Saying your not a feminist is saying that you do not believe in gender equality. There are plenty of women who say they’re not feminists while still enjoying the right to vote, own property (rather than being owned as property), obtain education, work outside the home in almost any field to which they may aspire (although still in some field not without significant barriers). I’m sure most would agree women deserve equal pay and access to birth control, that women have a right to justice when they have been sexually assaulted or the victim of parter abuse. Some women are so afraid of being seen as a dyke or man-hater that they instead internalize the hatred of women and reinforce a system that keeps us oppressed.

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This article is from a fan reporter who was at the trial and has some new info/insight I haven't seen elsewhere: "Speak Now: A Fan's Take on Taylor Swift's Trial" westword(.)com/music/taylor-swift-fan-reporting-from-the-courtroom-reflects-on-sexual-assault-9376332


its an interesting article because it is presented with a veil of positivity but it is shrouded in a underlying tone which for me it highlights a segment of taylor swiftism that must be frustrating for her—- other than with this case, it is virtually impossible for her to speak up on any societal issue or present herself in any way have it be considered ‘okay’ or ‘good enough’…except disappearing, the criticism for that was pretty low and mild. 

this whole ongoing critique of her ‘flawed feminism’ is ridiculous - in my opinion it doesnt allow her to be who she is… people want to hold her to some standard they see in the sunset because of her fame level and just because she has a platform, therefore she must use it how they want to see her do it…. and strip her of the right to simply be who she wants to be publicly and what she wants to do, nothing ever being good enough. i mean nothing. her friendships - chastised. her feminism - ‘flawed’ ‘too white’ ‘imperfect’ and so on.    Even after this trial when she literally just turned a country on its head and started an impt conversation, i find an article on bustle, that i just read, which is using this opportunity continue to point out just how flawed they think taylor is. ..  “ Taylor Swift’s Strength During Her Trial Doesn’t Fix Her Flawed Feminism …  i dont know how she deals with that emotionally man.  she just told the world about having a man having a handful of her ass and yet, this stuff still exists. If her next statement out of her mouth doesnt fit within exactly what these journalists and sjw want to see, she’ll be back on the stake again. what kind of bullshit.  i would be gone. 


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