swf to gif

Started out as another break time gengar anim, but then I took it too far lol.

Lemme know if the side sprites are too hard to read, I had to reduce the canvas size to get the gif. under 2mb’s

(the play rate is really funky for some reason, it plays like its 30 fps in gif form, but swf form looks like normal 24 fps timing.) lol..my 마 looks like a 아 man I suck.

…I don’t even wanna look at this anymore, but hey, look! It’s done! This is it! The curse is lifted

Once again, Shauna from pokemon, impossible jump, completely spontaneous frame-by-frame practice. Probably the best I’ve ever done. Hoping to change by the end of the month |D

gif-ing those shadows was not fun and I see a rendering error and… eh, I’ll put a swf. version on deviantart okay. This is fine.