swept to the side

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  • me: fur coats over lingerie, lip gloss, jerry hall side-swept hair, sequins, gold lamé turbans, patti hearst symbionese liberation army gear, rogue, rollerina chic, sheer harem pants, mini skirts and muscular legs, platinum records as head gear, sequins, grace jones butch realness, gloss-y skin, bleached eyebrows, slits, riding in on a white horse, sequins, sky high stilettos, mirrored aviators, metal mesh, cowl neckline halters, or eyes of laura mars chic. no flat shoes. no matte surfaces. no natural looks.
I can be certain of one thing.
When I’m hurting, God is hurting with me. God is just as mad as you are about the pain in this world. He was so mad, in fact, that at one point in our history in a sand-swept city of blood and retaliation, He entered our pain, side-by-side and face-to-face, and died for me. For you, too. He suffered not only for us, but with us, and jump-started a healing in a tomb as a glimpse of the glory for where we’re headed.
—  J.S. Park
Rich (teaser) || Jaebum

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Reader (you) x Jaebum

Warnings: will contain violence, swearing, and smut (of course) later on in the chapters. read at your own risk. 

note: this idea popped in my head while i was writing frat boy Mark Tuan. Since that series is about to end fairly soon, why not release the teaser of a new series? let’s just say this one has a lot more drama and of course… it gets more hot… Enjoy!

We both sat in the car, looking straight ahead of us, as the radio played simultaneously. We were parked outside my workplace but I didn’t move an inch. I could escape, unlock the car and just leave but, I decided to stay. We were both late for work and he knew it. He looked straight ahead while I studied his features from a side angle. His hair swept up perfectly as he wore a suit and tie matching his complexion. His faint cologne made me want to grab his face and kiss him, just to get a smell of him. But that was wrong.

“I want you to keep this between us. Jinyoung cannot know about this.” I warned him, suddenly breaking the slight tension in the air.

“I cannot guarantee it’ll be a secret, baby girl.” His husky voice replied as his hands made their way towards the hem of my shirt and played with it. His hands pulling up the fabric slightly as his hands gripped my thighs. I squirmed under his touch as the air started to get hot.

“Well keep it a secret.” I snapped at him. “If he asks about my well-being just tell him I’m doing fine.”

“And what do I get in return if I keep it a secret?” He smirked, leaning in so our faces were merely inches away from each other. His eyes traveled down to my part lips, eyes full of lust.

“N-nothing.” I stuttered under my breath, getting flustered on how close he was. My heart started to race as he leaned in and softly brushed his lips against mine. The quick, warm and, sudden contact was gone in an instant as he pulled away. Was it bad that I wanted the kiss to last?

“Your secret is safe with me, baby girl.” He chuckled under his breath. His hands pulled out his sunglasses that were tucked away inside his suit. Putting them on, he unlocked the door of the car and allowed me to get out.

“Don’t pick me up after work. I texted Jinyoung to stop by and pick me up.” I stated as I opened the door to his car and stepped out. He stepped on the gas pedal making the engine roar loudly with a smirk plastered on his face.

“Pull your skirt down, babe. Don’t want any guys to get bad thoughts.” He said before I shut the door on him. Self-consciously, I pulled down my skirt and walked towards the big modern building I worked at. Before I could even enter the building, a loud beep from behind made me turn around and look at the playboy sat in the car.

“Fuck you and your rich ass, Jaebum!” I yelled as I flipped him off for scaring me before I entered the building. Jaebum rolled down the window and flashed his famous smile that made my knees go weak.

“Fuck me anytime, babe. My rich ass can take you anytime.”


happy 300 days with ASTRO!


trk countdown | april 7 → favorite ronan moment


The writing continued until the driver’s side glass was clear, entirely swept clean by an invisible finger, until there were so many words that none of them could be read. Until it was only a window into an empty car with the memory of a burger on the passenger seat.

Stepping forward, leaning over the hood of the car, Ronan pressed his finger to the windshield, and while they watched, he wrote:


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fuckboy!dan based on shape of you?

- strutting into a random bar, exuding confidence was definitely what you didn’t expect yourself to be to doing on a boring friday night but alas, you found yourself with elaborate hair and makeup in a tight dress you pulled from your closet

- when you entered the front two doors, it felt like all eyes were on you, which was a surprisingly new sensation but you sure as hell weren’t complaining

- thirty minutes were spent at the bar, strange men coming to you, buying you a drink and attempting to hit on you but being proven useless as you had your eyes on one in particular

- he was sitting across the room doing shots with his friends clad in a black button down, a few buttons undone, and tight black jeans, his messy dark hair swept to the side and his chocolate eyes locked on you

- after a half hour of waiting for him to make a move, you decide to pursue him, bringing your drink and setting it on the table, liquid courage pulsing through your veins

- grabbing his hand, he stands, mere inches from your lips as he pushes the stray hairs from your face and leaning down even closer

- “what’s your name baby?” “y/n” “nice to meet you, y/n. name’s dan.”

- dragging him to the dance floor, his hands find your waist and your bodies intermingle

- “im in love with the shape of you,” he chuckles as you press your bum against his front side and grind, giggling to yourself and wrapping your arms around
his neck

- leaving the club with his arm around you waist, teasing you in the back of the cab before pinning you to his bed, letting the sheets swallow your scent

On this day, forty eight years ago, the Apollo 8 spacecraft swept around the dark side of the Moon to begin its journey home. As Earth climbed above the Moon’s horizon, astronaut Bill Anders pointed his customized Hasselblad 500 EL camera out the window and took this photograph – Earthrise . ‘It’s ironic,’ Anders remarked later. ‘We came to discover the Moon and we actually discovered Earth.’

Until now, only 551 humans have made the journey into space where they could gaze down in wonder at our small blue planet, floating in the infinite vastness of the cosmos. The experience has given them a new perspective, allowing them to appreciate the true extent to which everything on Earth is connected and interdependent. The anecdotes and descriptions provided by these astronauts led science writer Frank White to coin a term for this profound psychological shift. He called it the ‘Overview Effect’.

It is that same idea that inspired this project and all of our daily posts. Three years in, we are beyond humbled to see everything that has happened and wildly excited about all of the new perspectives out there to discover.

Request 30-Tattoo

I took the tea from my best friends hands and rested in the chair that sat opposite the window. As I took small sips I watched small groups of people walk past; some of them already clearly drunk, some just starting their night out. Cassie, Jaime and I still had another 3 hours before we could go out to town.

Tying the lace on my Doc Martins I adored the small tattoos that crawled up the outside of my leg. Each of them delicately hand drawn by Jamie and Cassie. I was mesmerized by the beautiful artwork when an unusual voice echoed through the room. “Hi, uh I booked an appointment for a tattoo. Obviously.” Who the fuck told winnie the pooh to get a tattoo.

I looked up to see a tall, 6"2 maybe 3, man stood at the counter. He was dressed in mostly all black and his hair swept to the side as if he never left his emo phase. A beautiful black leather jacket covered his broad shoulders and a black t-shirt hung off his body. Cassie was already talking him through the process before and after his tattoo. “You must be Dan” I interrupted, offering my hand.  He seemed polite and took hold of my hand shaking it a little. “I’m y/n. I think I’m doing your tattoo today.” I couldn’t be more pleased that this man would be my last tattoo of the day.

After a little small talk we walked over to the tattoo chair where all of my equipment was. “So this is the tattoo you want?” I asked pointing to a small crumpled piece of paper he handed me earlier. He nodded his head and removed the jacket. I couldn’t help but be hypnotized by the definition in his upper arms. He was surprising me with everything he did.

I rolled up the sleeve of my laced dress and pulled the metal trolley closer to me. As I lifted my head I saw how Dans eyes had widened at the sight of my arm. Before snapping him out of his trance I searched his eyes. They were like pools of chocolate, capable of trapping anyone. “Dan” I laughed bringing him from his fascination. He shook his head a little and pointed at my forearm.
“They’re amazing” he said in awe.
“Thanks” I laughed looking down at the words and pictures that coated my skin. A thick rose vine swirled around my arm making its way to my shoulder. Petals and thorns rained off the vine. Some replaced by lyrics that caught my heart, some replaced by skulls that caught my mind.

The small purple marker traced over the simple pattern that I previously coppied. Dan let out a small chuckle as the pen ran over his soft slightly tanned skin.

My hair swung behind my back as I wipped the cold blue cream off the inside of his arm. I couldn’t believe the softness of his skin. “This shouldn’t hurt too much by the way. Just thought I’d reassure you.” I laughed before taking the tattoo iron in my more dominant hand. “Okay?” I checked when his breath hitched. He nodded his head and I began guiding the needles.

Five minutes past and he seemed to adjust to the small pain. “So what’s the reason behind your tattoo?” I questioned as I continued tracing the pokeball. “There’s no deep reason for it” he laughed again, “I’m just a huge nerd basically. I’ve always played pokemon so why not be a huge nerd and go all the way.” He finished his sentence with a giggle realising how dorky he sounded.

“What about yours” he sounded curious about the ink that made a home on my body. I thought about what to explain first; the rose vine that he noticed earlier, the butterflies that flew up my neck, the pocket watch on my chest.

I decided to explain the meaning behind the pocket watch as it was the most absurd tattoo on me. “Well this is uh… basically I’m a huge fan of Alice In Wonderland and somethings that everyone recognises from it are the pocket watch, the hat which is further under my dress, and the eat me cake and drink me potion which you can see parts of out of my dress.” I finished explaining, managing to never take my eyes off Dans tattoo.

Leaning back in my chair I placed the iron back on the metal table. I wipped away the ink that surrounded his now permanent pokeball. I took the time to move the neck of my dress over and show him my collection of tattoos. His mouth formed an ‘O’ shape as he saw they weren’t what someone would expect.

“So uh Dan, you sure you don’t want any colour in this?” He looked down at the outline and I watched as his brain ticked. “I could put some red in, like a pokeball.” I saw confusion form on his face “My best friend, Jamie, is a huge nerd.” I filled in the blanks for him. He nodded along and I began filling the space with a bright red ink.

Time past and I finally finished Dans tattoo. The red on his arm stood out from the black outline. From what he told me, it suited him. I cleared the ink away and applied a small amount of anti-bacterial cream before covering the tattoo with a non stick bandage. I explained the instructions he’d need to follow until the area fully healed.

“If anything happens that you don’t think is normal be right back here okay” I added before he left the parlour. I watched as he made is way down the street. “He’s just gonna come back so he can see you!” Jamie laughed. I rolled my eyes at his comment, secretly hoping he was right.

A/N: Just so people can get an idea of the tattoos I’m drawing them and they’ll be done later in the week so drop me a message if you want to see the ideas.

I blame this picture of Karl

Imagine Bones using boxing in his free time as a way to let off steam

And at first Jim is like “what? you’re not already at your ‘angry’ level?”
but Bones is just GRUMPY most of the time - Jim hasn’t actually seen him angry

A mission goes horribly utterly south - the enterprise is trying to broker a peace trust between two alien groups on the same planet, but the situation breaks into a civil war instead. One side totally lied to the more passive side and then swept in to kill them while they were unprepared. 
There is nothing but panic and screams in the air. the crew of the enterprise is trying to rescue as many defenseless citizens as they can but it’s still a bloodbath 

Bones is doing his best, but his best is still only saving 25% of the half-dead citizens that are getting beamed in. Bones is LIVID: this is UNNECESSARY DEATH, this is brutal senseless slaughter by a bunch of, and to quote Bones “dickless pieces of shit” (Spock: “I don’t think this particular race has what you humans coliquially call 'dicks’”  Bones: “shut up Spock, they’re still assholes”) Jim sees Bones angry, TRULY angry for the first time. He’s all strong southern drawl and sharp tongued swearwords in between trying to soothe the scared citizens in his med bay.  

Long tension-filled hours pass and finally the flow of new patients slows down. As soon as the citizens are patched up and the worst seems over, Bones excuses himself for a quick break and Jim is too curious not to follow. 

He finds Bones punching the living daylights out of a hanging punching bag in his room.
He doesn’t bother addressing Jim when he hears the door slide open. He just keeps punching the bag, a look of determined fury in his eyes. It’s a sight to behold. Jim can see real power in those punches, and they’re coming so fast he’s already lost count. Jim’s starting to think the most gentle hands he’s ever seen might also be the strongest.

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How does one love a polka-dot dress when one usually doesn't care for them? Answer: Caitriona M. Balfe! I dig this dress, the shoes, the side swept hair. Beeeyoootiful! I hope she has a fantastic night and soaks in the recognition of all her busting ass at work and still being a doll to everyone. :)

LOVE the hair!! This is def in my top looks for her. mixed on the dress and love the shoes. her shoes are always fabulous. I hope she had a wonderful night, it’s well deserved ❤

Caffeine (pt 3)

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Member: Exo Chen/Jongdae

Type: Fluff/Smut

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9

You weren’t sure who leaned in first, but the second your lips met you found yourself being pushed back against your kitchen counter, his hands coming to grasp your hips. You gasped, feeling his tongue sweep against your lower lip as his fingers dug into your sides. Your head was spinning as you felt his lips mould against yours, smooth but demanding.

Your hands landed gently on his chest, smoothing upward to his shoulders. His hands moved too, up your sides to your back as he held you closer to him, his hips pressing yours into the hard counter. It was then that his teeth bit down on your bottom lip gently, making you whimper into his mouth.

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