HUGE S/O TO MY GIRL swiftsketches for giving me LITERALLY the most thoughtful and amazing present I have ever received!!!!! personalized polaroids with lyrics from my fav taylor songs and fav taylor outfits…….cannot even begin to express how thankful I am and I wish I could wrap you up in a blanket and feed you soup and let you know how wonderful you are because you’re an angel ok??? I love you I love you I love you and I hope you have an amazing Christmas and holiday season!!!!

hey guys, so i’ve never made a follow forever before and this took so long omg. i follow over 1000 wonderful blogs and going through them all and picking out my favorites was so hard so this will probably be the longest follow forever in the history of follow forevers. so i hope i didn’t forget anyone and if i did just message me, love you all. -tessa 

ps: sorry if you’re in there twice, it messed it up. and also sorry if this is super obnoxiously long xx


kaleidoscopeofourmemories nacha!! you’re so amazing, i love talking to you and your voice is pure and silk. remember when i thought you actually got a picture with taylor lautner and robert patterson? 

myjourneytofearlesss magda, wow where do i begin? you’re basically my best friend on here and i don’t know what i would do without you. you’ve talked me out of so many bad things i’ve wanted to do and helped me through the worst parts and i just love you too much. thank you for everything, long live graylor <3

xburningred fatima!! i know we kind of just started talking but you are so easy and fun to talk too! and we have a lot in common. like skirts! i still need to buy that black one i was telling you about, sigh.

 toorecklesstosendmerunning jamie, i know it’s been hard to keep in touch latley with your busy life and all but that will never mean i don’t love you. you were my first friend on here and one of the first people i followed and i will love you for as long as i live. you’re my best friend. 

mycatisgossipgirl charlie!! you are literally the first person i followed ever! you’re so fun to talk to and your selfies are pure gold. i’m glad you were the first person i followed too, your blog is like perfection.

fuck-sewingmachines lynnette! wow we haven’t talked in a long time! but i felt you needed an honorable mention because you were one of the first people and i followed and who followed me! your blog is fabulous and i love seeing you on my dash. stay beautiful xx

youcancallmetsweezy13 kassidy, you are such an amazing person and you always want to do what you can to help. i always know you’re there for me whenever i need someone to talk to and i appreciate that so much, love you <3 

amourfalls luisa, omg you are so special!! i hope everything in life has been good to you, i know we haven’t talked but that doesn’t mean i don’t care. i love you so much and you know my ask box is always open (: <3<3

comingeasily thalia! i remember when you first got a tumblr, that was fun. you’re such a nice person to talk to and you crack me up! i know we haven’t talked all that much recently but i love you so much and don’t you ever change!!

bold=my favorite blogs


32andstillgrowingupnow  50shadesoftaylorswift


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