swept away

coffee-fueled-artist  asked:

Hey Adam! I had a question that I wanted some tips on. When you started TT, how did you attract attention? I'd assume Unfiction was one way, but me and my friend are planning on starting an ARG in 2020 or 2021 (sounds so far away haha) There are a few solid ideas for plot, but I'm concerned it will be swept away. Tips would be appreciated! (sorry, long)

It was 2010 and the field was fertile for the Slenderverse niche following to grow. Now, things are very different in a post Slender Man internet. When it comes to Slender ARGs, and any ARG for that matter, it simply cannot be approached the same way if one expects to be noticed due to over saturation. My only advice now is to do what you love and try to incorporate it in a niche market where untapped fields lay, yet to be tilled.


Unpredictable Variables by demonkidpliz

A fold in space and time transports Kirk and Spock’s daughter from the future to the present Stardate. Captain Kirk and First Officer Spock, on the first year of their five year mission, are just getting to know each other as friends. Can their relationship survive the strain and presence of their unexpected guest?