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The Labyrinth Chapter 29

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Genre: Gang AU/ High School AU

Pairing: Reader/Jimin ft. all the members

Length: 5.8k

Summary: Looking back on your past, your life has never been anything out of the ordinary. Although your parents had left you on one mysterious night, leaving you little to no explanations, you live out the rest of your years residing in a new town under the custody of your aunt. That is, until you return to your hometown to investigate the whereabouts of your parents during your senior year in high school. It was that fateful decision that led you to find a boy collapsed on your front porch one night, wounds gaping and life fading when your entire life is spun out of control. Somehow being dragged into a life of crimes in the underground business of his, you discover the twisted secrets hidden behind the world you thought you had known all along. 

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So. Ulaz. if he survived. and was on the castle with the paladins for a while. what he might think of 'strange earth customs'. that maybe shiro introduces him to. accidentally. or on purpose. maybe. I mean. you know.


(also I apologize this is only like PART of your prompt because I didn’t want to write a 10k story at work IT’S JUST ABOUT TOUCH AND TOUCHING AND ANYWAY)

a lazy temptation

The Castle was quiet, a gentle hum of energy accompanying Ulaz as he made his usual rounds of the halls. The Princess had kindly gifted him a map of the entire complex, though some spots were suspiciously blacked out. They were easy enough areas to get into, but Ulaz appreciated her general wariness in giving a potential enemy access to the Castle of Lions.

The patrols calmed him, channelled his unused energy into a useful task. Since leaving the Empire to assist the Paladins in the daunting task of wresting control from Zarkon, his routine had become more…lax. The Castle of Lions spanned wide; usually, he was on patrol for hours, just the quiet of his thoughts and the hush of his feet his only company. Solutions came easier in the calm of patrol.  

As he turned another corner, the room on the far left flicked, light spilling and fracturing the gentle shadows of the hall. He picked his way over, peering inside, and was surprised to find one of the many lounges in use. A holograph played across the entire far wall, aliens moving and dancing and talking in a language Ulaz could not quite track.

Though he wasn’t interested in the movie.

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The Labyrinth Chapter 10

Genre: Gang AU/ High School AU
Pairing: Reader/Jimin
Length: 2297
A/N: woops posting this a little late, but for the anon!!!!
Summary: Finding an injured boy collapsing in front of your house, you decide to help him, only to find out he’s associated with some underground business. After that fateful night, you surprisingly find him in the new class you had just transferred into.

Chapter 1  Chapter 2  Chapter 3  Chapter 4  Chapter 5  Chapter 6  Chapter 7  Chapter 8  Chapter 9  Chapter 10  Chapter 11  Chapter 12 || Jin Trailer ||

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56 with jin please!

Photograph of Love (Jin x Reader Fluff)

Prompt request: “What if I told you I’ve been in love with you since I was eleven?”

Summary: You’re reunited with your childhood friend, Jin, when he models for your photography project. He’s changed completely since the last time you saw him, but underneath everything, he’s still the awkward, caring boy you fell in love with nearly a decade ago. Can you resist falling again?

Word count: 1k words

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When your assignment partner, Yoongi, said that he knew a model, you were expecting him to drag in one of his underground buddies who were all too pretentious and donned in leather. You weren’t expecting to see a literal god standing in front of you.

Beside Yoongi, the man look like a giant. He towered over you and your small crew, and his shoulders seemed impossibly wide. He had dark brown, tousled hair with bangs swept gently to the side. You were pretty sure you heard the makeup artist gasp.

But when you looked closer at the man’s face, your jaw nearly dropped in shock. You could recognize those wide eyes and plush lips anywhere. The beautiful man standing in front of you was Jin–your first love whom you hadn’t seen in nearly a decade.

“Y/N, this is my friend I was talking about,” Yoongi said, cutting through the silence that had fallen immediately after Jin’s arrival. “This is Jin. He’s modelled a few times, but he’s not professional.”

“Yeah, that’s fine,” you replied weakly. Inhaling deeply, you tried to put on an air of professionalism. You looked up at Jin and smiled. “Thanks for coming, Jin. It’s nice to see you again.”

“Again?” Jin repeated, raising an eyebrow. You nearly swooned at the sound of his soft voice. Then, Jin’s eyes widened comically. “Y/N? As in Y/N from elementary school?”

“Yep, that’s me,” you laughed. Jin just stared at you, his mouth hanging open. You were delighted to see that, even if he had transformed into such a handsome man, he was still the dorky kid you had fallen in love with so many years ago. You lifted up your camera from where it hung around your neck. “We can catch up later. Let’s get started on this photoshoot before the sun sets.”

The photoshoot went well, like you expected it to. The theme was about the end of youth and the transition into adulthood, and you and Yoongi had affectionately titled it “In Bloom.” Jin personified this theme quiet well, because despite his young features, he had a certain maturity about him (when he tried).

Your favourite photo you had taken was one of Jin sitting in front of a window, the sky endlessly blue behind him. The sunlight shone brightly, surrounding Jin’s frame with a white halo. You thought he looked positively ethereal.

Currently, Yoongi was sitting on the couch of your apartment, which was acting as your studio. The woes of a poor college student. He was editing the photos that you had taken, his brow furrowed in concentration.

You and Jin were taking down the sheets and lighting fixtures you had set up for the shoot, a comfortable silence between the two. But you were practically bursting with questions, and you could tell Jin was, too.

Standing on the tips of your toes, you reached up to detach a white bedsheet from where it was dangling, suspended in the air against the wall by a nail. You couldn’t quite reach the top, so you shook the fabric in an attempt to loosen it.

“Here, let me get that,” Jin said once he noticed your struggle. He moved behind you and reached for the sheet, grabbing it easily. Jin passed it to you with a smile, and you thanked him quietly.

As you walked away to set the sheet someplace else, your endless stream of questions practically exploded from you.

“So, how have you–” you began.

“Why didn’t you–” Jin burst out.

You turned around to look at Jin, who looked a little flustered. As he mumbled an apology, you just laughed. “It’s fine,” you replied. “You go first.”

“I was just wondering why you never called me after you moved,” Jin said, his gaze flitting away as he scratched the back of his head sheepishly. “We were really close, and I was pretty upset when I never heard from you.”

“I actually, uh, lost the paper you gave me with your phone number during the move,” you explained, blushing lightly. “I found out as soon as we got to the new house, and I begged my parents to drive me back. Obviously, they weren’t going to drive for another four hours.”

“Wow,” Jin laughed disbelievingly. “And here I thought you secretly hated me all this time, or something. Eleven-year-old me was so sad!”

“Trust me, I was devastated,” you said, returning Jin’s smile. “I refused to talk to my parents for a week.”

“Well, what a coincidence that we’re meeting again now,” Jin said after a moment. “I’m really happy to see you again, Y/N.”

“Me too!” you agreed cheerily. “I never thought we’d see each other ever again, honestly.”

You and Jin were left in silence, smiling goofily at each other. Then, Jin looked away and bit his lip. When he lifted his eyes to look at you again, his expression was nervous.

“I know this is a little sudden,” Jin began, his voice tentative. “But would you like to go out for dinner sometime? I know we haven’t seen each other in literally ten years, but, I don’t know. I just…really missed you.”

“Do you mean…as a date?” you asked, your cheeks burning.

“Yeah,” Jin replied, coughing awkwardly. “We can go as friends if you want. It’s just that I, uh, want to date you? If it’s not too weird.”

“What if I told you I’ve been in love with you since I was eleven?” you asked boldly, feeling absolutely elated that Jin was interested in you.

“Then I’d say ditto,” Jin answered, an easy smile slipping back onto his face.

“If you’re going to be be disgusting, do it somewhere else!” Yoongi yelled from the living room, the irritation in his voice unmistakable. “I’m working!”

You and Jin blushed furiously, quickly looking away from each other. But even as you turned, you could do nothing to hide the smile stretching from ear to ear. And, from the corner of your eye, you saw that Jin couldn’t hide his, either.

- Girl in Luv

Wow, I love cute stories. Drown me in fluff. This was so much fun to write!!! We all know Model!Jin is legit. Also props if you know the song the title is from. Thanks so much for requesting! I hope you all enjoyed this imagine. As always, thanks for reading 💛

Promptis Celeb AU Pt9

Previous parts: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8]

[Ao3 link]

Noctis and Prompto go on a fancy date. They have two very different conversations with each other at the same time. 

It’s been a week, and Prompto’s properly nervous.

It’s dumb, and he shouldn’t be nervous. Noctis has been treating him to dates all along, after all. But this one seems different. It feels formal.

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Just A Cold [SFW]


Yuuri’s in bed with a cold, and Viktor insists on taking care of him.

(Enjoy! ~M❤)

“Viktor, you really don’t need to–” Yuuri’s words were cut off by a coughing fit as his body flopped weakly back onto the mattress.

“Please try to relax, love. It’ll only get worse if you strain yourself,” Viktor said as he seated himself on the edge of the bed next to the younger man, placing a tray he’d been carrying on the nightstand. He reached out to one of the bowls on the tray to pull out a small towel, which had been soaking in warm water. After ringing it out, he gently swept Yuuri’s bangs–slightly damp with sweat–out of the way and placed the towel on his forehead.

Yuuri sniffled as he reluctantly settled back into the bed. “But I don’t want you to get sick because of me,” he pouted.

“I’ll be fine,” Viktor assured him. “I want to take care of you.” He smiled tenderly at his sickly lover, whose face was flushed and eyes were puffy from his cold. “Besides, you’re cute like this.”

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A JJOtabek (or Otayuri, or Pliroy, or Otapliroy) drabble thing.

JJ swept his bangs, pulling on a cocky smirk as he leant against the wall. He was pretty sure that he–the perfection that he was–going to score a date with the handsome and mysterious Otabek Altin.

It was like a whiplash the first time JJ saw the Kazakhstan skater. A man with undercut hairstyle–which JJ admitted looking great on him, black leather jacket tight around his torso, dark eyes behind the sunglasses, and those legs draped over a motorcycle. Otabek Altin looked like something out of magazine photoshoot effortlessly.

How could JJ resist to wish the man to be in his arms?

Confidently, he approached the skater whom was sitting on the motorcycle with eyes focused on his phone. “Otabek!” He called, standing right in front of him. JJ couldn’t stop his straying eyes though, those thighs straddling the motorcycle looked straight out of a wet dream. “How about you and I take a ride today? I know many great places we could be right now.”

Otabek paused typing. He turned his head and shot a confused look at JJ, “Why are you talking to me again?”

“To ask you out of course.” JJ winked. “You are hot, I’m hot. We will look great together. Also–” JJ leaned forward, “I’m not a motorcycle but you can ride me later.”

It was such a satisfaction to see those dark eyes widened. However a shrill yell broke the moment. “Beka!” Yuri Plisetsky in a leopard print jacket was sporting a huge grin as he jogged to their side. “JJ just gave you permission to run him over with your motorcycle!” He quickly jumped on the seat behind Otabek. “FLAT HIM UNDER YOUR TIRES!!!”

“That’s not what I mean!” JJ protested.

But Yuri just raised an eyebrow. “Who gives a fuck?”

How dare this kitten interrupted his wooing attempt? Also, that seat should be his place. He should be the one riding motorcycle with Otabek, not an angry kitten like Yuri Plisetsky!

“Here you are,” Otabek tossed a helmet to Yuri. “Let’s go.”

JJ spluttered when the motorcycle turned on. “What about me?”

Otabek shrugged. “I have other plan. You can find yours.”

“But my plan is with you!”

“How about you stay in a garbage all day, that’s where you belong anyway,” Yuri stuck his tongue, giving a thumbs down to him. “Go, Beka!”

The motorcycle roared as they rode leaving JJ–and his plan of riding motorcycle with Otabek to the sunset–in the dust. 

Also in completely unrelated note, the maple syrup reserves tremendously decreased that evening.

@araminthe-ispwitch I feel like unrequited JJotabek would be like this.


🍁 ma- ma- mayor ref 🍁

🍂dyes hair when mood changes
🍂 drinks more coffee than water
🍂 has mean resting face but is a huge softy
🍂 best friends with beau

🍂 shearling boots w/ kiki lala socks
🍂 large circle glasses 
🍂 simple comfort dress by @bramblescrossing
🍂 white headband ‘n bow with horns
🍂 side-swept bang with braid going around

Title: ‘Vices’ - Chapter 1 ‘Cauthess’
Fandom: FFXV
Pairing: IgNoct (Noctis Lucis Caelum x Ignis Scientia)
Rating: Explicit (super NSFW - PWP, mild bondage)
Word Count: 2900

Summary: Noctis escapes from the world by heading to the most exclusive pleasure club in Insomnia - The Cauthess, requesting the one man that can bring him pleasure like no other escort in the establishment. AU setting. Inspired by a panel in “Miwaku Shikake” by Amai Wana. 

Dedicated to my partner in crime. (◡‿◡✿)

Chapters (complete): 
Ch 1  Ch 2  Ch 3  Ch 4  Ch 5  Ch 6  Ch 7  Ch 8  Ch 9  Ch 10  Ch 11  Ch 12 
Ch 13  Ch 14  Ch 15  Ch 16  Ch 17  Ch 18  Ch 19  Ch 20  Ch 21  Ch 22  Ch 23  Ch 24  Ch 25  Ch 26  Epilogue

Sunglasses cover the crowned Prince of Lucis’ eyes, as he leaves the confines of the royal estate, walking towards the car that is waiting for him. The moon is at its midway point in the sky, not yet late enough to be called morning, but slowly creeping its way towards it. He opens the backdoor of the Regalia, and closes it with limited force. The partition is down, allowing him to see his driver, who is already heading down the driveway. He settles back in the backseat, finely tailored slacks hanging loose around his legs, his fingers going to unbutton the matching jacket he wears, exposing his vest and tie. Black on black on black. Perfect to blend in, which he needs to do, given that everyone knows exactly who he is.

“Where are we off to tonight, Mr. Caelum?” His driver asks, as they pull onto the highway.

Looking out at the city he’s meant to govern one day, he makes a fist with his left hand on his thigh. “Cauthess.”

“Very well. I’ll get you there in flash, Prince. We should be there in twenty, if traffic stays light.” The partition goes up, leaving Noctis to be alone with his thoughts.

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Memory is deeply not alive; it’s a mock-up
And this renders it hateful. Yet, it is not a fiction,
Is a truth, indeed a sad and monstrous truth.
I was assigned to you, together we were
A beautiful and melancholic picture.
This last picture is the realization
Of the overwhelming moment
In which the acute eye perceives you as a now
That is over. A now that is fixed
In the swept past.

Mary Jo Bang, closing strophe to “September Is,” Poetry (September 2016)

Japanese Denim Pt. 1

Synopsis: He never waited for anything to just come or happen to him. It wasn’t until he saw you reading alone at the public library that he realized the best things in life come on their own. 

Warnings: Fluff, Vulgar Language, Slight Mention of Past Abuse

Genre: Romance, Librarian!Namjoon, Gang!AU

Word Count: 5,095

Pairing: Namjoon x Reader

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“My blue jeans will last me all my life, so should we. I’m spending all this time.”

Namjoon was a relatively satisfied person with a relatively satisfying life and a relatively wonderful job. 

He was a library, the lead librarian in a rather big city named Los Angeles. His library was his passion. Despite his parents’ protest of him majoring in library science, he went on to pursue his dream. He was an underground rapper at night in clubs and when he wasn’t busy, Namjoon would write his thoughts and feelings that would become songs. But what was the highlight of his days, was the girl in the corner of the library, sitting on the floor oddly, with paranormal romance books piled around her. It wasn’t that he necessarily judged you for your teen taste in books, but it was strange to see you, he estimated that the girl was in her early 20’s maybe late teens, on the floor seated with books around her as if they were skyscrapers. His colleagues would approach you, asking you to not rearrange so many books as towers around you because it was a bit tiresome for them to put them back in their corresponding places. But you never listened, and if you did, the girl never indicated that she paid any attention. 

Namjoon would sit there, in his seat behind the check out counter and watch you subtly. Some days the girl was wearing all black, sleeves adorning your arms and he wondered what exactly was inked on those arms of yours. You would walk in sometimes with a backpack and a motorcycle helmet hung from your fingertips. There was an obvious attraction he felt towards you. It felt weird how despite your combat boots, the inked arms, and the typical bad boy clothes you wore, you had such long almost mermaid like hair and the sharpest wings adorned the ends of your eyes with perfectly filled and cleaned eyebrows. It was as if the face didn’t match the body.That was the first thing that drew him to you. 

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Orphan one-shot series part 4

Dependence (Ignis):

A.N: I apologise in advance- seems I have a thing for an argumentative Iggy LOL *sweat drops*. Also, gonna cross-post this final instalment of the ‘Orphan’ one-shot series as my Week 4 contribution to the ISAS *Ignis Scientia Appreciation Society* weekly writing thingo on AO3 :D The prompt, for those who are interested: “Ignis has an intimate and/or emotional moment with someone/something.” These entries are typically much longer than what I post here on tumblr, and Iggy is my fave LOL, so his one-shot is gonna be a little more fleshed out than the rest hehe. Alrighty- here we go!

You cross your arms in front of your chest, frowning as you watch your boyfriend fumble around your shared bedroom for his travel pack. It’s been two years since Noctis has disappeared into the Crystal, and ever since, Ignis has been training himself to fight and fend for himself both out on the battle field and domestically. You can’t help but worry about him despite his amazing progress thus far- he can’t SEE anything. That’s one less sense he has compared to the rest of the people fighting daemons around the clock- and a very large proportion of those very able people never make it back from their assigned hunts to Hammerhead HQ. You were just worried that one day, Ignis would leave HQ and never, ever come back. It was this worry that made you speak your mind, not even thinking about how your prideful boyfriend would take your concern.

“Ignis, maybe you should sit this one out. Cor will understand,” you try to keep your tone diplomatic, but wince at the desperation that laces your voice. Ignis pauses in his movements for a short moment before he lets out a deep sigh and straightens his back. Hands on his hips, he slowly turns around so that he’s facing you- he’s not quite looking at your face though, and that only serves to strengthen your concerned feelings.

“I’ll be fine, dearest. This isn’t my first fight since I lost my vision-”

“Yeah, but you had Iris and Cor with you for all those fights! You’re LEADING a whole bunch of newbies this time…” you trail off suddenly, observing the way Ignis’ eyebrows furrow in clear annoyance.

“You don’t think I am capable of leading inexperienced men out on the battlefield, y/n? Have you forgotten that my expertise lies in battle strategy?” You can’t help but flinch slightly at the bite in Ignis’ tone. But your own temper is also flaring up. Does he not understand that he’s hurting you by putting himself in so much danger? Does he not understand that you’re only suggesting his withdrawal from the hunt out of love and deep concern for his wellbeing?

You don’t know why you said this, nor do you know how much this careless comment hurt Ignis’ pride. But you still said it, and everything went to hell from there.

“Your expertise USED to lie in battle strategy? How can you form a sound battle strategy when you can’t even look me directly in the eyes within the safe confines of our own bedroom Ignis?” As soon as those words left your lips, you seized up and gasped in shock. You immediately shake your head, hands waving off the comment in a hurry. But Ignis can’t see you. He presses his lips together and there’s a grim expression on his handsome face. His eyes are closed- they are always closed- but you know those forest green orbs are probably filled with a mixture of pain and betrayal. You want to say something to make your previous questions go away- you want to make this whole situation right.

Ignis turns his back to you, without a word, and it is then that you know you’ve completely messed everything up. You stand stock still and watch as Ignis grabs his travel pack, finally grasping the bag straps securely in his gloved fist, and pushes past you to leave your shared bedroom without a word. You try to say something, anything at all, but you can’t seem to summon your voice.

You whirl around on your heel and follow Ignis in charged silence as he manoeuvres his way around furniture before reaching the front door. Your face crumples in anguish as he wrenches the door open and shuts it loudly behind him- he doesn’t even say goodbye. Absolutely stunned, and frustrated with yourself, you crumple into a heap onto the floor behind your sofa and sob loudly into your sweaty palms.

You’ve messed up. You’ve messed up good.

For a few days after Ignis’ departure, you absolutely refuse to check your phone out of fear. It has rung almost fifteen times in the past three days- exactly five calls per day. You know its Ignis, but you are afraid to pick the calls. You don’t want to hear what he has to say, especially when you expect to listen to him break up with you in his clipped, accented voice.

On day five, you receive an unexpected call from the marshal. You pick up immediately, worry evident on your face. The marshal almost never personally calls you unless it has something to do with Ignis. Your breath hitches as you listen for the marshal’s voice.

“Y/n?” the older man’s baritone calls to you through the receiver. You take a deep breath, trying to compose yourself, before humming an affirmative. “Good. Ignis has been trying to contact you- he’s worried.” Your eyes brim with tears at Cor’s words, but you take another deep breath and remain quiet. You hear Cor sigh over the phone, and you can just imagine him shaking his head in disbelief. “Whatever it is- sort it out quick. He’s bringing a rather susceptible guest to stay with the both of you this evening and I would prefer if the two of you could be at least a little civil around the kid.”

Before you can ask any questions, Cor hangs up. Classic Cor.

You try to calm you racing heartbeat as you digest Cor’s words in your mind. Ignis was coming home. And he had a guest- someone younger than him perhaps? Why else would Cor call the mystery person a kid?

You shake the thoughts from your mind and immediately make a beeline for the kitchen. You haphazardly whip out some simple ingredients and get to work on dinner. You are planning on cooking one of Ignis’ favourite dishes- breaded anak cutlet with Lucian tomato. You find yourself sweating while you cook, not because of the heat, but because of your nerves. You also make a fluffy chiffon cake for dessert- not nearly as good as what Ignis can come up with- and toss a simple garden salad to add nutritional value to the meal.

Soon, it is evening and you have everything set out on the dining table. You wait nervously, seated on one of the dining table chairs, and keep your eyes firmly set on the front door. After about twenty minutes of restless waiting, the tell-tale click of the front door unlocking has you bolting upright and onto your feet. You bump into some furniture as you make your way forward in haste, gasping loudly when you manage to trip over the rug and stumble rather loudly to the ground.

At that moment, the door is wrenched open and you gaze upwards from the floor to meet the eyes of a rather small, frightened boy, and your boyfriend… though at this point you’re not quite sure what he is to you now… not after the terrible parting you’d had with him almost a week ago.

“There’s a lady on the ground…” the small boy whimpers, burying his face into Ignis’ leg. You wince as Ignis’ face is immediately directed to the floor out of habit more than anything else.

“Darling? Are you alright?” You’re not quite sure why these questions weigh so heavy on your chest. You take a deep breath and will yourself not to cry in front of the scared little boy. Instead you slowly lift yourself from the wooden floors of your shared apartment and brush your pants off with what little energy you could muster. The little boy is looking at you now, his dark obsidian orbs glazed over in apprehension. You pull your lips into what you hope is a kind smile and shake your head.

“Silly me- I didn’t see the carpet’s edge on my way to the door, and I tripped! I’m okay though, really!” you chirp, earning a timid smile from the brunette clutching onto Ignis’ leg. Your smile grows wider and you afford yourself a brief glance at Ignis. He’s got a bemused look on his face, but he lets out a relieved sigh.

“Good to hear. And an easy oversight. I’m just glad you’re not hurt, my love.” You flush slightly at his words- not at the endearment (well, a little at the endearment) - but at his allusion to your lack of visuo-spatial attention. An awkward silence washes over the room and you quickly clap your hands, accidentally startling the little boy. You wince at your own idiocy and kneel down, reaching a hand out to the boy.

“Ah, I’m so sorry sweetie. What’s your name?” you ask, your voice soft and gentle. The little boy bares his gaze down into your eyes, and you fall in love with his sleepy look. The boy looks so tired. It would be straight to bed after dinner for the little one…

“Agni,” the boy murmured, making brief eye contact before pressing his face, once again, against Ignis’ leg. You frown slightly, deep in thought. It was odd that the boy’s name was fire-themed… much like Ignis’. You observe the boy for a few moments, and a realisation quickly dawns upon you. The boy’s straight, light brown hair fell across his forehead in side-swept bangs, and there was a certain intelligent flare to the kid despite his timid nature. You gasp softly and stand, offering the boy a shaky smile and gesturing at the set dining table. You push your thoughts aside momentarily and reach forward to lightly brush the boy’s cheek with the back of your hand.

“Well, Agni, you may call me-”

“Mummy.” Ignis finishes for you, drowing out your name. Your eyes widen and you shoot a shocked look at Ignis, though he cannot see it.

“Ignis, what-” Ignis raises his hand, and you immediately silence yourself. You want to hear what this was all about. Was he joking? What was going on? Who was this kid? Was he Ignis’?

“Cor has signed off the papers approving my distant cousin’s son’s adoption into the Scientia family. Agni Scientia is our son from this day forth.” Ignis finished, his tone remaining steady. You gulp, taking the information in. Your gaze flitters towards Agni, and the boy offers an uncertain smile your way. He lets go of Ignis’ leg for the first time since stepping foot into his new home, and he takes small steps towards you before raising his arms, silently asking to be picked up.

You immediately coo out loud, overwhelmed by how adorable the boy is- no… he’s your SON now… both yours and Ignis’. You pick the boy up and set him on your hip, willing your tears down as you nuzzle the boy lovingly. “Hi Agni, I’m your new mummy. I made you dinner. Want to help me heat it up before tucking in?” you say softly. Agni huddles close to you, and an unexplainable warmth spreads through your chest at the gesture. He looks at you with so much trust in his eyes, you almost forget all of the depressive thoughts you have had in the past six days about the horrible argument you and Ignis had before his hunting trip.

Dinner is a quiet affair, with Agni and Ignis eating well and complimenting you for a job well done. Agni’s eyelids fall close while you’re dishing out dessert, so you gently pluck him from his seat and settle him onto the bed you share with Ignis. You didn’t want the poor boy sleeping by himself in an unfamiliar environment. You tuck him in without a fuss and press a gentle kiss to his forehead. You sigh at the way the adorable boy scrunches his nose at the contact before relaxing his face again. Pulling away, you don’t notice Ignis’ presence right behind you. You bump right into his broad chest and you can’t help the small gasp that escapes your lips. You turn your body immediately, so that you are facing the man you hurt so badly almost a week ago.

“Oh my… Ignis, I didn’t see you there!” You blurt. Ignis’ lips pull upwards into a wry smile.

“Ironic, that.” You deflate at his quip. Twiddling your thumbs, you feel your heart race in your chest as your ruminative depression from the past week finally surfaces. You look down at your feet and feel the first of your tears slide down your nose. And then the sniffling starts.

You immediately feel Ignis’ warm hands on your shaking shoulders and you’re pulled into his warm embrace. You begin to sob not-so-quietly, and Ignis perfectly leads you out of the room, not even bumping into the bed side drawer you ALWAYS seem to nick on your way out. This little observation makes you sob even harder against his chest.

“I’m s-so s-sorry! I d-didn’t mean to… hurt y-you. I shouldn’t have… said what I said! Even w-without your eyeballs, you’re still more co-ordinated and capable of living life than I could ever hope to be!” you gasp into Ignis’ chest. Ignis just pulls you in tighter and chuckles.

“You’re ever so eloquent with your words, sweetheart. I really adore that about you.” You feel Ignis press his lips against your forehead, and this sweet act elicits even more tears from your reddening eyes.

“You’re so good t-to me,” you continue to wail, “and I’m so sh-shit! You gave me a son. You gave me a FAMILY! After I let you go off without even a kiss g-goodbye! What if something-” Ignis pushes you backwards slightly before placing a soft, sweet kiss on your lips, despite the tears that has moistened them.

“Nothing happened. Nothing will happen- I promise you this. You are the mother of this child, and I am his father. I fully intend to stay by your side until we are old and grey, so that we may watch him grow into a splendid young man.” You can’t say anything. The man holding you is too good- too pure. You opt for leaning against his chest once again, your sobs abating.

“Iggy… thank you. I love you.” Ignis’ arms press you closer and he buries his nose into your hair. You hear his watery voice in your ear, and you know that he’s feeling just as overwhelmed as you are.

After all, you’re both each other’s firsts. And you’re both been through hell. It was only natural to feel overwhelmed by both new obstacles and blessings.

“And I love you. Please forgive me.” Ignis shakily sighs into your hair.

You press yourself closer to your boyfriend and you feel safe.

“There’s nothing to forgive… just… please, stay alive. Stay with me. I need you.”