightcore) Skillet | Drag Me Down: (Nightcore) One Direction

Kisumi Shigino

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Lonely: Akon | Sexy and I Know It: (Nightcore) LMFAO | What Do You Mean: Justin Bieber

Momotarou Mikoshiba

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Notice Me Senpai: NANDA?! | What About Love: Austin Mahone | Girl Crush: (Nightcore) Little Big Town 

Coach Sasabe 

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Good Time: (Nightcore) Owl City | I Won’t Give Up: Jason Mraz | I Won’t Let Go: Rascal Flatts 

Cuddling with the Free! boys:

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- Bath cuddles. (Obviously while wearing swim suits god guys)

- He isn’t the biggest fan of cuddling so consider yourself blessed

- Will 100% be holding your hand the entire time

- Hand holding is his favorite form of physical affection so you can bet he’s going to incorporate that into the cuddles

- Likes if you play with his hair

- Like a lot

- Cuddles with Haru will usually lead to really deep talks

- Imagine it’s 2am, your heads on Haru’s chest, staring up into his eyes, you’ve got one hand in his while the other plays with his hair, his free(!) arm wrapped around your waist tightly to keep you close, all is quiet, until…

- “Do you think we’ll love each other as much when we’re 80?”

- Anything along those lines is common with Haru

- People usually get the wrong idea when you tell them you didn’t get much sleep that night

- The cuddles are surprisingly warm and tight, they happen as often as possible because as much as Haru hates to admit it, he needs you close more than you know

- He’s not apposed to being the little spoon every once in a while

- If his days been hard you’ll get a very needy text from him telling you to meet him at his place, if you’ve had a hard day the same applies 

- Makes you feel special type of cuddler

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- He’s a literal heater, by far the warmest person in the world to snuggle into save me

- Wraps his arms around your entire body because the height difference between you is ridiculous, you’re the height equivalent to Nagisa compared to him

- But that means that you fit together like pieces of a puzzle, an amazing warm cuddly puzzle… 

- Imagine your back tucked against his chest, his long arms wrapped securely around you while you both talk softly about what you’ll do with your futures

- Ren and Ran 1000% get involved at least 4 times a week, it’s no question that they absolutely adore you and you them, like sometimes when you go to visit Makoto you just end up playing with those two little rascals 

- Makoto thinks the cutest thing ever is seeing you and his siblings asleep all cuddled up together basically using him as a bed.

- The formation is: Mako’s arm around your shoulder as you lay beside him with your head in the crook of his neck and one of your hands in his hair (you were playing with it before you fell asleep). Ran in the same position as you on the other side of Makoto only she was laying on his chest then finally Ren squeezed between you and Makoto, his head nestled into your stomach and your arm wrapped tightly around his waist while he hugs you like a teddy bear

- You end up in this position every time without fail

- Makoto definitely has taken a billion pictures of this, it’s without a doubt his phones wallpaper

- You have a thing about leaving butterfly kisses on his neck while you cuddle because it makes him giggle and that giggle lemme tell you– damn

- He loves it, he’ll never admit it, but he loves it. Y’know what? Love isn’t even a strong enough word.

- Makes you feel protected type of cuddler

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- Oh mY G0D,,,,,,, This B0Y,,,,,,,, this,,,,,,, boi

- Hugs you as if you were a literal teddy bear, his hold on you is so tight but in the most comfortable way imaginable 

- You two don’t spoon, you hold onto each other in a bear hug but it’s not your typical bear hug, you both refer to these types of hugs as ‘extra special Nagi-(Y/n) snuggles’

- Alright so,,, imagine you’ve both had a really tiring day at school (everyday with this ball of sunshine to be honest) Nagisa invites you over to his house to ‘study’ which is usually true for about 5 minutes before Nagi starts nuzzling his head into your shoulder complaining about how boring studying is.

- And since this boy has made you soft you give in in about 0.2 seconds

- He’s taller than you so when you guys cuddle he wraps his legs around your waist and arms around your neck, like a koala, a blonde, happy, adorable, sunshine filled koala


- As a couple eskimo kisses are like,, your thing. Some couples hug or give kisses on the cheek, you two? You do it all + an eskimo kiss because you’re extra

- His hugs could end wars if we’re being honest here, if you’re having a hard day Nagisa is there and he will give you the warmest cuddliest hug in the universe

- He’s just so pure and soft and joyful keep him safe the world does not deserve him

- His older sisters take pictures of you both cuddling and post them online 

‘Baby bro and his girlfriend are the cutest awww!

- Makes you feel like nothing else matters type of cuddler

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-  Rei is a whole different story alright hold on tight kids

- He is absolutely ridiculous when it comes to cuddling 

- “(Y/n) I can’t I’m studying.” 

- “(y/N) i CaN’T i’M STuDYiNG.”

- This gets on his nerves so you do it until he agrees to give you the snuggles that you deserve for being the most patient girlfriend ever

- One time you got sad because sometimes he stresses himself out with studying and school work that he barely spares you a glance and your mind straight away jumped to ‘Okay he hates me. Great going (Y/n)’… sad bean.

- Rei’s super smart but oh my god he’s so blind, this boy loves you, he loves you so much and that day when he saw the look on your face he was destroyed, he was so worried when he asked what was wrong and you told him he hugged you so tightly

- That was the start of hug tolerant Rei. He discovered he loved your cuddles. He now wants them all the time. You’ve created a monster.

- He’s an old soul and it’s the cutest, when you hang out he wraps one arm around your shoulder and keeps you close then in the other hand he hold up a book and reads to you

- He lives for sleepy (Y/n) trying to stay awake while he reads to you, he loves the face you make to show how interested you are in what he’s reading but at the same time he’s been waiting to snuggle up to you and sleep since he opened the book because lets face it this happens all the time

- You guys cuddle weirdly, he lays on his side, arms around your torso facing you while you wrap your legs under his knees and your arms circle around his neck with your forehead against his chest

- It’s insanely comfortable don’t even question it

- When you guys lie like that he’s constantly kissing the top of your head and it is the bestest thing in the world

- When he falls asleep he nuzzles his nose into your hair but he doesn’t believe you when you tell him because “nuzzling is illogical” but you know he loves it

- Makes you feel complete type of cuddler

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- Did someone say cuddle monster?

- He is lowkey the softest boy oh my god he makes me weak send help, he loves cuddles, he’ll deny it to the guys but when you’re alone there is 0 shame

- Buries his face in the crook of your neck, he thinks the smell of your hair is so comforting- he’ll notice if you change shampoos

- protective bby boy

- He holds you a certain way that I don’t think words can describe correctly because it makes me way too emotional, 


So basically he lays like this and your head is rested on the arm he has behind his head, his other arm is around your shoulders while his hand plays with your hair

- He loves just staring into your eyes, it makes him less stressed about being the captain and helps him forget his responsibilities for a little while

- Gou thinks it’s the cutest thing ever seeing her big brother all mushy with you, oh god he gets the goofiest smile on his face just looking at a sleeping you in his arms it’s too much I’m dead

- You let him cry on your shoulder and give him your undivided attention because god knows he’s got a lot bottled up

- When he’s upset like this you end up just cradling him against your chest while his arms are holding onto you for dear life

-  So before a big race you lie in your usual position (The one I mentioned^^) and if you fall asleep he’ll kiss your forehead and whisper to you

“I’m gonna win this one for ya, babe”

- And he does

- You can get him to do anything if you promise him cuddles

- a n y t h i n g

- Makes you feel at home type of cuddler

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- He has a playlist specifically for cuddling 

- It’s full of cute duets and slow songs, A+ for this boy because he makes sure to add in your favourite artists

- Alright down to business

- He hugs with his entire heart, it’s not his favorite thing to do but he doesn’t not like it either

- You lie your head on his chest and one of his arms is around your waist and the others under his head

- He shares an earphone with you, awwwwww

- He plays with your hair constantly, it’s actually his favorite part of cuddling, another is the fact that he can sleep without getting called lazy by Rin

“I came into the dorm today and you were asleep.”


“It was like 2 in the afternoon, what the hell man?”

“Yeah my girlfriend wanted to cuddle, I was just being the amazing boyfriend I am.”



- You always always always give him little shoulder massages, he sits in between your legs while you do this

- He also secretly lives for when you leave little kisses on his injured shoulder 

“Feels better already”

- He’ll always lean down and peck you on the lips before you fall asleep because it always makes you smile and you end up falling asleep with a little smile on your face

- Rin can lie to himself all he wants but when he comes back to the dorm and sees you two all cuddled up and asleep his hard-ass facade fualters a little bit

- Sousuke will sometimes sing along to whatever song is playing and that is enough to melt your heart

- Makes you feel like you belong type of cuddler

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- Littlest of spoons

- Hold him tight please

- We all know this baby boy wants to be the best swimmer he can be but sometimes that means he overworks himself and spends longer in the pool than is good for him

- Hence, as his girlfriend it is your duty to drag him away from the pool, get him warm and fed then haul his ass to bed and show him through warm secure hugs that you care about and love him very very much

- He’s so amazing and it hurts you so much how insecure he can be sometimes like I’m sorry bby I love you so much

-When this happens you get all sad and just kind of wrap yourself around him as if you were a koala on a tree and rest your chin on his shoulder until he accepts the fact that you’re in love with him and most likely always will be

- Once he realizes that you aren’t going anywhere he kisses your cheek and thanks you for being so amazing

- You’re a little bit taller than him so when you cuddle his heads in the crook of your neck while his arms are circled around your waist, one of your arms in under his head usually playing with his hair while the other’s thrown over his waist

- He is the most gentle human being and he has softened your heart by 100000000000%

- He deserves the world and to him that’s you

- You kiss his beauty mark and he gets all blushy and smiley

- He gIGgLeS, it is the actual most cutest thing

- He’ll always take charge of the cuddles if you’re upset. He is hands down one of the best comforters ever.

- It’ll be the same way you both normally cuddle only the roles are reversed and he just strokes your hair so gently it’ll make you instantly calmer

- Makes you feel like you’re important type cuddler

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- Energetic to the max

- Okay he has a lot of energy but that won’t stop him from being the sweetheart he is, you wanna cuddle? Okay let’s cuddle.

- Cuddling usually starts off with a tickle fight followed by some rolling around trying to find a comfortable position

- Never one designated position 

- You could be spooning, one of your heads on the others lap, sometimes Momo just flops down on his stomach and you just kinda lie down on his back and neither of you will move for like 3 hours

- He’ll talk to you about his beetles, you don’t really care but it makes him happy so you listen intently watching the dorky little smile on his face


- You being half asleep by this point

“Mhm, that’s great babe… really really great, I love you.”

- He just laughs at you but then starts to gush about how cute you are

- After he’s sure you’re asleep he gets really sentimental and he talks to you 

“Maybe I’m the lucky one, ending up with someone as great as you, huh?” Then he’ll brush the hair from in front of your eyes away behind your ear and kiss you ever so softly on the tip of your nose before he finishes “Yeah, I’m definitely the lucky one.” 

- I’m not dying inside

- He’ll probably drool on you once he falls asleep.

- Makes you feel loved type of cuddler

Wow this took me so long so I’m putting it up, yeah I know nobody asked for this but I want these boys to cuddle me, writing this killed me inside a lot, anyway hope you like it!