swift boats


The false equivalence (aka HorseShoe theory) that Hillary Clinton and the DNC are using to equate the far right to anyone remotely to their left is nothing short of disgusting.

The DNC is trying to swift boat progressives on the left. They’re wasting more time, resources and energy on attacking the left than the Republican Party.

The “far left” wants things like Medicare For All, a Universal Basic Income, and an end to police brutality, while the far right wants White Supremacy, Anti LGBTQ laws, and Voter Suppression. Anyone who cannot distinguish the difference between those ideals—that a progressive leftist like Heather Heyer died for, and what the neo Nazi who murdered her was fighting for—anyone who can’t tell those apart is either a disingenuous liar with an agenda, or stupid. And Hillary Clinton is many things, but she isn’t dumb.

But she IS a billionaire corporatist who is protecting the system that made her one of the most privileged white women in American history.

The system that Clinton thinks so highly of has the highest mass incarceration rate in the Western world, that system has a “healthcare system” that routinely impoverishes anyone who can’t afford a sudden medical procedure, and that system spends lavishly on the world’s biggest military, and engages in endless wars-for-oil against brown people living in the global south. The system Clinton is defending is a militarized oligarchy that caters only to the whims of the wealthy.

THAT’S the system neoliberal centrists are defending. And please remember: incrementalism favors those who are white enough and privileged enough to survive comfortably while everyone else waits for meaningful change and justice.

Again, what we progressives on the left want is demonstrably different from what the Alt-Right Republicans want: White Supremacy, a return to Jim Crow and an end to LGBTQ & Women’s Rights.

But Hillary Clinton wants you to think “both sides” are basically the same. It would almost be laughable, if that wasn’t the same false equivalence used by Republicans and Donald Trump.

I would just like to take this time to write an emotional post about Call It What You Want. This song clearly means so much to Taylor but it also means an insane amount to us. We watched this woman grow up, writing songs as a young girl imagining what true love could be like. We watched her find love and lose it resulting in earth shattering heartbreak which brought us ballads like All Too Well and Dear John. We watched her go through years of the media ripping her to shreds about her dating life and we saw the harm that could do to a relationship. We watched as they pushed her so far that she hid for months and ruled out love completely. We have followed as Taylor has woven through the trial and error that is true love. And now.. With this song.. We get the absolute pleasure of watching her find her real, true, only see it in movies type of love and I am absolutely beaming for her. She deserves this more than literally anyone. It makes my heart warm and my tummy fuzzy to know that Taylor Swift has finally found someone who makes her as happy as she has made me for 10 years.


I was on a boat once, and I came up with the line, ‘so it’s gonna be forever or it’s gonna go down in flames’ and I didn’t use it for about a year and I was writing Blank Space and I was like ‘OH!!! That’s the line I came up with when I was on that boat’

One day, one rhyme- Day 1312

I used to watch the dryer spin
As things were dried inside,
The big bed sheets all blue in hue
Just like an ocean wide.
I chanced one day upon a boat
Of folded paper green.
I picked it up, and took it home
To sail the blue sea clean.
Predictable was the result-
The small boat was no match
For such a wild sea turbulence,
The boat met swift dispatch.
Both boat and laundry long gone now,
Still my thoughts wander so
Back to the green boat and blue sheets
That spun so long ago.

Top Ten Albums of 2017

10. Andy Grammer: The Good Parts

I’ve been a fan of Andy Grammer since 2011′s self-titled debut album from the LA native. 2014′s Magazines or Novels saw the artist break new ground, with more electronic tones and poppier melodies. His newest endeavor, The Good Parts, like its predecessor, further evolves Grammer’s sound, all while incorporating some of the artist’s trademarks: solid lyrics, steady doses of both acoustic guitar and piano, and, of course, the singer’s fluid, husky voice. 

Grammer is not afraid to venture outside of conventional songwriting, i.e. not every track centers around love. While there are certainly several love songs (Smoke Clears & Fresh Eyes are perfect examples of this), 85 has the singer explaining how he would choose love and life over money and success. Spaceship is a love letter to his at-the-time unborn daughter. Grown Ass Man Child, the album’s riskiest track, is a fun sing-along whose hook calls up memories of the disco era - all while Grammer explains that he’s, well, a grown ass man child who eats Oreos, plays monopoly, and pays bills. 

Civil War, the only track on TGP written solely by Grammer, could fit in squarely on his debut, and sees him in heaven speaking with God about the good and evil parts within him. It’s not necessarily Grammer at his best, but it is certainly what makes Grammer an interesting artist: whereas most artists sing about love, sex, clubbing, and dying young, Grammer isn’t at all afraid to fly his true colors and sing from the heart. 

9. AJR: The Click

The second full length album from the brothers Met, the Click is equal parts sentimental and joyous, dark and triumphant. The trio lovingly craft twelve tracks that bring together elements of pop, indie rock, and hip/hop, all paired with lyrics that cut straight to the heart and embrace what it is to be young. 

Turning Out taps into the fear we’ve all, at one point or another, felt: we’re adults now, but what’s next? Am I even grown? Sober - with help from Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo - sees both singers longing for meaning in a life fresh out of adolescence. Netflix Trip has the brothers reliving their childhood through episodes of NBC’s The Office while somehow managing to make the endeavor sound wistful and nostalgic instead of the laughable mess it could have been. 

Come Hang Out, the album’s closing track, is an open letter to all artists reminding them to keep at it, while Three-Thirty and Drama take a look at today’s society through a close lens. Not only does The Click feel incredibly now, it is also feels like the unofficial soundtrack for anyone coming of age in 2017 or the years to come. 

8. Ed Sheeran:  ÷ (Divide)

The follow up to 2014′s multi-Platinum XDivide is what music exists for. There is no shortage of talent on any of the album’s 16 tracks. However, Castle On The Hill - an early single from the album - Supermarket Flowers, Nancy Mulligan, and Perfect are certainly Divide’s strongest tracks, ranging in topic from Sheeran’s childhood in Framlingham, the death of his grandmother, his grandparents’ relationship forged during WWII, and the praises of the love of his life. 

Other standouts are obviously the single Shape Of You, Galway Girl, and Eraser. All in all, Divide stands as one of 2017′s best albums. The way Sheeran translates his emotions into words before drawing your further in with his strained, angelic voice is a gift few artists possess. Ed Sheeran could retire tomorrow, but people would continue listening to Divide for decades to come. 

7. The Script: Freedom Child

Three years is a long time to wait for an album, but The Script made the wait well worth it with their fifth release, Freedom Child. The album is a blend of older Script melodies and sensibilities and newer, poppier sounds and instrumentation. The band accomplishes all of this without once sacrificing lyrical depth. 

Divided States of America is a surprising track from the Irish trio, but poignant and necessary in these troubled times, while the title track beseeches listeners to stand up and never let go of their hopes and dreams. Love Not Lovers sees vocalist Danny O’Donoghue condemning apps like Tindr and the mindset that go along with them. 

Easily the most fun track is Wonders, a call from O’Donoghue to his love not to give up on their dreams to see the world. Finally, Make Up, a song for embattled transgender community, adds another punch to an already heavyweight album. Sonicaly, Freedom Child could not be further from their self-titled debut, but it carries with it a sense of familiarity that is sure to please fans and newcomers alike. 

6. Taylor Swift: reputation

It was obvious even before the release of Swift’s sixth studio album that things were going to be different. Gone was the innocent girl constantly at the media’s mercy. As she announced in the album’s lead single Look What You Made Me Do, the old Taylor was dead. 

That doesn’t mean the new Taylor isn’t worth listening to, though. reputation delivers enough variety to keep even a casual listener engaged: there are, of course, a collection of love songs and break up songs (it wouldn’t be a Swift album without them, right?), but there are also songs like This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things, which takes aim and fires at Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, and any number of haters the singer has had over the years. 

The tracks New Year’s Day, Getaway Car, and Call It What You Want are the album’s standouts, while I Did Something Bad provides a new, IDGAF side of Swift we haven’t previously seen. The riskiest project on the album, Endgame (featuring friend Ed Sheeran and rapper Future), showcases the singer’s rapping chops as well as her ability to cover a range of genres while writing music. 

Despite the album’s razor sharp edge, there are also nods and subtle reminders of the old Taylor Swift we met more than a decade ago in 2006. If reputation is any indicative, Swift isn’t going anywhere. In fact, she’s just getting started. 

5. The Chainsmokers: Memories… Do Not Open

Easily this reviewer’s most controversial pick for Top Ten Albums of 2017, The Chainsmoker’s Memories… Do Not Open is a surprising well of catchy hooks and nostalgia-driven lyrics. While most listeners might dismiss the duo out of hand, a deeper look at the album shines a spotlight on the Chainsmoker’s true gift: their ability to capture a moment in a song like a photographer does with his camera. 

Young, the album’s best track, speaks of youthful love and sneaking out at dark and breaking up; Last Day Alive, a more somber track featuring country duo Florida Georgia Line evokes the first and last days of adolescence. There’s also Honest and the single Paris, which both highlight the band’s songwriting capabilities. 

4. Train: A Girl, A Bottle, A Boat

The band’s eighth album (excluding their Christmas album and their Led Zeppelin tribute album), starts off with a bang in Drink Up, a radio-friendly rocker that lets the listener know that this album is going to be different than 2014′s Bulletproof Picasso, and much more fun. 

In short, those three letters sum up this summer romp through crystal waters and starry nights: fun. Lead single Play That Song departs from the band’s most recent releases, abandoning the ukulele that rejuvenated the band with 2009′s Hey, Soul Sister in favor of acoustic guitars that provide a welcome refuge from EDM-led radio stations. 

The eleven track album is filled with variety. Latin-infused Lottery and a cappella led Valentine are the record’s most obvious examples, but Silver Dollar and it’s hip/hop-inspired beat serve as yet another example of the band’s diversity. Standout track Working Girl is a combination of old Train and new, mapping where the band has been, where they, and where they plan on going. If A Girl, A Bottle, A Boat is a taste of things to come, the future of Train is burning bright. 

3. Maroon 5: Red Pill Blues

Red Pill Blues, the band’s sixth studio album, shows the LA-based group at their best. What Lovers Do, the album’s first official single (Cold and Don’t Wanna Know were standalone releases included in the deluxe edition of the album), is a breezy bop, while Julia Michaels-aided Help You Out has us viewing the band through a new lens. 

Unlike the band’s previous releases, this album, despite it’s modern flare and electropop influence, harkens back to Songs About Jane, the Grammy winning album that first launched Maroon 5 into stardom sixteen years ago. From the autobiographical lyrics on Whiskey to the stripped down instrumentation on tracks like Bet My Heart and Who I Am, Red Pill Blues is the album Maroon 5 fans have been waiting for. 

2. Kesha: Rainbow

Put simply, Rainbow is everything an album should be: inspirational, creative, original, and joyous. Each song fits neatly on the album, from the quiet but furious opener, Bastards, to the thought-provoking closing track, Spaceship. Powerhouse rockers (Let ‘Em Talk / Boogie Feet) pepper the rock album from pop star Kesha Rose Sebert. Hymn is the closest track to Kesha’s earlier work, but Learn to Let Go is a strong contender for that position. 

The obvious standout tracks are Praying and Woman, the album’s lead singles. They show a different side to the pop star then we’re used to, proving that she’s more than just a pop star, she’s a motherf*cking woman!

Definitely one of 2017′s best albums, and perhaps one of the best albums of the decade so far, Rainbow is destined to stand the test of time, and be a record listeners turn to again and again, especially in these dark times. 

1. Lorde: Melodrama

Lorde’s sophomore album, Melodrama, proved the singer isn’t going anywhere soon. Lyrically poignant and at times dark, Melodrama is the perfect followup to 2013′s debut, Pure Heroine. What’s interesting about Lorde is that she uses songwriting techniques and sonic landscapes that shouldn’t make sense, but do. Indie Rock sensibilities meet pop overtones meet Lorde’s soft but husky voice on the eleven track album. 

An album for any emotion, Melodrama is also a love letter to our darker selves, the people we are once the masks are taken off. It’s a love letter to our broken pieces. But it’s also a love letter to hope, a love letter with a sense of camaraderie, calling all outsiders to join in a sing along, to join Lorde as she stands on the top of her burning world dancing to a tune she’s crafted on her own. 

Lorde is an artist unlike any other in the music scene today. She’s cool without effort. She’s likable without trying. She dances to her own beat, and with Melodrama, she cracks open the door to her psyche and invites us in to dance with her. Given the opportunity, I’d suggest taking the singer up on the offer. 

We need more dancing in 2018. 

JON: OMG, guys, GUYS.


JON: I just realised I forgot something. 

JORAH: What?



BERIC: Didn’t you go to Dragonstone to mine dragonglass in preparation for the war to come, as it has been proven to kill white walkers?


THOROS: So why did you not bring any back, perhaps at least whittling some arrowheads during the surprisingly swift boat journey north to Eastwatch, because I realise that swords might have taken a bit longer and you wouldn’t want to be unrealistic about it?


Karlie Kloss just knows who did it. Her investigation has ended. And she knows the dirty truth. She knows who ate the cookies she’s brought to the trip. It’s time for guilty and shame. She’s looking at the world’s 6th greatest leader, Taylor Swift. She ate the precious cookies that could’ve saved lives. She did it. How dare you taylorswift

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Ships & Boats Word List

abeam aft aground aircraft carrier aloft amphibious vehicle anchor astern bail ballast barge barque bathyscaphe battlecruiser battleship beam bearing bilge boat boater boating boat lift boatswain boom bow bowsprit bulkhead buoy    cabin cruiser canoe capsize caravel cargo ship carrier cast off catamarin clipper cockpit container ship convoy crew crow’s nest cruise cruiser cruise ship current cutter Davy Jones’ locker deck deackhands destroyer dinghy displacement dock docking dory draft dreadnought drift drydock dugout    engine engine room escort ship fathom ferry figurehead fireboat fishing boat flat-bottom boat flotilla foremast foresail freighter frigate funnel furl    galleon galley gangway gondola gunboat gunwale halyard headsail helm helmsman hoist hoovercraft houseboat hull hydrofoil hydroplane ice  breaker inboard motor jet boat jib junk kayak keel keelboat ketch knot landing craft lanyard larboard launch league leeward lifeboat lifeline limey lines listing log mainmast marine mariner maritime mast mizzen mizzenmast mooring motorboat motor launch narrowboat nautical nautical mile naval navigate navy nun oar ocean going ocean liner offshore oil tanker onboard outboard motor outrigger canoe overboard paddle passage passenger pedal poat pennant personal flotation device PFD pirate police boat port porthole powerboat propeller PT boat punt raft rigging riverboat rocket boat rope row rowboat rudder runabout sail sailboat sailor schooner scull seafarer seasick ship shrimp boat ski boat skipjack sloop speedboat spinnaker starboard steamboat steamship stern stow submarine submersible swift boat tack tanker tender tide tiller topsail towboat transom trawler tug tugboat u-boat umiak undocking vessel voyage wake warship water-borne watercraft waterline water taxi whaler wheel wheelhouse winch windjammer windward yacht yawl  

IF YOU BE MY BOAT, I’LL BE YOUR SEA | a mix of sea themed love songs {listen}

i. island (float away) - the starting line | ii. strong - one direction | iii. atlas hands - benjamin francis leftwich | iv. islands - hey ocean! | v. swallowed in the sea - coldplay | vi. oceans - coasts | vii. tethered - sleeping at last | viii. battleships (acoustic) - daughtry | ix. never let me go - florence and the machine | x. olive green - joe banfi | xi. ships in the night - mat kearney | xii. dead in the water - ellie goulding | xiii. clean - taylor swift | xiv. boats and birds - gregory and the hawk