Treacherous is a slow burner in every sense of the word. She compares her relationship to a slope and this entire songs reflect that. As the song goes deeper, it becomes louder. Her feelings develop more and more, she gets closer and closer to him and it gets riskier and riskier. Through differents scenes and realizations like the romantisized sex scene, her feelings becoming so powerful that they’re pulling her towards him and her realizing that what she feels is worth it, she becomes more and more enticed with him. It starts out like a flickering lantern and ends up like a passionate fire and so much that even if she’s eye to eye with him, her gaze is out of focus.

here’s the thing

i have been on here practically every day even when taylor left.. but my blog is on fIRE right now.  and i am posting more than i am usually doing because we have something to talk about.  we have something taylor wants us to get excited about.  yes, i haven’t seen ALLOT of your urls in the past months, but i am so happy to see everyone being excited about taylor.  the funny posts.  the pictures of meet and greet.  the energy on tumblr right now is amazing and i feel at home.  i am so happy.  i love you ALL!!!!

Literally Taylor Swift has not sued a single person, other than the guy that sexually assaulted her. And she certainly has not sued fans. A cease and desist is NOT the same as actually suing someone and taking them to court. In case anyone isn’t aware of what a cease and desist actually is; it’s a letter of demand or infringement sent in order to halt and end any alleged unlawful activity. And by the way, by issuing cease and desists to those who are selling items associated with her trademarks or capitalising on things associated with her, Taylor is simply maintaining her brand from a business perspective.

Beyoncé’s lawyers sent cease and desists to Etsy businesses in order to protect her name and protect her brand, exactly the same as Taylor, but no one is dragging her for it. Kanye West, Dr. Dre and Nene Leakes have all issued cease and desists publicly, and I’d say anyone that has trademarks or a brand attached to their name have done the same thing at least once in their careers.

Additionally, trademarks aren’t something you can pick and choose when to enforce. If you have one, legally you have to enforce it all the time, otherwise large enterprises can say “hey you didn’t enforce it here why are we any different?” You can’t restrict one person from using your trademark or selling things associated with you without restricting everyone. It’s just not how the law works.

And I’d also really like to end the “Taylor Swift sues fans” narrative because it’s fucking stupid and anyone who thinks it’s true is ignorant enough not to know any actual facts.


“At one point I looked over and on B.o.B’s shoulders and there was this giant spider. It was just hanging out there and ready to kill him and I saved his life by pointing it out… I’ll point that out” [x]