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I was on a boat once, and I came up with the line, ‘so it’s gonna be forever or it’s gonna go down in flames’ and I didn’t use it for about a year and I was writing Blank Space and I was like ‘OH!!! That’s the line I came up with when I was on that boat’

July 8th 1790 saw the opening of the Forth and Clyde Canal.

The Forth and Clyde Canal runs for 35 miles from the west of Scotland on the River Clyde, and just north of the great city of Glasgow, through the central Lowlands of Scotland to the large town of Grangemouth on the River Forth, just beyond Falkirk. The canal was one of the earliest to be built,  and work commenced in 1768.  It linked the two main commercial rivers of Scotland (the Forth and the Clyde) and commercial seagoing cargos were thus spared the long and dangerous route around the far north of Scotland. 

The canal served three main purposes. It allowed seagoing vessels passage from east to west or vice versa, therefore avoiding the long passage around the north of Scotland. It provided the fast movement of goods. Agricultural produce, mineral resources and locally produced goods could be transported more easily across Scotland. It also acted as a way for travellers to move across Scotland using “Swift” boats that linked to coach services.

Successful in its day, it suffered as the seagoing vessels were built larger and could no longer pass through. The railway age further impaired the success of the canal, and in the 1930s decline had ended in dormancy. The final decision to close the canal in the mid 1960s was made due to maintenance costs of bridges crossing the canal exceeding the revenues it brought in. Eventually on 1 January 1963 the Forth and Clyde Canal closed to through traffic.

It was not until the 1990’s that it became the subject of a major restoration project.  This included the design and construction of the now famous Falkirk Wheel, a spectacular boat lift at Falkirk which was designed as a civil engineering project to rival the Anderton Boat Lift.  This was necessary to ensure the transfer of the canal boats from the Forth and Clyde Canal upwards to join the Union Canal at Falkirk, the original 11 locks that used to do this job had become derelict and needed to be replaced.  This boat lift enables canal boaters to complete the canal boat journey all the way from the River Clyde near Glasgow up and in to the very centre of Edinburgh.

Karlie Kloss just knows who did it. Her investigation has ended. And she knows the dirty truth. She knows who ate the cookies she’s brought to the trip. It’s time for guilty and shame. She’s looking at the world’s 6th greatest leader, Taylor Swift. She ate the precious cookies that could’ve saved lives. She did it. How dare you taylorswift

It’s also a deeply unpleasant surprise that, still, now, in 2017, you can google to look up Kerry’s speech and find bullshit Swift Boat crap as the first few results. 

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abeam aft aground aircraft carrier aloft amphibious vehicle anchor astern bail ballast barge barque bathyscaphe battlecruiser battleship beam bearing bilge boat boater boating boat lift boatswain boom bow bowsprit bulkhead buoy    cabin cruiser canoe capsize caravel cargo ship carrier cast off catamarin clipper cockpit container ship convoy crew crow’s nest cruise cruiser cruise ship current cutter Davy Jones’ locker deck deackhands destroyer dinghy displacement dock docking dory draft dreadnought drift drydock dugout    engine engine room escort ship fathom ferry figurehead fireboat fishing boat flat-bottom boat flotilla foremast foresail freighter frigate funnel furl    galleon galley gangway gondola gunboat gunwale halyard headsail helm helmsman hoist hoovercraft houseboat hull hydrofoil hydroplane ice  breaker inboard motor jet boat jib junk kayak keel keelboat ketch knot landing craft lanyard larboard launch league leeward lifeboat lifeline limey lines listing log mainmast marine mariner maritime mast mizzen mizzenmast mooring motorboat motor launch narrowboat nautical nautical mile naval navigate navy nun oar ocean going ocean liner offshore oil tanker onboard outboard motor outrigger canoe overboard paddle passage passenger pedal poat pennant personal flotation device PFD pirate police boat port porthole powerboat propeller PT boat punt raft rigging riverboat rocket boat rope row rowboat rudder runabout sail sailboat sailor schooner scull seafarer seasick ship shrimp boat ski boat skipjack sloop speedboat spinnaker starboard steamboat steamship stern stow submarine submersible swift boat tack tanker tender tide tiller topsail towboat transom trawler tug tugboat u-boat umiak undocking vessel voyage wake warship water-borne watercraft waterline water taxi whaler wheel wheelhouse winch windjammer windward yacht yawl  

I was on a boat once, and I came up with the line, ‘so it’s gonna be forever or it’s gonna go down in flames’ and I didn’t use it for about a year and I was writing Blank Space and I was like 'OH!!! That’s the line I came up with when I was on that boat’
—  Taylor Swift

IF YOU BE MY BOAT, I’LL BE YOUR SEA | a mix of sea themed love songs {listen}

i. island (float away) - the starting line | ii. strong - one direction | iii. atlas hands - benjamin francis leftwich | iv. islands - hey ocean! | v. swallowed in the sea - coldplay | vi. oceans - coasts | vii. tethered - sleeping at last | viii. battleships (acoustic) - daughtry | ix. never let me go - florence and the machine | x. olive green - joe banfi | xi. ships in the night - mat kearney | xii. dead in the water - ellie goulding | xiii. clean - taylor swift | xiv. boats and birds - gregory and the hawk