CN’s site schedule is the most accurate, so if there’s a discrepancy between the CN schedule and the completely unsourced schedule by a fan, the CN schedule is most likely the most accurate. Always go with the CN schedule. 

A lot of people seem to think the CN schedule is wrong for not having “Beta” airing on Friday because fan schedules have it listed then. But, most likely, CN decided to have it air back to back with “Earthlings” rather than having them split by the weekend. While it could be a mistake on CN’s part, since CN is actually the channel airing it and thus in the best position to actually know what’s going on, its far more likely that unsourced fan schedules made the error rather than CN.

The fan schedules you’ve been seeing around, which have episode listings for days past the CN.com’s schedule are approximated. We have the episode titles for all of season 3 and people have made the reasonable assumption of placing these episodes in order within the July 18th through August 12th span of the summer event. So most schedules aren’t confirmed airdates, but the episode titles we have placed, in order, on the dates. Its a reasonable guess, but its absolutely not confirmed until CN.com corroborates it

This is why I don’t post schedules (or reblog them) that aren’t on the CN’s site schedule yet. Because even a reasonable guess can be off a little because the episode order could be changed around or CN could decide to air certain episodes a different way. I feel its far better to wait for accurate information than to guess and be wrong and cause a whole lot of confusion. That’s just my way of doing things, though