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Dean x Reader - MasterPost

Blue Iced Cupcakes- Someone steals your cupcakes

Coincidence Can be Fun- You share a case and a motel with the Winchesters

Forever and Always- Dean made a deal and miracles happen.

Home is Where the Heart Is- Your boyfriend gets to meet your parents and enjoy your hometown

Nightmare- Dean has nightmares of hell

So Much for a Day Off- You meet the guys in a demon infested bar.  

Working at the Car Wash- Cleaning the Impala gets a little messy.

Heat of the Moment- You and Dean have an argument that goes to far.

Lucky to Call you Mine- Dean loves a lot of things about you.

You’re Beautiful- Dean lets you know how he sees you.

You’re Glowing- You are pregnant with Dean’s kid.

Perfect the Way You Are- You worry if you are too clingy.

Maple Syrup- The boys worry over their pregnant girlfriend.

Worst Fear- You get captured by a djinn.

Happy Ending- You have a miscarriage.

A Year On- Both of you need some comfort.

The French Whoopsie (Part 1)- The french mistake with a baby twist.

Electrical Correspondence (Part 2)- Separated for 3 months you email each other.

Had a Bad Day- Dean stays to make sure you feel better.

So Tired- After a long hunt Dean is tired.

Break the Habit- Dean has a problem with your bad habit.

I Don’t Believe in Fate- Childhood friends finally confess feelings.

Riding On- You go horse riding together.

Fidelity- Based on the song by Jasmine Thompson.

Tired- You are exhausted.

Fluster- Dean likes making you blush.

Time for a Real Wedding- An impromptu proposal.

Welcome to High School- A struggling student gets a friend.

Perfect Little Family (Part One)- During labor of having a baby.

Perfect Little Family (Part Two)- Naming the new addition.

Chilled- You use Dean’s Hoodie to warm up.

Accident- During a Fight things get a little aggressive.

Meant to Be- Death bed confessions.

Mark My Words- Comfort after a family death.

I Know You Like It- Inspired by Bleeding Out by Imagine Dragons.

Aracnophobia- Someone needs to get rid of the spider.

Mistake- Dean cheated.

Work the Engine- You are a mechanic, and Dean likes that.

Feel Like Dancin’- Dean takes too long in the shower.

Real- It took you becoming a ghost for Dean to confess his feelings.

Forethought- You make some dumb decisions sometimes.

Dumb Luck- You don’t like how reckless Dean has been getting.

Waited- Dean has a crush.

Long Time Coming- Years later, he needs you.

Reason (Part One)- Your sister plans a huge wedding after the proposal.

We Don’t Need No Wisdom (Part Two)- Now you are pregnant.

PUDDING and Wisdom Teeth- Dean gets his wisdom teeth out.

God Spent a Little More Time on You- Based on the song by NSYNC

Title- Based on Meghan Trainor’s song.

You- Karaoke at a pub.

White Horse- Based on the song by Taylor Swift.

Much Too Long- Cuddles after Purgatory.

Where are we Now- Dying confessions of love.

The Giving Tree- Based on the song by the Plain White Ts

The Wrong End of the Stick- Dean thinks the wrong person is pregnant.

Please Don’t Say You Love Me- Based on the song by Gabrielle Aplin.

Wherever You Will Go- Based on the song by Charlene Soraia

Young Legs- Sam makes fun of the age gap.

Last Night- Based on the song by The Vamps

Lady (Part One)- Dean helps a young girl come out of her shell.

Fluffsy (Part Two)- Fluff with your new family.

Clumsy- The klutz isn’t allowed on hunts for a reason.

Dancing Queen- You have to join Dancing with the Stars.

Happy Halloween- Fake blood, not a problem. Spiders, problem.

Firstborn (Part One)- Demon Dean still cares for his kid.

Back (Part 2)- Dean gets your kid a puppy.

My Boys- Dean and your son, happy fluff.

Test- Test anxiety and study fluff.

Most Kickass Thing I’ve Seen All Day- Protecting yourself is still scary.

This is Gospel- Based on the song by Panic! at the Disco.

C’mon- Based on the song by Panic! at the Disco.

The Most Important Thing in the World- Dean is scared to hold the baby.

Distance- Dean is scared to show his feelings.

You Just Wait (Part One)- You get jealous at the way Dean looks at other girls.

He’ll Come Around (Part Two)- Demons attack.

Someone Had To- Dean catches customers being rude.

Dada- Your son days his first word.

Sweetest- Dean tries arts and crafts.

Polished Polish- Since when does Dean know Polish?

You Are My Sunshine- Dean dies on a hunt.

Strip Poker- Sam’s teasing gets results.

Keep it Quiet- Their secret relationship gets noticed.

So Important- Depression recovery.

Lessons- Dean tries to teach your sons about his Baby.

Dear Future Husband- Sing-a-long and dancing time.

Really, Actually Here- Dean is back from hell.

All These Years- Bobby is dead and his daughter needs comfort.

Rain- The best kind of weather.

Baby Been Practicing- Teen romance.

Thin Line (Part One)- Teenagers have a prank war.

Manipulated Meeting (Part Two)- Arranged meetings to keep the romance alive.

Busted (Part 3)- They find out about your relationship.

Big T-Shirt- Dean’s flirting turns into more.

Infinite- Movie night and dance parties.

Spellbound- Dean Turns into a woman.

Altercation- Demon Dean gets into a fight.

Waiting for Superman- Dean sings to cheer you up.

The Girl- Dean sings The Girl by City and Colour.

Ghost Sickness- You try to calm him down when he gets  ghost sick.

Waiting- In the Impala bonding.

Present Tense- You would rather die than become a monster.

Ticklish- He finds all the right spots.

Grumpy- Being sick puts anyone in a bad mood.

A Good Run- A Vampire and a Demon can’t date.

Just a Little While Longer- Cuddly Dean Fluff.

Bad Side- Interrogation brings out a different side of you.

Final Trial- You turn Dean human again, at what cost?

Rude- Based on the song by Timefliyes.

Automatic- He doesn’t even realize what he did.

A Shot at Normal- You are working your first real job.

Hound of Hell- Dean’s a little scared of your Hellish pet.

I Ain’t Ever Going Home (Part One)- Based off the song Nina by Ed Sheeran.

Coming Home (Part Two)- Dean comes back.

Waiting a While- A bit of a Dean tease.

Enlighten Me- You don’t like Dean flirting with Jo.

Punk of the Steamy Kind- You have a certain sense of style not all appreciate.

Only Time of the Year- Christmas Caroling in the bunker.  

I’ll Always Come Back to You- Dean isn’t answering his phone on a hunt.

Not Quite Ice Skating- Slipping and sliding on ice.

Illustrate the Point- He doesn’t see you the way you see yourself.

Lost Time- Washing the Impala.

Missed- Best friends to more.

Inanimate Object- Dean spends more time with Baby than you.

Beardy- Facial Hair and Fluff.

Far Away- Based on the song by Nickelback.

Never Cease to Amaze- You have talents they don’t know about.

Trust- A young girl decides to trust Dean.

Immunity- Demon Dean wants you to be his queen.

Considerable Trade- You fight over your age gap.

Best Ever- PMS sucks but your boyfriend is pretty nice.

A Better Plan- Plus sized reader fluff.

Cheater, Cheater, Pumpkin Eater- When your boyfriend cheats on you, you turn to Dean.

He Had it Coming- Singing and Dancing to Cell Block Tango.

Believe In- You fall from heaven, directly in front of a Winchester.

Snapshot- Dean finds your collection of photos.

Crash- Teen fic based on Crash by You and Me at 6.

Thor, Kitty of Thunder- They surprise you with a present to cheer you up.

Probably a Good Thing- Cliche Milkshakes and proposals.

Not a Sacrifice- You refuse to be a weak sacrifice.

Dancing Queen- At a very formal hunt Dean dances with you.

Bad Habits- You steal a little too much and Dean isn’t happy.

Best I Can Be- Dean needs a queen to rule with him in Hell.

I Won’t Say I’m in Love- Singing Hercules gets Dean to admit it.

Going on a Witch Hunt- Crowley swaps bodies with Dean but still proceeds to flirt.

A Bottle and a Half- When you like Dean his habit of sleeping around hurts.

The Fighter- He helps you when your mental health gets rough.

When You Love Somebody- When you can’t stop thinking he’s here to help.

A Little Past Imaginary Friends- Father Daughter fic, Dean wants to know about your boyfriend.

Sleep Deprived- Dean is working a little too hard.

Glasses- The boys see you in your glasses for the first time.

We’re Okay- You get kicked out when you get into a huge fight with Dean.

Bedside Manner- You are a nurse giving Dean stitches.

The Worst Part of Me- Dean snaps.

The Good Guys (Part One)- You are torn: Queen of Hell or Dean?

It Stings (Part Two)- You are loved demon or not.

Battle Scars (Part Three)- A look into your past.

We Did It (Part Four)- They want to cure you.

An Enjoyable Pastime- A budding teen romance.

A Lot- The Winchester fight for your heart.

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop- You can’t skate.

Nothing- Based on the song by The Script.

Our Fairytale Ending- You have a miscarriage of Dean’s kid.

I Don’t Dance- Based on the song by Lee Brice.

Is That a Smile- Dean helps with insecurities.

Trapped- You are stuck in an elevator together.

Womanizer- You refuse to be Dean’s next fling.

Dropping Hints- Dean is taking care of your injuries and you want him to notice your feelings.

It Was Going So Well- Your first date involves kidnapping?

Ache (Part One)- Dean finds out he has a teenage daughter.

In the Right Place (Part Two)- You go on your first hunt.

Complain- You swap bodies with Dean.

Twin Skeletons- Based on the song Twin Skeletons by Fall Out Boy.

Very Interested- A witches spell makes you extra emotional.  

I Hope So- Dean’s mad that you are pregnant.

In the Name- Dean feels guilty for your accident.

Full Marty McFly- When you get sent back in time teen Dean keeps flirting with you.

So Much and Always- Newlywed fluff.

Scheduled Meeting- Everyone wants your attention.

Unconventional- Kitchen appliance shopping.

Day in the Life- You have IBD and things can get tough.

Onyx- Dean’s ex notices his eyes have turned black.

Do Some Good (Part 2)- You learn more about demons.

Later- Dean enjoys you cooking a Sunday roast.

Try to Understand- Dean doesn’t quite get your depression.

Salt and- Dean gets you a kitten?

Us- After going undercover Dean feels guilty.

My Hero- Dean stops you from getting jumped.

Something Else- They feel the same but are too scared to say it.

Underwear- Undergarments are important.

Short Skirt- Its small on purpose.

Chloroform- Midnight chemical runs.

Cereal- Midnight snacking.

Obsessed- Compulsive hand washing.

Mr. Sunshine- Dean keeps going to watch this singer.

Child’s Play- They may be little now but they can still kick bum.

Fill In- When Sam is in the cage Dean meets someone new.

Run for the Hills- Based on the song The Hills by The Weeknd.

I’ll See You Again- After you die you are stuck on your engagement ring.

For a Boy- based on the song Boy by Raelynn.

For All I Knew- They are in a major car accident.

Too Stubborn for Your Own Good- The job makes you go into labor early.

Tear in My Heart- Based on the song by Twenty One Pilots.

Sick and Tired- You get food poisoning.

Bad- Based on the song by The Cab.

Adventure - Part Two to Bad.

Hopped Up - Teen!Dean takes some pain meds and reveals something.

Tense - When you never get a moment to yourselves, how do you expect to release all of that tension?

Intrigue - Demon!Dean + Fallen Angel!Reader. What could possibly go wrong?

Different - Sequel to Intrigue

If You Keep Looking At Me Like That… - It’s been a while since you’ve had some time to yourselves.

Trapped… - You manage to get out of a rather dire situation.

Stupidest Plan - Gambling can’t always end badly, right?

Thunderstorm - You’re trapped during a storm and get bored just waiting it out.

Lost Your Mind - Dean loses the people he loves, and refuses to add you to the list of casualties.

Make Me - Dean gets needy when he’s sick.

Truth Or Dare - Sam and Dean plot together to make the reader admit her feelings.

Silence - Dean steals your chocolate, so you give him the silent treatment.

To Be Young Again - Reminiscing about first kisses.

Camaraderie - He helps you escape from jail after he gets you caught.

Surprise Comeback - You’ve been best friends forever, but after a stint in Hell, will Dean feel the same?

No Control - Based off of the One Direction song.

Step Back - Based off Nice Guys by Chester See, in which the mark is really putting a strain on your relationship.

Reach Out - A sequel piece to Step back.

Babycakes - You think it’s funny to fluster Dean with nicknames.

Real Reality - Dean gets a taster of what life could have been.

Coincidence - A one-night-stand turns into something more when you have something in common: your job.

Touch - Based on the song by Shura.

Take Tomorrow - Underweight!Reader has some self-esteem problems, but Dean will always be there.

Empty Promise - You die on a hunt, but get a twisted second chance.

Branches - After an argument, you storm into the woods and end up in all sorts of touble.

Daddy Issues - Flippant Comments gain Dean a healthy dose of the Cold Shouder

Massive Idiot - Dean makes a grave mistake.

Dumbfounded - Badass!Reader kicks major ass.

Reckless Mistake - After a fight, you run off and get into trouble.

Never Let a Man Do A Woman’s Job - You how the boys how it’s done.

The Rest - It’s Dean’s birthday, and you have to do something to celebrate.

Something Unpleasant - Dean stands up for you around a bunch of blatantly sexist jerks.

A World At Rights - Dean comes home to find you singing his mother’s song.

Bright Lights - based off of the 30 Seconds To Mars song.

Something Only You Would Know - Medium!Reader is able to see Dean during 2.01.

A Desert With No Water - Dean comforts you after a nightmare.

Body Heat

Part 4

As promised, part 4 of the Feysand modern AU I’m writing. Like i said before I should name the whole thing but coming up with chapter names is fun! 

I would love feedback for this, so don’t be shy. I promise I’m a friendly human!

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 5Part 6, Part 7, Part 8.

Word Count: 1,938


All words were ripped away from me, my heart was already pounding in my chest. Rhysand’s lips were as soft as his hair. Distantly one of his hands slide around my waist as the while he brought the other to my cheek. His calloused fingers were gentle against my skin as he kissed me slowly.

The way he held me said more than he needed to. The way his fingers flexed around my waist made it feel like he thought I would disappear if he let go.

He tugged me closer, our bodies now flush together.

I was basically laying on him. His body was a hard wall of muscle. He was a force of nature. I honestly would hate to be the guy who egged him into a fight.

We tested the water, our kiss soft and gentle.

When he finally pulled away and I looked down at him, his cheeks were flushed—not that mine weren’t.

He just looked up at me as I looked down at him. His thumb ran over the pane of my cheek, his other fingers milling in my hair in attempt to keep it out of my face.

He was the one who initiated the next kiss.

His lips clashed with mine in a heat of desire. But he reined himself in, not pushing it. That is until my tongue traced the seam of his lips and he completely opened up for me. His body went loose and tense at the same time. It was only then that I let my hands wander slightly: running through his hair, down and across his chest, over his powerful arms.

And he did too. I felt everywhere he touched me. From where my chest pressed against his, to where his hand traced the line of my spine, to the hand that dug into my hair, to our lips. Our lips that are locked tight in a passionate embrace.

It was me, high from the endorphins that were pumping through me, that broke the kiss. It was me who brought my lips to the side of his throat and left a trail of feather-light kisses along it.

But it was Rhys who gently pushes me away. He laughs when he sees the pout that was playing on my swollen lips.

“Oh, Feyre darling, as much as I would love to feel your lips all over me, I do not plan on doing this all in one night. I am going to take my time with you. And only when you are mine am I going to have you begging for me.” His voice was gravelly, but his eyes were alert and searching my face

I push off of him with a huff of breath. I lean back against the couch and immediately wish I was wrapped in the warmth of his embrace. “You’re a terrible tease, you know that?”

A deep laugh rippled through him as he leaned over and kissed my cheek with heartbreaking gentleness.

I turn and stick my tongue out at him causing him to laugh again. I shove him and roll my eyes.

“Oh, come on, Feyre darling. I wasn’t sure if you were going to kiss me or not. Forgive me for not expecting you to put out the first time we are alone together.”

I look away from him too quickly. I know he sees the pain that crosses my face. “What you said before, about moving on from something. That something was someone wasn’t it?” Our conversation suddenly took a drastic turn that I don’t think I am prepared for.

I nod, only once refusing to meet his gaze.

As much as I wanted to slap him for teasing me, I was grateful he wasn’t going to push it.

“Did he hurt you?”

Another nod.

I watch as his body leans back against the leather of the couch. There was a cold rage that now radiated off of him.

“Rhys that’s not a story I want to talk about right now. Plus, it’s late, we should get some sleep.” I couldn’t meet his gaze.


My lips still tingled from our kiss. After he had brought up my last relationship with my ex, Tamlin, I wasn’t in the mood to do anything other than curl into a ball and cry. I didn’t do either of those things though.

I got him a pillow and as many blankets as I could find because the apartment got to ridiculous low temperatures during the night.

After that I let him get ready for bed, and I retreated to my room.

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Master Post

 As put together by the wonderful, amazing, brilliant, beautiful onceuponasaltcircle who you should go and shower lots of love on. Thank you again! I’m gonna put it under a Read More just so it doesn’t clog up your dash with its length!


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John took Nate’s phone and sent you a snap. “Hey y/n! It’s John! Took ya boys phone!” “Hey! What you doing!” Nate says in the background. “Just saying hi to y/n, say hi skate!” Then it cuts off. Once you were done viewing it you got a text from Nate saying he was sorry about john being annoying. But you didn’t mind at all because you knew John always had a crush on you.


Nate imagine


You and your best friend were invited to the annual summer party that Nate and Sammy did every year. You were really excited because you 1 haven’t been to a party in a while and 2 Nate was obviously going to be there. Nate had always had a crush on you and you knew it because he told you when he got really drunk one day at a club you guys were at. You and your friend had been getting ready for about 2 hours now. You were so confused on what to wear, you didn’t want to look to dressed up. You had decided to wear a crop top with some high waisted jeans that showed all your curves correctly. Your friend was wearing some shorts and a really cute blouse. The time was about 10 and you guys were about to leave. When you got to the party you went straight to the drinks. You greeted everyone you knew and introduced your friend to those who didn’t meet her yet. An hour has passed and you took a couple shots but you were still pretty sober. Your friend was talking to Dillion, Swazz had come up to you and gave you a drink.
“Hi!” You yell in his ear “you wanna dance?” He says trying to be loud enough for you to hear. You both started to dance, grinning against each other.
The next thing you seen was Nate dancing with another girl. You began to get jealous, you then noticed that he was trying to make you jealous. So you started to make him jealous. You knew Swazz would never try to come between you and Nate, but he was drunk and you were too. You seen Nate walk toward you guys. “Swift I’m gonna take her for a bit” he grab your wrist and pulled you out to the balcony. “Hey Nate baby” you say trying not to slur your words. “Let’s sit down yeah?” He says sounding and looking pretty sober. “What a view” you say looking over the balcony “yeah it’s pretty dope, it’s nice in the mornin’” he says pulling out a swisher and some weed. “Oh yes” you say excited and ready to smoke with him. When he was done rolling the blunt he lights it and puts to his lips. You were just staring at his beautiful lips, his Mesmerising lips. They were getting closer and closer. Next thing you knew you were kissing him. Your lips working today like they’ve never have before. You pull away and smile. You and Nate have never really kissed before. He just kissed your next and said things he would love to do to you behind closed doors. He passed the blunt and you hit it. “Damn that’s some good weed” you say in between coughing, he was coughing too and nodding his head. “So who was that girl?” You ask him raising and eyebrow. “Oh her? She was just some girl, I honestly don’t know her name.” He says laughing you eventually start laughing with him too. You and Nate were just sitting there talking. Talking about everything about the economy, politics and yourselves. You both walk inside and pretty much everyone was gone, even your friend. You check your phone and it was 1:30. You got a text from your friend saying she was okay and that she was with Dillion. You felt a little better about her being save.
“So I guess I should go?” You look at Sammy and Nate. “No no no you can stay. We don’t want you driving when you’ve been drinking” Sammy says with a smile and then smirks at Nate. You and Nate both walk to Nate’s room. “So you want some clothes lil mama?” Nate asks looking through his drawers. “Oh yeah sure maybe just a shirt I can wear my jeans” you say with a smile. Yours and Nate’s relationship was pretty complicated you guys have feelings for each other but don’t really take it to the next step but act like you guys are in a relationship but sometimes you guys don’t. “So you can sleep on this side” Nate said patting the left side of the bed. You get in the bed and kiss his cheek. “Goodnight Nate” you turn to your side. Nate slowly pulls you closer to him and raps his arms around you. You silently smile to yourself and fall asleep.

It doesn't matter

Hey could you do an imagine where Y/N is really close to Swazz but is Nate’s girlfriend and naturally Nate starts to get really jealous and worries about it? I love your writing :)

Here it is! Enjoy it cutie :))))

*At Nate’s Apartment*
“Hey swazzy! How was the movie?” You say putting your arm around your best friend. “It was pretty good, my date was pretty nice too” you and John have been friends since diapers. “Yo Swazz!” You hear your boyfriend Nate call from the hallway coming into the living room were you and john were. Nate walked to Swazz who was now sitting on the couch, they were watching the highlights of the basketball game. You had checked the time and it was about 9pm. You remembered that yours and Swazz’s favorite show comes on at this time. You grabbed the remote and turned the show on. “Oh god! I forgot about it” you hear Swazz say. “I know me too, luckily I looked at the time.” You say as you walk towards the couch he was on and sat next to him. You immediately felt Nate’s eyes look at you. Nate walked out of the living room and said “night guys, have fun” in a pissed off tone. You guys look at each other in a confused face. “I’ll go see what’s up” you say patting his knee. You walk into Nate’s room, “babe?” He turns away from his phone and looks at you then turns away. “What’s wrong?” You ask sitting next to him on the bed. “Nothing’s wrong, just go back out with John since you like him better then your own boyfriend” “ woah woah Nate what are you talking about?…..are you jealous?” You say surprised Nate rarely gets jealous. “I might be. It doesn’t matter” you grabbed Nate by the chin to make him look at you. “Nate, baby, I love you so much. John is my best friend. And only my best friend.” “But you seem way closer to him then you are with me” he says pouting his lips “if it seems that way then I’m sorry. How about me and you go do something tomorrow?” “Okay how about a movie?” “That sounds great, I love you” “I love you more baby girl” he says kissing you.