Mob killer. ((Mafia au.))(nsfw, gore, smut, ect) ((open rp))

Killer looked from behind his Tommy gun, the streets lay barren except for the dead body’s of a rival hit. 7 men sent for him. His black trenchcoat covered his rather formal suit. His free hand pulled a whiskey flask from his pocket and he took a swig then returned to his cadalac. The window tinted and the pearl paint job was rather unique he knew the cops would be here soon. He looked around for his accomplices while the sirens were heard. Rain pouring down the streets and oils running off. His black long hair wet on the leather seat, his red eyes glowing. Still looking out for accomplices and rivals. He had the engine off and the gun ready.

The other side of the French Mistake (pt.1)

Anonymous said:

Can u do a fic about Jensen and Jared going into the supernatural world sorta like the French mistake thanks

It was simple, a stunt the two men had done a million times. Jump through a fake plastic window and land on a soft mat. So why Jared had a pit in his stomach was a mystery to the actor. Jensen took a swig of water smiling at his best friend good-heartedly and Jared shook off his feeling, slipping on his jacket as Silvia, the makeup artist, touched up his cheeks.

“Thanks Silvia.” She smiled, a short, stout woman with beautiful black hair and bright green eyes. The poor woman had to stand on a stepladder to reach his face.

“No problemo JarPad.” She winked and moved her little ladder to Jensen, touching up his makeup as well.

“Okay!!!” Robert Singer, Supernatural’s director clapped his hands together, getting the attention of Jared, Jensen, and Sebastian. “Let’s do this. Sebastian, I want you to grab Jared and Jensen’s shoulders, and push them through this window. We’ve only got one shot at this, otherwise we’ll have to reset. So let’s nail this, okay boys?” They nodded.

Jared stood on his mark, glancing at the window and the camera behind it. The small, red sigil “Balthazar” had “drawn” on the window was… he couldn’t put his finger on it. It looked as if the red paint itself was glowing slightly, as if under an Ultraviolet light. Before he could voice his concern to the crew, the director yelled action. Sebastian said his line, pushing the boys forward and through the window.

Jared shielded his eyes, the air around him contracting and releasing around his body all at once. He was hot and cold, his body was stretched and condensed all at once.

He hit the ground hard, his shoulder shooting with pain. Jensen, beside him, moaned, rolling over and rubbing his head.

“What the hell guys? Where’s the mat? That window was not plastic either…” Jared trailed off, noticing the grass beneath their bodies. It was dark, like someone had turned off all the studio lights, and turned off the heat. It was freezing. Wind whipped at his face and his eyes focused on the night sky.

Wait… The night sky???

There was no set, no crew, no cameras set in front of Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. Nothing but a large car dump and an old rickety house.

A blonde haired man stuck his head out the window, bleeding from his lip and beyond confused.

“Wait a minute… Why are you still here???” Jensen, having gotten his bearings, stared at Balthazar.

“Sebastian?? What’s going on? Where’s the set??” The British man scoffed.

“I have no bloody idea what you mean Winchester, but if you’re still here, then I suggest you run. Now!” Balthazar was pulled back into a brawl with another person. “Go!!!!”

The two men bolted, like frightened deer in the sight of a hunter. (A deer hunter anyway)

“What the hell is going on?!”

“I have no idea!!!”

A familiar shape of glistening black metal shone in the moonlight amongst the array of rusty cars.

“Look! There!!!” The two men skidded to a halt at the foot of the powerful beast, Jensen feeling around in his pockets. He found the keys within moments and grinned.


“Let’s go!!!”


“Sure has been a while since I have been here, things look a bit different from then–

but that means I can get a fresh new start with some new lovely ladies. Here’s hoping.” He continues as he takes a swig from a clear bottle.


What beer goes with guacamole? And which brew adds a nice clean, crisp finish to spicy wings?

Those are burning questions for anyone who wants to take their snack game to the next level this Super Bowl weekend. And two craft beer experts who wrote the book on beer pairings have the answers.

Beer and food have loads of flavors in common, and they can complement each other beautifully. But most of us are just swigging and chewing mindlessly, missing an opportunity to appreciate interactions between the two, according to Julia Herz and Gwen Conley, authors of Beer Pairings: The Essential Guide From The Pairing Pros, published in December.

Beer And Snack Pairings: A Super Bowl Game Everyone Can Win

Photos: Morgan McCloy/NPR

Fear No Evil | pt.1

Taehyung series
Genre: fluff/humor/smut (?)
Word count: 2.508

Summary: You were always certain you were the only human in your group of friends, but everything changes after you find a completely naked man raiding your fridge who claims to be a demon waiting for your orders. | Sorcerers!AU. Demon!AU. 

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

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“learn another language” they said
“challenge yourself” they said
“it’ll be fun” they said
I groan, dragging myself from the warmth of my bed, my eyes held open with scotch tape. I take a swig of cough syrup from the bottle next to my desk, hoping I will someday be able to talk without feeling like I’m swallowing sand. The verb conjugations await, irregularities cutting into my skin and leaving scars like broken shards of glass as the word order tears my heart to shreds.
I want to stop, but I can’t.
I’m addicted.

Daryl couldn’t believe it but his brother was getting married, he finally met a girl that could put up with his shit and Daryl actually liked her as well. The girl changed Merle for the better and Daryl was happy for him, of course a part of him found himself slightly jealous that his brother was getting married while he still had no one and he showed up to the wedding stag. He had a blue moon in hand taking a log swig of it while he was mid conversation with Dale when he noticed a girl walk into the room and he nearly dropped his beer bottle. Dale noticed and looked over to see what Daryl was gaping at and a huge smirk appeared on his face. “Go talk to her.”Dale said and gently shoved Daryl in her direction. Daryl felt his knees weak and he got the shove from Dale and nearly bumped right into the girl. “Uh–hi.”He said awkwardly before he quickly cleared his throat to buy some time to figure out what he was going to say, “Can I buy you a drink?” Doh–it was an open bar. “I mean..can I get you something to drink?”