what if animals screamed when they were scared

like what if u were walking into a shower and all of a sudden you just hear this really loud scream and u look up and there’s just a spider looked scared as fuck

or if u were looking into a fishtank and u tapped the glass and all the fish just screamed their heads off and swam away to go hide


just some very subtle advertisement for his younow waffle parties on (most) tuesdays *featuring the band Fall Out of Chair Boy*

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I thought I couldn’t live without you but look at me now.
I may be alone but I have finally realised I don’t need anyone but myself anymore.
I may not be very happy but I am alive.
All I need is water to drink, food to eat and air to breathe.
I can do this alone. I don’t need to depend upon anyone other than myself.
—  I have finally stopped depending on you for my happiness, I have lost everybody and though I thought I had- I haven’t lost myself just yet.