Some Water For You | Matt & Erica

Erica drove silently down the long, deserted street that connected her to Matt’s house, only one thing on her mind: How was she going to do this dare? She was sure her friend was going to kill her for pouring her cup of ice water over his head. If somebody poured water over my head i’d kill them too, the blonde thought silently, basically confirming her worries. Whether he’d bitch or not though, she was going to do it. It was dare night after all there was no feelings attached. Determined to block out any unsure thoughts about what was about to go down Erica turned up the radio in her Mercedes sls. It only took a few minutes before she arrived at his house. “Here goes nothing.” With that, the blonde girl shut off the car, grabbed the cup of ice water, and headed up the side walk to the front door. Hiding the cup behind her back cautiously Erica knocked on Matt’s front door. As she waited for him to answer she attempted to plan out how this own charade was going to go.

I try to look angry in the mirror and it comes off as sadness. I think that’s my default expression, as opposed to vacant or apathetic. My face just goes right to sad. I don’t know when that happened.

            Hi. Hello….                                             Ako na lang kaya?

                            Nandito naman ako, ah?

Ako na lang kase.                   Sana ako na lang.               Sige na kase.

                         Try mo lang.                         Malay mo magwork.

    Please?                              Ayaw mo pa rin?

                       Okay lang, sanay na ko.               

                                                                    Basta maghihintay ako…. Ha?

Since I joined tumblr, I simply expressed all my feelings through blogging: Happiness, sadness, anger. I didn’t know how to show them on the outside, so I took a keyboard and write down what I have inside. Converting my feelings into words, and that was that. The empty sheet was my greatest confidence. Nothing more. But now, I have you by my side. I can express everything, and you receives it completely. With that, I can’t blog like I did before. However, I believe, I’m doing better.

Normal lang na ipaglaban mo ang pag-ibig mo. Pero hindi tama na sabihin mong hindi ka susuko. Dapat alam mo kung kelan ka dapat na sumuko. Dahil kung hindi, wala nang matitira para sa sarili mo.

I know that I’m not completely over you. I still see your face everytime I close my eyes, you always cross my mind and invade my dreams. But don’t worry, I know this craziness won’t last forever. Soon, hearing your name, seeing your pictures, even talking to you will no longer affect me. ;)

Kapag nagmahal ka, wag mong pagsisihan ang mga bagay na ginawa mo para sa kanya. Kahit na parang wala lang ito sa kanya. Ang pagsisihan mo ay ‘yung mga bagay na hindi mo nagawa habang pinapakita mong mahal mo sya. Baka kase 'yun pa yung kulang na hinahanap nya.

I have this song in my mind that automatically plays whenever I think of you. But the thing is, I really don’t know the title, artist or the exact lyrics. I just heard this song a week ago. So I just keep on humming along to it. it’s really frustrating that I can’t even Google it. >.< It’s like na~nanana~nana~naa…. Oh God, why am I doing this :|

I’ll assume you like me too. That’s the only thing I can fancy for now. You haven’t told me anything yet. I’m clueless (I chose to be clueless). Still, I don’t want to lose this feeling. And I can’t imagine myself liking someone else like this. Don’t worry, I’m okay. I just need a little hope. That’s all. 

These thoughts makes me happy, for a while. At least, I’m happy. And… it’s because of you. I made all these thoughts because of you… It’s always you.

May problema ako. Pero ang sabi mo ikwento ko lang sa'yo. Handa kang makikinig dahil magkaibigan tayo. Eh ‘yun nga ang problema ko. Magkaibigan lang tayo.

Hindi mo naman kailangang bigyan ng meaning ang lahat ng bagay na sinasabi at ginagawa nya. Una, hindi lang ikaw ang tao sa buhay nya. Pangalawa, hindi ka dictionary.

Alam mong online sya. Alam mo rin na alam nyang online ka. Pero hindi kayo naguusap.

Pakiramdaman? Kung sino unang pumansin, talo?

Eh gusto ko lang naman kase maramdaman na kahit hindi pa ako nakakapag-Hi sayo, napansin mo na ako. Na mas nauna yung Hi mo. Na kilala mo pa ko. Na kinakamusta mo ‘ko. Ganun din ba yung gusto mo?

Eh, paano kung ayaw mo nang makinig sa puso mo? Dahil ilang beses ka nang pinaasa at sinaktan nito. Kahit sa utak mo, kase ilang beses ka na ring nagsisi at nanghinayang dahil sa pagsunod dito.

Sino na ang pakikinggan mo? 

That feeling of someone actually likes you.

Giving you a back hug, taking you into their hands and kiss you in the most nicest possible way.

that’s what i miss.