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91. “I remember everything.”

OHHH SWIFTENHAAL. My god, this is like…lifetime ago, I’m so glad you request this anon!

He was sitting at the kitchen island with a headphone over his ears and one particular song repeating on his iPod. His eyes were close as he try to recall the precious memories that they once share in to a beautiful song. He start to smile as he remembering their little trip up state, they were trying to figure out where they were going but suddenly, Taylor said it would be more fun if they just go wherever the road takes them. They were screaming the lyrics of the song “Sweet Disposition” as they drove down the road. He looked over at her and remember how everything seems to slow down, everything seems so perfect back then. He could literally see everything, their future together, how it would be like within ten years from now on. He almost ran the red because he was too busy looking at her, at his future. 

He remember that he pray that he could relieve the moment when they were chasing each other around the kitchen and laughing like little kids, he wish that he could save that moment so it won’t fade away with time. How her voice echo through the house, how her laughter seems to brighten his day and how carefree she looks. It was all gone, he doesn’t remember the last time he saw her in person. One day something went terribly wrong and everything he used to see in her changes, her laughter doesn’t sounds as bright as it was before and he no longer see his future in her eyes but now he realise that he has lost everything, the possibility of having a happy life the day he let her go.

Now he’s sitting in his house alone, a big empty house that he once share with her for a short 3 months. Sometimes he would still see traces of her in this house, in this room, right where he’s listen to her new album. He’s not mad that she wrote songs about him, the whole thing is beautiful and sad. It reminds him of what it was like and what could have been if they’re still together. He look over to his phone before grabbing it and punch in a short but meaningful message before hitting send to her, to Taylor.

“I remember everything”

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no taylor and jake

Oh my poor babies. So they were first spotted together in October 2010. I think they watched Emma Stone doing snl together. And it was crazy because jake gyllenhaal?? Taylor swift?? I think he reached out to her maybe through mutual friend Gwyneth Paltrow. Right so then they went apple picking and they got coffee a lot. So odd. AND THEN WE GOT THE THANKSGIVING PICTURES. Where they were walking hand in hand and Taylor looked really happy. And she had thanksgiving with his family and there were also pictures of Taylor with his sister and niece. It was the happiest. Then they visited the grand ole opry with Taylor’s family. And there were reports every day (probably not to be trusted much) about him buying her stuff and flying each other out to where they were.

And then I remember precisely it was Christmas break freshman year and we hadn’t seen any pictures for a while and I was like I think they broke up. And then January came and everyone was saying that they broke up and I was right. But like later in January there were these really blurry pictures of them leaving a cafe in Nashville they were hashin out the breakup probably. He could not handle her fame and everyone’s interest in their relationship.

And jake didn’t want her to write songs about him. And she was like sucks bro.

And things we know because of songs:
All too well: he still has her scarf, just happiness overall at one point. Also, “you call me up again just to break me like a promise, so casually cruel in the name of being honest. I’m a crumpled up piece of paper lying here. Cause I remember it all too well” HE GOT THAT LINE
The last time: they were on and off a lot
Wanegbt: she was the one who ended it finally/on and offness, he undermined her career/success because it wasn’t ‘indie’ good music
The moment I knew: he did not go to her 21st birthday party even though he said he would pretty sure this is when it ended the first time
The last time: they were on an off a lot

Also she did an interview in 2011 and they asked her how she was or something and she said I’m not crying this Christmas so that’s good. So. There’s that. Very sad

Just listen to wanegbt, all too well, the moment I knew, the last time, and I almost do. They are the most telling. But there’s also Begin Again where she talks about moving on from that and State Of Grace just a happyish song (“you’re my Achilles heel”??? Just great lyrics in general)

Taylor Swift Dumped Over the Phone - AGAIN!

The romance between Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal, nicknamed Swiftenhaal, ended as quickly as it began.  It’s been reported that Gyllenhaal was the one who initiated the relationship, and he was the one to end it too.  Apparently, he wasn’t comfortable with the attention their relationship got.  Their relationship ended suddenly and without warning, leaving Swift crushed.  And to add salt to the wounds, Gyllenhaal dumped her over the phone!  That must bring back some bad memories - like the 26 second phone call breakup with Joe Jonas.  But with bad breakups, comes top-charting hit songs for Ms. Swift.  Her songs about the boys who break her heart helped her to be named Billboard & Neilsen SoundScan’s top-selling artist of 2010 - she sold over 4.4 million albums!