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Usually I’d post a SWG challenge response there first, but I’ve been getting a 500 - server error message when I try, so it’s on AO3, and I’ll get it posted on SWG as soon as the server will let me. :( 

Up on SWG now - whatever server hiccup was preventing me from posting has cleared itself or been cleared by someone wearing a tech hat.

Not sure if this will turn into a multi-chapter or not - Arafinwë did end up King of the Noldor eventually, but I may have to ponder how and when.

If you’ve frequented the Tolkien tags at any given point during April, you probably ran into a post related to Legendarium Ladies April. And if any of them struck your fancy, you’re still welcome to join in. We’ve only just passed the halfway point, and there’s a good deal more to come in terms of prompts - and fills! 

Want to participate, but unsure how?

There’s plenty of options, and no strings (like signups, regular participation limits, skill, fanwork type, etc.) attached! 

The only requirement to count is that your fanworks have a woman as a central character, and that it winds up in the #legendarium ladies april tag. See you there soon! ♥