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Imagine swimming with Crowley

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“Come on, Crowley! It’s not even that cold!” you yelled from the pool. “Jump in!”

The look he threw your way practically screamed, Really?. He was staring at you as if you had went nuts. “Me? Seriously, Y/n?”

“Yeah! I’m dead serious! Come on!”

“You’re off your rocker.”

“Crowley!” You whined like a small child. “Please?”

“Bloody hell, darling! I still have my suit on!”

“So! Just swim in your boxers!”

He scoffed. “No way.”

“Don’t make me come up there and force you in,” You teased as you walked up the pool steps. “Cause I will, and you know it.”

“Don’t you even think about it, Y/n Y/l/n.” He threatened through gritted teeth, “You’ll regret it.”

Before he could run away as your feet hit the concrete, you had him by the shoulders pushing him towards the edge. The curses and threats flowing from his mouth was enough to make a sailor blush, but you continued on anyways.

The water came up with a splash as your lover went tumbling in, only to pop back up the moment he went under. He looked at you with pure annoyance, steam ready to blow from his ears. You ignored it though, and jumped in after him.

“You think you’re funny, darling?” He asked as you swam up and wrapped your legs around his waist.

“I think I’m hilarious.”

H2OVanoss||Painting Red (short fluff)

Delirious sat in the car with Vanoss, flipping through his phone. They had just finished making some food stops and had just arrived back at their house.

Lui had invited then to join his party next door, so they might as well have accepted the request.

When they arrived, it looked like everyone had just gotten to the party and Lui was getting some weapons set up.

Wildcat was eating some chips with Nogla while Mini swam some crazy moves around the pool with Marcel.

Delirious approached with Vanoss trailing just behind and Lui greeted them with some beers.

“What’s up guys? Glad you could make it!” He turned to the others and put his hands around his mouth. “Hey guys! They’re here! Time to fight!”

“What? Lui-” Vanoss started.
“Just get changed, Evan,” Delirious replied with a grin as he stripped down to swimming boxers and threw his clothes on the sofa and ran outside. Vanoss couldn’t help but quickly follow along and run after him before a whistle was blown.

“Alright, everybody! It’s time to have some fun! Are you ready??” Lui waved his arms in the air and jumped. “We all grab our weapons of choice in three…two…”

“One!” Marcel yelled as he sprinted to grab a large water gun from the pile.

“Hey! Cheater!” Nogla grabbed some water balloons and an average sized water gun, jumping to get behind a chair and table.

Delirious rushed for some large looking gun while Vanoss picked up two water pistols and they ran to a side near the water hose.

Within minutes they were all soaked and balloons lay shredded on the ground. Lui cheered and threw them all a towel to dry off. Delirious went to grab an extra so he could clean off the face paint that dripped off his face.

Reaching for his travel paint kit, he grabbed Vanoss and held him steady.

“Hey, what do you want?”
“You’re going to help me with my paint.”
“Again? You can’t do it yourself with your big man hands?”
“You’re going to help me with the red on my lips.”
“Shut up.”
“Bu-” Vanoss closed his mouth as Delirious applied a large, fresh dab if red paint on him, and he gave him a scowl now that he had to scrub off the paint from his face.

Delirious set the paint kit down and laughed. Vanoss placed his hands on his hips. “Why the hell are you laughing and how is this even going to help you?”

“Come on, Evan,” Lui said with a smile, patting his shoulder. “You can’t be that stupid.”
“I’m not stupid.”

“Like this,” Delirious said, grabbing Evan’s waist. He pulled him in and kissed him, smearing the red paint between their lips. After a minute or two, Delirious pulled away for air and smiled at Vanoss.

“Oh, haha, very funny Delirious,” he said with a bright blush on his cheeks, though he guessed it did work since it was practically all over his lover’s face, now.

Delirious brought a hand to his cheek and wiped some of the paint on his face to make it look clean again. “There you go.”

“And I suppose Vanoss learned that he doesn’t have to paint with his hands,” Mini said with a laugh.

“Shut up,” Vanoss replied, but he couldn’t help but laugh along with them. He turned to Delirious. “So…what else can we paint?” he asked with a certain wink.

Delirious raised an eyebrow and looked to Lui apologetically. “Sorry about your guest room, man.”
“What? What about it?”
“Oh, I’m apologizing in advanced.” He grabbed Vanoss’ hand and ran off as Lui yelled at them, and he smiled with the paint in hand.

i’m going back and watching gx filler episodes that i’d skipped and oh my god i’m so glad i did

what the fuck, kenzan

(tho tbh most of the cast would do this if they were crafty enough, i swear. the judai thirst is real)

fubuki why. i swear, asuka has 99 problems and her brother is 98 of them

and I didn’t even get the chance to screencap judai swimming in his cat boxers, holy crap. this episode was gold.


They tell me to wear­
A dress
High heels
They tell me to keep­
My hair long
But I want to wear­
Swim trunks
Only sunscreen on my chest
But I want to­
Have my hair short
Speak my mind
Eat all the food I want
Sometimes I want­
A skirt
Bare feet
And lipstick
They want me to get married to­
someone on their list
someone with an accent
I really only want­
To live my life
To not get married
To be alone with my books
They say I’m a Princess­
But sometimes­
I’m a Prince
A Queen
A King
Sometimes I am­
A Knight in shining armor
A Sibling
A Student
The one in distress
But most of all I’m really just

You hadn’t expected to be searching through your closet to pull out whatever giant clothing you could find, but at the same time you also hadn’t planned to have some half naked guy calling out to you when you had gone onto your balcony.  “I was swimming in my boxers and some guy’s stole my clothes, I guess.” The tanned boy with messy wet hair had explained, loudly as he was standing on the grass below.  “Do you even live in this apartment complex?  I’ve never seen you.” “No,” He said with a giggle and a bright smile, slipping the shirt over his head, “But your pool has a slide. How could I not be tempted to take a dip.”  Shaking your head at his explanation, you just laughed, “Umm, well I don’t have any type of pants that would fit you…” You looked him over, biting your lip.  “You’re checking me out.” “I was thinking about your size.”  “That’s something you have to wait at least a month to find you.” “Not your- nevermind.” You shook your head again and rubbed the blush off your cheeks, “You’re on your own from there.  I could give you a lift to wherever you came from though.” “That is extremely dangerous, what if I’m a creep.” “I have mace, an alarm, and I’m making you sit in the back.  No worries.” Chuckling, he shook his head, “I’ll walk.  But I’ll return your shirt tomorrow; fully clothed, of course.”  “Don’t need to be.” You went ahead and let a flirt slip out along with a smirk.  Returning the facial expression, he rolled his eyes, “How about we meet at the pool then?”