Taylor is performing a non-nominated song from 1989 that she’s never performed on tv before???? Clean? This Love?? You Are In Love??? But there’s rumours Andrea told someone Tay has been going to the gym a lot lately bc of the Grammys so she could be doing an up-tempo performance?? New Romantics? I Know Places?? I Wish You Would??? All You Had To Do Was Stay???? How You Get The Girl????? WAIT WHAT IF SHE DOES WONDERLAND JUST TO FUCK WITH US?????? omg

You know what's powerful...

You know what’s powerful. Standing in a room filled with three people and feeling uneasy VS standing in a room filled with 76,000 people and feeling not only yourself, BUT your absolute BEST self. We created this atmosphere, we created this safe place. What a beautiful thing we’ve done.

Hands up if tour nights are your safe place, almost like a detox. We celebrate the good times and let go of the not so good.

I don’t get emotional because the tour over, I get emotional because it’s a certain time in my life where I am honestly so vulnerable and I want to not only remember that..but protect that. Thank you @taylorswift for letting us grow and shine with you, rather than in your shadows.

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Name: morgan

Nicknames: vex, mostly. “muppet”, sometimes. 

Star Sign: libra - which means i’m indecisive af 

Gender: cis female

Time right now: 9:09 pm

Average hours of sleep: um. heh. there is really no rhyme or reason to my sleep habits. let’s go with 6.  

Lucky number(s): 13. because i’m a contrary. fight me.

Last thing I googled: “invisible laser security system”… for a heist fic *cough*

Number of blankets: 1 at all times worn like a cape because i am always cold and i want to be a superhero. on my bed? 2. 

Favourite fictional character: good god. uh. james t. kirk, kate bishop, naruto tbh, barbara gordon, neil josten, andrew minyard, allison reynolds, and a billion more. don’t make me chose. I LOVE ALL MY CHILDREN EQUALLY (*earlier that day* i don’t care for sasuke)

Favorite books: TFC, TRC, Heir Apparent, anything by Ilona Andrews, and on and on and on the list goes 

Favourite musicians: panic!at the disco, simon and garfunkel, florence and the machine

Dream job: a starship captain. an x-men. a pirate. since none of those are plausible (YET), i’d settle for being a successful author, comic book writer, or film-maker. or maybe a professional irish dancer, when i get back into it. (dream big, kids.) 

When did you create your blog: this particular blog is a month old, i think? and it is the love of my life, so may it have many more months, amen. 

What do you post about: TFC, mostly, and it’s probably gonna stay that way. sometimes i post trc and comics stuff, too. (when ww drops i will  be 100% diana prince trash, sorry in advance.) 

Have any other blogs: i had another blog i used to like things excessively, but all my rl friends got into tumblr and followed me, so i ditched it. heh. i’m planning on another blog for my original writing, but it’s a work in progress. 

When did your blog reach its ‘peak’: literally the night i made it i live-blogged teen wolf and one of my posts broke 1k. i sat back at my laptop and felt all that power at my fingertips and said,“this is easy, i’m a tumblr GOD”. needless to say i have yet to relive my glory days. washed-up a 1 day old. T-T

Do you get asks on a daily basis: nope. maybe every other day? but i’d love asks every day so if you see this: THIS IS A SIGN. HIT ME UP. 

Why did you choose your url: my family all call me vex and i like alliteration.


tl;dr: i’m a big fat nerd, basically. 

So this woman is my BS4L (best Swiftie for life ) ! I made this video for my sweet wife Crystal for our anniversary ! The video was inspired by none the less @taylorswift awesome lyrics ! Thanks for being awesome Taylor ! @wildestdreams8913 @brianc6234 @swiftthisway @shiftyswifty-glossyklossy @jessicaswiftie1989 @messofadreamer-13 @dancingroundtayskitchen @daddysaidstayawayfromjuliet @swiftieunite @swiftysparkle13 @thisnightiswonderstruck @jacindyyy @west-coast-taylor @joween13 @joetsantos @taylornationaustralia @tswiftdaily @tswiftedits @tswftquotes @worldsoldestswiftie @wonderstruckblog @kylejonaslovestaylorswift @taylor-swiftgrotto @taylortwister @sayyoullremembermealltoowell @sammy-swiftie13 @talldrinkofhappy @bubblyaschampagne @swiftieonwildestdreams @put-my-name-on-the-topofyourlist

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Name: Nicolle 

Nicknames: Nic

Star Sign: Cancer 

Gender: female 

Time Right Now: 12:08 PM

Average Hours of Sleep: 6.5

Lucky Number(s): 12, all day everyday 

Last Thing I Googled: Getting turnt to classical music (I was trying to find a gif okay)

Number of Blankets: 1

Favourite Fictional Character: Ahhhhhh, Alec Lightwood, Ronan Lynch, Andrew Minyard, Izzy Lightwood, and James Carstairs. 

Favourite Books: The Shadowhunters Chronicles, The Raven Cycle, All For The Game, The Song of Achilles, and The Lion The Witch The Wardrobe. 

Favourite Musicians: Don’t have any (i know, sad) 

Dream Job: lol 

When Did You Create Your Blog: A year ago

What Do You Post About: Shadowhunters (TV & Books), All For The Game, and The Raven Cycle 

Other Blogs: My aesthetics blog http://finisvitaesednonamoriss.tumblr.com/ 

When Did Your Blog Reach Its “Peak”: I have no idea

Do You Get Asks On a Daily Basis: ha

Why Did You Choose Your URL: because i’m malec trash and we all know Alec would bang Magnus (and he dddiiiiddd) 

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UGH!!!! Today is blood test day, and that means rechecking my potassium levels.  I’ll get the results later this week.  I’m doing my IV, but I had to skip some bags because I’ve been so nauseous lately from the new moon and increased migraines.  I really can’t handle another increase in potassium.  It only makes me more nauseous.  This Swiftie is mentally exhausted.  The only thing keeping me going is I am still on a @taylorswift high from Saturday night! I still can’t believe SHE LIKED A GIF OF MY FACE! Plus, it’s also GRAMMY WEEK!!!! You know I appreciate all of your love and support Swifties! Sending hugs to everyone! YOU TOO TAY!!!