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Heat Haze

Summary: You and Cas go for a night swim, and are both very pleased to see that there’s a hot tub.

Request: How about some smut where Reader is in a hot tub or pool with Cas and he’s all flustered because she’s wearing a bikini. And it just leads to some really fluffy smut
-Requested by Anon

A/N: I went a little wild for this one! I hope you all like it! <3

Pairing: Human!Cas x Reader

Warnings: smut (kinda public, outside hot tub/pool area), language, enough fluff to kill.

Word Count: 3.2k (Sorry not sorry)

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If there was anything worse than having to sleep next to a sweaty Winchester in a shitty motel room with a broken window air conditioning unit, you hadn’t discovered it yet. You’d much rather be in hell. Literally.

You were wide awake at two o’clock in the morning while laying on the edge of the bed, because Dean’s a bed hog, Sam was way too large to even try and share a bed with, and a newly humanized angel was sleeping on the couch.

Now you weren’t by any means saying that you were mad at Cas, but..if he still had his grace you would have a place to sleep right now. Dean was..cuddly in his sleep, and it was just flat out way too hot for his arm to be draped over your stomach right now.

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BL Summer Bingo: Humidity

In the chat we talked about how Russian!Jack would deal with the humidity and heat of summer in America. 

Not well, is the answer.

(Featuring Jack’s pupper too!)

“My God,” Jack moaned, pressing the back of his hand against his sweaty forehead, “how do you live like this?”

“Well, first off, we don’t bitch and moan about it.” Rhys replied tersely from his perch on the couch, where he was busy twisting a vanilla and strawberry popsicle deftly between his bright pink lips. He was dressed lightly, in a pair of navy shorts and a breezy white dress shirt. His legs were bent under him as he lazily sucked on his popsicle, and the sight would have been arousing to Jack if not for the sweltering heat that was consuming him.

What a day for the air conditioner in Rhys’ fancy apartment to break.

“Why is….is the air like soup?” Jack groaned from his position on the floor. He looked positively unkempt, so far from his usual prime and polished appearance as Rhys’ bodyguard. His hair was wet with sweat, dark strands plastered against his forehead as sweat dripped down his tan skin, running uncomfortably all the way down his neck and to his exposed chest. He’d shed the thick charcoal suit he had been wearing and completely unbuttoned his stiff dress shirt, revealing his soaked undershirt and the necklace of interlocking gold rings hung low around his neck. Still he was suffering in the shimmering hot air that seemed to swarm all around him, and only his shred of dignity preventing him from stripping completely down to his boxers.

“That’s just how New York is in the summer. The real question is why don’t you own any clothes other than suits and jackets?” Rhys snarked from his position on the couch, hair moving lightly in the breeze from the small fan he had blowing directly on him. Sadly even the fan was little comfort to Jack, who merely slid further, back sticking to the hardwood floors, sweaty skin fogging up the glossy finish.

“I didn’t….I didn’t think it would get this hot,” Jack complained, scrunching up his face when his dog came clattering back into the living room, licking her muzzle clean of water from her dish. The black borzoi nuzzled her owner’s cheek affectionately, lapping at his sweaty face.  

“Angel….нет, Фу!” Jack growled, grimacing as he eased her away. Usually he welcomed affection from his pet but the last thing he wanted right now was warm, humid tongue rubbing up against his skin. Angel whined, before turning and hopping up on the couch with Rhys and snuggling up to the omega’s flank.

“You’re so mean.” Rhys pouts, wrapping his arms around Angel and snuggling her close, letting her lick his face and bump her snout against his jawline.

“She is warm. I need to be less warm.” Jack moaned, rubbing his temples. Rhys frowned, petting Angel’s flank as he tilted his chin to the side.

“Mmmm, well, if you don’t  mind swimming in your boxers, we could go out to the pool.” Rhys’ smiled perked up at the edges at the idea of his handsome bodyguard standing shirtless besides his magnificent pool. The omega himself, of course, relaxing in a comfortable chaise lounge, his thighs squeezed just right by his blue spandex briefs. A margarita in his hand, sunglasses inched down to get an eyeful of his alpha’s sculpted ass? Yum.

“As long as it is cool I will do anything.” Jack groused as he slowly sat up, his skin making a big show of peeling away from the sweaty hardwood. Rhys sucked off the last of his popsicle, eager as he hopped to his feet and ran off to change into a new swimsuit he’d bought a few days ago, already mentally noting to buy Jack an equally sexy pair to match.

New York summers weren’t exactly known for their mercy. Jack would have a lot of time to show his new suit off.

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Hi, I heard from a friend that you were doing ficlet request. I have three. The first one is Damien gets Robert a really cool knife for their anniversary to go cryptid hunting and Robert's just like marry me. The second one is Robert and Damien are getting busy (smex) when Lucien comes home early and Damien hides Robert. The third one is Damien is self-concise about his body and Robert wants to take him to the beach, so the compromise is they go to the beach at night and have fun.

Nonny bless you for these fic prompts! The problem with tumblr is that I can only answer the ask once (unless I keep reblogging the post with the additions of the fic requests but that’ll be a dash-clogger) if you see this ficlet and you would like to send each fic request separately that’s fine, or if you would like to come off anon and I can personally tag you in each that’s also fine!

I’m going to do the third one first because that was the one I was planning to add to my fic Love That Dad! But with Lucien coaxing him rather than Robert, but I am still very excited to do it! Here goes nothing


It was admittedly one of the hottest days in the year. The season was about to turn and of course mother nature (the most elusive cryptid of all if you ask Robert) decided that this was the time to scorch everyone on earth, the residents of the cul-de-sac more specifically. He was certainly roasting alive in his tiny house, he should open a window, but it would only bring more heat in. He already drank a whole case of ice cold beer and all it did was make him sad. So now he was hot and sad, in that order. There was nothing on television, and if he watched another show where people ran around being scared by “ghosts” then he was sure he was going to throw himself to the Dover Ghost. He made a little tub of ice water for Betsy, she seemed satisfied enough. Her little body just big enough to fit inside of the plastic bin, her tongue lolled out of her mouth. She was sleeping. He smiled, she was dumb but she was his dummy and he loved her.

He got up, shedding his sweat-soaked shirt. He was pretty hairy, so that meant that hot days were even hotter for him and that meant that his water bill was going to be through the roof this month. He chucked it in the hamper and went to go the bathroom but then an idea ran through his head.

He wanted to go to the beach. But not by himself, and not just with Betsy, she had no head for conversation. He got out his phone and scrolled through his small list of contacts. Brian? Nah, he was going to bring his daughter and talk about how great she was and he didn’t need to be reminded of what a shitty dad he was. Mat? He was cool, and made good coffee, maybe they could chill and drink a jug of ice coffee. Nah, Mat got nervous around people, and that meant small talk and no bouts of silence that he wanted. Craig? Hard no. It would end up being a workout and he doesn’t need to get anymore sweaty than he already is. Fuck Joseph, automatic no. Mary? She was pretty much down for anything. He sent her a text. She replied quickly saying that she and Joseph had to go to the church for some meeting about renovations, short answer: no. Hugo probably would prefer to stay indoors and read so he wasn’t going to even text him. That only left Damien.

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It’s Almost Done!

I have one more scene to write in this Wintershock fic I’ve been working on for two months, off and on. The scene will probably be 3,000+ words and take up an entire chapter, but I’m so close. I’m determined to get the first draft done by this weekend and start working on my second draft right after. It’ll be 14 chapters and around 65,000 words. Angst, slow burn, eventual smut, tons of dialogue, a damaged Bucky, and a fumbling-as-she-is-trying-be-helpful Darcy. Bonus: Bucky swimming in boxer-briefs. If I can get my shit together, I hope to start posting chapters next Wednesday or Thursday. Maybe. Don’t hold me to it.


#mmrarepairweek is a Thing soo i’ve decided to get back into writing! this is my first fic ever for mystic messenger, and it’s for @mmrarepairweek, day 1. i chose to write for the vacation prompt :’) 

there’s no real plot to this one, it’s more just taking you for a ride in a snippet of their day, written from saeran’s point of view.

pairing: saeran and zen

words: 2131

rating: T for mild swearing; mentions and descriptions of anxiety

warnings: none




         To: Saeran

         From: Zen

grab a towel and some spf 50 i’m bringing you to the beach!!!

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Imagine swimming with Crowley

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“Come on, Crowley! It’s not even that cold!” you yelled from the pool. “Jump in!”

The look he threw your way practically screamed, Really?. He was staring at you as if you had went nuts. “Me? Seriously, Y/n?”

“Yeah! I’m dead serious! Come on!”

“You’re off your rocker.”

“Crowley!” You whined like a small child. “Please?”

“Bloody hell, darling! I still have my suit on!”

“So! Just swim in your boxers!”

He scoffed. “No way.”

“Don’t make me come up there and force you in,” You teased as you walked up the pool steps. “Cause I will, and you know it.”

“Don’t you even think about it, Y/n Y/l/n.” He threatened through gritted teeth, “You’ll regret it.”

Before he could run away as your feet hit the concrete, you had him by the shoulders pushing him towards the edge. The curses and threats flowing from his mouth was enough to make a sailor blush, but you continued on anyways.

The water came up with a splash as your lover went tumbling in, only to pop back up the moment he went under. He looked at you with pure annoyance, steam ready to blow from his ears. You ignored it though, and jumped in after him.

“You think you’re funny, darling?” He asked as you swam up and wrapped your legs around his waist.

“I think I’m hilarious.”

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Underwear is NSFW in some people's eyes as is anything that show a bit of skin but you keep posting it as it makes you're smile even more beautiful.

I call double standards as I’ve never seen a guy in boxers or swimming trunks be considered NSFW.

Impossible: Chapter 2

A/N: Im really sorry that it took so long for me to end up posting but i got the flu and than started work but the feedback and the likes were awesome so thank you!

Warning: this is a mpreg story! Which is male pregnancy so DO NOT READ IF NOT COMFORTABLE.

***sorry for any spelling errors or mistakes!***

previous chapter 

Chapter 2: Bambi

   “Do you think the guys will be mad if I say I don’t really want to see anyone this weekend?”

Phil hummed. He flipped a egg and with his spatula, he pointed at Dan, “If you don’t want to see us this weekend then that’s your choice. We gotta go along with it even if we weren’t happy with it.” Phil turned and he picked the egg up. He slid it onto a plate and turned.

“I can go too, you know? Give you some space or something.” Phil suggested.

The corners of Dans mouth tugged upwards. He narrowed his eyes, “Who will watch anime with me? You know it’s super sad to watch it all by myself.” 

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Clothes and accessories vocabulary in Finnish

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Vaatteet - clothes
Asusteet - accessories 
Muoti - fashion
Malli - model
Vaatekaappi - wardrobe, closet
Henkari - hanger 
Peili - mirror
Hattu - hat
Pipo - knit cap, beanie
Lippalakki, “lippis” - cap
Kypärä - helmet
Huppu - hood
Takki - coat, jacket
Liivi - vest
Bleiseri - blazer
Paita - shirt
Pusero - pullover
Paitapusero - blouse
Villapaita - sweater, jumper
Villatakki - cardigan
Huppari - hoodie
Poolopaita - polo neck, turtleneck
Kauluspaita - dress shirt
Neule - knit garment
T-paita - t-shirt
Toppi - top
Verryttelypuku - tracksuit 
Haalari - jumpsuit, overall
Pyjama - pajamas
Koulupuku - school uniform
Univormu - uniform
Kaapu - robe
Viitta - cloak
Puku - suit
Frakki - white tie
Saketti - morning dress
Smokki - dinner jacket, tuxedo
Korsetti - corset
Leninki - frock, dress
Mekko - dress 
Hame - skirt
Housut - trousers
Farkut - jeans
Collegehousut - sweatpants
Shortsit - shorts
Legginsit - leggings
Kengät, kenkä - shoes, shoe
Lenkkitossut, “lenkkarit” - sneakers
Korkokengät - high heels
Saappaat - boots
Kumisaappaat - wellingtons 
Tossut, tohvelit - slippers
Sandaalit - sandals
Sukat, sukka - socks, sock
Sukkahousut - tights, pantyhose
Säärystimet - leg warmers
Alusvaatteet - underwear
Rintaliivit - bra
Kalsarit - long underpants 
Alushousut, pikkuhousut - panties 
Stringit - thong
Bokserit - boxers 
Uimapuku - swimming suit
Bikinit - bikini 
Uimahousut - swimming  trunks 
Vyö - belt
Olkaimet, henkselit - suspenders, braces
Silmälasit - glasses
Aurinkolasit - sunglasses
Piilolinssit - contact lenses
Rusetti - bow
Solmio, kravatti - necktie
Lompakko - wallet
Kukkaro - purse
Käsilaukku - handbag
Korut - jewellery
Korvakoru - earring
Kaulakoru - necklace
Rannekoru - bracelet 
Rannekello - wristwatch 
Sormus - ring
Lävistys - piercing
Tatuointi - tattoo
Meikki - make-up
Naamio - mask
Peruukki - wig
Hiuspanta - headband
Korvaläpät - earmuffs
Huivi - scarf, kerchief
Huntu - veil
Hansikkaat, “hanskat” - gloves
Lapaset - mittens
Kynsikkäät - half gloves 
Sateenvarjo - umbrella
Avaimenperä - key chain, key fob
Hiha - sleeve
Lahje - (trouser) leg
Kaulus - collar
Käänne - lapel
Tasku - pocket
Nappi - button
Vetoketju - zipper 
Väri - colour
Kuvio - pattern
Kangas - fabric
Farkkukangas - denim
Villa - wool
Puuvilla - cotton
Trikoo - tricot
Flanelli - flannel
Fleece - polar fleece
Sametti - velvet
Silkki - silk
Satiini - satin
Tylli - tulle
Pitsi - lace
Turkis - fur

A Sweet Night of Love Making -Eisuke

WARNING: If you don’t like smut, please don’t read as this is a smut story! Thankyou! *^-^*

Eisuke was still gone, his business trip having been extended two days I was missing him badly. Although he had been due back today, he was nowhere to be found.

Back on our island, that he so easily paid for without a care in the world, I was sat on the beach. Playing with the sand I had an impulse to jump right there into the sea. Feeling playful, I take off my jumper and run in almost fully clothed.

The water felt good against my skin and the cool of the sea warmed me. Biting my lip I try to imagine Eisuke’s hand falling against my fingertips, my arm and then my shoulder, falling down to my naval. The sensation made me squirm in sexual lust.

“Eisuke…” I really miss you.

“What are you doing, __?” he says from behind me. I jump and see him on the beach close to where I am floating in the water.

“N-nothing Eisuke. Welcome back.” But his eyes latch on to me and they burn my defences down to ash.

“___ you know what you were doing.” his voice is a promise of something much hotter than the water, which raises my temperature hugely.

He drops his jacket, and strips down to only his shirt and boxers. Swimming into the sea he reaches me, pulling me flush against him. “What, were you doing?”

“T-touching my arm.” I reply back and once I see those burning eyes I crack, “-pretending it was you.”

Eisuke shakes his head, and drops his lips onto mine, “I missed you.”

My inner goddess does a little cartwheel and I want to do a little dance on the spot. He was finally telling me how he truly felt! Pure undiluted lust bubbles up to me and I jump on him.

Taken back it takes Eisuke a while to realise I was kissing him hard, my tongue finding his, my hands gripping his shirt.

“So desperate are we?” he smirks and I nod. His eyes go dark with lust and he kisses me softly once. “My sweet girl, you really have missed me.”

I nod again, and he lifts me out of the sea, my legs wrapped around him, my hands finding his hair as he kisses me repeatedly. Somehow finding our way into the house we stop against the wall to kiss more until we finally reach our bedroom.

Going into the room, everything explodes. Fireworks in my stomach, not butterflies as once again Eisuke makes love to me.  

He swirls his tongue in my mouth, heating me to my core. While trailing a hand down my bare skin, he gropes my most sensitive parts. I stifle a moan, my body wild with want and need. Suddenly it was all too much, too much skin to be explored, too little time- hurry-hurry until we were both desperate entity’s wanting to connect. The feather-like touches are agony against his rough handling, because the combination of both hard and soft drives me crazy. Unable to stop myself I bite his bottom lip, which was my undoing. He flips me on to the bed, the droplets of the water hitting the bed. It causes the sheets to be dampened by the water of the sea.


“Leave it.” He demands and begins kissing me again. Forgetting all about the bed I hold on to him for dear life. His passion to great I cry out a moan.

“Let me pleasure you -” he whispers and licks at my neck. I whimper as he unties my bikini, his trunks coming off. Eisuke’s length and girth always takes me by surprise; every time like the first. Hot and heavy he begins to shift his hips inside me.

“Ah!” I cry out, and he looks down at me softly. Moving deep inside me, he bends down and sucks deep on my collarbone. I moan again, whilst he groans from the satisfaction of leaving a mark on me.

“You’re mine.” he whispers softly and I try to nod, but he begins to move faster picking up pace. I couldn’t remember anything as he claims me, my body shifting to move in sync with his. “Oh god ___!”

“Eisuke!” I cry, tears to my eyes from the sweet pleasure he brings on my body. As I barrel down from the release of slow torture, he kisses my forehead. Still joined, he rolls us over and trails soft kisses down my neck.


“Yes, __?”

“I really missed you..” I whisper softly, causing him to chuckle and smile down at me. He cuddles into me, wrapping around me like a vine, using me as his body pillow.

“Someone is tired..” he teases.

“Whose fault do you think THAT is?” I giggle, and he smiles softly, giving his award winning expression.

“I love that sound.” he whispers, and tucks me into him. “Time to sleep my female.”


“Yes, baby?” I smile happily, god that sounded amazing coming from him.

“I love you.”

His cheeks turn pink, and I giggle again, “Enough of that. That’s against the rules. Now sleep, before I punish you.”

“Yes Eisuke. Welcome home.” I sleep wonderfully that night, wrapped in the arms of Eisuke in a peaceful slumber. I had missed him as he had been gone for so long. I guess I did myself no favours, but I really did love his coming home present.  

Packing Underwear From Tranzwear

I’ve been getting quite a few questions about my packing underwear from Tranzwear, I’m stoked to see that people are curious about it- the more information we share with one another, the better I think! So, I’m going to try to cover everything here but feel free to send me a message for more details if I’ve left anything out.

I’ve ordered from Tranzwear two or three times now and I was super, super happy each time. There was one time when the package took a little bit longer getting to me, but they were really helpful in the matter and in the end, I received it without any real hassle.

The packing pockets are not designed for any specific prosthetic, I’ve gone through 2 different sizes since buying my first pair of packing underwear and haven’t had any issues at all.

As far as the actual products go, it totally depends what you’re looking for, how different types of underwear fit your body, whether or not you need back or front zipper access for a stand-to-pee device, etc. There are a ton of different brands of underwear to choose from, as well as different styles of underwear (boxer, brief, swim trunks etc) and different styles of pockets (all-in-one, sports fit, etc)

So these are two different styles of pocket, both inside of a boxer/brief style underwear.

On the left, in the stripped briefs is an “all-in-one packing pocket,” that has a hole in the front for the shaft to go through and the opening at the back is more in the middle which means easy loading and easy zipper access if you use a stp device.

On the right, in the red Joe Boxer briefs is a sports pocket, which is a quick-drying mesh material, however, that one doesn’t have the hole in the front and only has a top loading opening at the back. 

Personally, I prefer the all-in-one pockets in a brief style underwear even though I don’t use a stp device because to me, it just feels super secure. My prosthetic is firmly in place, doesn’t shift from side to side and fits snug against my body. This is the feeling I crave when I pack, but of course, that’s just me. 


what have i been doing you ask? well i’ve been working a horrible job and wasting away drawing nothing but This beautiful persons characters!!! AHAH Im obsessed help me

The superhero alien Seraphim and his kinky lover arch nemesis Dr. DeMonarch! From her original story thats she’s been so gracious to share with me, and i feel so honored. I’ve hardly had time to think about anything else between life. And its just so cool!! Like i might be biased really but i don’t care. super heros and villains are awesome

(bottom scene is younger versions when they first meet. They don’t actually meet like that. they meet wearing clothes. out of context it looks weird but in context they are by a river and the kid strips to his boxers to swim in the river but i didn’t draw water droplets so he’s just sitting there in his undies like a freak) maybe i should of finished this first…..

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For a prompt, because everyone loves tropes: Foggy and Matt forced to share a bed, or accidental baby acquisition. :D

I picked bed-sharing, because BED-SHARING :D :D :D


Foggy stared down at the sole double bed in front of him. He was acutely aware of Matt standing next to him, both hands wrapped around the handle of his cane.

“Well, this is a new low in passive aggression,” he said.

Matt tilted his head towards Foggy’s voice. “What is?”

Foggy suppressed a sigh. “There’s only one bed. Have a feel around, buddy.”

Frowning, Matt explored the room, tapping with his cane to feel out its dimensions and furniture: two nightstands, a wicker rocking chair, an end table…and one solitary bed. Despite the fact that he slept in a twin every night, Foggy thought a double had never looked so small.

“Are you sure this is the right room?” Matt asked finally.

“Positive. Marci said we had the blue guest room, and I promise you, this one is blue as all get-out. Blue stripey wallpaper, blue bedding, blue lamp. Picasso would be proud, and maybe mildly depressed.” Marci was the only person he knew whose parents were rich enough to have a beach house at all, let alone one with enough guest rooms that they had to be designated by color. “I peeked into the yellow guest room on the way here and it’s got two beds, but I don’t think Heather and Deb will be willing to trade us, unless they’re a lot closer than we all thought they were.”

“You’d think Marci would have warned us,” Matt said mildly.

“Sure,” Foggy said, although he suspected Marci knew exactly what she was doing. Their on-again, off-again relationship was currently in the off position, and part of the reason they’d semi-broken up the last time - well, most of the reason, really - was that Marci was convinced Foggy had feelings for Matt, and she wasn’t the type to like playing second fiddle. Foggy wasn’t sure if this was her attempt at bringing her suspicions out into the open or just a subtle reminder that Foggy could have been sharing a bed with her if he’d played his cards better, but either way it was definitely a dig.

The fact that Marci was, of course, absolutely right about how Foggy felt about Matt didn’t make it any less of a dick move.

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H2OVanoss||Painting Red (short fluff)

Delirious sat in the car with Vanoss, flipping through his phone. They had just finished making some food stops and had just arrived back at their house.

Lui had invited then to join his party next door, so they might as well have accepted the request.

When they arrived, it looked like everyone had just gotten to the party and Lui was getting some weapons set up.

Wildcat was eating some chips with Nogla while Mini swam some crazy moves around the pool with Marcel.

Delirious approached with Vanoss trailing just behind and Lui greeted them with some beers.

“What’s up guys? Glad you could make it!” He turned to the others and put his hands around his mouth. “Hey guys! They’re here! Time to fight!”

“What? Lui-” Vanoss started.
“Just get changed, Evan,” Delirious replied with a grin as he stripped down to swimming boxers and threw his clothes on the sofa and ran outside. Vanoss couldn’t help but quickly follow along and run after him before a whistle was blown.

“Alright, everybody! It’s time to have some fun! Are you ready??” Lui waved his arms in the air and jumped. “We all grab our weapons of choice in three…two…”

“One!” Marcel yelled as he sprinted to grab a large water gun from the pile.

“Hey! Cheater!” Nogla grabbed some water balloons and an average sized water gun, jumping to get behind a chair and table.

Delirious rushed for some large looking gun while Vanoss picked up two water pistols and they ran to a side near the water hose.

Within minutes they were all soaked and balloons lay shredded on the ground. Lui cheered and threw them all a towel to dry off. Delirious went to grab an extra so he could clean off the face paint that dripped off his face.

Reaching for his travel paint kit, he grabbed Vanoss and held him steady.

“Hey, what do you want?”
“You’re going to help me with my paint.”
“Again? You can’t do it yourself with your big man hands?”
“You’re going to help me with the red on my lips.”
“Shut up.”
“Bu-” Vanoss closed his mouth as Delirious applied a large, fresh dab if red paint on him, and he gave him a scowl now that he had to scrub off the paint from his face.

Delirious set the paint kit down and laughed. Vanoss placed his hands on his hips. “Why the hell are you laughing and how is this even going to help you?”

“Come on, Evan,” Lui said with a smile, patting his shoulder. “You can’t be that stupid.”
“I’m not stupid.”

“Like this,” Delirious said, grabbing Evan’s waist. He pulled him in and kissed him, smearing the red paint between their lips. After a minute or two, Delirious pulled away for air and smiled at Vanoss.

“Oh, haha, very funny Delirious,” he said with a bright blush on his cheeks, though he guessed it did work since it was practically all over his lover’s face, now.

Delirious brought a hand to his cheek and wiped some of the paint on his face to make it look clean again. “There you go.”

“And I suppose Vanoss learned that he doesn’t have to paint with his hands,” Mini said with a laugh.

“Shut up,” Vanoss replied, but he couldn’t help but laugh along with them. He turned to Delirious. “So…what else can we paint?” he asked with a certain wink.

Delirious raised an eyebrow and looked to Lui apologetically. “Sorry about your guest room, man.”
“What? What about it?”
“Oh, I’m apologizing in advanced.” He grabbed Vanoss’ hand and ran off as Lui yelled at them, and he smiled with the paint in hand.