JEFF: Improving Greendale takes more than ideas, Annie. It takes time, gasoline, matches.
ABED: Mm, nice.
[ removes pocket knife, marks another “classic Winger”. ]
ANNIE: Well, news flash, Jeff. Some of us care about more than just fixing our hair and sculpting our abs.
JEFF: Wow. You got me pegged.
[ uses key to mark the eighth/ninth mention of his abs. ]
BRITTA: Democracy. What a ruse. There’s no such thing as a system in which the masses hold any-
JEFF: Everyone wants you to shut up.
BRITTA: And yet I won’t. Case in point.
TROY laughs to himself, adding another notch to his collection. ]

Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog

kind of broke me.
I’m a total hypocrite because I always say I love stuff with ~twisty endings and such (see “Up In The Air” or “Dead Poets Society”) but at the same time I really, really hate it when a couple that belongs together gets broken apart because one of them dies or the protagonist that you were rooting for!1!!~ turns into everything they were against (see “West Side Story” or 1984) (god that book.. you don’t even know). I knew Penny was going to die (thanks, Tumblr) and I knew it was going to be beautiful but sad, and I watched it anyway… sjdklaghaksdjas but it really just broke me. I would go into more detail but it’d pretty much just be more of the same stuff.