“Shhh..” he covers the younger male’s mouth and looks around before pulling the demon inside, bringing him to his bedroom. “Mike’s still here and he can’t know anything. Yes I’m pregnant with our fucked up lovechildren and I don’t wanna talk about it. After today I refuse to speak to you anymore cause lately you just keep knocking me up when we fuck so.. keep away, yeah?” Billie Joe sighs and rolls his eyes. “I’m drinking and if Mike knows about this I’ll have to stop smoking and drinking again like with Esther May and I can’t do that. I’m more like in need of cuddles and love then cuddles and comfort and yes.. I pretty damn sure I’m gonna be sick.” the smaller male sags against the door, looking up into Switch’s hazel eyes. “I think my heart is broken and the kids, my cancer and my broken heart are killing me. Having more kids with you will be the death of me.. a risk I can’t take.”