Everybody has their own opinion.  At the end of the day, you can just do what you do. She’s killing it, and she kind of always has been.
—  Selena Gomez defending her BFF Taylor Swift (Sirius XM interiew: Selena Gomez On The Drama Between Kanye & Taylor Swift Over His Lyrics) (x)

since today is internet friends day I wanted to say thank you to everyone I have become friends with over the past year and few months that I have been on tumblr. one of the main reasons why I joined tumblr was because I always saw people who had internet friends and I wanted that. I have become friends with the most amazing people and I love you all.

@loveswiftlovee- reiley where do I even begin. you are my best friend. I love talking to you every single day and you mean the world to me. you are always there for me when I need you and im there for you too. we got to spend the best two days of our lives together and I will always be grateful for you and the happiness you bring me. you are so beautiful and sweet I love you sunshine.

@its-a-swiftie-metafour- Caitlin even though you live over 2,000 miles away from me, you always make me feel like im not alone. Im so sorry that I was so awkward when we facetimed the other day but I was so happy that I got to talk to you. I cant wait to possibly meet you next month in new York. I love you.

@giveyoufaithwiththissong- faith you were one of the first people I ever became friends with on here and im so happy that we are still really good friends. I know that you have had a rough past few months but you are the strongest girl I know and I love you for that. thanks for being such a great friend I love you gorgeous.

@njswiftie- sarah I still shocks me every day that we found each other on tumblr because we live so close to each other. you are so cute and I was so excited when we became friends because I always knew who you were but now that we are friends it makes everything better. I cant wait to hang out with you next month. I love you.

@weicome2ny- becca you are honestly one of the funniest people I know I love getting your snapchats everyday and you can always make me laugh whenever im sad. the only down side is that you live in Canada so please come to America some day. I love you.

@plutosmermaid- elle im so grateful that you choose to share with me everything that happens in your life and I never thought anyone would actually want to be friends with me when I posted that thing but here we are and I hope we stay good friends for a long time. I love you

@bakersgonnabakeee- Christina its so funny when we do our weather reports and im so glad you appreciate mine. yours are so much better than mine but I mean we are both professionals so that’s all that matters. I love you.

@iheartsquestionmark- han, my girl, whats good? im so happy that I found someone who loves food as much as I do. I love getting the little notification that says that you messaged me because I love talking to you about food and everything else, but mostly food. I love you.

@totallyswizzle- allie I know we don’t talk that much but Im glad we became friends and you are so gorgeous I hope we stay friends. I love you.

@swifts-avenue- meg ive been following your instagram account since I became a swiftie and your username was likeever_ you are so funny and beautiful I cant wait to meet you one day. I love you.

@taylorswift- taylor first I want to thank you for allowing me to become friends with all these amazing people. you will always be such an important part of my life and im so happy I got the opportunity to meet you. thank you for everything. I love you.

there are so many more people that I want to acknowledge too. I love every single one of you. @ijustlovetaylorswift @comeherebeback @takingpictures-inmymind @afiredreams @heypay @y0u-are-in-l0ve @borndecember1989 @taylor-is-shining @twinfiresigns-13 @illshineforyou-swift @placess-iveneverbeen @in-wcnderland @butyoure-quicksand @rumorsflying @rumorflys @tayswayallday13 @swifthales @beautayful-eyes @tocallyournames​ @quicksandswift @swiftlyskating @urineluv @starbuckstaylor13 @tayyloralisonswift @screamingcoluor @recordsasyou and of course my grammy tayvin squad @centralperkswift @republicofswift @sameoldswift @rachswift @tayismom @tayvinforever @lost-in-tayvinland @olaf-is-swift1989 @tayvinlovers @sunsetswift89


GOOD LUCK AT THE GRAMMYS @taylorswift! Lots of love from the members of GetTaylorOnAir (who happen to be at a self - organized Swiftie camp right now!) ♡

Happy Internet Friends Day!

Wishing all my TAYmazing followers a happy Internet Frieds Day!! Thank you for the smiles, laughs, support, and tumblr love! You all help me stay strong while fighting neurologic Lyme disease.  I would like to thank some very special Swifties though: @taylorfan90 @barbiebambi @west-coast-taylor @pittstick @dreams-dont-have-deadlines @tayskingdom @worldsoldestswiftie @swiftthisway @tsizzle13 @thisloveglows1989 @thisloveglowsforevermore @rebekahormesher13 @artificialwish @taylorlicious13 @bymorningimfinallyclean @savvyswiftie1989 @brianc6234 @arabicswiftie @maydayswiftie13 @happyfreeconfusedlonelyswiftie @carlylala @foreverfearless73 @newromanticmeg @fearlessfanofswift13 @dreamswiftdreams @texaslovestaylor @katielovesnyc13 @thinkingthatyoucouldbetrusted

Thank you @taylorswift for following me too! I feel extremely honored to know I am your tumblr friend!!! I love you Tay and will ALWAYS be here for you!

@karliekloss @rachelplatten love you both so much too! You always have a friend here!!

Sending virtual hugs to everyone!!!!

Actual conversation with my dad
  • Me:Did you see what Kanye West said about Taylor?
  • Dad:No, what did he say?
  • Me:*shows him song*
  • Dad:That guy is awful she doesn't deserve it.
  • Me:I know!
  • Dad:People often do that out of jealousy. She's clearly better than he is and he doesn't know how to handle it so he makes that type of songs to assure himself he is better. Which he is not.

Taylor, i don’t know where to start…I love you so much😍❤️ You are everything for me… Really OMG there’s no words for describe how much i love you😭😭 You are my inspiration, my muse, my queen…
Once upon a time a little girl called Alessia (me) was really tired of people and she was like: why people are so mean with me… Am i wrong? Am i so useless? Am i so stupid? Am i so ugly? …i was really sad and then i heard your songs and life became wonderful.
Sometimes i feel like that again and then i think about my angel, you.
I know that you’ve got a lot of people that love you but CAN I BE THE LUCKY ONE?❤️ sorry for my bad english but i’m italian.

We are going to be a Taylor in a world full of Kaynes. 

We are going to laugh, smile, be kind to one another, be there for each other, surround each other with positive vibes, be compassionate, have baking parties, be covered in glitter, empower each other, be strong, and shine brighter than those who try to bring us down.