Spending the weekend in Saratoga Springs for the Saratoga Wine and Food & Fall Ferrari Festival thanks to the Italian Trade Commission!

Chef Marcus Samuelsson is leading the festivities; he’s teaching a cooking class for kids tomorrow morning which I am excited to take part in (as a blogger, not as a kid).

Tonight’s dinner event included a performance by Lawrence Harris, the ex-pro football player turned opera singer, tables laden with wines, cheeses, antipasti, pasta AND A WHOLE ROOM FOR DESSERTS. That’s where I found this chocolate cup filled with espresso which I topped off with hazelnut gelato, whipped cream and berries. The Italians know food and they excel at dessert. Stay tuned for part two…

The Saratoga Wine Food & Ferrari Festival encompasses three days of food, wine and design-related events to fundraise and support education programs at Saratoga Performing Arts Center (SPAC) and the Saratoga Automobile Museum.

Learning about amphora-aged wines at a SWFF wine seminar led by NYC sommelier (and Stupidly Simple Snacks guest star) Joe Campanale. Amphora wines are made with “extended (grape) skin contact” and are aged in earthenware aka clay pots. Put amphora on your list of wines to check out. They smell nothing like the way they taste, which is all I will say since I am just learning about these wines today. The wines are labor intensive and production is limited, so they’re quite pricey with each bottle running in the $40-$70 range.

This is the 2006 Vodopivec Vitovska, a white amphora wine Joe referred to as “orange wine.”

You can watch the wine cocktail video I made with Joe here!