The Best Thing

PAIRING: reader bucky barnes 


WARNINGS: SMUT, Oral sex, Language, slight sub Bucky, slight Dom reader. 

Request by Anon: Hello :) I it’s my birthday today, so I thought I could request something, cause I love your blog :) You’re Bucky’s girlfriend but recently you barely had time together so one time after he came back from a long mission, you wait for him in the bedroom wearing his favourite lingerie and when he comes in the bedroom, still in his uniform he’s immediately all over you and you spend the whole night in passionate love making? :) I hope it’s okay for you :) ILY <3 maybe also his POV? only if you like

I hope this is what you wanted anon :) I did try by best, but with a tiny hangover I’m not sure how good this turned out ? But I did my best and any Bucky smut is ok in my books haha. Enjoy 

GIF NOT MINE (but I’m so glad it exists) 

Originally posted by pxggycxrters

If Bucky had to complain about any aspect of his new life, the life he had finally gotten back from years of being tormented by Hydra. Was that missions were a bitch, especially when he had you waiting for him back home. You was the happy addition to his life no one saw coming, especially Bucky. The ex Russian assassin thought his days of romance and women were long gone, especially after all the pain and misery he caused. Bucky was convinced that he was destined to live the rest of his life alone, but you were not going to let that happen. (Y/N) was a force to be reckoned with, strong and brave. Intelligent and beautiful, you had all the makings of a woman who knew what she wanted and would stop at nothing to get it. So it was no surprise that the legendary Winter Solder fell head over heels for you, even if he was somewhat reluctant. Eventually you wormed you way into his heart, and Bucky wouldn’t have had it any other way.

“I don’t see why he has to go as well,” Bucky grumbled throwing various items into his rucksack.

“Because believe it or not Mr I-Work-Best-Alone, Sam is actually a viable member of the Avengers. Plus having eyes in the sky is a distinct advantage” you eyed the six-foot temper tantrum before you. Bucky sighed sitting down next to you on your bed as he pulled on his shoes.

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jungkookvisbaeuniverse  asked:

How would a three way with YOONGI and TAE be like?







                             DON’T THINK ABOUT IT, BABY DON’T                              

“A bet is a bet Tae” I say pulling his Sweatshirt over his head… “Yah! This isn’t how I wanted you to take my clothes off” the younger male protests … “Oh like you would know what to do if Y/N actually agreed to sleep with you” Yoongi says grumpily across the couch from us … “And you’ve slept with how many women Hyung?” Taehyung looks at the older boy pointedly… “Yah!” I warn… both of the bickering men look towards me …. “Calm down children, it’s just a game” I say looking at them through my lashes… “Now take off that shirt” I say pulling the large jumper from Taehyung’s toned body and placing a chaste kiss to his cheek…. The younger boy grows flustered and I can’t help but giggle at the way his cheeks pink and his toned chest rises steadily…. I lick my lips involuntarily as I continue to stare at his honey skin and wonder if it would actually taste like honey on my tongue… ”Y/N!” Yoongi snaps…. “It’s your turn to call it” he explains his voice velvet soft but his eyes hold a predatory sheen as he comes to sit beside me and takes a swig of the beer that’s in his hand …. ” Oh. yeah” I reply … now I’m the one who’s flustered…at the feel his body heat radiating against my skin through the thin fabric of my own jumper…. But decide to play along and take the smooth glass bottle from his hand …. winking at him before taking a large swig of the bitter liquid….

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watch me fall

Author: @dylanobsessed
Prompt/request: a thing where he’s rude to her from the beginning and she thinks he doesn’t like her. he’s just this way because he do likes her but he thinks it wouldn’t be good to start something because of the other boys and the whole situation in general. Like that she’s the only girl and stuff. Aaaand maybe the reader could be a bit bigger (I’d like that because I am but you don’t have to.) it could be like some guys make fun of her and he’s protecting her. And than she thinks maybe he likes her after all but he ignores her again and than she had finally enough and confronts him. @dylan-trash-tbh
Warning: negative comments regarding weight, swearing, unprotective sex ( don’t try that at home kids ), oral ( female receiving ) && I believe that is it !!
Pairing: thomas x reader
Notes: i really really hope you enjoy this !! also shout out to @ninja-stiles for looking over the story and adding in a few edits! :)
Words: 2,924

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On Earth As It Is In Heaven

Demon!Calum AU

Summary: All you wanted was to make a deal and save your boyfriend, but there’s a lot more to your story then you know. He’s waited an eternity for you to find him, but now it may be too late. 

A/N: Contains some violence. Thanks for reading! 


The sky was a brooding grey color and the wind howled as if telling you to turn back and not to follow through with your last ditch effort at saving the only person in the world that you truly loved. The gravel road crunched under your feet as you walked, gripping the small box that held all the items necessary to complete the ritual. Tonight would be the last night of your life, you assumed, as you buried the box beneath the earth there at the crossroads. You prayed that the legends were true and that these items would allow you to sell the only thing you had that was worth saving human life: your soul. You hadn’t wanted it to come to this, but this is what true love was all about right? Sacrificing all you had for the one you loved? There was no other way. It had to be done.

You and your boyfriend Trey had been together for four years and he was really your only lifeline to the world. Without him, you thought, life wouldn’t be worth living and so you convinced yourself that this was your only option if you wanted him to get better. He had been sick for a few months now and the doctors said he had mere weeks until the disease took him for good.

Begrudgingly, you got up from the ground and looked around for the creature you knew would be meeting you here shortly, shivering in the cold autumn wind.

Just as you thought that maybe this process really was an old wives tail, a raspy voice sounded from behind you, making you turn your head to find its speaker.

“Now what’s a healthy young girl like you doing at a crossroad?” The man was tall and much more handsome than you anticipated, with dark hair and tan skin complete with deep brown eyes and a pearly white smile.

“I’m here t-to make a deal.” You stuttered, practically trembling in your shoes.

“Well what can I get you beautiful? Eternal youth? A bigger house? A lover?” He smirked cheekily but your face remained set into a frown.

“My boyfriend’s dying. I want to save his life.”

His face fell for a brief moment, although he quickly regained composure and continued with his taunting. “Oh she’s the noble type?” He laughed, flashing you his white smile. “Well love, I can certainly save your boy for you, but it’s going to cost you.”

“I’ll give you anything.”

“Perfect. I’ll save your boyfriend and he’ll live a long and happy life. Unfortunately it won’t be with you though because I’ll be collecting your soul here shortly.”

“I’ve accepted that.” You chuckled halfheartedly.

“What? No begging? You could at least try and make this fun for me.”

“Could I at least see him one more time? You know, before you drag me to hell?” You cringed at the thought, but hoped that he would let you see your beloved boyfriend up and healthy again before you were gone from his life forever.

“Sure sweetheart, why not. So, I suppose that means your decision is final?” You could say he looked hopeful that you were willing to grant him your soul, and the thought made you cringe. But it was too late to pull back now. Trey needed you, and you were always one to help the ones you loved.

“It is.” You whispered, almost inaudibly, but the handsome demon grinned nonetheless.

“Then we’ll have to seal it with a kiss sweetheart. Don’t worry, it’s not cheating if you do it for the right reasons.” He wiggled his eyebrows and if the situation had been any less dire, you might have cracked a smile.

“Okay.” A single tear rolled down your cheek at the thought leaving Trey, but you wiped it from your face and stood tall as the demon boy loomed over you, his plump lips ghosting over your own. In one swift movement, he gripped the back on your neck and pulled you into him, crashing his lips with yours. The kiss didn’t feel supernatural, except for the fact that this boy was really great at it, but the idea that this single kiss was changing your life forever was almost too much to handle. With a loud sob, you pushed him away and he stumbled backwards slightly before touching his lips and furrowing his eyebrows together, but his confused expression vanished as soon as you noticed it.

“Well shall we go heal your boy or what?” His voice was shaky, much different from the cocky manner he had been exhibiting the entire night.

“Yes please.”

“My name’s Calum by the way.”

“Y/N.” You mumbled in reply as he took your hand, signifying that he would take you to see your boyfriend.

“Well Y/N, just close your eyes and we’ll be there in no time.”


You wished you could take it all back. You wished you hadn’t been so stupid as to believe in true love and to believe that one selfless sacrifice would fix everything. But it was too late now.

Calum had taken you directly outside yours and Trey’s shared apartment where you had allowed him to come inside so that he could perform whatever it was he needed to so that the love of your life would be healed. But upon entering your home,  you hadn’t been met with your boyfriend’s smiling face welcoming you into his arms. Instead he had been out of breath and naked, lying beneath a beautiful bronze skinned woman who was equally as naked as he was. He barely even noticed you come in.

You didn’t even hear his words as he tried to apologize, mumbling some incoherent apology and that he had been meaning to tell you for awhile now. They had been planning to run away together before he had fallen ill, but since the diagnosis he saw no point in soiling your memory of him. But now, he was miraculously healed he said, as if the Lord himself had descended from the heavens and driven the sickness from his body. If only he knew that it was no act of God that had saved him, but the sale of your soul to a brown eyed demon that cured him.

You could barely stand. You could barely breath. You had sacrificed your life, your soul, for someone who had no intention to love you at all and now you would pay the price for your foolishness.

Calum guided you out of your old apartment, back into the night air.

“I’m sorry.” He said, but you knew he didn’t mean it.

“What do you care? You harvested a soul either way.” You sobbed, the tears still streaming from your eyes like a floodgate had been opened.

“Betrayal is the ultimate sin where I’m from. There is no forgiveness for betrayal and I would not wish it upon anyone. Especially you. But what’s done is done and now I have to collect.” He spoke somberly and you closed your eyes,willing the tears to stop.

“I’m ready.”

He smirked. “Well sweetheart I actually have some good news for you.” He smiled but you stared at him blankly, forcing him to continue. “Lucky for you I don’t have to bring your soul to hell. Instead, you belong to me now.” He stepped closer to you, taking your chin in his hands and tracing his thumb over your bottom lip.

“I don’t understand I thought you were just a crossroads demon?”

Calum lifted a piece of your hair out of the way and whispered in your ear. “See that’s where you’re wrong sweetheart. I’m much, much more than that.”


There were a lot of things you wish you would’ve known before you had made that life altering deal with Calum and the fact that he was the right hand man to the devil himself was one of those things. Calum had explained that he was second in command, right under Lucifer, and that he controlled most of the demonic things that happened on earth.

“Lucifer controls hell, but I control the earthly domain.”

“So why were you sent to the crossroads that night? Isn’t that just dirty work for a big shot like you?” You rolled your eyes, not caring whether or not you pissed him off. What’s the worst thing that could happen right? He already owned your soul.

“That’s a conversation for another time, love.” And that’s the only answer you ever got from him. You asked him the question often, but he would always evade the answer telling you that he didn’t have to tell you anything or that all would reveal itself in time, but never a real answer no matter how many times you asked him.

In the weeks following, it was rare that Calum ever allowed you to leave his side. He only left you alone either to return to hell or to deal with a problem that he didn’t think concerned you-neither of which occurred often enough for you liking. He would leave you locked in his room of the small apartment he kept you in when he left, threatening you to stay put with eternal damnation or something similar. Though when he was around he tended to keep to himself, only ever talking to you when he was inquiring about what kind of food you wanted to eat or if you were comfortable enough. He was surprisingly kind for someone who was supposed to be second in command to a legion of demons, you thought, and you kept waiting for him to pull out a bunch of torture devices and do a number on you. But to your surprise, and also to your delight, he never did. Instead, he would cover you with an extra blanket when he thought you were cold, buy your favorite snacks from the store, and allow you to watch whatever you wanted on TV. There was something up and you just weren’t buying his nice guy act. He was a demon from hell for christ’s sake.
He had just come back to the small apartment he had for you and had just sat down onto the worn couch when he noticed you narrowed eyes.


“What’s going on Calum?”

“I already told you, you belong to me and that’s all there is to it.” He sighed, his eyes never fully meeting yours.

You raised your voice at him. “No there has to be something else. You’re being too nice to me for someone who supposedly helps rule hell and happens to own my soul.” You shouted.

All of a sudden, Calum shot up, his arm extending and his hand reaching for your throat as his eyes melted into the soulless black that he had yet to show you. His face was a centimeter from yours, his expression hard as he shoved his body on top of yours and pushed you into the cushions. You had never seen his eyes turn black before and it absolutely terrified you. It reminded you that no matter how nice he may seem he would always be the demon that took your soul.

“Is this what you want? You want me to hurt you? To drag you to hell?” His voice was sinister, but with a hurt undertone, almost as if he were a broken hearted lover. “You would rather die and be tortured eternally than be with me? Is that what you want?” He growled, his black eyes raging and his hand tightening around your neck. 

“C-Cal p-please.” You choked, the air dissipating from your lungs as his grip grew even tighter. Your pleading eyes met his completely black ones, and as a single tear escaped from your eye he seemed to snap back to reality. His eyes turned back into the deep brown and his grip immediately loosened.

“I-I hurt you.” He stuttered, brows furrowing as deep purple fingerprints began to form on your delicate skin. “I’m never supposed to hurt you, that’s not how it works. I must be getting worse, I-I…” He muttered, getting up from the couch and taking a few steps back from you.

“What do you mean you’re not supposed to?” You asked, but he was too lost in thought to answer. “Calum just tell me-” He cut you off as he swooped back in towards your neck, his lips suckling on your now sensitive skin. He brushed his fingers over your jawline as the sucking turned into kisses. Immediately, the pain you had felt from his chokehold vanished, the bruises fading until, to your amazement, your skin turned back to its original color.

“I’m sorry.” He whispered. “It’s not supposed to go like this. But I guess that’s why the heavens are against us right?” He chuckled.

“What do you mean heaven is against us?”

Calum smiled softly, gazing deep into your eyes as he stroked your bottom lip. “Oh my sweet, sweet, naive little girl. How innocent you’ve always been.” You laid your hand over his as he stroked your face, but you still couldn’t understand what he was talking about.

“Calum just help me understand. If I’m going to be bound to you eternally, you might as well let me know what’s going on.” You reasoned just as Calum’s eyes fluttered closed and he let out a prolonged sight.

“Okay I’ll tell you everything. But no interruptions okay? I won’t be able to go on if you interrupt me.” You nodded your head in agreement and he began his story.

“You’ve heard the story of how demons were created right? Lucifer tried to rebel against God, so in return he kicked him and all his followers out of heaven to live eternally in hell and wreak havoc on the earth?” You nodded. “Well, he also decided to kick out those who couldn’t decide where their loyalties lay quick enough.” He grunted, and you almost said something before he continued. “Angels are supposed to love God and only God. We are not allowed to feel any other emotion with the exception of guardian angels to their assignments. For us, that’s where things went wrong. You were so beautiful and I just couldn’t help myself. Long story short, we fell in love, therefore breaking the only rule known to angels. We were able to keep it hidden on for awhile, but you can’t hide anything from God.” He sighed, running his fingers through his thick, dark hair. 

“Wait me? What are you talking about I was never-”

“I said no interruptions darling.” He raised his eyebrows at you and you shut your mouth, hoping he would continue. “He didn’t want to punish you as harshly as the rest of us. You were a prize, even amongst angels and no one wanted to see you descend to hell. So while the rest of us fell from heaven, our wings ripped out or blackened, you were given a second chance. You were always hesitant about disobedience anyways, but some people are just made for each other.” He chuckled, moving a stray piece of hair from your face. “Fortunately for us, God does still have his moments. They don’t call him omnibenevolent for nothing. So he gave us a loophole. He would allow you to live as a human, reincarnated every so often, but without any of your memories of me or of heaven and I would be forced to live under Lucifer’s reign as a demon and watch you live your life without me.”

“How is that merciful?” You scoffed, but he only rolled his eyes.

“You really have a hard time not asking questions.”

“Sorry.” You mumbled, and he grinned.

“The loophole is this. If ever you were to summon me and try and make a deal, then immediately your soul would be bound to mine again like it was before we were cast out.  However, in order for your memories to be returned you would have to willingly fall in love with me again.” He stared bashfully at the ground. He didn’t look like the type to ever be shy, but here he was with his cheeks bright red as he told you that you would have to love him in order to be set free.  

“So it’s all up to me then?” You whispered, shocked that there was a whole part of your life, or your many lives and existences, that had been kept hidden from you for so many years. 

“As it’s always been.”He smiled softly, looking at you like you were once again the angel he had fallen in love with up in heaven. And in his mind, you still were.

“And you’re telling me that in the millennium we’ve apparently been around this is the first time I’ve ever tried to make a deal with a demon?”

“You’ve always been pure like that. I guess that’s what the big man was counting on when he created the loop hole.” Calum scowled. “And of course you finally do and it’s to save another man. I’d kill him if I could for what he did to you, but I can’t say I’m not pleased you’re no longer attached to him.”

You had been trying to push the thought of your cheating scum of an ex-boyfriend to the back of your mind, but you had to admit the thought of his seemed so distant now that you knew the truth. “So if I fall in love with you again, then we both go back to heaven?” You inquired.

“I’m not sure really. I doubt either of us would ever be reinstated, but I do know that we could go free. I’m not sure what happens after that.” He scratched the back of his neck, and you could’ve sworn it wasn’t the first time you’d seen it. Like a flash of lightening, or something even quicker, a memory popped back into your head. He was perched on a branch in a fruit tree, offering you a ripe, round peach with a delicate smile, only this time he had  beautiful, white wings cascading from his shoulder blades and a golden halo hovering above his dark locks. He was stunning and as you took the fruit, he lifted his hand back to scratch his neck before leaning in and whispering in your ear. “I’ll love you for eternity my sweet, sweet angel.”

A loud knock on the apartment door pulled you from your thoughts, and as quickly as the memory had appeared, it was gone again. You looked to Calum and for the first time, you saw a glint of fear in his brown eyes.

“There’s one more thing.” His voice decreased into a whisper. “Your soul isn’t just a ticket for you and I to be free. Legend says that a pure angel who has walked the earth on her own will be the key for any demon to escape hell forever. A lot of people think that’s you which means…”

“That I’m essentially a get out of hell free card.” You finished for him. “Lovely.”

The knocks persisted, turning into heavy pounding before a sickly voice sounded from the other side.

“Calum I know you’re in there. Don’t be selfish boy, why don’t you help an old friend out.” The voice sent chills down your spine, like a cube of ice had been shoved down your shirt and was sliding down your skin.

“We have to run.” Calum sounded distressed as he took your hand and pulled you towards the fire escape in a haste.

“Who is that?” You whimpered as Calum pulled you behind him protectively, checking out the window to see if the coast was clear.

“That, my love, is Death. And it looks like he’s come for us after all.”


Part 2


@riveranddoctorsong123 asked: “Hi could you do a antiope x reader headconnons where the readers hippolytas best friend.” 

Hope I did your request justice. Gif not mine.

I. As her most trusted friend, you act as chief diplomat for Queen Hippolyta.  From the founding of Themyscira to the birth of Diana you’ve aided the queen in numerous ways.  As such you became well acquainted with her sisters, Menalippe and Antiope.  For the longest time, she was not fond of your presence; never rude but always guarded.  Hippolyta repeatedly attempted, and failed, to reassure you that she harbored no ill will. So, it progressed that of the three sisters, Antiope was the last to open up.  

II. This bothered you as General Antiope was a woman you greatly revered.  She had tenacity that even the queen seemed to lack.  To see her fight was a thing of beauty; power and grace pulsated from her like a natural spring.  Her soul housed tenderness as well, and deep wisdom.  No other Amazon commanded the presence of Pallas Athena as she did.  Truly, you held deeper feelings for her, and wished to know the undisclosed parts of her heart but they seemed permanently locked away.

III.  As fate would have it, her reserve was never born of abhorrence; quite the opposite in fact.  Antiope admired you for some years but felt her duty as General should come first.  Additionally, it was not her goal to be overly ruled by her heart, or worst of all reveal her feelings only to be shunned.   Yet peace lasted and her walls began to show wear. Your repertoire of qualities beat upon her resolve like a water to rock, refining her edges.  Eventually she would share jokes, provide counsel and seek out your company without the presence of others.  A new-found tenderness revealed itself to you during this time, and it was something you cherished.  

IV.  Before long Hippolyta and Menalippe notice the secreted glances cast in your direction by Antiope   She would complement your skills as a negotiator, liking the balance it created between the connection shared by you both.   Each of the sisters would attempt to call your attention to Antiope’s true feelings but you always brushed it off.  Meekness was not your intent, but disbelief that the General of the Amazonian army could see you in such a light.

V.  The damage was done, however.  The nightly walks, stolen glances and complements begin to tip the scale.  Eventually all you could think about were the hints that could mean something more.  Hippolyta would slyly comment to you how her sister prefers to flirt, which never failed to trigger overthinking on your part.  Menalippe had a different approach.  She would confront Antiope, rebuking her subterfuge, urging her to tell the truth.  One time an argument ensued, Antiope commenting that she hides nothing but merely wishes to control when and how her affections would be shown.  This matter was between her and you alone.

VI.  Despite the clamor, you remained skeptical for the sake of both of your dignities until one evening during your after-dinner stroll.  Antiope would usually accompany you and the conversation would dither from one topic to another.  This evening the topic of poetry flowed, particularly the works of Sappho.  Antiope recites a verse, almost to herself, as she watched the evening glow illuminate your features.  The tone of her voice, the swift yet meaningful grip around your fingers finally removed the veil from your eyes.  A deep love began to unfold between the both of you from that day forward. Hippolyta would be overjoyed that her dear sister and best friend finally found a path to one another.  

Safety in a Dark Trenchcoat (Sherlock Holmes)

Pairing: Sherlock/Reader
Words: 1280+
Warning(s): Abuse, abuse mention, depression
A/N: sorry this took 5 ever. i hope you enjoy! Also sorry my writing sucks here orx
Request: sorry if this seems dark you dont have to write it! can you do a sherlock x reader where she is abused by her boyfriend? her, sherlock and john were best friends before he started keeping her away/locked in her flat except for work or shopping until she finally calls sherlock, wanting him to help but her boyfriend catches her. end it with some fluff pls!

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Three words for the first time

Welcome to rarepair hell. Please enjoy your stay with some cute YouMaru… because that’s the ship I fell hard for (I blame Caruso btw…).

Note: This is set within the context of the Volleyball AU, a Discord Server RP. You don’t need details of the RP to read this, though. Just wanted to mention it.
Also big thanks @icaruswings87 for being the beta, best RP partner one could wish for and for falling down here with me. xD

Pairing: YouMaru

words: ~1800

The stairs up to the shrine on Benten Island are familiar to You. And even though she is used to climbing them a lot faster and during a different time of the day - they are an inherent part of her morning workout after all - her slow pace is not unwelcome So, now with, the afternoon sun on her back and an unhurried pace up each stair-step, it feels as if she was walking in slow-motion.

Despite this it seems as if You is still walking too fast, at least for the girl behind her.

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Spencer Reid x reader
Criminal Minds
Word count: 1,689

We were on a case in Arizona and it was really warm. So warm I had my blouse unbuttoned as much as it could go without being unsuitable for work. The case we were working on was about a serial killer, he would break into women’s homes, rape them then strangle them. 

I wasn’t the only one feeling the warmth, out of the corner of my eye I could see Reid pull his shirt out of his pants, unbutton the top few buttons and loosen his tie, he proceeds to roll his sleeves up and I bite my lip. He pushes his fringe out of his way and I nearly cut into my lip from biting it so hard. His eyes flicker up to me for a second and he smirks putting the case file down, he strides over to me keeping his eyes locked on mine. He looks around for a second checking nobody can see us then pulls down on my lip, he gathers a tricle of escaped blood on his finger and I sigh nervously. He brings his thumb to his own lip suckling on it for a second and I gulp but in a flash he’s gone, sitting back in his seat looking at the case file he once abandoned. 

“Tease” I grit under my breath. 
“what?” he says innocently looking up. I send him a death glare and he smirks, raising his eyebrows. 
“you guys find anything?” Hotch says walking into the room followed by the rest of the team. I shake my head.
“nope, we we’re a bit … distracted” I say glancing at Reid through my lashes and he smirks again. 
“by what” Rossi asks confused as the place was basically a ghost town. Reids about to reply when I jump in before him.
“The heat” I shout over Reid. The others wince a little and Reid tries to hide his smile but I can also see the disappointment in his eyes. The entire mood changes. Reid and I have been dating for a while now but every time he brings up mentioning it to the team, I say no then we have a big argument. I always blame it on the fact that employees aren’t allowed to be romantically linked but honestly I couldn’t give a damn about that, I know Hotch wouldn’t write us up for it because other than being our boss, hes our friend. I guess it’s just the fact that when we tell people, they’re involved. I want to stay in my own little bubble with Spencer, geeking out on TV shows in his sweaters with take out on the couch and falling asleep in his arms. 

We all get back to work in silence. 
“guys, they were each stalked for a couple months weren’t they? he sent them letters? what if he thinks they were in a relationship and they rejected him, they wouldn’t go public” Morgan asks putting his idea in the open. 

“hmm, wonder what that’s like” Reid mumbles. The team look confused but they brush it off. 
“so he just thought he and his ‘girlfriend’ were in love?” JJ asks. 
“me too” Reid mutters again and I shift uncomfortably. 
“So when they didn’t tell their family, close friends, or reply to them he broke in and murdered them? that’s a big escalation” Prentiss exclaims. 
“so is telling someone you love them, but it doesn’t stop one from doing it” Reid grits and stands up from the table leaving the room. 
“Reid” I shout after him. 
“what’s his deal?” JJ questions. I shrug. 

We catch the unsub when he tries to sneak into another womans home, her fiance was home and attacked him. They called the police and he was put in jail. 

I enter the jet and sit in a place, I wait for Reid to sit opposite my as he usually does and we talk about the case, then anything else. But he doesn’t, he sits alone, the entire opposite end of the plane. I slouch and instead JJ and Prentiss sit opposite me. They look at me like a mother would look at their teenage child. 

“you’re close with Reid, what’s up with him?” They ask me excitedly. I shrug and look away, discreetly wiping away a few tears. 
“I don’t know” I spit. The two profilers notice your action and tone of voice but decide not to comment. 
“you coming out for drinks as soon as we get back? It’ll only be 10:30pm?” Emily asks softly and I sniffle. 
“erm, no, I think I’m starting to get a bit ill, not used to the hot weather I guess” I let out a strangled giggle. “you guys have fun though” I mumble. They nod and smile at me sympathetically obviously seeing through my facade. “guys I’m fine” I snort and they smile wider this time. 
“you know, we need to find you a boyfriend” JJ suggests and I perk up at her odd suggestion. 
“why?” I stutter. 
“because you can’t wait for pretty boy all your life” Prentiss says after a minute of exchanged glances between them. I’m shocked and I can’t reply. 
“we know” JJ confirms for me.
“how?” I sigh. 
“You constantly make googly eyes at eachother, you have a hickey on your chest showing through your shirt, and maybe the fact that we’re your friends? how can we miss that you’re in love” JJ explains hitting me on the leg. 
“in love?” I squeak. They nod. 
“you haven’t realised, you are both head over heels in love with eachother? seriously? You guys are like horny teenagers, we’re lucky he’s not over here flirting” Emily laughs. I look down and play with my fingers. 
“he’s not speaking to me” I say with tears in my eyes. Emily jumps out of her seat to come sit next to me, discreetly hugging me. 
“he’s angry that I keep saying we can’t tell you guys.” I fumble with my fingers. “I just don’t want to ruin our little bubble, when we tell people it’s ruined and it’s everyones business then you know?” I say looking up at them. 
“I was the same with will remember? now look at us, we have children, married, we’re happy.” JJ exclaims. I nod and look out the window, just as we come to a stop. I hadn’t even noticed we were landing. Everyone drives back to the bureau in silence. Luckily I end up in a car with Emily, JJ and Morgan.

When we enter we all split off, Hotch to his office, same as Rossi and I drag Reid into the round table room much to his dismay mumbling that he’s ‘tired’, I look at JJ and Emily as I close the door and they hold their thumbs up to me enthusiastically. I roll my eyes and I see Morgan smirk at me, I wink at him. When I turn around I see Reid sitting in a chair like a stroppy teen. 
“I just want to go home, to bed, alone” Reid says and I try to pretend that it doesn’t hurt me. 
“just shut up and listen please” I plead and he purses his lips then nods looking at me boredly. “You are the most frustrating person I’ve ever met, you leave you’re clothes EVERYWHERE, you chew your pen lids and it drives me crazy, you have a tendency to talk in your sleep and you curl you’re cold toes onto my warm ones. You know basically everything and it get’s a bit exhausting sometimes but you are the sweetest man ever, you hold doors open for me and give me massages and buy me food, you wait until I fall asleep when I have a nightmare and you give the best cuddles, you are the best boyfriend I’ve ever had and If I’m being honest the best sex too” I blush looking away from him. As I was speaking I had moved over to where he was sitting and stood right in front of him.  “what I’m trying to say is I’m in love with you, and I know you love me to, and I’m really sorry I kept us a secret I just wanted to be the only one that knew all that about you,” I say out of breath, he stares up at me for a second before in a swift motion he grips onto my hips and pulls me onto his lap so I’m straddling his. He pulls my lips to his in a heated motion, he grips onto my butt and I grip his neck. 
“I love you too” He mumbles onto my lips. 
“woooooh” we hear and stop kissing, I turn around and see Prentiss, JJ, Morgan and Garcia. 
“get it pretty boy” Morgan teases. I blush and hop off of Spencers lap. 
“how did you guys know?” Reid says rubbing the back of his neck. They all grin and look at Garcia. 
“we hacked into the cameras and watched the entire thing” Garcia says trying to contain her laughter at our crimson cheeks. 
“everything?” I squeak. 
“enough to know pretty boy is getting some” Morgan laughs clapping Reid on the back and Spencer smiles awkwardly. He looks at them all with a smile for a second. 
“Then you won’t mind if I do this then” Spencer says and quickly picks me up. I giggle and lean down to give him a quick kiss on the lips. I hold his cheeks and put my forehead on his. 
“this is too cute” Garcia squeals and takes a picture. I start laughing and stand back on my feet. I grab Spencers hand and drag him out of the fairly empty BAU. 

“use protection” we hear Rossi shout behind us obviously noticing the commotion the room next door. I laugh loudly as well as Reid. We get in the elevator and he brings his lips to mine again. 
“I really do love you” he sighs. 
“I love you to idiot” I sigh back. 
“actually i’m proven to be a genius-” I cut him off with a kiss. “shh” I whisper, laughing. 

Forest fae [rewrite]

I found her asleep

On the cold, hard ground

Her blanket was frost

And she made not a sound


Sighting her glamour

I became enraptured

And so sat by, waiting

For that moment she stirred


Chill’s teeth soon tore

Tugging in thoughts of home

But then gnawed the guilt

At a maiden left all alone


Both frame and will shook

As later she slept

Cold battled my conscience

‘Til I broke, and wept


Tears staining my face

In the wind quickly froze

And then, in that moment

The sleeping form rose


Thrust out were swift hands

To grip tight at my throat

She sang through choked screams

Matching them note for note


Breaths left my lungs

And she swallowed each one

Gulped down between

The strain of her song


As the last was consumed

I recalled of her sleeping

To finally realise

How she’d lain without breathing


Succumbed to the tricks

Of the spirit that dwells

In this forest where fools

Fall under its spells


Weakened, I was pulled

To the cold, hard ground

Our blanket was frost

And we made not a sound

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I bet when he first saw Lupita!Castiel he didn't stab her. He just stood there and fought the urge to flirt with such a beautiful vessel

A/N: *sobbing gently*

He’s stone in his place, his heart pounding as she – it? – approaches. Sparks are flying behind her, highlighting her complexion perfectly. Wait. No. She’s a demon! No matter how beautiful she is. Before he can react, Bobby is firing off his bullets, blasting her with everything he’s got. She doesn’t flinch, only continues making her way to them. 

Demon. She has to be a demon. Before he can stop the words from coming, he’s speaking. “Who are you?” he asks. His voice comes out in more of a croak than anything else, his eyes locked on her deep brown ones. Her face is blank.

“I’m the one who gripped you tight and raised you from perdition,” she says. Her voice is soothing against his ears. She’s terrifying, and beautiful. His fingers tremble over the blade behind his back, his throat running dry as she steps closer. 

Gotta stab her, gotta kill her before she kills you. He repeats this to himself in his mind, his heart dropping as Bobby swings his crowbar at her. In one swift movement, she grips the metal bar, turning to Bobby and gently pressing her fingers against his forehead. The Winchester watches as Bobby falls to the ground, and his knife slips from his fingers. 

“We need to talk, Dean, alone,” she says. 

“I’d love to get alone with –” He cuts himself off, turning his eyes to Bobby. Quickly, he lowers down, brushing his fingers over Bobby’s shoulder. 

“I didn’t kill him,” she says nonchalantly, walking over to a table and sinking down. Dean shoots her a glare, but it quickly melts away when he finds her flipping through a book. God damn it, he needs to focus!

“Who are you?” he asks.

“Castiel.” Dean rolls his eyes, rolling his wrist. 

“What are you?” 

“I’m an angel of the lord,” she replies. He wants to deny it, he wants to say that there’s no such thing. But he didn’t believe in angels until he saw her face. When he doesn’t respond, she stands to her feet, and lightening flashes. 

Dean’s heart feels like it’s going to give out. On the walls, shadows of big, full wings sprawl out, leaving him even more awestruck than before. “Son of a bitch…” He stands up, wondering if he tried hard enough, maybe he could feel her wings. “Why save me, angel?” he purrs, cursing himself for his flirtatious tone.

Castiel frowns, tilting her head. “Why question it?” she asks as she approaches him. Dean stiffens as she cups his face, his heart pounding against his chest. “I saved you.” She pauses, staring up at him with shifting eyes. Upon instinct, Dean leans forward, closing his eyes. “You’re welcome.” And just like that, her warmth is gone, and he can hear her walking away from him. Dean peeks open an eye, biting his lip. “We still need to talk.”

“losing grip on sinking ships
you showed up just in time”

- This Love, Taylor Swift

You’re facetiming with a friend and he eats you out

Sorry we’re pretty late with this one but exams got us like…. 


“Hey! I was wondering if I could have a Ashton smut where the two of you have been teasing each other all day but when he goes to make a move your best friend (that lives far away) facetimes you. So of corse you answer. So while your on the phone with her he starts to like tease her more. Blah blah stuff leads to him eating you out while your on the video chat but you cant hang up? Thanks!”

“Ashton smut. He eats you out while ur skyping ur friend or something. Thnx ❤️”


Masterlist - Requests

You and Ashton have been teasing each other all day, and it started to drive you completely insane. Because Ashton was especially very good at teasing you.

He would trace circles on the exposed part of your stomach or on your thigh, giving it a squeeze once in a while when you were watching a movie together.

This noon at lunch with the boys he would creep his hand over your inner thigh repeatedly, brushing the fabric of your panties lightly sometimes, leaving you pantingwet for him and all you got to do was give him a good view on your cleavage and a few neck kiss here and there.

If this was a competition, you were losing majorly and it annoyed you that you haven’t been able to turn on Ashton to a point where he would just take you then and there. You knew your thoughts were very fucked up, but Ashton has left you way to sexually frustrated.

So you decided it was time for some payback. You placed your hand on his thigh, dangerously close to his crotch as you traced circles on it. You felt him sit up straight uncomfortably as he pulled you closer by your waist. By now you weren’t even paying attention to the television anymore.

You crept your hand higher as you palmed his cock through his black jeans. You started rubbing him slowly through his jeans as you could feel the bulge forming in his pants. You opened his zipper toturingly slow and slid your hand over the thin black fabric, taking his length into your small hand through his boxers, making him let out a low moan as he dug his fingers into your waist.

Just as you were about to place a kiss on his neck you heard your phone go off as you jumped up from your position leaving a frustrated Ashton on the couch. You felt a smirk tug at the end of your lips as you casually strolled to the kitchen counter, swaying your hips to the side as you felt Ashton’s harsh stare on you.

You took your phone and saw your best friends name on the screen, who was calling from America, you smugly smiled at your friends great timing as you clicked accept.

“Hey Y/B/N!” You greeted her as you took your previous place on the couch next to Ashton once again, he gave you a death glare as you noticed the visible bulge in his pants. You smirked to yourself as she greeted you back.

“So what’s up?”You asked her casually as you felt Ashton leave his spot on the couch. She started telling you on how college is going and that she missed you as you felt both of Ashton’s hands on your knees. You looked at him with an eyebrow quirked up as he grinned devilishly at you.

You felt a lump in your throat as you tried to focus on your friend. “How about you? How are you holding up?” She asked you as you coughed in your hand awkwardly, Ashton tugging at your shorts.

“I’m doing pretty good yeah! I’ll be visiting in a couple weeks. How is your love life going over there?” You ask as you saw her face turning a little red, a small smile tugging at her lips.

You felt your shorts being tugged of in one swift motion as Ashton gripped you by your thighs and pulled you closer to his face, making you let out a small shriek as you felt a tingle going through your body because of Ashton’s harsh touch.

You shot him a quick glare as you turned your attention back to your friend. Who was shyly admitting you about a boy that gave her his nummer, not noticing Ashton’s actions.

Ashton started rubbing small circles on your inner thigh making your eyes widen, pretending it was because of her confession. You felt a bit like a shit friend but Ashton’s touch already left you panting.

“Really? How is he like?”You asked her with a breathy voice as you felt Ashton place a kiss on your thigh as he rubbed you through your panties. You bit your lip to refrain yourself from moaning as you nodded at your friend for her to go on.

He slipped a finger inside your panties rubbing circles on your clit, which was already soaking for him making his smirk grow even wider. “Ashton stop.” You mouthed as he shook his head, slipping a finger inside of you, pumping into you as you tried to keep your composure, which was getting harder every second.

He hooked his other hand on the waistband of your panties and tugged it off, leaving it pooling at your ankles as you gasped, but tried covering it up with a cough.

“Are you okay?” Y/B/N asked you concerned as you nodded at her skeptically. “Yeah I just got a cough, so did you already call him?”You asked trying to sound interested.

You felt his hot breath on your core, sending an immediate pleasure through your body. You needed im so badly, but you didn’t want him to be able to take away your self control anymore.

He placed a small kiss on your clit as you gripped the couch tightly, keeping yourself from screaming out his name as he licked up your slit. He started to suck on your clit, twirling his tongue around the sensitive nub. He added pressure as he sucked harder.

You felt his tongue between your folds as he pushed his tongue into your entrance, applying more pressure as you let out a small moan, your friend looking up at you in confusion as you pretended you just had a sore back.

She told you they have been texting for the past week and that he asked her out this morning, a blush creeping on her cheeks, but all you could focus on was the immense pleasure Ashton was giving you by his skilled tongue.

“Did you say yes?” You asked biting the insides of your cheeks after as you positioned  the camera higher so your hand could fly to Ashton’s hair, pulling him closer to your sex as he let out a chuckle at your eagerness.

He twirled his tongue one more time before adding a finger, pumping it into you slowly as you felt the pressure in your stomach built up as his finger started pumping faster into you. His tongue still sucking on your clit as you felt your orgasm coming close.

“Are you really okay?” You friend asked you worriedly as you shook your head, you knew you were close to your orgasm and there was no way you could hide it. “What’s wrong?” She asked you as you just quickly told her your back was hurting a lot and that you’d call her back later.

You hung up and threw your phone on the couch, tangling your fingers in Ashton’s hair as you let out a loud moan, he added another finger as you felt yourself reaching your high. Your walls clenched around his finger as you came on his tongue, he swallowed every last drip of you as you shut your eyes in pleasure.

You felt your body slowly sink into the couch as you untangled your hands from his hair and let yourself go, feeling completely relieved as Ashton placed a small kiss on your stomach, standing up and sitting next to you.

He pulled you into his chest and pecked your lips softly, you didn’t really care that he won again, you just put your head in the crook of his neck as you snuggled into him.

“That’s what happens when you leave me like that princess.”


Summary: Based on an anon request where reader has scars on her chest from childhood surgeries, and is anxious about Bucky seeing them, despite the fact that they’ve been dating.

Bucky x reader, MOSTLY FLUFF, A LIL ANGST (not really though). Word count: 1250

TW: scars (surgical), body image problems (they get resolved though)

A/N: Sorry the title sucks, but I couldn’t think of anything better. You win some, you lose some I guess.

“Hey, Y/N! Why don’t you hop in?!” shouted Sam from the pool as you sat on a lounge chair on the deck.

“Yeah! C’mon! The water’s great, and we’re gonna play chicken, aren’t we, Nat?” hollered Clint.

“Hell yeah! You and me are gonna kick Y/N and Bucky’s asses,” teased Natasha.

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Alive (Part 1)

Originally posted by pengwhin

(Prologue) -> Part 1 -> (Part 2)

Genre: Angst/Fluff


Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

***WARNING: Language, Violence(?), Shitty writing yet again***

Step by step, the figure approached the building as you identified the familiar crunch of shattered glass beneath it’s boots.


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Turn loose the mermaids(Part24)

Here we go! I’m sorry for the long wait, but I had a week from hell last week. Thanks to @miracujess for being my beta.

Btw guys, do you remember when you thought Chat was afraid of storms, back in chapter 9? Lol, as if. I wonder if any of you will figure out what that was about.

Anyway here comes the feels whaddup.

First l Next

One day, I will learn to listen to my fucking instincts when they scream at me, Chat thought bitterly, grabbing tightly onto a rope as another wave broke, the water splashing all over the deck and almost knocking him off his feet. Chat kept in mind to give Kim a raise for holding the wheel of La Coccinelle so well during a storm like this. Lightning struck in the horizon, making him clench his teeth. They needed to get out of these waters as soon as possible. Getting a better grip on one of the ropes, he shouted over the noise of the thunder.

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Drunk fun (Jungkook)

Thank you so much for the request I hope you like it <3

Warning: Contains smut

You and your best friend had been invited to a big collage party that one of your seniors was holding. You both didn’t really know anyone there but you thought you’d be fools not to go, it was going to be the biggest party of the year and there was no way you were going to miss it, and who knows you both might gain some popularity from it. The music was blaring and you could just about hear each other as you were screaming over the music to each other. “Hey where do you wanna start off first?” You asked barely audible over the music, your friend shrugged her shoulders, “I guess it would be good to start off with a drink.” She suggested. It sounded like a good idea to you so you headed over to the large table of drinks in the kitchen and started to pour yourselves some drinks. You noticed when you got over to the  drinks that the music was a little quieter so you decided to stay there for a bit and talk before going to have a dance. As you looked around your eyes caught sight of the only guy you had your heart set on since you met him, Jeon Jungkook. “Y/n!” Your friend called as she roughly nudged you. “You were doing it again, you seriously need to get over him.” You took another sip of your drink as you slowly tore your attention away from him. She was right you needed to stop this crush, he was one of your seniors and he was so good looking he probably had so many girls his own age lining up to get a chance with him.

You and your friend made your way to the living room after having 2-3 drinks already, you were starting to feel the alcohol take it’s effect already but that wasn’t going to stop you. “Hey you two!” You heard an unfamiliar voice call to you. You turn around to see a group of seniors gesturing for you and your friend to go to them. You did as you were told and were soon sucked into the group. “We need two more people for this game we’re about to play and you guys seem perfect for it.” The leader started as he wrapped his arm around your friend. You both agreed to join them for the game and before you knew it you ended up spending the whole night with them. “Hey how about we play spin the bottle.” One of the girls suggested. You were kind of happy that it wasn’t another drinking game since you seemed really bad at them and you had so much alcohol in your system already. You all sat in a circle and started playing. The bottle would land on two people and they’d be taken to the closet and locked in for 7 minutes, while as you all waited you engaged in drunken conversation. This went on for a few tries until it finally landed on you. Your eyes widened as you knew you were going to be locked in a closet with someone, you looked around to see who you would possibly like to be in there with but you were so nervous and drunk you couldn’t think straight. 

You spun the bottle again and the 5 seconds the bottle took to choose a partner  felt like forever. The bottle finally landed on a partner and it just so happened to be Jungkook. You slowly followed him to the closet and before you knew it you were locked in a dark closet with your crush. You both had a small awkward conversation which lead to a short awkward silence. The tension was to thick you could cut it with a knife. Then suddenly you felt his hand snake its way around the back of your head and pull you into his lips. Your eyes widened as he slowly moved his lips against yours, you stood there frozen in shock until you finally went along with it and started kissing him back. Things got heated really quickly as he tangled his fingers in your hair causing small moans to leave your mouth. You could feel him smirking into the kiss as he felt very happy that he made you like that. 

Wasting no time he latched his lips to your neck and began to suck and bite at the sensitive skin. You covered your mouth to muffle the moans that were now spilling out of your mouth. His long fingers fumbled to unbutton your shirt and toss it to one side and then pulled off your jeans and panties in one swift movement. You gripped the hem of his shirt as you quickly pulled it over his head and went to discard him of his jeans. You could see his hard member through his boxers even in the dim light of the closet and eagerly tore his boxers off him, leaving him standing in front of you in all his glory. He quickly pinned you to the wall, hooked one of your legs around his waist and lined his member at your entrance. He connected his lips to yours again in a lust filled kiss before thrusting hard into you making you give out a little squeal against his lips. 

Knowing you both didn’t have much time he wanted this to be quick so he rapidly pounded into you causing you to try to desperately hold back your cries of pleasure. You could feel yourself slipping closer to your peek, you dug your nails into his back trying to keep yourself going a little longer but you couldn’t hold it back anymore and you let out a loud muffled moan as you came. Jungkook continued to thrust into you with all of his might and each thrust became more sloppy as he came closer to his high. A couple more thrusts later he came inside you. You were both left breathing heavily and a little sweaty, he rested his head on your shoulder as he caught his breath again. Seeing that you had just seconds to get your clothes back on and act like nothing happened you both darted to your clothes and started getting dressed. Before the door flew open he cupped your face in his hands and gave your nose a sweet kiss and smiled at you softly. You still didn’t know if it was because he was still a little drunk or these were genuine feelings but you knew you were never going to forget this moment.


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Jimin, 1, 26.

Originally posted by parkjiminz

[1. Confessing | 26. Vehicle sex]

‘Thanks for picking me up! I wouldn’t be able to walk, I think.’ you giggled drunkenly, looking at your best friend, Jimin, who was driving you home. He’s always been calm when it came to you, so he didn’t even get slightly angry when you called him at 3AM asking for a lift.

‘You wouldn’t if we did something…’ He cleared his throat and smiled at you. ‘No worries. Did you have fun?’ He asked glancing at you, still focused on the road. You threw your hands in the air with a satisfied groan.

‘It was great! I drank a bit!’ Your head felt as if you were on a rollercoaster rather than a car, but you didn’t complain.

‘A bit?’ He laughed and you patted his knee, leaning in to him.

‘A litte tiny bit.’ You tried to convince him, but he only seemed amused with your actions.

‘Did you find someone…? You know?’ He asked kind of hesitantly, but in the state you were, you didn’t pay attention to details.

‘No, I like you too much.’ You mumbled happily causing him to nearly step on the breaks.

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no light pollution: an Ari & Dante fanmix

“and it seemed to me that Dante’s face was a map of the world. a world without any darkness. wow, a world without darkness. how beautiful was that?”

01. wild heart - bleachers
everything has changed / and now it’s only you that matters” //
“a part of me thought things would never be normal again.”

02. ribs - lorde
you’re the only friend i need” //
“until Dante, being with other people was the hardest thing in the world for me.”

03. who is in your heart now? - studio killers
have you ever found something / that you didn’t even know you were looking for? / an answer / though you didn’t hear the question” //
“all the answers had always been so close and yet i’d always fought them without even knowing it.”

04. edge - haim
i was always running, always hurt” //
“we all fight our private wars.”

05. iris - sleeping with sirens
well i don’t want the world to see me / ‘cause i don’t think that they’d understand//
“one summer night i feel asleep hoping the world would be different when i woke.”

06. this love  - taylor swift
been losing grip, oh, sinking ships / you showed up just in time” //
“i wanted to tell them that he had changed my life … And that somehow it felt like Dante had saved my life and not the other way around.”

07. giving me away - betty who
you should kiss me like you mean it again / ‘cause i don’t wanna be your friend//
“’try it again,’ i said. ‘kiss me.’
‘kiss me.’
‘no,’ and then he smiled. ‘you kiss me.’”

08. youth - troye sivan
my youth is yours / a truth so loud you can’t ignore” //
“Through all of youth I was searching for you without knowing what I was looking for. - W.S. Merwin”

09. there’s too much love - belle and sebastian
i’m brutal, honest and afraid of you” //
“’you. that’s what i’m afraid of. i’m afraid of you, Dante.’”

10. shine - years & years
i’ve got so many secrets to show” //
“’do you think, Ari, that love has anything to do with the secrets of the universe?’”

11. standing by - pentatonix
i will shout from the mountaintop / our hearts belong here” //
“how could i have ever been ashamed of loving Dante Quintana?”


“Jason what are you doing?” You ask walking into his study, he held his finger up shushing you as he continued to speak in french to whomever was on the phone. You sighed walking over to him, he pulled you swiftly in his lap pecking your cheek quickly.

A smirk arose on your face realizing your position, you smiled innocently at him before wiggling your hips around on him, a instant hard on arose poking you in the bottom as he grunted lowly “If you don’t stop I will take you over this damn desk Jeanne.” He growled before placing the phone back over his ear

You huffed climbing off his lap, a idea popped in your head as you a stared at his strained errection. You slowly sink to your knees, his eyes darkened as you palmed him roughly through his pants, making his member grow even bigger than before. In a swift movement he gripped your hair in his hands “Take care of it.” He growled quietly, almost a sense of pain resided in his voice.

Without any more teasing you unzipped his zipper, grabbing him through the slit of his Calvins you blew lightly on his tip which glistened with pre cum “Quit it.” His grip on your hair tightened making your scalp burn, without another thought you took him in your mouth, stopping when you felt him hit the back of your throat a husky moan vibrated through his chest.

He struggled out his words to the person as the phone as you continued to suck harder and harder, your cheeks hollow and your eyes focused on him whos bottom lip was clamped tightly to the point of drawing blood. You made the bold move of massaging his balls in your hand, that sent him into his undoing, his salty liquid warmed the back of your throat as it slowly slid down.

With that he quickly hung up the phone, his moans loudened as he finished his release. Once he had done so you let him fall from your mouth “What the hell am I going to do with you.”

The Green Eyed Monster

 a/n: Pietro gets jealous of an old friend. 

Warnings: Slight language, fluff

    “Slow down! This is not fair! C’mon man!” Y/N breathlessly shouted after the blur of blue and silver that had just whizzed past her. “You said we were just going for a nice relaxing jog!”

    “Oh I’m sorry, is this too much of a challenge for you? Catch me if you can!” Pietro Maximoff said, as he slowed down just enough to let Y/N hear him and laugh.

She was about to take off in a sprint after her friend and collegue she heard her name being called from behind, she spun around to see her old friend from school.

“Danny! Wow! How are you? Haven’t seen you in so long!” Y/N said bringing him into a hug.

“I’ve been really good! How about you? You look fantastic!” he said looking her up and down. Just as she was about to reply, she felt a brush of air on her shoulder and looked up to see Pietro standing beside you glaring daggers at Danny.

“Danny this is my friend Pietro, we work together with the Avengers.” Y/N said introducing the two men, not noticing the hard stare Danny was receiving.

“Nice to meet you! Y/N and I were friends at school.” Danny said and smiled at her and ruffled your hair.

“Well, Y/N and I have to go, business to attend to.” Pietro said gruffly, grabbing her hand and dragging you away.

“Catch you later Danny!” Y/N waved over her shoulder, tugging at the grip Pietro had on her hand.

When Danny was out of sight, Y/N turned to him and slapped him.

“What the hell was that about?!” She shouted at Pietro. He shuffled his feet and scrathed the back of his neck, mumbling incomprehensible words.

“He is my friend and I haven’t seen him in so long and you acted like a total jerk!” Y/N was staring him down with her hands on her hips, very obviously angry.

“He was checking you out and leering at you!” Pietro retorted, soundly unsure of himself.

“Okay, Pietro that’s total bullsit. He was not checking me out, he was not leering at me. I’m not his type!” Y/N raised an eyebrow and continued to glare at him.

“How do you know that? You said yourself you haven’t seen him in years! His type could have changed! You don’t know!” Pietro’s accent getting thicker and thicker the angrier he became.

“Pietro. He’s very much so gay.” She said, exhasperated.

An awkward silence ensued between the two.

“I’m really sorry. I thought he was coming onto you.” Pietro offered in apology.

The pieces of this little puzzle started to piece themselves together in her head. Y/N’s heart fluttered at the theory forming in her mind.

“Pietro, were you… were you, jealous?” She looked up at him smirking.

He averted his gaze from his feet to the trees. A very quiet whisper, barely audible, came from him,


Y/N smiled and laughed “Oh you are such an idiot sometimes Maximoff.”

Grabbing the collar of his shirt, Y/N pulled him down toward her and crashed her lips into his. Pietro was utterly confused less than 2 minutes ago, thinking he was friendzoned and that she was majorly pissed at him. When he finally realised he was kissing the girl of his dreamed he relaxed and kissed back, snaking his arms around his waist. Pietro felt Y/N smile into the kiss and she ran her fingers through his messy hair.

Pulling away for breath, Y/N looked up at the Sokovians ice blue eyes “Finally.”

Pietro was totally bewildered again, “Hold on you like me back?”

“Of course I do and have done for many months!” Y/N said throwing her head back laughing.

Both of them on cloud nine, in one swift move he gripped her waist and pulled her in for another electric kiss.

“Would you like go for a coffee?” Pietro said kissing Y/N’s forehead.

“Of course! You’re not gonna get jealous of the barista when I order, are you speedy?” She said teasing him.

“Oh, shut up you.”