Happy Trans Day of Visibility! I had to search for photos #sorrynotsorry Finally made the full circle of haircuts though amirite :’)

To celebrate ONE YEAR of Hannibal being on air, here’s my contribution to the #Happy Birthday Hannibal project organized by idontfindyouthatinteresting! This is for the nbchannibal blog– thank you for a year of hilarious hashtags and overall being the best official blog a fandom could have!


just some very subtle advertisement for his younow waffle parties on (most) tuesdays *featuring the band Fall Out of Chair Boy*

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I thought I couldn’t live without you but look at me now.
I may be alone but I have finally realised I don’t need anyone but myself anymore.
I may not be very happy but I am alive.
All I need is water to drink, food to eat and air to breathe.
I can do this alone. I don’t need to depend upon anyone other than myself.
—  I have finally stopped depending on you for my happiness, I have lost everybody and though I thought I had- I haven’t lost myself just yet.