swift killers

  • Person: what's your music taste?
  • Me in my head: twenty one pilots, taylor swift, alanis morissette, nirvana, billy joel, panic! at the disco, amy winehouse, the killers, melanie martinez, foo fighters, britney spears, weezer, fleetwood mac, lana del rey, vance joy, cage the elephant, florence and the machine, the offspring, ed sheeran, frank sinatra, imagine dragons, john lennon, ke$ha, spice girls, disney, every broadway soundtrack ever. the list does not stop. there is no coordination.
  • me out loud: umm I like alternative haha

Pre reputation I used to always say “wow I really want an album that’s just I Know Places intensified” because I truly loved (and still love) the way that song was approached lyrically with all of the metaphors, and you know what? As ridiculous as that sentiment was, reputation has actually unintentionally delivered that for me through its songwriting.


riley & maya: listen on 8tracks + playmoss

ID #70009

Name: Caitlin
Age: 15
Country: England

Hello, I’m Caitlin. I’m 15 (and 3/4s), i’m short and quiet. i like cats, the book thief and skins. i watch a lot of netflix, cry over small things and like talking to people. i like wearing clothes that make me look more like a child than i already do. please hit me up, i like people. i like taylor swift, mcr and the killers (and others but i don’t want to bore you). Very angsty.

Preferences: not too old please, so like anything below 20? i don’t mind gender. friendly please.

Taylor comes out of her apartment holding Ed Sheeran’s hand while wearing the “No It’s Becky” shirt, accidentally dropping a Wonderfuck condom while simultaneously carrying chicken nuggets and having a Red Tour Glowstick hanging out her handbag while running from a serial killer.

Dear pretty little playboy…
Well, well, you played it coy.
I almost complied when you told me to enjoy.
Did you know that lies destroy?
All your words that brought me joy, last night,
were replaying like cloying lies tonight.
You’ve left me feeling like a toy, boy.